Petty, Destructive Russia

A New York Times editorial brutally entitled “Small Minds in the Kremlin” (one of the world’s leading newspapers calling the rulers of Russia idiots — ouch!):

In a depressing sequel to its petty and destructive war against Georgia last summer, Russia has now cast a petty and destructive veto in the United Nations Security Council, compelling the abrupt withdrawal of 130 badly needed international military monitors from Georgia’s secessionist region of Abkhazia.

It was petty because Russia’s larger interest lies in calming, not stirring up, secessionist ambitions in the Caucasus, a violently fractured part of the world that includes other restive regions like Chechnya. And it was destructive because whatever hopes the Russian-backed Abkhazian separatists might still retain for a semblance of international legitimacy vanishes with the withdrawal of the United Nations mission.

Abkhazia’s grievances are not without some merit. But secessionists there cannot expect much sympathy after they lent their cause to the brutal Russian invasion of Georgia last year. Nor can they calm concerns about the treatment of minority ethnic groups when they expel the only neutral monitors from their territory.

Moscow’s heavy-handed meddling has isolated Abkhazia, and Russia. Only Russia and Nicaragua recognized the “independence” Abkhazia proclaimed after the Russian incursion last summer. This month Russia voted alone in the Security Council to evict the monitors.

The problem goes beyond Georgia, of course. Moscow regularly bullies Ukraine and other neighbors and has even used its gas supplies to push around the Europeans (who show little interest in pushing back).

President Obama travels to Moscow next month hoping to put the United States-Russia relationship on a more positive course. There is a lot that the two countries need to talk about, including reviving efforts to reduce their own nuclear arsenals; rolling back the nuclear weapons programs of North Korea and Iran; climate change; terrorism; and the global economy.

Russia can be an important player on all of those issues. And it is clearly eager to be treated as one. But the sort of petty and dangerous game it is playing in the Caucasus only diminishes its credibility.

16 responses to “Petty, Destructive Russia

  1. I think it is more dangerous than petty. Recently there’s a lot of talk on the part of russkie officials about Georgia buiding up to again “attack” poor rusha. Why then this veto? Won’t it be better to have observers to exactly know who started what. It looks like ruskies again are getting ready to attack Georgia and ,of course, blame it for starting the war. No observers-that’s whar rusha wants.

  2. I think it’s quite possible that there’d have been no “independent” Abkhazia, if the US hadn’t backed “independent” Kosovo. Abkhazia and Ossetia was a sort of retaliation for Kosovo.

  3. As far as I remember:

    – Albanian tank divisions and troops didn’t invade Kosovo as Russia did. By the way, Russians just annexed the territory of independent state Georgia. Russia didn’t get any “rights” for so called “peace-keeping” operation;

    – Albania didn’t “gave” it’s passport to Kosovo inhabitants. Russia did it on the territory of Georgia. (You call it Abkhazia and Ossetia);

    – You are Russia patriot. Than You should be proud about Russian deeds in XIXth century done in Caucasus against, for instance, Abkhazians. After the genocide, which was started by You, Russians, Abkhazians almost vanished. Abkhazian survival was a miracle and Russians did everything to abuse and sneer down this small brave nation;

    – tell to readers the real story how Abkhazians are living now under Russian “supervisors” (organized crime and looters);

    – please, don’t piss on the screen about “Osetians”. All those, who were able, resetled to Georgia or Russia (mainly Moscow). Another Osetian goverment (in exile exists) in Georgia. Look at the so called “South Osetian” government – almost all of them are sent from Russia 3 or 5 years ago. Those, who could be called “Osetians” are from soviet nomeklatura – they even don’t know who they really are. “Osetians”? Don’t make such cheep jokes. Not funny. The same about “Osetian” KGB or “Osetian army” – there are no Osetians, almost only Russians ;

    – an so on, and so on, and so on. The problem is stupid, very stupid lie.

  4. Rashan Veto on the security council was prolonging genocide and pining down NATO forces. Something had to be done to clean up the Kosovo situation.

    This does not justify Rooskies to occupy areas of Georgia and remove neutral observers with their veto. Rasha should get used to the idea, that she will not be telling the UN and the EU what it can and cannot do.

  5. a semblance of international legitimacy

    Well, there’s a country which occupies 38% of territory of one of the EU members, and doesn’t give a damn about the legitimacy. Still, many people seriously view this country as a possible EU member itself. Let alone the US of A activities all over the world. The whole system of international law is all but raped, and referencing to it is futile :-)

  6. Hi DittO,

    Despite the fact your post makes no sense to me I’m really enjoying your persistant sexual analogies.

    How is mum?

  7. Persistent? [tired smile here] You must be taking me for someone else. This time it’s nothing more than a modified quote from ‘…and Justice for All’ (‘justice is lost, justice is raped, justice is gone’). Don’t try to humilate me, I’m insult-proof, and it will also contribute to your own image :-) Being polite is not scary, believe me.

  8. Why would I bother trying to humiliate a Grecophillic, mysoginistic scientist who quotes Metallica?

    If it wasn’t so funny it would be serious (or is it the other way around?).

    • Got fun? Great, I’m always glad to deliver some positive emotions.

    • By the way, ‘mysoginistic’ would mean something like ‘giving birth to mice’. I don’t.

      • Actually ditt0head, Wal meant “misogynist”, which fits the tone of many of your posts.
        It seems that just like your great leader Putin, you are a repressed (closet) choir boy tuner.

  9. It is Russia, not the NYT, that should judge what is “in Russia’s interests”.

  10. Almost got him

    Looks like the north Caucasus is disintegrating again.

    • [Dima] has ordered the interior ministry and the Federal Security Service (FSB) “to fully investigate the attack on the Ingush president’s life and to take all the necessary law-enforcement efforts”

      I guess the “zones of counter-terrorist operation” will be extended on all of Ingushetia and pernamently now. Brace for some large-scale zachistkas?

  11. @”There is a lot that the two countries need to talk about, including (…) terrorism”

    Ah, “terrorism”.

    There was just assassination attempt on the new president of Ingushetia (an army general and Hero of Russia too). He’s reported to be severely injured and flown (back) to Moscow on emeregnecy, among the wounded is also his brother (who was his chief of security).

  12. I think that Georgia may be smoke and mirrors.

    Russia reserves “the right to take action” if Ukraine does not pay for gas supplies by the deadline of July 7, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said at a government meeting on Monday.

    “Contractual discipline must be fulfilled. Russia reserves the right to take action if the payments aren’t made,” Putin said.

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