Annals of Shamapova

Another ouchie for the lanky "Russian"

Another ouchie for the lanky "Russian"

Last week we exposed the outrageous rigging of the Wimbledon ladies’ draw in favor of “Russian” Maria Sharapova, who was given a seed her ranking did not merit — the only player to receive such a gift.  Tournament organizers freely admitted they were doing it to build interest in the tournament, which offered the propsect of repeating the all-Russian final seen at the French Open a month earlier — one of the worst grand slam finals in tennis history, unwatchable and indeed simply embarrassing from start to finish.  Tournament bigwigs were right to worry, since a few more grand slam finals like that and the entire sport would be washed up.   But rigging the draw for cheap theatrics is no answer.

In her second match at the All-England Club, Sharapova met journeywoman Gisela Dulko of Argentina.  Ranked #45 in the world, well ahead of Sharapova at #59, Dulko should have been expected to win the match (even though she had only won three games in four previous sets against the “Russian”). But if we believed the Wimbledon organizers and their seeding, it was going to be Sharapova who easily prevailed against her unseeded rival.

The organizers fraud was exposed and Sharapova went down in flames. 

She served a horrifying nine double faults and struck 27 unforced errors.   Her serve was broken five times and she was soundly defeated in the third set by a player who had never before won as much as a single set against her.  So all the possible “interest” Sharapova was to have generated rapidly evaporated, as she was totally unable to take advantage of the benefits her seed had given her.

But, hey, who cares because she's still a really great little piece of ass, right?

But, hey, who cares because she's still a really great little piece of ass, right?

Maria Sharapova hasn’t won a tennis tournament of any kind since April 2008, more than 14 months ago, yet not only was she given a seed she was assigned to play both of her first two matches on Centre Court. Shrieking like a banshee, she barely managed to win her first contest and then was booted out of the tournament in her second. Sharapova’s “win” in April 2008 came against a player not ranked in the world’s top 30.  The tournament she “won” before that had her prevailing against an opponent only slightly better and not ranked in the world’s to 25. She hasn’t won a tournament by beating a top-10 opponent in the finals since January 2008, almost 18 months ago.

All of which means that the seed gift was an outrage, an offense to all the other hard-working players, a fraud that should not be repeated.  The increasing presence of lackluster Russian players in the top ten directly imperils the health of the sport, but the solution does not lie in giving even more lackluster Russians free passes.

5 responses to “Annals of Shamapova

  1. Am I the only one who is sexually attracted to her? On a unserious note, don’t you think her Celebrity status is undermining Womens Tennis’ credibility? If Sharapova continues to underperform she could become if not already the next Kournikova?

    • > Am I the only one who is sexually attracted to her?

      Of course not. Russian girls are sexually appealing to billions of men all over the world.

      > next Kournikova?

      Well, Sharapova’s tennis skills are to Kournikova’s skills what Brazil’s soccer is to Andorra’s soccer. However, if Maria’s shoulder injury never heals – that could be a problem.


      It’s fine for you to carry on a dialogue with other commenters, but we find it really rude and obnoxious that you routinely ignore the topic of the post you are commenting on. Here it is Maria’s seeding at Wimbledon, which we’ve argued was fraudulent and undeserved and unfair. In fact, Maria lost to a higher ranked, unseeded player, and you offer no evidence of any kind to challenge this conclusion. Your comments therefore are idiotic and essetially spam, propaganda trying to change the subject. We resent that, and you for engaging in such silly antics.

  2. > The increasing presence of lackluster
    > Russian players in the top ten
    > directly imperils the health of the sport

    I agree. I say: ban Russian girls from international tennis. Let other countries experience the sweet taste of victory.

    If Russian women had been banned from the French Open, we would have had a non-Russian winner and a non-Russian runner-up, and Sirena Williams wouldn’t have lost to a Russian.

    Russians don’t play fair: they practice harder than Americans. Is that fair? So, the American sense of fair play demands: ban the damn russkies!


    You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. Did you even watch the French Open final? Are you claiming it was a good match that spectators will remember with pleasure? Please don’t shoot heroin before commenting on our blog.

    The overwhelming majority of grand slam titles last year and this year were and will be won by non-Russians, and the same goes for all other types of titles. Twice now, Russia’s top player Dinara Safina has totally humiliated herself in grand slam finals events.

    What planet are you on?

    • > Are you claiming it was a good match
      > that spectators will remember with
      > pleasure?

      Of course not. It was too one-sided on that day. Svetlana just destroyed Dinara, and there was little doubt from the beginning. Was that also some kind of an evil Russian plan?

      But why do you ask me that? Where did I ever mention that the Final was even-sided or exciting? What I am claiming is that the Final was an all-Russian affair because these two Russian girls were the only women left undefeated. All others either lost directly to them or to somebody who later lost to them, etc. In particluar, the best American – Serena Williams – lost to Svetlana in the quarterfinal. So, clearly Svetlana was the deserved winner of the French Open, and it’s too bad that Dinara couldn’t make the Final more even.

      And if you don’t like WTA’s algorithm for computing rankings – well, you can write them a complaint letter or two or ten, demanding that girls should have 500 to 1000 points automatically taken from their total for being Russian, Serb, Belorusan or Russia-friendly in general. If WTA agrees to incorporate your suggestion – we’ll have a different ranking system, more in line with the way the US State Department views the World.


      This post isn’t about rankings, it’s about SEEDING.

      We mentioned the French Open performance because you claimed the Russian players were good. They weren’t. They were awful, it was one of the worst finals in grand slam history, and embarrassment to the sport. Kuznetsova played HORRIBLY, yet still won because Safina played EVEN WORSE.

      You’ve shown an absolute refusal to follow our rules. You’ve commented too many times in succession on various post despite our warnings, and you’ve spewed out too much irrelevant gibberish. You clearly have no intention of heeding our advice, and will simply go on doing exactly what you want. We’ve had enough, and you are now banned from further commenting on this blog. If you have lots of ideas you’d like to express about Russia, create your own blog and see how many people will read it. Goodbye and good luck.

  3. Ostap Bender

    The spirit of Salt Lake City Olympics, the spirit of American pride must be raised again against the Ruskies. Europeans also may follow them in that idiocy. Always Coca-Cola, never Kvas.

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