Latynina on the Second War in Georgia

Hero journalist Yulia Latynina, writing in the Moscow Times:

Peacekeepers deployed by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe must leave Georgia by June 30 after Russia vetoed on June 15 all attempts to keep their mission in force. That is about the same time General Nikolai Makarov, commander of Russia’s forces in the war with Georgia in August and the commander of the “Caucasus 2009” military exercises planned for June 29 to July 6, announced that “Georgia is brandishing its weapons and is preparing to solve its territorial problems in any way it sees fit.”

This raises a question: If Georgia is really planning to start a war, why is Russia going to such lengths to expel international observers who will be able to testify to the whole world how Georgia started the war?

The Akhalgori district is key to any future war in Georgia. In violation of all agreements signed by Moscow at the conclusion of the August war, Russia never withdrew its troops from Akhalgori — territory that was previously under Georgian control and located only 30 kilometers from Tbilisi. If Russia starts a war, Akhalgori would be the obvious launching area. If, however, Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili initiates the war, Akhalgori would be one of his first military targets.

Only a few journalists have managed to visit Akhalgori, but those who succeeded have painted a somber picture of conditions there. Marauding and killing by South Ossetian “civil guardsmen” have become part of everyday life. Alkhalgori has been transformed into a military base: It was from Akhalgori, by the way, that Russian Sergeant Alexander Glukhov deserted into Georgian territory in January.

Is Akhalgori just a big mismanagement problem? Perhaps, but if Russia intends to strike Tbilisi from Akhalgori it naturally does not need any witnesses hanging around — above all journalists and international observers. One way is to control events is to deny journalists access and veto motions to continue OSCE peacekeeping operations. Another way is to get rid of other witnesses by using the South Ossetian “civil guardsmen” as a blunt instrument to remove them.

Russia’s foreign policy did not become more peaceful following the war with Georgia. To the contrary, it fought a “gas war” with Ukraine in January and has recently fought a “milk war” with Belarus. If before the war with Georgia, Russia’s position toward the rest of the world was “They don’t love us.” Now it is “They attacked us.”

Of course, Russia would be crazy to start a new war with Georgia now. Unfortunately, it was just such madness that prompted its “gas war” with Ukraine.

Throughout most of this year, the Kremlin has tried to convince the world that Georgia started the war. Clearly, the more innocent the Kremlin considers itself to be, the more likely it will feel justified in starting a second war with Georgia to settle scores.

In private talks, OSCE officials ask not to take advantage of the fact that its peacekeepers will not be around to arbitrate — or prevent — new conflicts in Georgia. But by leaving, they are making another Russian-Georgian war more likely.

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  1. Obama and Medvedev are going to hatch out a deal next month. Obama will promise not to meddle in the “debate” between two former Soviet Republics. Obama will throw his full support behind M and P, because they are the legitimately elected leaders of Russia.
    He might lightly condemn any violence that might ensue. But what can he do?

  2. The search for causes of the Georgia conflict brought to the fore the American quest for unchallengeable global military dominance, which requires the Pentagon to plant military bases at strategic places around the world and Congress to pass ever-larger military budgets. In 2002 President George W. Bush adopted the Pentagon strategy, first formulated a decade earlier by Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, of making the United States the sole superpower, deterring foes and allies alike from even aspiring to regional dominance. There’s no doubt Obamaman will go their republican way in the name of future corporate profit. When, in pursuit of this ultimate goal, the United States pushed NATO further eastward toward the borders of Russia while pouring money and armaments into Georgia and training the Georgian army, it paved the way to the August war. Russia showed the world that it would shed blood to prevent further security threats from developing on its own borders, though it would not wage war on a genocidal scale for the sake of controlling foreign oil, as the United States has done in Iraq.

    America’s top banans need a new approach to Russia and to the rest of the world. As they consider how to rebuild at home and regain trust abroad, they should work with Moscow on all aspects of their relationship. Obamaman should strive to build a new global security system and to move in the direction of nuclear disarmament. This will require, however, the repudiation of all past U.S. national security strategies, predicated on the idea that America has a God-given duty to police the world and meddle in the affairs of other nations.

  3. Unfortunately the situation now developing in Georgia is a result of Russia (and Russians) perverted dreams of empire.

    Russia has, and will continue to do so, comitted genocide in the Caucasus for over 200 years.

    Strategically Russia has always considered Georgia “the key to the Caucasus”, if they control Georgia, it is much easier to control the other republics.

    As Latynina pointedly remarked in another blog
    Russia and its separatist proxies attacked Georgia, not the other way around.

    Russia, like Nazi Germany, requires “security threats” on its borders in order to prop up its disgusting and repulsive state apparatus.
    Russia has comitted ethnic cleansing and war crimes on a huge scale in the Caucasus since 1991, with its support and direct intervention in the Ossetian crimes against the Ingush in 1989-92, the use of Russian naval, air and army units in the genocide against ethnic Georgians in Abkhazia 1992-94, South Ossetia/Samachablo 1992 & 2008, in the first and second wars in Chechnya, in Ingushetia, in Daghestan, and in the Nagorno-Karabakh war when Russian troops engaged it the ethnic cleansing and mass killings of Azeri citizens.

    The only real option is for western Europe and the US to freeze Russia out of international organisations, the OSCE, UN, G8, etc.

    Russia plays a massively negative role in the world, and with the horrific deeds of Russians and their support for genocidal and repressive regimes around the globe, the evil empire of Russia is with us still.

  4. RTS is a KGB Leftist Jerk.

    America’s top banans need a new approach to Russia and to the rest of the world.

    Obama has a new approach. Make friends with Dictators and F off his Allies.

    As they consider how to rebuild at home and regain trust abroad, they should work with Moscow on all aspects of their relationship.

    Why? Russia should be trying to join Western Civilization.

    Obamaman should strive to build a new global security system and to move in the direction of nuclear disarmament.

    He has an opportunity with North Korea. Those letters to the UN and the Russian Vetoes sure did the trick.

    This will require, however, the repudiation of all past U.S. national security strategies, predicated on the idea that America has a God-given duty to police the world and meddle in the affairs of other nations.

    Yes, the US should dismantle all of its security structures around the world. You are such a stupid fool. If the US did not protect the Straits of Hormuz and the Iranians seized control, the Iranians could cut off 60% of the world’s oil supply which would cause massive economic damage and utter turmoil.

    Finally, I also noticed all those Iranian protesters carrying signs in Cyrillic calling out for Putin’s help. Hmmm.

    • If the US did not protect the Straits of Hormuz and the Iranians seized control, the Iranians could cut off 60% of the world’s oil supply which would cause massive economic damage and utter turmoil.

      That’s exactly what Russians are counting on. Because then the price of oil will go up 600%.

    • @”RTS is a KGB Leftist Jerk. ”

      No, he’s a troll. Why won’t you just ignore him.

  5. Where’s My Vote?

    Translates well in Farsi and Russian.

  6. let the russians attack Georgia. Then the Caucasus will completely explode. For this summer the chechen rebels have plans for a major offensive. It will come!!!

  7. in contrast to the coward Georgians the chechen rebels are real men,because they are muslims,not afraid of death. With they cry “La Illah a Illallah” and “Allah Akbar” you have nothing to fear. Chechens will never run away from the russians like the georgians did it in Gori. The chechen mujahideen will teach the russian Kafirs and satanists a big lesson in the coming weeks,ALLAH AKBAR,ALLAH AKBAR; ALLAH AKBAR!!! THE CAUCASUS EMIRATE WILL COME AND WE WILL INTRODUCE THE SHARIA THERE;NO DOUBT!!!

    • akhmad- I like how you speak for the Chechens even though you aren’t one. More than likely, Georgia would end up being the capital state of a united Caucasus and you’d be living in some cave in Afghanistan you backward ass hillbilly. Nothing moves forward for you ignorant ass Allah Akbars. You have tried to jackboot a noble cause against the Russian in order to prop up some sort of medieval tribal law. I hope you internet minutes run out right before the air-strike as this undoubtedly will keep you from commenting with idiotic statements for a while.

  8. It´s like Dokka Umarov in the interview above states: “Only the weak and coward ones fear the russian kafirs and infidels!!! Those who are believers in Allah don´t fear this human rabble”!!!!

  9. well said,Akhmed,and to calm down the georgians,the Caucasus Emirate will not include Georgia,but it will stretch from the historic muslim-caucasian earth from Sochi to Dagestan!!!

    • Well cowards is a little unfair, they did give the Russians a bloody nose by all accounts, and it was their government that caved, not the troops.

      “Mismatches mounted further. Russian reporters who were in Tskhinvali that night of 7th to 8th of August made it clear that Russian troops did not liberate Tskhinvali on 8th of August.

      Even worse, – Russian troops did not make it on 9th of August either. The Russian column that attempted to break through to Tskhinvali that day of 9th of August was led by the head of entire 58th Russian army, General Khrulyov himself. We know what happened to this column very well, as it was accompanied by TV Vesti crew, as well as by the newspaper reporters of Moskovsky Komsomolets (Vladimir Sokirko) and Komsomolskaya Pravda (Alexandre Kots).

      “Shot at point blank”, describes Vladimir Sokirko an annihilation of this column, “rocket-propelled grenade hit an armored vehicle at the front of the column, and column grinded to halt under torrent of fire. I saw machine gun pointed at me, from some six meters or so, and young girl in NATO uniform who was aiming it at me. She was about 25-year old, this Georgian girl, not very tall, rather attractive, one may say pretty. Uniform suited her well. This crossed my mind in a split of a second. I shouted “I am a reporter!” She lowered her machine gun, and that very instant was killed by machine gun volley that cut her in two”.


      10th of August. Georgians retreat. “Georgians are running, leaving their armored vehicles and ammunition behind!”, “Embarrassing retreat of Georgians”, “Georgian army is running toward Tbilisi”, – announced newspapers and You Tube videos.

      Can you sense something awkward in these headlines? They say “Georgians retreated”, how about “we pushed them back”?

      “Krasnaya Zvezda” newspaper published three editorials about fights of 8th of August, although one of the fights it described was in the morning of 8th of August, which contradicts to official Russian version of entering into this was at 3 pm on that day. There are a lot of materials about annihilation of General Khrulyov’s column. There are stories about the fight near Zemo-Nikozi, but it was on 11th of August, after Russian tanks took Tskhinvali and were moving toward Gori.

      However, there was no story about Russian columns entering Tskhinvali and crushing and pushing back Georgian troops. There is no story, because Georgians were pushed out of Tskhinvali not by incoming Russian troops. They were pushed back by aerial bombardment and artillery strikes. (It must be added that Russians air strikes were destroying infrastructure systems throughout Georgia in this all-out war, – ports, radars, air fields, bridges, etc. This, combined with immanent attack on Tbilisi forced Georgians to withdraw from the area of Tskhinvali and Gori. This was, indeed, a blackmailing with the means of Russian air supremacy in this war, – GT).

      Georgians withdrew, because they did not manage to take Java. They withdrew, because Georgia was attacked from two fronts. Artillery and warplanes of “Abkhazian guerillas” bomb Kodory valley in upper Abkhazia. Russian bombers pound Georgian villages around Tskhinvali, irrespective of whether there are Georgian troops are or not.

      Chechens have a huge advantage in the terrain in which they fight, and the fact that their country is completely occupied which frees their hands somewhat.

      Georgians are not by any means cowards, during WW2 they, along with their Chechen cousins were the elite of the Red army’s fighting formations in Stalingrad, Kertch, and Berlin.

  10. in July the russians will invade Georgia again. It will happen between July 10 and 31. All chechens know it and out intelligence warned Saakashvili two weeks ago. In a month we will see how brave the georgians are,when tenthousands or even more than 100.000 russians will try to attack Tblissi. We don´t fear an invasion of Georgia,on the contrary,we hope,that it will happen. Because Dokka Umarov has made his military plans in accordance with a new full russian invasion. You will see what happens.The chechen mujahideen don´t fear anything.We are waiting for the russian invasion of Georgia. Big times are ahead,big battles as well.Do you believe the propaganda of the human russian FSB-rabble? Do you believe,that only 70 chechen rebels are left. we are thousands and our number is increasing every day. We are laying low at the moment,but above i told you why.

  11. In the Koran Allas says: “Don´t fear the kafirs whose hearts are filled with fear and cowardice.don´t fear those,who hide behind their big weapons,their women and children. Don´t fear those,who are only brave in big numbers! Fear only Allah and his words,and you will gain paradise.” Do you christians from Europe and the USA understand these words? This doesn´t mean,that for example we chechens hate all non-muslims. These words mean,that you shouldn´t fear invaders like the russians,who hide in their tanks and airplanes and who are only brave enough to fight unarmed civilians. Just yesterday our chechen mujahideen ambushed a russian patrol near a village. After two of them were killed and fiv emore wounded in the first two minutes of the battle,the russian cowards fled in panic,although their number was higher than the number of the chechen ambush squad. If the georgians are afraid of this human vodka-rabble,i can only laugh about them!!

    • Kick this turd. Seriously, I thought the Russian wack jobs were bad and now here come the Islamists! ugh

  12. Hm, I hope Putin knows what he’s getting himself into… I’ll bet Afghanistan also looked ‘easy’ when the Russians first showed up there.

  13. Half-Abkhaz, Half-Georgian — One Woman Fights To Preserve Ethnic Heritage

    By Brian Whitmore
    TBILISI — Lela Avidzba is a rarity — an Abkhaz who is fluent in the Abkhaz language.

    According to most estimates, up to one-third of Abkhaz cannot speak their language, even on a basic level. Even fewer can read or write it. The dominant language in Abkhazia — which broke from Georgian rule after a bitter war in the early 1990s, and saw its de facto independence recognized by Moscow last August — is Russian.

    Avidzba’s mastery of her intricate native tongue — with its bewildering, 64-letter alphabet and complex phonetics, is remarkable. Making it all the more remarkable is the fact that she is actually half-Georgian, and lives not in Abkhazia, but the Georgian capital, Tbilisi.

    Hers was one of the thousands of families torn apart by the 1992-93 war between Georgian forces and Abkhaz nationalists looking to break free from Tbilisi’s control. About 15,000 people were killed, and hundreds of thousands of ethnic Georgians were expelled from Abkhaz territory.

    Avidzba, an effusive 32-year-old with light brown hair, was born to a Georgian mother and an Abkhaz father, was a teenager living in the Abkhaz capital Sukhumi when the war broke out. Her parents sent her to Tbilisi for safety, but remained in Abkhazia themselves.

    Avidzba’s father, Sergei, died in 2006. Her mother, Luisa, still lives in Sukhumi, but Avidzba, who is no longer welcome in her homeland, is unable to see her.

    Avidzba was detained and interrogated for several days while visiting her ailing father in Sukhumi. Since her father’s death, Abkhaz authorities have denied Avidzba permission to visit her relatives in the territory altogether.

    Torn Between Nations

    Avidzba says that the walls that have been erected between the Abkhaz and Georgian peoples are as artificial as those separating her family.

    “We lived together our whole lives. Abkhaz and Georgian cultures are indivisible,” Avidzba says.

    “There are common traditions and mixed families. My mother is Georgian and my father was Abkhaz. This is the worst possible situation for a family to be in. Both sides are a part of me.”

    Easily conversant in Georgian and Abkhaz — as well as in Russian — Avidzba has worked tirelessly to bridge the gaps between her two nations.

    She is raising her son Nikolas to speak both Georgian and Abkhaz. As a spokeswoman for the Georgian government, she is one of the most prominent Abkhaz in Tbilisi, and even hosts a talk show in the Abkhaz language on Georgian television.

    Inching Toward Reconciliation

    In 2004, together with her mother, Avidzba helped organize a visit to Georgia for Abkhaz children who lost parents in the 1992-93 war. She said the children relaxed at a spa, toured Tbilisi, and met Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili.

    “When the children left — and they were little children — they wrote letters saying, ‘Georgia, we love you and want to come back,'” Avidzba says. “But unfortunately, [in Abkhazia] they hear something completely different [about Georgians].”

    Avidzba says she harbors no illusions that such gestures of reconciliation can overcome the deep animosity Abkhaz feel for Georgians, but she is nevertheless determined to persevere.

    “I don’t know whether it was due to a lack of strength, or euphoria [over independence], but nobody was able to stand up and prevent what has happened,” Avidzba says.

    “Time is not on our side. A new generation is growing up [in Abkhazia] that has never seen a Georgian and doesn’t know what they’re really like. For them, a Georgian is simply an enemy.”

    God bless Lela

  14. “Latynina on the Second War in Georgia”. ???
    She must have lost the sense of reality.

    Another expert – Michael Binyon put it this way in the London Guardian: “The Russian attack was short, sharp and deadly—enough to send the Georgians fleeing in humiliating panic.”

    Indeed, the Georgians left in such haste that many of their weapons were left behind. It was a complete rout; another black-eye for the US and Israeli advisers who trained the clatter of thugs they call the Georgian army. Soon vendors on the streets of Tskhinvali will be hawking weapons that were left behind with a mocking sign: “Georgia Army M-16; Never used, dropped once.”

  15. Ivory Sayaf

    “Russians dropped all kinds of equipment while running for their lives. They also dropped weapons for vodka.”

    Putin took the final prize in Chechnya — (The winner takes it all)…

    • So if for some strange reason the Georgians win, you will also praise them (the winner takes all)?… I’ll bet you’ll still criticize them regardless.

  16. “They built a desert and called it peace.”

  17. Scott

    Do you mean the Middle East? Iraq, Israel,Afganistan?


    Most probably he wasn’t waving the Dutch national flag at the moment the air strike happend. You’d better check the victims of the US tank attack on a hotel building in Bagdad in 2003. In any case your link and comment does not prove anything.

    • Nope – Chechnya. Although I will give you partial credit and say the US watched and let it happen as Putin sold it as part and parcel on “The War on Terror.”

      Actually, Putin and his Russian Chauvinist racist buddies probably want a desert in Afghanistan as well – don’t you find it the least bit strange that all of a sudden, the US can base at Manas again? Or are Kyrgyz really nothing more than “A bunch of $$$ grubbing Poles”?

      Besides it diverts the US attention for deserts #2 & 3 – Ingushetia and Daghestan, coming to you soon from Putin – the new Franco.

  18. you can suck my dick,you russian rabble,you are human waste and nothing else. We will introduce the Sharia all over the Caucasus and if Allah wants it,we will burn your satanic hideout called Moscow down to ashes,ALLAH AKBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. you can translate Kavkazcenter´s russian report into english with

    There are rumours,that yesterday evening Saakashvili held a secret emergency meeting with his ministers,top commanders of the army and police as well as with most trusted foreign diplomats. Allegedly Saakashvili told his entourage,that a new russian invasion has become unavoidable and will start between July 10-31!!! The Western World did nothing to stop the russians during the autumn-winter period 2008-2009! Now we will see the bloody results of this shameful policy soon,guys! Get ready for war

  20. Well Akhmed, i am not a muslim,but i agree,that the the human race could sleep better,if the North Caucasus from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea would be ruled by the Sharia and not by the Kremlin-Maniacs and Slaughterers! I think,in these pre-war days the georgian people is praying around the clock for military assistance from the chechen rebels and the rebels in all other north-caucasian republics.Let´s hope,that they will open a big second front in the rear of the russian invasion-army

  21. Coming attraction: rts against akhmad!

    Round 1: chest-beating and spitting contest. Who spits further.
    Round 2: intoxication – vodka vs. hashish. Who can handle longer.
    Round 3: self-destruction. Hunger + lice against shariah belt.

    Pass the popcorn! Sochi film festival grand prize winner! Priceless!

  22. Now we also see the bitter US-election result. With John McCain as US-president a new russian invasion would be unlikely to happen. This man would not surrender Georgia to the Kremlin. But Obama will not intervene. The georgian people must face the truth. They must fight themselves. Their only foreign help could come from the north-caucasian rebels,it´s a fact,not from US-warships. Not Obama,but Dokka Umarov is Georgia´s biggest foreign hope. Sad days in front of us,guys

  23. sascha

    The Russians made John McCain a bit lame way back in the 60’s in Vietnam. They could do that trick once again in Georgia on his other leg. Reliable references are still available from president Saakashvili of Georgia.

  24. you russian scum will face a bloody summer.

  25. russian kafir-rabble runs a big mouth here in the Internet,but in reality they are coward scum.We mujahideen of russia will hoist the green flag of Islam in Moscow one day soon,i swear it by Allah! ALLAH AKBAR

  26. Andrew, My Georgian wife is worried about some Russian official who reportedly said that the Russians will make “Porridge” out of Georgia soon. Any info on this?

    • They have been threatening all sorts of nastyness recently Bob.
      It is the usual Russian “diplomatic” language.
      Russian language TV stations have been showing comedy skits with some pretty vile racist jokes about Georgians and Chechens in particular.
      It seems they are getting their population worked up about the strategic threat that 4.5 million Georgians pose to “glorious mother Russia” in order to justify attacking the place again.
      In addition their coverage of the anti government protests (which have basically collapsed here in Tbilisi) is somewhat surreal.
      They are still showing film from the 1st big protest on April 9, claiming the streets are full of thousands, when in reality there are only 200 or so directly outside the parliament building.
      The RuSSians are trying to make the case that they are “liberating” their “beloved” Georgian “brothers” etc.

  27. akhmad

    With mujahideens of russia like you we’ll sooner see the flag of Israel waving over Mekka and Meddina. Why not? Israel is the only master (de-facto) of “Muslim” Gulf countries by proxy of the US military power in the region and a bunch of “democratic” monarchs being kept on a tight American leash.

    akhmad – mujahideen – ALLAH AKBAR
    Don’t make me laugh really.

    • Considering many of RTS (Russian tranny sucker?) boys posts containing anti-semitic slanders, one gets the impression that he is somewhat of a retarted hypocrite.

  28. Felix, you’re the best, your comment was hilarious, but, looking at the dueling threesome I’m wondering who is a possible counter-point sockpuppet for our resident trolling morons. There was a suspicious similarity in paragraph and capitalization styles when they all met.

    But, whatever, I could be wrong. Hitler’s and Stalin’s scum didn’t have the internet so we were left without personalized insights into their “little guy” followers. History will always serve up repulsive little ultra-nationalists, homicidal religious zealots and just plain angry sociopaths into the narrative sadly. The difference now thanks to the internet is seeing them in real time and in the flesh.

    Speaking to them directly in my opinion, hum, Andrew, Les, ????, humanizes their craven amoralness.

  29. Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for the link.

    Here are more exerpts from the link:

    First of all, all respondents hate Georgians. They regard them the same way Palestinians regard Israelis. They consider Georgians to be monsters, bastards and fascists. Two years before this war even started, the head of South Ossetian state information agency Inal Plyev explained on website why South Ossetian fight against Georgia is anti-fascist one. Worth noting that this gentleman is also press-secretary of peacekeeping battalion, i.e., in George Orwell’s terms (“1984” novel), he is combining jobs in Ministry of Peace and Ministry of Truth.


    Premier Minister Putin arrives in North Ossetian capital, Vladikavkaz. This is his personal war. Reinforcements are sent to South Ossetia from all over of Russia. The war, which was already announced to be won, continues…

    22.00 pm, on 9th of August, special correspondent of “Moskovsky Komsomolets” newspaper, Vadim Rechkalov, interviews Grad missile complex operator (292nd regiment of 19th Russian division), who seems agitated. He tells that his complex launched missiles “8 times” on 9th of August.

    – How about yesterday?

    * Yesterday we launched a lot more missiles, not less than 20 times. In order to take Tskhinvali.

    “All night long Georgian positions were bombed by heavy cannons and Grad missiles”, writes Irina Kuksenkova about the night from 8th to 9th of August.


    What about the civil population that we are liberating? TV will take care of them. TV will explain that all the bombs and shells fallen on them belonged exclusively to the enemy.

    Captain Sydristy’s battalion is ambushed, General Khrulyov’s column is ambushed. But Russia is victorious in this war, thanks to its air force and its TV. TV is very important element of this victory. How else would you explain to Tskhinvali residents that while South Ossetian militia is mounting a fierce resistance to Georgians, the latter are running around Tskhinvali and killing civilians? How else would you explain to Tskhinvali residents that it was Georgian tanks who shelled them, while Georgian planes, at the same time, were bombing them from the air?


    Idealists who lived in Russia for long time, and hurried to fight for South Ossetia. South Ossetian criminal elements. Ordinary Ossetians who had been told for the last four years that Saakashvili is fascist and monster, and who were also told that during these three days Georgians tanks were running over women, slaughtering them and burning babies alive.

    These people come to Georgian villages. And it turns out that machine gun which is useless against tank, is a weapon of choice for marauders. Entire Georgian enclave between Java and Tskhinvali is wiped out from the face of the Earth.


    The problem with misinforming

    At the end of August, premier minister Putin on CNN accused Western media in biased coverage of this conflict. He illustrated his point by bringing up the story of an interview of 12-year old Amanda Kokoyeva and her aunt, Laura Tedeeva to Fox News.

    “The anchor was interrupting her all the time”, said Vladimir Putin, “when he did not like what she was saying, he started coughing, croaking, hissing, squeaking. The only thing left was for him to fart”.

    Amanda Kokoyeva’s and Laura Tedeeva’s live interview on Fox News lasted 3 minutes and 40 seconds. During this interview, young girl first said that they were running away from Georgian tanks, not from Russians, then her aunt started enthusiastically explaining to the American public that “Saakashvili must go”. They were never interrupted. Even more, the anchor gave them some of his time. Amanda’s aunt did not expect such courtesy and froze for a second. The anchor encouraged her, – “Go ahead”.

    Russian central TV channel showed this interview next day, cutting it down to 1 minute and 40 seconds, and creatively modified its audio track, – adding that very “coughing, croaking, hissing, squeaking” mentioned by Russian prime minister. By the time Putin was on CNN, this hoax was already revealed and set straight.

    A few days later, in his interview to Figaro newspaper, premier minister Putin mentioned the case with Michel Lee White’s passport: “We received hard evidence that American citizens were present in the zone of conflict. Passport of one of them was demonstrated by General Nogovitsin during a press conference”.

    And again, this hoax was also set straight by the time of his interview to Figaro. It has been discovered that Michael Lee White is an English language teacher in Guangzhou, China, who lost his passport during Moscow-New York flight in 2005, and could not use it anymore, as he informed both, Russian and American authorities about its loss. It is true that some years before that Michael Lee White served in the US army, refueling helicopters. If there was a special operation to place his lost passport in Tskhinvali, then it was not conducted by Georgian or American secret services. It was a special operation to mislead the public, and one of its victims was Russian premier minister Putin.

    As both stories, about Fox News interview and about Michael Lee White’s passport, were told by Russian prime minister to the Western media, he seemed to be convinced that he is telling truth. This leads to a question of what else was he sure about? How much was he manipulated himself, rather than manipulating others?

    Clearly, this is a paradox. On one hand, this war was a result of systematic, large-scale, thoroughly planned Russian aggression. It is ludicrous to think that Georgia was encircled with Russian military bases by pure accident, with vanguard of Russian army that incidentally turned out in town of Java right after large-scale Russian military exercises in Caucasus.

    On the other hand, Kremlin’s actions against Georgia were clearly inadequate. It is difficult to determine what went wrong between Saakashvili and Putin. Was it FSB’s (aka KGB, – GT) report telling Putin that tall Saakashvili gave him a nickname “Lilliputin” (“Lilliput” is an island in Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels where the inhabitants are six inches tall, – GT). Or was it due to the exact opposite views of these two leaders on the role of government in modern society. The problem was that Kremlin was not able to verbalize its criticism to Saakashvili. The only way of verbalizing it was “I will hang him by his balls”.

  30. Dear debators, I have read all your comments thoroughly – and i feel quite confused. Initially I want to state that I am Georgian. The first feeling I have is that somehow someone is trying to combine strories with Georgia and Chechnia. Please be informed that these are absolutely different stories as well as different cultures and countries. Georgians ar Ortodox Christians. We do not have any ambitons to occupy territories of neibghouring countires. You can check that very easily – look through History never have Georgia interviiend any other country – all the time we were defending ourself. Hired chechen soldiers were fighting against Gerogian army in Tskhinvali!!!!! thats the fact!!!!

    another issue is related with the comparison examples brought by you – Georgia is not Afganistan! … right now I am thinking how to assure you that we are not different from any Europian countries…. hmm… lets take my example… Im 28 years old – running small consulting company – things were going quite well before the war and crizis. I love snowboarding, kitebording, love ralling – 6 month ago bought Nissan skyline GTR R34 – won several amateur rallies. when younger worked as as Dj in the Radio. Right now I am thinking to apply to HBS for executive MBA. I have a wife and two children and right now they are my major concern. you know thats a strange feeling – I am not a coward – i will fight if it comes – on the other hand have never held the gun in my hands. what if war starts – I should somehow manage to get my family out of the country… where?? possibly to my good friend he lives in France….. than what?? i dont know …. I have BBA and MBA but I love Georgia and I dont wont to live elsewhere – I want to live in Gerogia…. you know what… I want to live …. I dont care about russians and the flag colors in Moscou… I dont know… If it comes I will fight … something like sofi’s choice… the only thing I am trying to tell you is that we do not want war we want peace… and do not look at that like a movie blockbuster – what will you feel if one day you wake up and get the info that russia is going to strat the war with you and in several weeks the bombs might fall on your house…….. I am not afraid of russians – I am afraid about all those people who do not want war but love their country and have to face masacre… Please think – thats not a video game thats the reality … we are not talking about bots were are talking about people quite similar to you

  31. Les,
    I was also wondering why; don’t have a good answer. The only lame explanation is that it’s Caucasus where everything is so convoluted. However, what I do know is that Yamadayev made an example of himself for all to see. He threw his lot with Russians, and got zero protection in return. Is anybody else going to ally with Russia in second Georgian war, if it happens.

    By the way, I do remember my prediction that there will be no war this summer. Maybe, I’ll eat crow… However, Piontkovsky whose opinion I respecting as much as Latynina’s seems to be skeptical about war prospects as well.

  32. Hi LES, FELIX

    well regarding why Chechens were fighting against Georgians – that’s a bit complicated. I will try to explain at least provide my opinion. Initially one should understand that inter-relation between Georgia and Chechnya is minor – cultural, social, economical. you will hardly find chechen Gerogian families as well as chechens living in Georgia or Georgians living in Chechnia – between us lays Caucasus and belive me these mountains are really high. Just easy example there are is no road leading from Georgia tu chechnia – there are very narrow mountain routs. Now The problems with russia in that part of caucasus started much more earlier than in Georgia. an Kremlin has really done terrible things there -really terrible – this influenced people a lot – turning everyone into soldiers – man , momen , children -all – thus creating an Era where killing the enemy is the issue of honor and quite normal. Yes Georgia has accepted chechen refugiees and the realtion between chechnya and Georgia was let me say always “good” not close but “good”.
    On the other hand one should undersatnd how chechen rebels live. They hide in mountains divided into small groups. And as any military tahy need finance and and weapon. now comes another question how they can get these resource? for quite a long time they were hijacking people. were creating corridors for drug traffic. What esles could they have done. In some extent I really feel pity for tehm – you know when tehy kill the memebres of your family you do not think about ethical and moral values – possibly you thing about highest priority revenge. The same storyis why they were fighting with Georgians – they were hired by russians. They need money and weapon – russinas give them all these – they fight Georgians tahts the requirment of their contract BUT aftre they can fight back russians – with the same money and weapon. That is the choise between priorities. To their minor respect I can say that though they were fighting Georgians – when the Gerorgian Army retriated – they were creating corridors for Georgians living in villages to escape. Also strange act – dont you agree. On one hand – yes thanks – you gave me the posibility tu survive BUT … hell you made me to flee…

    thats my opinion – and one more issue the chechen rebels ara not consolidated – they are divided into small groups. The do not coordinate – and taht gives kremlin the possibility to manipulate

    • Actually there were very close and friendly relations between Dudayev and Gamsakhurdia (who was even buried with honors in Grozny).

      On the other hand, a lot of Chechens (Basayev and the Abkhaz Battalion) fought on the Abkhaz side (and were supported by Russia) in the early 1990s. (Shamil even became Abkhazia deputy military leader and married an Abkhaz woman.)

      As I already said, I just can’t understand why Georgia didn’t rise their own Chechen formation (officially).

  33. Andrew (comment 2), everyone should be directed to that Latynina link you provide, and as often as possible. It’s not only one of her best, but one of the best there is on the subject of the Russia-Geoegia War. Her FULL version of the story above appears here:

    [25 ИЮНЯ 2009] Будет ли новая война с Грузией?

    It includes the section that reiterates the fact Russia started the war – not Georgia.

    • Thanks Simon, that is a very good article from Latynina you linked to.
      I hope she does not suffer like her colleague Anna Politkovskaya for telling the truth.

  34. @“Georgia is brandishing its weapons”

    What I just don’t understand, is why Georgia won’t simply recruit and arm their own Chechen forces.

  35. Hi Alexander,

    Thank you again, for sharing your thoughtful personal comments.

    I do not think that roosha will attack Georgia again. The people in the kremlin may be insane, but they are not stupid. They even alienated China. Besides, if they tried, they might lose and be humiliated. The only use that the kremlin has for the rooshan army is cannon fodder [and to rape, pillage and destroy].

    Last year, Ralph Peters wrote an article in the New York Post when he noticed Chechnians in a photo from the war in Georgia. I would like to share with you what he wrote in the day after the war started. Some of the European nations may have believed the kremlin BS propaganda, but the US press analyzed it.

    The link that Andrew gave above, to the article that Julia Latynina wrote, should be read in conjunction with the below analysis.


    Now, however, the petrodollar-powered Russia of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin and his straight man, President Dmitri Medvedev, is swaggering – and determined to punish Georgia, to make it an example to other defiant neighbors.


    SATURDAY, AUGUST 09, 2008

    Ralph Peters Explains The Russian Attack On Georgia

    “What just happened? The Kremlin decided it was time to act, since Georgia was only growing stronger under its democratically elected government. Although NATO has been hemming and hawing about admitting Georgia, the Russians didn’t want to take any chances. (Just last month, 1,000 US troops were in Georgia for an exercise.)
    Calculating that the media and world leaders would be partying in Beijing, the Russians ordered North Ossetian militiamen, backed by Russian “peacekeepers” and mercenaries, to provoke the Georgians earlier this month.
    Weary of the Russian presence on their soil, the Georgians took the bait. President Mikheil Saakashvili ordered his US-trained military to respond.
    That was the excuse the Kremlin wanted. Immediately, a tank brigade from Russia’s 58th Army (the butchers of Chechnya) crossed the international border into Poland – sorry, I meant Georgia.

    How do I know that the Russians set a trap? Simple: Given the wretched state of Russian military readiness, that brigade could never have shot out of its motor pool on short notice. The Russians obviously “task-organized” the force in advance to make sure it would have working tanks with competent crews.
    Otherwise, broken-down vehicles would’ve lined those mountain roads.

    The Russians planned it. And they hope to push it to the limit.
    What happens next? This is a fight between a very small David and a very large Goliath. That said, the Russians may be surprised at how fiercely the Georgians defend their homeland. At least two, and possibly four, Russian jets have been shot down while attacking Georgian bases close to the capital city, Tbilisi.
    As of last night, the Georgians had retaken Tskhinvali, South Ossetia’s capital. I’d bet American veterans helped Georgia with contingency planning for just such a situation (it worked in Bosnia).
    Meanwhile, hundreds of civilians and dozens of militiamen, Kremlin-funded mercenaries and Russian “peacekeepers” have been killed, along with tens of Georgian troops. This fighting is serious. And, unless Moscow pulls out all the stops, its forces just might take a surprise beating.


    This is the “new” Russia announcing – in blood – that it won’t tolerate freedom and self-determination along its borders. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin is putting it bluntly: Today, Georgia, tomorrow Ukraine (and the Baltic states had better pay attention).


    As I write, Russia continues its invasion of free, democratic Georgia with overwhelming military force. Given the raw power Russia has been willing to apply, there’s no question as to which side will win. But one of the many untold stories of this fateful war is how poorly Russian forces are performing—despite careful planning and extensive preparations.

    First, let’s explode the myth disseminated by the Russian government (and accepted by many in the Western media) that Georgia started this fight by “invading” South Ossetia. Setting aside the fact that South Ossetia is legally a part of Georgia, this fight began with a set-up worthy of Hitler’s machinations in Czechoslovakia and Poland. Having created, funded and fully backed the South Ossetian separatist movement since the Soviet crack-up, in late July the Kremlin ordered the local militias they own to provoke the Georgians.

    In the week prior to the invasion, South Ossetians, aided by Russian “peacekeepers,” had shelled and raided Georgian villages beyond South Ossetia. In Tbilisi, the freely elected president, Mikheil Saakashvili, a pro-Western leader, took the bait and walked into Moscow’s trap—he ordered Georgian forces to go in and clean out the areas where the South Ossetian militias were operating.
    Within hours, the Russian military was on the move.

    Anyone seeking proof of who orchestrated this war has only to consider how swiftly Russian ground, air and naval forces “responded” to Georgia’s attempt to protect its citizens. Even the U.S. military—which is vastly better prepared, better trained and better organized than Russia’s—could not have launched so broad a coordinated assault from a standing start. Not only was this invasion planned in detail, but elements of Russia’s 58th Army, headquartered in Vladikavkaz, just across the Caucasus Mountains from Georgia, had task-organized an initial armored brigade for the invasion’s spearhead—soon followed by the equivalent of a full division, augmented by paratroopers from Russia’s strategic reserve. The 58th Army had adequate warning time to replace deadlined vehicles, perform pre-combat maintenance of the rest, distribute full combat loads of ammunition (beyond what was already on the tanks and other armored vehicles), shift troops between garrisons, deploy forward logistics elements, and disseminate tactical plans.

    You don’t do that in a couple of hours. That takes several days for the very finest military unit—and weeks for most others.


    SUNDAY, AUGUST 10, 2008
    Geostrategist Ralph Peters on the Russian Invasion of Georgia: “The Russians planned it. And they hope to push it to the limit.”

    Geostrategist Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters (USA-ret.) provides illuminating analysis on the Russian invasion of Georgia:

    The Russian view: If I were a Russian staff planner (and sober), I wouldn’t expect to drive all the way to the Georgian capital – that would be too much for the West to stomach (although Russia’s greatest strength is that it doesn’t care about world opinion).

    My objective would be to take Tskhinvali, then strike due south to cut Georgia’s lifelines to the world – the strategic highway, parallel rail line and international pipeline that connects Georgia’s eastern interior with its western ports.

    (Incidentally, such an offensive would take the Kremlin’s tanks to the aptly named city of Gori, birthplace of Josef Stalin.)

    If the Russian invaders can sever those links, they’ll cut Georgia in half. Control of that road-rail-pipeline complex would not only bring the Georgian economy to a standstill – it would also allow the Kremlin’s other clients in Abhkazia, on the Black Sea, to renew their attempt to devour Georgian territory.


    Wednesday, August 13, 2008

    Ralph Peters on Russia’s Military [Fred Schwarz]

    You have to say one thing for the Russians: They’re good at being spontaneous. Georgia shocks them with a totally unexpected invasion of South Ossetia, and within a few days Russia has an overwhelming counterattack underway, complete with a naval blockade, meticulously planned air attacks, armor, infantry, supply lines, and everything else a dictatorship needs to squash an uppity neighbor. Amazing how they can throw something like that together so quickly. It’s almost like they knew in advance what was going to happen.
    But as Ralph Peters writes, the invasion has also revealed some flaws in Russia’s military, particularly the air force:
    RUSSIA’s military is succeeding in its invasion of Georgia, but only because Moscow has applied overwhelming force.
    This campaign was supposed to be the big debut for the Kremlin’s revitalized armed forces (funded by the country’s new petro-wealth). Well, the new Russian military looks a lot like the old Russian military: slovenly and not ready for prime time.
    It can hammer tiny Georgia into submission – but this campaign unintentionally reveals plenty of enduring Russian weaknesses.
    The most visible failings are those of the air force. Flying Moscow’s latest ground-attack jets armed with the country’s newest precision weapons, pilots are missing far more targets than they’re hitting.
    All those strikes on civilian apartment buildings and other non-military targets? Some may be intentional (the Russians aren’t above terror-bombing), but most are just the result of ill-trained pilots flying scared.
    They’re missing pipelines, rail lines and oil-storage facilities – just dumping their bombs as quickly as they can and heading home.
    Russia’s also losing aircraft. The Kremlin admits two were shot down; the Georgians claimed they’d downed a dozen by Sunday. Split the difference, and you have seven or more Russian aircraft knocked out of the sky by a tiny enemy. Compare that to US Air Force losses – statistically zero – in combat in all of our wars since Desert Storm.
    As one US officer observed to me, the Russian pilots are neither professionally nor emotionally toughened for their missions. Their equipment’s pretty good (not as good as ours), but their training lags – and their pilots log far fewer flight hours than ours do.
    Russia has been planning and organizing this invasion for months. And they’re pulling it off – but the military’s embarrassing blunders must be infuriating Prime Minister Putin.
    For centuries, Russia’s military culture has been known for its brutality. The nation’s current rulers are taking steps to reduce this by moving towards a volunteer force and (supposedly) banning the hazing and exploitation of young recruits, but these efforts to instill professionalism run up against the pervasive Russian mindset in which everything is a racket that exists for the personal benefit of those who run it.
    In addition, Russia still has a sick economy, poor at providing the basics for most citizens, let alone rewarding merit and encouraging its development. Russia’s military still attracts the nation’s finest technical talent, which is why its equipment is competitive with the world’s best, but when it comes to providing for a million active troops, the large-scale failures of Russia’s communists-turned-kleptocrats become apparent. For an honest person, Russia’s authoritarian society makes the military much less attractive as a career option, either in itself or as preparation for a civilian career.
    Perhaps most important, in a country that works, many people will be attracted to the military by the desire to serve their homeland. This is certainly not restricted to democracies; some of the worst tyrants throughout history have exploited nationalistic and ethnic zeal, as do assorted tribal and ethnic militias today. But who can get fired up about working for a bunch of thugs and gangsters, like the clique that now rules Russia? As an NRO editorial said a few days ago, “Russia looks stronger — economically and militarily — than it really is. The siloviki [ex-KGB oligarchs] know it; so do we.” If the Russians are ever foolish enough to pick on an opponent they can’t overwhelm with sheer numbers, the whole world will know it


    Между тем, как передают источники в командование ВС Имарата Кавказ, на самом деле в них задействованы более 250 тысяч членов различных оккупационных формирований, дислоцированных в Имарате Кавказ.

    The north-caucasian rebels refute the russian lies,that only 8000 russian soldiers are participating in the so called war-games 2009! According to the chechen rebel intelligence wing 250.000 russian troops of all diverse units participate in these exercises from the Black Sea to the Caspian Sea! They also warn,that a russian invasion will take place in July and that the decision has already been taken by the Kremlin.Furthermore the rebels propose the georgian government a military alliance against russia,but at the same time the rebels complain,that Tbilissi in it´s naivety has not reacted so far to the rebel-offer!!

  37. Alexander has not a too much good knowledge of Chechnya.These pro-russian chechens who were fighting against Georgia last August were chechen national traitors and criminals from the Bataillions “Vostok” and “Zapad”,who were disbanded in November! The “Vostok”-commander Sulim Yamadayev was shot dead in Dubai in march by a killing-squad sent by Ramzan Kadyrov,the pro-russian criminal marionette president of Chechnya! The commander of “Zapad”,Said Kakiev,left Chechnya in November and is hiding in Moscow today,where Kadyrov´s killers are allegedly searching for him,because Kakiev and Kadyrov are in a blood feud since 2007! The remaining pro-russian chechen militias are under control of Kadyrov,called “Kadyrovites”. But in the new war in July they will not engage against Georgia,because the Kadyrovites are locked down in heavy fighting at the moment against the anti-russian chechen rebels in the southern mountains of Chechnya!This means,that in the new russian invasion next month no pro-russian chechens will participate this time! The russian invasion army will consist of 100.000-250.000 soldiers,FSB-agents,abkhazian and south ossetian militias and pro-Kremlin cossack volunteers!

  38. In case Georgia will have good weapon against russian airplanes – the resistance will be possible without anybody’s assistance and especially chechens! I feel that somehow sombody is trying to provoke the conflict throug the legend of Georgia and chechen rebel colaboration – no way! Just foreget about war – we need to solve this problem through international organizations and through dialog.

    • Dialogue, thats a good one.
      Russia is not interested in dialogue, and the only way you can talk to Russia is by holding a gun to their head.

  39. Alexander is a FSB-provocateur,i know such guys! The russians are seriously afraid of a chechen rebel- stabbing into the russian´s army back during an invasion of Georgia!

  40. i have a question to all other western guys like myself here in the blog!! Is there still anyone among you who has doubts,that the russians will invade Georgia in July? There are too much signs,that it will happen,it´s my opinion. I am 100% sure ,that it will happen in the next four weeks in july

  41. i fear,that this week could be the last week in peace for the georgian people.I feel it,and i am not alone. I am speaking in these days with guys all over the world,experts as well as ordinary guys,who follow this story. So far none of them believes,that there will be no russian invasion.All are convinced,it will happen in July! Sad days for the human race again

  42. Steven, it seems logical. However stupid or daring its risky, even for Putin. That would isolate Rasha as a pariah state. There would be no forgetting by the world and then, maybe it could suit Putin’s purpose. Probably the last stage needed to secure a subservient and unquestioning Savok State. It worked a long time for Soviets. Maybe it is brewing now, that the RF is contracting so quickly. Desperation?

  43. I just spoke with a georgian friend in Tbilissi via chat.He told me,that for several days now preparations are underway to fortify the capital.Seems,that Saakashvili has finally understood,that the russians will attack soon.I already urged Georgia to transfer Tbilissi into a fortress last winter,when they had enough time to do so.Now time is running short,let´s pray,that they will be ready to defend their country

  44. Like McCain said; We are all Georgians.

    • I wish McCain was president now. I’m not making a commentary on Obama. It’s just that McCain is a very good friend of Georgia.

  45. Steven right now i DO know who IS FSB agent here!!! By all means You ar e trying to convince people thast the war will happen! why? what is your stimuli? you are trying to unite chechens and georgians into one case? again comes the question why? In case Georgia in some way unites with chechen rebels this will give rasha legitimate way to once again invade into georgia as they have this freaking law that they can pursuit the terrorist on the territry of other countries – NO Thanks and NO way!!!!!.

    let me give you id directly – YOU are a coward!!! Rashan COWARD! Iven the most stupid chehechen would not have decrared the intensions in that way! + your english is another fact that you are not chchen – have you at least left one school in Chechnya where they can study English ?!!! In georgia we have a monument of Mother of Georgia in one hand she helds a cup of wine in another the sword! it means that if you come to georgia as a friend you will be always wellcomed with good Georgian wine and open heart but if you try to invade into Georgia you will meet the sword.

    Try to come to Georgia and you ll get this sword into your ass!!!! COWARD RASHAN

  46. Alexander, what part of Tbilisi are you in?
    I am up in Nutsubidze.
    Be good to catch up some time.

  47. Alexander is a dirty russian kafir,he is a FSB-agent,who tries to divide chechen mujahideen and Georgia,because he is afraid of such an alliance!! ALLAH AKBAR;RUSSIANS WILL BURN IN HELL

    • You are as mush chechen as I am a tomatooo!!!

      By the way chechen mujaheads and georgins never had anything in common!!!!

  48. All Caucasian peoples need to unite against Russia and its Abkhaz & Ossetian collaborators.

    Only unity among the Caucasian peoples will give them the strength to resist Russian imperialism.

  49. akhmad & Alexander

    What are you guys, the evil twin/bizarro versions of I am Russian and RTS? :)

  50. “All Caucasian peoples need to unite against Russia and its Abkhaz & Ossetian collaborators.

    Only unity among the Caucasian peoples will give them the strength to resist Russian imperialism.”

    Be careful. You sound like a white supremacist. :-)

    • ;)
      Funnily enough, the Russian racists consider caucasians such as the Georgians and Chechens to be black. :)

  51. The Sneetches, by Dr. Seuss
    Now, the Star-Bell Sneetches had bellies with stars.
    The Plain-Belly Sneetches had none upon thars.
    Those stars weren’t so big. They were really so small.
    You might think such a thing wouldn’t matter at all.

    But, because they had stars, all the Star-Belly Sneetches
    Would brag, “We’re the best kind of Sneetch on the beaches.”
    With their snoots in the air, they would sniff and they’d snort
    “We’ll have nothing to do with the Plain-Belly sort!”
    And, whenever they met some, when they were out walking,
    They’d hike right on past them without even talking.

    When the Star-Belly children went out to play ball,
    Could a Plain Belly get in the game? Not at all.
    You only could play if your bellies had stars
    And the Plain-Belly children had none upon thars.

    Click here to continue.

  52. What about war? :D:D:D will it still have place? :)))
    In July U said? yah maybe but not this year :)

    How I loved freaking face of medvedev when Obama tuned the Georgia issue:)

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