The Mailbag: Poland and World War II

Letters, we get letters, we get lots of cards and letters every day!

Dear La Russophobe,

This letter is in response to the article “Russian military historian says Poland started WWII: Defense Ministry posts revisionist paper” put out by the Associated Press.

Nothing could be more absurd or further from the truth.

My grandfather, Albert Joseph Bialek served in the Austrian Army during the occupation of Poland by Austria, Russia and Prussia. After completing his service he came to the United States through Ellis Island and originally settled in Pennsylvania before moving to Cleveland, Ohio. Had he remained in the Austrian Army, he would have been forced to fight against the United States during the First World War because Germany was allied with Austria. Needless to say, my family has seen by first-hand account what transpired after World War I up to and including the viscous and bloody blitzkrieg. Of course it was pretty hard for a country to defend itself when the remainder of the World allowed Germany to re-arm and develop far more sophisticated weapons than Poland. You can’t use horses against tanks.

The article states “the Kremlin presses a campaign to recast Russia’s 20th century history in a more favorable light.” The Russian Defense Ministry must be consuming too much vodka to attempt such a distortion of history. And further: “Russia’s Supreme Court recently turned down an appeal to reopen an investigation into the massacre by Soviet secret police of Polish military officers and intellectuals in Russia’s Katyn forest during World War II.” They know where the bodies are buried but refuse to do the honorable thing and allow their removal so the Polish Officers may be buried with honor in Polish cemeteries.

The article suggests “blaming Poland would deny Russia played a role in starting the war by sealing the secret accord.” Sorry folks, the Bolshevik Jeanie is already out of the vodka bottle. You can’t just simply re-write history because your country is so pathetic that it has to return to KGB propaganda stunts. Besides, many people believe the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was as much an agreement to divide up Poland as it was a treaty of nonaggression. It was in some ways similar to the Yalta Conference where President Franklin Roosevelt sold Poland down the Russian river thus allowing several generations of my relatives to live in Soviet captivity.

Col. Sergei Kovalyov goes on to say: “Everyone who has studied the history of World War II without bias knows that the war began because of Poland’s refusal to satisfy Germany’s claims,” he writes. So instead it was better to trample the Treaty of Versailles under Nazi goose steppers and kill millions of Poles all under the guise of re-uniting the “Fatherland”.

The so-called former Soviet Union now known as Russia needs to make every effort to re-tract such painful and idiotic statements before it portrays them even further than the incompetent and barbaric society they once were and perhaps still are. Col. Kovalyov needs to have another shot of vodka so he can continue to see things so clearly.

Joe Bialek
Cleveland, OH

23 responses to “The Mailbag: Poland and World War II

  1. “Besides, many people believe the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact was as much an agreement to divide up Poland as it was a treaty of nonaggression.”

    “Many people” = “Just about everybody outside Russia”. It was also a Russian land-grab for the Baltics, and Romanian eastern Moldavia/Bessarabia. It was just good old fashioned Russian imperialism, which, because of the circumstances of the war after June, 1941, the Western allies decided to accept in the interests of the wartime alliance. The toad Molotov even quoted his boss, Stalin, in private interviews in the 1970s as bragging that all these lands were historic Russian lands which Russia deserved to rule. He didn’t say “the Soviet Union”, Stalin said “Russia” in 1945.

    In any event, the imbecilic logic of the current Russian defense Ministry would turn Russian history on its head if universally applied: So Napoleon had every right to invade Russia in 1812, as did Karl XII in 1700, Zygmunt II in 1610, Kaiser Wilhelm in 1917-18 and Hitler in 1941. After all, “Everyone who has studied history without bias knows that these wars began because of Russia’s refusal to satisfy these rulers’ quite reasonable claims”.

    • Of course, the Soviet Union was an aggressor in WWII, before it was attacked by another aggressor. The facts are here for all to see: between 1939 and 1941 (i.e., before she was attacked by Germany), the Soviet Union attacked 6 of her neighbors, and either completely annexed them (as for Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania) or grabbed large portions of their territories (Romania, Poland, Finland). I never heard any Soviet or Russian apology, regret or even more than grudging acknowledgment of these facts.

      • The winter war (Soviet-Finnish war) was a disaster for the Soviet Union though. The Finns laugh at Soviets to this very day.

        • A disaster it was, but the laugh is on the Finns, as they last important chunks of territory (including the Karelian isthmus and access to the Arctic Ocean) and never got them back. Finnish population of these territories was ethnically cleansed, and all Finnish toponyms wiped of the map and replaced with hastily concocted Russian names, following unimaginative Soviet templates.

        • …lost important chunks… Sorry for the typo.

        • It’s true, but Russia still managed to get a significant part of the Finnish territory which it hold till this very day

          • Well, it’s true that Finns lost 9% of its territory and 20% of its industrial capacity. But look at Soviet losses. From my point of view, the Finns are the winners. They have a reason to be proud of themselves.

  2. “My grandfather, Albert Joseph Bialek served in the Austrian Army during the occupation of Poland by Austria, Russia and Prussia.”

    Germany became a unified state in 1871 after the end of the Franco-Prussian War, Prussia ceased to be a sovereign state then!

    “Had he remained in the Austrian Army, he would have been forced to fight against the United States during the First World War because Germany was allied with Austria.”

    If his grandfather was in the Austrian Army when Prussia was still around ie pre-1871, he would be far too old to have fought in world war 1 1914-1918.

  3. The Russian cretin that penned this article really excelled himself. Apparently in his eyes Poland caused WW2 because ‘it did not agree to Germany’s reasonable demands.’

    For the record these demands he refers to were made twice to Poand and on both ocaasions they were flatly rejected.

    Nazi Germany offered Poland a guarantee of it’s teritory if it could freely transit the ‘Danzig corridor’ to East Prussia. On the second occasion the offer was expanded to an offer of a military alliance, participating in a future war with Germany against Russia for which it would be rewarded with territory in the Soviet Ukraine whilst allowing free transit of German troops across Polish territory to East Prussia.

    Russia of course in contrast accepted a similar traty with Nazi Germany (The Molotov Ribbenrop Pact) and in participating in the destruction of Poland in 1939 (thus breaking it’s non-aggression pact with Poland) and was the co-author of the act that catalysed the outbreak of WW2 in Europe along with it’s ally Nazi Germany.

    These ‘reasonable demands’ that this Russian miltary ‘historian’ refers to are an illustration of Russian ‘logic’ in practice.

  4. Below are illustrious echievements of USSR/Russia:
    -‘Hunter-Gatherer’ economy
    -18th century ‘infrastructure’ – you walk or freeze to death
    -80 % of Russians do not have running water, gas or electricity
    -1 mil of them die every year – in 2050 there will be 100 mill Russians, 90 mil Germans, etc.
    -you can walk millions of Russians to the Gulags [which are, by the way, operational – you just open the gates ] – they never rebelled – they believe in the idiocy called ’18-century Russian empire’ – how can one have ANY respect for them??
    -they produce witch-doctors because of corruption that eventually will destroy Russia; Russian hospitals are on the level of Uganda’s
    -the only orphanage in the whole Siberia where the poor Russian orphants are not starved, beaten or tortured are run by POLISH catholic nuns.
    -the luxury item on Russian diet; potatoes!
    -their economic achievements – Algeria returned 39 crappy military aircraft, India cancelled military contract with Russia; reason substandard products, Egypt returned tonnes of grains infested with bugs/parasites – unsuitable for consumption – congratulation
    -military achievements – the last victory parade in Moscow was magnificent; the FORTY-YEAR OLD MILITARY HARDWARE so proudly presented by undisciplined, hungry Russian army. Frankly, I thought it was a joke.

    The good news is that Chinese are retaking Siberia stolen from them two centuries ago. So there is hope for our Finnish friends to get their territory back. It will happen – not immediately, but it will.

    If one looks at the bigger picture, it is really and truly the slow decomposition of the empire; it always starts with the peripheric wars e.g., Georgia, Ukraine, gaz wars, etc. and will end up with a total collapse of Russia.

    Dear Kim, Thank you, thank you, thank you for your blog that reflects so perfectly the barbaric reality of Russia.

    I grew up in the Soviet-occupied Poland but was educated in the catholic convent school there – as you can imagine, nobody in Poland during that dark period of our history took that communist cr@#p coming from Asia seriously. Sadly, we in Poland are the experts on Russian barbarity. Although it might seem for know, that we are free and safe, Russians will NEVER stop trying to regain their ‘sphere of influence’ by destabilizing Central and Eastern Europe [ e.g., humiliation of Czech Republic during Czech’ presidency by manipulating the leftist parties out of the coalition, etc. shall I go on??] – so that moronic article written by a ‘military specialist is not a big surprise.

    • Wow, you are obviously an expert on internal Czech affairs!!! You think Russia manipulated Czech leftist parties? By the way, those leftist parties weren’t even in coalition. Czech government was formed by center-right ODS, catholic KDU-ČSL and greens of SZ. Oh my god, where is the communist party (KSČM) and social democrats (ČSSD)? They were in opposition, therefore it’s no surprise they helped destructing Czech government during our EU presidency, but also know that they would stand no chance if the ruling coalition was united and had no rebels in its ranks. In all three ruling parties were people, who voted against the coalition, one of the most prominent ones are for example Vlastimil Tlustý (now former member of ODS) or Olga Zubová (now former member of SZ).

      I’m sorry for this reply for it doesn’t really concern internal affairs of Russia, but I thought it’d be right to tell this person, that he’s wrong about my country.

      But I agree with him at one point. Russia is on the verge of collapse.

  5. “You can’t use horses against tanks.”

    Actually yes you can! And to some every good effect. Poland 1939, right?

    And btw, the German army of 1939 was also mostly not mechanized yet.

  6. “Nazi goose steppers”

    And the Russians are goose stepping even now. I guess nobody told them it’s not a cool thing anymore.

  7. Pavel,
    I think that the Czech Republic is doing a magnificent job at EU presidency, in spite of Russians’ attempt to discredit not only your country but any country in Central and Eastern Europe. Their aim is very simple; to create problems and then pointed out to the rest of EU how stupid and unthrustworthy the New Europe is. It is crude but might be effective if we let it happen. To introduce the Eastern Partnership was brilliant!

    You must admit though that the timing of a collapse of the Czech government was suspicious, to put it mildly.

    MCC, USA

    • Suspicious? Not at all actually. The whole coalition was extrmely weak, holding 101 of 200 chair in the lower chamber of the parliament (Poslanecká sněmovna). They had problems passing laws since the last elections in 2006. The opposition had tried many times to destruct this government and coalition, because of its rightist, capitalist and EU-sceptical policies. Not so surprisingly their attempt was successful. It was actually their fifth attempt, since 2006.

      By the way, I personally despise EU too, after all I’m a rightist, just like the Czech president Václav Klaus. EU sucks to put it mildly. I think that our EU presidency was interesting and funny, especially thanks to David Černý and his art in Brussels.

  8. By saying EU sucks you legitimize Russian slaughtering of your own compatriots in 1968. You obviously want to go back to ‘glorious’ times of gulags, political assassinations and total economic control – if it wasn’t for the forty years of soviet slavery – Czech Rep. Poland and the rest of Central Europe will be on the same economic level Western Europe. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to come to this conclusions, unless you really find enticing the Russian alternative – Gulags, Chernobyl and Tea with Polonium. By the way, in case you haven’t noticed, I have news for you; the Russians are retaking this time the whole Europe, e.g., gaz blackmail – will NEVER stop. Please let me know what is your alternative to rightist capitalistic policies. By the way, Mr Cerny’s display was slightly funny although in extremely bad test. If this exhibition took place during the comunist regime, poor Mr. Cerny will get 10 years in Siberia. See the difference??

    • Funny response. I’m a rightist. I hate communists, socialists, greens (aka: watermelons – green outside, red inside) to death. So no, I do not glorify the past. I hate the Soviet Union, and that’s precisely why I hate the EU too.

      You have obsiously no idea what central European politics are, what central Europeans are about. I can say “EU sucks” without legitimizing any slaughter. You might be surprised, but it’s the right-wing that opposes the EU the most. Even the strongest party of the Czech Republic, centre-right Občanská demokratická strana (ODS) is so called “euro-sceptical”, unlike very “pro-EU”, very leftist social democrats (aka: communists in disguise) of ČSSD.

      Capitalists, right-wing liberals (or classical liberals), conservatives and other right-wingers oppose the EU, or at least its current methods.

      The more hardcore rightists even came up with anti-EU propaganda that says “1938 – 1968 – 2009”. In case you’re not sure what those years mean:

      1938: Munich dictate
      1968: Soviet occupation
      2009: Lisbon treaty of EU


      We are very sensitive to losing our sovereignity.

      Or I also like a poster of a white sheep kicking out a blue “EU” sheep. (

      See the post below by dan? He kinda sums it up I guess.

  9. I think he means “EU sucks” in the sense that it supresses the expression of national sentiment and replaces individual nations’ ability to govern themselves as political-economic units – and therefore eventually cultural units – by giving up soveriegnty to Brussels and the unelected parliament. I don’t think he’d rather go back to the Soviet Bloc. It’s not like EU or the Soviet Bloc are the only possible arrangements, after all.

  10. EU = Nazi = Soviet Commies, where are those millions slaughtered by EU? It is beyond contempt and beyond stupidity. Or is it another fiendish way of destroying EU, hence strenghtening Russia’s grip over Europe. Look around you – Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus – these independent European states being methodically distroyed and harrassed by Russia. You might be next. Please use your brain!

  11. MCC,
    calm down, your post looks silly! Where did you see this strawman EU = Nazi = Soviet Commies that you so passionately object to?!

    Read once more what dan says: It’s not like EU or the Soviet Bloc are the only possible arrangements

  12. Hey Felix don’t get too excited you might get a stroke [Good forbid!!]. Look calmly at Pavel’s message above: June 22, 18pm :

    ‘1938 – Munich Dictat
    1968 – Soviet Occupation
    2009 Lisbon Treaty of EU’

    and give me your interpretation of the facts above. Please also enlighten the whole world about other possible arrangements for Europe except of EU or the Soviet Block in details, if possible.

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