EDITORIAL: Kadyrov the Beast


Kadyrov the Beast

We always know when the Kremlin is starting to panic, because the rhetoric of its malignant denizens goes from infantile to senile to simply bestial.  With four major attacks on leading Caucasus Kremlin puppets in as many weeks, the Kremlin is getting desperate and its utterances are getting scary.

The Associated Press reports that Chechen ruler and Vladimir Putin puppet Ramzan Kadyrov has his own ideas about who is killing powerful government officials in the Caucasus region:  “It is precisely from the side of America that work is being carried out aimed at the disintegration of the sovereign Russian state. It is not terrorists, not Islamists.”

Repudiations of Kadyrov’s insane remarks by Putin and his other puppet, Dima Medvedev, have been conspicious by their absence.  Putin himself, of course, has blamed the U.S. for Georgia’s resolute defense against Russian imperialism in Abkhazia and Ossetia.

And Kadyrov wasn’t finished revealing his true inner soul.  His next comment was even more revealing; describing his response to the recent assassination attempt on the President of Ingushetia, he stated:  “We will conduct our investigation in line with the law of the mountains and our revenge for Yunus-Bek Yevkurov will be ruthless.”

Ruthless revenge? Is this what passes for statesmanship in Vladimir Putin’s Russia these days?  Putin goes around proudly proclaiming how he’ll rub out his enemies in their toilets, and now this?

Yes, that’s exactly what we face. We face a Russia that is literally governed by barbarians, people who are incapable of perceiving how their own actions will be viewed by others because they get no genuine flow of information in a neo-Soviet state.  They are free to say and do what they really think, heedless of the consequences, just as was the case in the USSR.

Reading these words, no reasonable person can believe that the West can have any policy towards the Kremlin other than cold war and regime change, the only policy that was possible in Soviet times.  President Obama must make this just as clear next month when he visist Moscow as Ronald Reagan did.

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Kadyrov the Beast

  1. America needs an Iraqi Kadyrov, a Sunni Tyrant that toes the party line.

  2. I’m just curious to know when Kadyrov’s card is going to get pulled.

  3. Chechen ruler and Vladimir Putin puppet Ramzan Kadyrov has his own ideas…

    With all due respect – I don’t think Kadyrov is Putin’s puppet. Putin needs Kadyrov much more than the other way around. They are the godfathers of coopeting gangs.

    Repudiations of Kadyrov’s insane remarks by Putin and his other puppet, Dima Medvedev, have been conspicious by their absence.

    That’s one of my arguments to the statement above. Obviously, I am not privy to who says what to whom in Kremlin, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Medvedev first learned about it from the newspapers. I am sure Kremlin would prefer Aushev as interim president, but Kadyrov has his own plans. And his statement that “Medvedev asked him to rule Ingushetia” just rubbed it in.


    Well, if Kadyrov is a Frankenstein out of control, that does make matters even worse. But it doesn’t change the fact that the monster was created by Putin, who is responsible for him. Surely, if the Kremlin could gun down Politikovskaya, and if leaders in Ingushetia and Dagestan can be taken out so easily, the mighty KGB could take out Kadyrov any time it likes. To be sure, they need someone to run things there because they can’t themselves, but if he’s the only one they can find that’s a pretty damning statement about the nature of the Putin regime. Perhaps even we don’t view the regime darkly enough.

  4. Kadyrov has to be one of the worst leaders ever.

  5. “Putin goes around proudly proclaiming how he’ll rub out his enemies in their toilets”

    While his men are actually getting blown up in their toilets.


  6. Today, hackers attacked the website of the Ministry of Press of Chechnya, having placed a message in its main page that the responsibility for the attempt on President of Ingushetia Yunus-Bek Evkurov was taken by some “special operative group mujahads’ group”. The message also wrote that it was “Allah’s punishment”.

    The website also placed a warning addressed to President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov and stating that Kadyrov will soon follow Evkurov.

    The “Interfax” was told by an informed source in law enforcement bodies of the Southern Federal District of Russia that currently the website of the Ministry of Press of Chechnya is closed; and no reaction to the above message by Chechnya’s official bodies and federal centre is known yet.

    Let us note here that this week technical malfunctions appeared also in the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ingushetia. The resource is out of operation for the third day already, as reported by the “Infox.ru” Agency. The Ministry gave no reason of the failure saying that specialists were trying to eliminate the problem.


    • Previously a week ago – the Caucasian Muj have now good hackers just as the assassins:

      Today, at about 1:30 p.m. Moscow time, the Internet website of the RIA “Dagestan”, founded by the Ministry for National Policy, Information and External Relations of Dagestan, was attacked by hackers. The main page posted an appeal on behalf of members of the extremist grouping of Ibragim Gadzhidadaev – he took responsibility for murdering Minister of Internal Affairs of Dagestan Adilgerei Magomedtagirov.

      Militants assert that Magomedtagirov “was famous for his irreconcilable cruelty.” Dagestan militants also promise to “chalk up” everyone notable for special hatred to Moslems.


  7. Aren’t the Winter Olympics happening nearby? Whatever happened to “mission akomplished?

  8. Anyone know how to do things like this?

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