Say it Loud and Say it Proud: “I am a Russophobe!”

Global Voices reports:

LJ user rusanalit, a popular Russian blogger known for his often provocative posts on the Russian economy, published this mock manifesto (RUS) on his blog on June 10, noting with irony that those who attempt a critical look at Russia’s past and present are frequently labeled Russophobes by those who consider themselves patriots, while in fact the opposite may be said to be true in many cases:

And I’m a Russophobe, too.

That’s because I write that Stalin genuinely wished to be useful to his country, but judging by the results of his mistakes, the fruits of his – and the country’s – pre-war labor were lost. That is, if you are not praising Stalin but are trying to assess his work objectively – this makes you a Russophobe.

Because, even though I credit Putin for the huge role he played in preventing the emergence of 20 Chechnyas in Russia as a result of Chechnya’s official secession from Russia, I consider Putin USELESS AFTER CHECHNYA IN ALL OTHER RESPECTS. That is, if you’re not licking Putin’s behind but are trying, again, to assess his work objectively – you’re a Russophobe.

Because I don’t like [Mikhail Kovalchuk] and [Gennady Timchenko] – the former basically robbed [Gazprom], while the latter just took away a few billion dollars from state companies [Sibneft] and [Rosneft] while he served as an intermediary in their oil trading. That is, if you straightforwardly call the billionaire-thieves close to the regime “thieves” – you’re a Russophobe.

If I don’t like the fact that my country’s economy is a resource-based economy and the government doesn’t really want to change anything, is content with everything – then I’m a Russophobe.

If you think that the duty of the state is to save lives of Russian kids […], and not to diminish stock market losses of foreign investors – then you’re a Russophobe.

Okay, I agree. If this is how things are, then I’m a Russophobe. Because in this case, Russophobe is dignified title.

And who are you then?

32 responses to “Say it Loud and Say it Proud: “I am a Russophobe!”

  1. in some comments they coined a synonym to Russophobe – common-sense-phile.

    When you read the comments here from Eugenes, rts, and other Sharikovs – it is quite obvious

  2. Si tu peus traduire traduit !
    Si tu stigmatises l’esprit (mind) des russes tu es russophobe !
    Si tu accuse tous les russes d’etre coupables (guilty) des meurtres racistes tu es russophobe !
    Si tu ignores le fait que les russes apprenent a l’ecole (school)l’histoire de leur pays et qu’ils ne vantent pas les merite de staline, puisqu’ils en sont les principales victimes, tu es russophobe !
    Mais au bout du compte des belliqueux comme vous finissent toujours par avoir raison, sinon pourquoi depenser autant d’argent pour l’arme ? (army)

  3. Let me “Say it Loud and Say it Proud: “I am a USphobe!”


  4. Some correction – AFTER IRAQ.

  5. A pox on the first person that engages what’s got to be the stupidest trolls putting their illiterate droppings here day after day.

    They will go away when starved.

    It’s getting pathetic watching thread after thread ruined to the point that dialogue with anyone intelligent is futile because of the clutter.

    Please stop feeding these morons.

  6. penny

    You are my leading star in idiocy. Just go your way to make your prospective comments on Russia sound more spicy. That’s it.

    • Are you an orphan?

    • What importance is your opinion on the US if the topic here is Russia? I’m also very critical, sometimes downright pessimistic, about the US. So what?

      Maybe you also don’t like China. Again: so what?

      The point of rusanalit’s post is that a true patriot is not the person who lavishes praise on the government, no matter what it does. Often such a person is only a brown-noser, or at least a useful idiot. Often the real patriot is the person who tells the government that it is wrong. Because this person sees that his/her country is more, much more, than a mere government that comes and goes.

      I’m not sure you’ll understand what I’m talking about; but I thought you should hear it.

  7. Asehpe

    Real patriots think there are faceless hordes of Muslim Barbarians on the march to destroy American values from the Middle East, Chinks from the Far East, Russians from the north and funny speaking Beaners from the South. There are enemies everywhere but God is on our side and our nation is God’s redeemer nation. We believe in Team America. We’ll save the world. A real American patriot is happy to be drafted to fight and die for freedom in the jungles of Vietnam, in Iraqi desert, or anywhere else where democracy might be in danger.

    It’s such a fun to make them patriots feel foolish about their ignorance. “I’m sure you’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

    • rts,

      As usual, you lie again. The US military is voluntary. The rooshans are drafted. Most of the drafted pay bribes to [or try something else] to get an exemption.

      Also, God does not condone centuries of GENOCIDE, the GULAGS, assassination and torture of dissidents, journalists, innocent people, etc., by the kremlin.

      And, God does not condone the KGB standing on His pulpits!

      “Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness; Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” Isaiah 5:20

      20 Горе тим, що зло називають добром, а добро злом, що ставлять темноту за світло, а світло за темряву, що ставлять гірке за солодке, а солодке за гірке!


      7 Thou shalt not take the name of the LORD thy God in vain: for the LORD will not hold him guiltless that taketh his name in vain.

      13 Thou shalt not kill.

      15Thou shalt not steal.

      16Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.

      17Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s wife, nor his man-servant, nor his maid-servant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that is thy neighbor’s.

      7 Не призивай Імення Господа, Бога твого, надаремно, бо не помилує Господь того, хто призиватиме Його Ймення надаремно.

      13 Не вбивай!

      15 Не кради!

      16 Не свідкуй неправдиво на свого ближнього!

      17 Не жадай дому ближнього свого, не жадай жони ближнього свого, ані раба його, ані невільниці його, ані вола його, ані осла його, ані всього, що ближнього твого!

      Exodus 20
      Chapter 20

      I have nothing against atheists, and any rational, moral, ethical atheist knows that there is much wisdom of the ages in the Bible.


      PS Sometimes I include a bilingual translated comment, so that the kremlin trolls can show their useful idiot masters, if they happen to be literate and learned how to read something other than the soviet encyclopedia.

      • Thanks for posting the commandments translated into a rural dialect of Lesser Russia. Essential for the Kremlin Trolls we are!

        • Hi dilldohead,

          If you want to become educated, you must stop reading that soviet dictionary, because it only increases your ignorance, and turns people into liars. Better use for it would be toilet paper, a commodity that is lacking in roosha anyway. We all know that rooshans think that they are great and assume that the rest of the planet is lesser. Actually, the translation is in the Ukrainian language.

          “A single lie destroys a whole reputation for integrity”

          Baltasar Gracian quotes

          • Yo Lessie, thank God it’s Friday, yay!

            You’ve caught me in a perfect mood, so please read the following throughly, and suck on what an educated person says. This time, the last time.

            First of all,

            Hi dilldohead

            Don’t project your sexual pervert fantasies on others (esp. people you really don’t know). It surely may help to keep you safe in certain situations.

            As for the rest of your stupid message, I won’t even quote it, but at least you should know that the Byzantine notion of Μικρά and Μακρά Ρωσσία (Lesser/Greater Russia, if you can’t read it — and I’m sure you can’t) implies that the former means ‘Russia proper’ and the latter is ‘Russia as a whole’ (cf. Lesser/Greater Poland). No less, no more. You should also know that the term Ukraine itself first began to be used in its current meaning in the mid-19th century, and became a common self-determiner only a century later. So keep your insinuations to yourself.

            Finally, doncha respond to my posts anymore. Any further messages will be ignored in any case. Not that I can’t stand it — well, like I said, I’m pretty insult-proof. Take it rather as a sign of my generosity so you can spend your time on something more productive, such as reading good books, travelling the globe and talking to real people, other than mentally impaired Internet trolls. Maybe it will make you a tiny bit wiser.

            Now bye-bye, ignoramus! :-)

            With best regards,
            Sincerely yours,
            A member of the KGB Internet Propaganda Dept.
            Lt.Col. N, aka ditt0head

            • Dear dilldohead,

              I regret the typos. :) Must be senior moments [or the keyboard?]. :)

              I assumed that you were KGB after reading several of your schizophrenic comments. I am truly glad that you are beginning to realize some of your symptoms – “other than mentally impaired Internet trolls.” [your own words]. Now that you know that you have a mental impairment, it is the first step to healing it.

              You post lies, and half-truths, in response to my [and other] posts and you demand that I do not respond to your lies!

              Does it pain you that someone can respond to your lies, with the truth, and that you are unable to break their bones, or draw their blood? Do you miss the smell of the blood when you tortured innocent people? Does it bother you that your employees are orphans from the insane asylum? Do you have nightmares because your masters stuck you in the sub-basement of Lubyanka, and gave you a fluorescent light, and some computers, and ordered that you should spread the kremlin disinformation, because you are mentally impaired?

              I will respond to your comment about “lesser people” [lesser human beings?] below [anybody who is not rooshan – is lesser?].



              “A half-truth is a whole lie”

              Yiddish Proverb quotes

            • With best regards,
              Sincerely yours,
              A member of the KGB Internet Propaganda Dept.
              Lt.Col. N, aka ditt0head

              Здравствуй, товарищ! :)

              BTW, looks like it became a common thing to ask LES to refrain from writing responses lately…

          • Hi dilldohead,

            I noticed another typo in my prior response to you. I wrote, ” you must stop reading that soviet dictionary”, instead of, ” you must stop reading that soviet encyclopedia”.



    • No.

      What have you been smoking, man? Whatever it is, the FSB would probably arrest you for it :-)

  8. Another glaring moral reason to be a Russophobe, Russia refuses to sign the G8 statement condemning Iranian repression.

    Reuters….Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made clear that Russia was not prepared to sign up to a G8 statement condemning Iran’s handling of the election.

    “No one is willing to condemn the election process, because it’s an exercise in democracy,” Lavrov told reporters.

    A total crock when mullahs within the regime publically admitted voting irregularities took place which really is a moot point and wasn’t the focus of the statement. It was a condemnation of the regime’s violance towards its citizens.

    Russia needs to be booted out of the G8 and banished back to their Iran-Venezuela axis of evil.

  9. penny

    The G8 on its part refuses to sign a statement condemning Saudi public tortures and executions. Not a big deal.
    And by the way, I’ve never heard about any “election processes” in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Emirates. Dead sure so do you.


    You are a perfect example of hypocrisy.
    Your moralistic comments make this whole blog real funny, sort of original American way of primitive idiocy.

    • Good point on Gulf regimes. However, they don’t need any elements of democracy and nobody gives a damn about that since they’re already on the right side, that’s it.
      Hypocrisy is an essential tool in politics.

    • True. So you do admit that the motivation Russia has for not signing are the same as in the case of Saudi Arabia etc.? I.e. basically self-serving hypocrisy?

      • Er, so you believe US and Russia follow the same logics in their foreign policy?

        Ever heard of “19th century premises” from Rice?

    • But Gulf regimes are even better than Khmere Rouge!

      You both retards, if the West doesn’t support these brave men and women, er, mostly men, from the Gulf, who would have their oil instead?

  10. Ooops, left out after “Lavrov told reporters.”

  11. The comments aren’t accepting a lone itallics tag which is what I meant.

  12. Creater of the blog just pathetic.

  13. Hi Dilldohead,

    Please do not bore me with “your sexual pervert fantasies” [your words, not mine]. I have seen you use extremely vulgar bastardized rooshan language on other posts that missed the censors. This response is a continuation to your silly comments above.

    Spin-doctor semantics are useful for useful idiots. Maybe you think that you can tell me when you think that the word Ukrainian appeared, but I will tell you why.

    Muscovy [moskali] stole the name Rus from the Ukrainian people. So, when you say Kievan Rus, you are referring to the present day Ukraine. Ukrainian is an East Slavic language spoken in Ukraine and in Ukrainian communities in neighboring Belarus, roosha, Poland, and Slovakia. Ukrainian is a lineal descendant of the colloquial language used in Kievan Rus (10th–13th centuries).

    Since the middle of the seventeenth century the modern name Ukraine (Ukrayina) (first found in the twelfth century chronicles) was used sporadically, until it was reintroduced in the nineteenth century by a conscious effort of several writers concerned about the awakening of the Ukrainian national awareness.[12] It was not until the twentieth century when the modern term “Ukraine” started to prevail while Little Russia gradually fell out of use.

    Stealing other peoples’ culture, traditions, heritage, etc. is a common policy, procedure and practice of the kremlin. The GENOCIDE [and stealing] of the UKRAINIAN people, UKRAINIAN language, UKRAINIAN culture, and UKRAINIAN traditions, has been going on for centuries!

    Ukraine suffered “colossal” looting during World War II

    Research challenges Russians’ claim that they own many cultural valuables from the independent state

    Mr. Kot said Russian museums rarely want to cooperate in determining just how much looted Ukrainian art they possess. At the end of the 1990s, however, Ukrainian researchers learned Russia was in possession of 26 mosaics and frescoes from the walls of the 12th-century St Mikhail’s Cathedral in Kiev that the Soviets destroyed in the 1930s. After years of negotiations, 11 of the frescoes, held in the Hermitage, were returned to Ukraine in two shipments: February 2001 and February 2004. The others remain in Russia.

    [rest of article at:]

    Here is a map of Muscovy in 1500AD:

    After the moskali occupied Ukraine, in the 17th century, the moskali decided to call themselves’ “greater rooshan”, and Ukrainians “Little Russians”. That is when the kremlin’s GENOCIDE of the Ukrainian people, history, language, culture, and traditions – began. President Yushchenko has put a halt to this genocide, and has tried to curb the further malicious russification of Ukraine.

    As Ukraine and its people underwent the process of nation-building in the last eleven hundred years, Little Russia, even in the historic context, can only loosely be considered as merely a contemporary equivalent for the word Ukraine. The term has become an archaic one, and anachronistic usage in the modern context is considered strongly offensive by Ukrainians, as it often used to imply the denial of a separate Ukrainian national identity, an opinion not uncommon among Russian nationalists.

    >> 1720. Peter I’s ukase banning the publication and printing of books in Ukrainian.

    >> 1722 When the Austrian monarchy made Galicia a province in 1772, Habsburg officials ***REALIZED*** that the local East Slavic ***PEOPLE WERE DISTINCT*** from BOTH Poles AND Russians. Their own name for themselves, Rusyny, was similar in sound to the German term for Russians, Russen. Austria ADOPTED the ethnonym Ruthenen (Ruthenians), and continued to use it officially until the empire fell apart in 1918.

    >> 1769. Ban by the kremlin on Ukrainian ABC books.

    >> 1784. Only “Pure Russian” is allowed as the language of instruction at the Kyiv Religious Academy. {BEFORE THE MOSKALI CAME, UKRAINIAN WAS THE LANGUAGE OF KIEV}

    From 1840 on the term “Little Rus” for Ukrayina and “Malorosy” for Ukrainians began to fall out of fashion. In the 1880s and 1900s, the popularity of the ethnonym Ukrainian spread and the term “Ukraine” became a substitute for “Ruthenia” among the Ruthenian/Ukrainian population of the Russian Empire. In time the term “Ruthenian” became restricted to western Ukraine, an area then part of the Austro-Hungarian state.

    >> 1863. Ban on printing any books in Ukrainian except for “belles-lettres.”

    >> 1866. “Strict surveillance” over Ukrainian belles-lettres is introduced.

    >> 1876. Ban on importing or bringing from abroad any books “in the Small-Russian dialect”; theatrical plays in Ukrainian, public recitals in Ukrainian and even the texts in Ukrainian accompanying the music notes are banned.

    In 1876 however, with the publication of the Ems Ukaz stage performances by kobzars and bandurists were officially banned. Paragraph 4 of the decree was specifically aimed at preventing all music, including ethnographic performances in the Ukrainian language. As a result blind professional musicians such as the kobzars turned to the street for their sustenance.

    >> 1895 Ban on children’s books in Ukrainian.

    >> 1910 Concerned about potential revolutionary activity, Interior Minister Pyotr Stolypin restored the ukaz’s restrictions and shut down the Prosvita societies and Ukrainian-language publications. Russian-language press and the kremlin launched a campaign against the idea of Ukrainian autonomy or separatism. In the meantime, Ukrainian self-identity would grow in Austro-Hungarian Galicia, out of reach of Russian imperial authorities.

    >> 1917 After expelling the government forces, the Rada announced an autonomous Ukrainian Republic, still maintaining ties to Russia, on November 22, 1917.

    >> 1918 On January 25, 1918, the Tsentralna Rada issued its Fourth Universal (dated January 22, 1918), breaking ties with Bolshevik Russia and proclaiming a sovereign Ukrainian state.

    >> 1918 The West Ukrainian People’s Republic was proclaimed on November 1st, 1918.


    >> 1920’s The kremlin closes or destroys all churches in UKRAINE and kills about 3,000 UKRAINIAN priests.

    >> 1927 The Central Committee in the kremlin decreed that Russian was a special language within the Soviet Union.

    >> 1928 Restrictions came into force that directly affected the lifestyle of the traditional kobzars, and stopped them from traveling without a passport and performing without a license. Restrictions were also placed on accommodations that were not registered and also on manufacturing or making banduras without a license.

    >> 1932-33 The KREMLIN REMOVES ALL FOOD FROM Ukrainian villages, does not allow food to enter Ukraine, does not allow Ukrainians to leave Ukraine, or their villages, and creates a GENOCIDE by starvation in Ukraine! {ten million (10,000,000) Ukrainians are killed in this GENOCIDE called HOLODOMOR!} Dead bodies, from starvation, litter the streets of Kiev, like cigarette butts in NYC. Meanwhile, there are no dead bodies on the streets of moscow! In fact, there are banquets in moscow. In fact, dead bodies, from an artificially forced starvation, were strewn in the streets, throughout all of the cities in the Ukrainian territory that was occupied by the moskali! Now the kremlin will have to re-rewrite their history books {AGAIN} and claim that dead bodies littered moscow in 1932-33, also?

    >> 1930s In the 1930’s the authentic kobzar tradition of wandering musicians in Ukraine came to an end; there was also a wave of arrests of bandurists in the Kuban. Many of these arrested bandurists received relatively light sentences of 5-10 years camp detentions or exile, usually in Siberia. Also, most of the Ukrainian bandurists were killed!

    Throughout the 1930s bandurists were constantly being arrested and taken off for questioning which may have lasted some months. Many were constantly harassed. Whereas in the early 1930s those incriminated received relatively light sentences of 2-5 years the period starting with 1937-38 the sentences were often fatal and immediate – death by shooting. In 1937-38 large numbers of bandurists were executed. Documents have survived of the many individual executions of bandurists and kobzars of this period. So far the documentation of 41 bandurists sentenced to be shot have been found with documents attesting to approximately 100 receiving sentences of between 10-17 years. Often those that were arrested were often tortured to obtain a confession. Sentences were pronounced by a Troika and were dealt out swiftly within hours or days of the hearing. The families of those that were executed were often told that the bandurist had been sent to a camp without the right to correspond.

    Many bandurists and kobzars were persecuted by the authorities that controlled Ukraine at various times because of the association of the bandura to the Cossack past and aspects of Ukrainian history which the kobzars would glorify in their songs and epics.

    Kobzars were usually blind musicians and poets. When the kremlin exterminated {pronounced – GENOCIDE}them, the kremlin was also destroying the culture, traditions, and history of the Ukrainian people.

    It is hard to establish the exact number of bandurists who were persecuted in various ways. As more information has been coming to light, the number of musicians who were arrested, interned or executed has continued to rise. It is unmatched in any other folk music or bardic tradition in Europe.

    >> 1939 On March 15 Carpatho-Ukraine declared its independence as the “Republic of Carpatho-Ukraine”, with the Reverend Avhustyn Voloshyn as head of state.
    “The First Constitutional Law of Carpatho-Ukraine” of March 15, 1939 defined the new status of the country as follows:

    1. Carpatho-Ukraine is an independent state.
    2. The name of the state is: Carpatho-Ukraine.
    3. Carpatho-Ukraine is a republic, headed by a president elected by the Sojm of Carpatho-Ukraine.
    4. The state language of Carpatho-Ukraine is the Ukrainian language.
    5. The colors of the national flag of the Carpatho-Ukraine are blue and yellow, blue on top and yellow on the bottom.
    6. The state emblem of Carpatho-Ukraine is as follows: a bear on a red field on the sinister side, four blue and three yellow stripes on the dexter side, as well as the trident of Saint Volodymyr the Great.
    7. The national anthem of Carpatho-Ukraine is “Sche ne vmerla Ukraina” (“Ukraine has not perished”).
    8. This act comes valid immediately after its promulgation.
    9. map:

    10. The Ukrainian battle against the Nazi supported Hungarians’ attack on Carpatho-Ukraine may be considered the first battle of WWII.

    >> 1939-41 The kremlin closes or destroys churches in Western UKRAINE and kills most of the UKRAINIAN priests, and replaces the pulpits with KGB, to shrive the Ukrainian people.

    >> 1942 The kremlin allows rooshan orthodox church to reopen to assist them in the war and the KGB are given pulpits to stand on, and work as priests, and shrive the people.

    >> 1946 The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is outlawed by the kremlin.

    The UGCC was for forty-three years the single largest banned religious community in the world.

    The UGCC had 18 eparchies, 3,433 communities, and 2,136 clergy members. The UGCC’s members, who constituted a majority of the believers in western Ukraine, numbered approximately four million.
    Major Archibishop Lubomyr Cardinal Husar is the present head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.[1]

    The UGCC uses the Ukrainian language.

    >> 1989 The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church is legalized.

    >> 1991 Free, at last! {AGAIN!}

    >> 2004 rooshan Orthodox “priests” {in eastern Ukraine} are telling the people that THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY appeared to them and told them that Yushchenko must lose and yanykovych must win.



    PS Also, many years ago, the kremlin published Ukrainian-English, and English-Ukrainian dictionaries and substituted rooshan words for the Ukrainian words.

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