EDITORIAL: Just call him Vladimir “Sucker” Putin


Just call him Vladimir “Sucker” Putin

Not long ago, Russophiles were strutting and preening and bragging about their clever ploy to bribe Kyrgyzstan with $2 billion to boot the United States out of its military base in that tiny former Soviet republic.

Oops. Last week came news that Kyrgyzstan was doing no such thing, and would pocket Russia’s largesse whilst accepting triple the former U.S. rent to allow the Americans to stay as long as they like.  The Russians, fuming and sputtering in a most pathetic and neo-Soviet manner, are left with mucho eggski on their faces.

The total ineptitude of the Putin regime in the sphere of foreign policy is clear — and compared to their mangling of domestic economic policy, they look like foreign policy geniuses.  This is the depth to which Russia has been brought by turning over the reins of power to unqualified KGB freaks who have no idea how to carry on diplomatic relations since they have been trained only in the use of brute force.

Tiny Kyrgyzstan is laughing at mighty Russia, having played it for a fool.  It’s shown an agility and insight that Russia’s KGB goons can only dream about, and the biggest humiliation for Russia is not the money (though in these tough economic times make no mistake, that money matters).  Rather, it’s the fact that once again a nation in post-Soviet space has shown how totally it has been alienated by Russia, how much it wants to have its own destiny separate from Russia — just like Ukraine, Georgia and virtually every other country in the region.

Why do they all hate and fear Russia so much?  Why hasn’t Russia been able to make friends with anyone, to build its own coalition similar to NATO?  The answer is simple:  Russia hates all these countries, looks down on them with contempt and arrogance, sees them only as victims to be exploited, and they know it.  They will not be intimidated by Russia’s size or willingness to use mafia tactics, and they are not fooled by Russia’s anti-American propaganda.  Actions speak louder than words.

8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Just call him Vladimir “Sucker” Putin

  1. When Russia behaves like a thug in a polite European company, Europe tries to either avoid or appease Russia. Russia is not alone – Europe has been doing the same to Palestinian Authority, Saddam’s Iraq, North Korea and other thugs of the world (as aside, Obama’s US is probably going to be no different).

    However, when Putin tries to play tough fella with other thugs he gets his own medicine back. Kadyrov, Lukashenko, Kirghiz, Uzbek leaders really don’t give a hoot about Russia. Even Kokoity who depends on Moscow for 100 per cent of his danengeld snubbed at Lavrov when he came to S Ossetia.

    North Korea launched a missile less than 100 km from Vladivostok with no peep in response. Obviously, Iranian mullahs today need all the support they can muster. But three months ago they saw Russia for what it is – vendor with corrupt business practices; certainly not a partner, let alone a friend.

  2. From the link: “Russia has consistently denied playing any role in Kyrgyzstan’s decision to close the base. But the base’s presence had long irritated Moscow, which sees it as an intrusion into its former Soviet domains in Central Asia.”

    The decision to close the base and the Russian decision to hand over the goodies are supposed to have had nothing to do with each other but now the Kremlin is accusing Kyrgyzstan of “dirty tricks”?

    As a Canadian; as someone whose nation has put many of our best people in harms way to keep some of the worlds worst people from burning school girls, throwing acid on women and crashing planes into buildings while soviet dogs like Putin try to starve them of supplies and reinforcements, I would just like to tell the aforementioned soviet dogs that you just got royally screwed by a central Asian state because they are smarter, more sober and can see a mark like you a mile away.

    Digging your nation’s own grave was not enough for you. Now you have built a latrine over top of it. Kyrgyzstan was just at the head of the line to use it.

  3. Now, what I’m not sure of is that this represents the will of the Kyrgyz people; frankly, despite having had a democratic beginning (by local, Central Asian standards), it seems Kyrgyzstan is becoming one more of those states in which the local leder (pres. Bakiyev) is king. To me, this was Bakiyev’s doing; whether or not the Kyrgyz people would have wanted that is not clear to me.

    Note that the Americans were also “victims”, since they now have to pay more than three times the initial rent for Manas. Hm, Bakiyev must think he’s the smartest guy in Central Asia.

  4. Transit point is one thing, fighters and bombers is quite another. Why not to sqeeze some more freshly printed $$$ out of the US idiots?

    I think Russia is in wait and see policy at the moment just letting the US disturb the Chinese border in the West. The Chinese are very angry about Manas airbase. In any serious case the activity of the “US airbase” can be terminated by Russians or the Chinese in a couple of hours . Check the map of region and you will see what I mean.

  5. US doesn’t have a military base in Kirgyzstan anymore… They only have “tranzit centre” – surely it’s not a military base – and they pay for it threefold… Who is bigger loser?

  6. Actually the Kirghistan guys did pwn PuKin and I laughed very hard for it. LOL, SUCKERR. ;)

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