EDITORIAL: Russia’s Lethal Profession


Russia’s Lethal Profession

Today we highlight the heroic efforts of the journalists at Novaya Gazeta as they struggle to preserve some vestiges of democracy and civil society in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.  A recent report by the International Federation of Journalists reveals that all Russian journalists interested in telling the truth risk their lives every day they go to work.  In light of the ongoing efforts of Putin’s Kremlin to shut down newspapers that don’t parrot the Kremlin line, it’s clear that we now face a fully realized neo-Soviet state.

The IFJ says that in the past ten years at least 38 Russian journalists have been murdered because of their reporting.  Of these killings, only 10 prosecutions resulted, and of those only five killers were convicted.  Of those five, only two were sent to prison.  The IFJ states:  “Crucially, the report confirms that the masterminds of attacks on journalists are getting away with murder. Over the past 15 years those who ordered the killings and arranged for the hire of assassins and their payment have hardly ever been charged, let alone prosecuted.” 

Nearly 100 other Russian journalists lost their lives on the job during this period.  Nearly 200 additional journalists lost their lives in circumstances which were claimed to be accidents apparently unrelated to journalism.

The IFJ investigators found vast deficiencies in the basic police work employed by the Kremlin in response to these killings, and ends up giving the Kremlin advice on how to perform essential functions related to law and order.  In other words, the Kremlin quite simply couldn’t care less, an attitude to be expected from a government which at least benefits from the killings and at worst is orchestrating them.

Into this maelstrom daily fly Russia’s greatest living patriots, the reporters and editors of Novaya Gazeta.  As heedless of their personal safety as any World War II soldier, but fighting instead against their own government, a far more insidious and lethal foe than a fireign army, these mighty men and women risk everything to tell the truth to power, to give their countrymen one last chance to turn away from the brink of totalitarian revanchism.

It’s a thankless task.  Just as in Soviet times, the people of Russia simply are not interested in taking risks for abstract values like freedom and democracy, not even though they have seen the consequences of this cowarice crush the USSR and humiliate them before the world.  Indeed, just as in the times of Stalin there are far too many Russians who are willing to play an active role in attacking Novaya Gazeta and driving it into ruin, just as Solzhenitisyn was driven from the Soviet lands not so very long ago.

We condemn the Russian government’s barbaric attacks on this heroic newspaper, but even more we condemn the shameful silence of the Russian people themselves, who are doomed to repeat history and suffer even more profoundly because of their cowardice and complicity.

22 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Lethal Profession

  1. > but fighting instead against their own government

    Anyone “fighting against his/her own government” is guilty of high treason – a crime that is considered a capital offence in most countries.


    It’s not surprising that your pea-sized brain is incapable of understanding the difference between peaceful protests and violent insurrection. Only the latter constitutes treason under the Russian Constitution, you moronic gorilla.

  2. I am possible for you I will give advice?
    1) When you conduct propagation you should speak in Russian.
    2) When you conduct propagation you should not offend Russian people, differently you will incite against yourselves the population and to you nobody will believe.
    3) Never try to prove that Russian worse the others, you cannot make it. Why? Because the person so is arranged, you never can prove to Russian that it worse the others because at it full arguments that it not so.
    You should consult on the American investigation and then you learn to conduct propagation.

    • Dear andrey,

      My Mother sometimes said, “The truth always hurts”.

      There are many things said on this website that are hurtful to rooshans, because they are truthful statements. When rooshans begin to realize that the Soviet Encyclopedia is mostly lies, rooshan history is mostly lies, the information coming from the kremlin on a daily basis is mostly lies, it is painful for rooshans; because, they begin to realize that the lies of the kremlin are hurting and killing the rooshan people.

      In your comments, I noticed that you asked questions, which means that you are searching for truth, which means that you will be hurt when the truth dawns upon you.

      This article is a classic example. It does not say that rooshans are bad, or worse; on the contrary, we regret that the kremlin is still culling the intelligent, educated rooshans.


      PS when 2-3 rooshan “journalists” are killed every month, the whole world mourns for them.

      PPS I will repeat an article that Anna Politkovskaya wrote before she was killed :(

      Police blackmail

      Before the anniversary of the mop-up, Veronika Shakhova, former editor in chief of the city newspaper “Zerkalo”, conducted a sociological investigation in Blagoveshchensk. To the question: “Can you or your close ones become victims of the arbitrariness of the law-enforcement organs?”, 64% anonymously responded “I have already been a victim” and 32% said “I do not rule out such a possibility”. [Information published based on the data of the first issue of the newspaper “Zerkalo plus”, which has just begun to come out with the financial support of the embassy of the Kingdom of The Netherlands in the RF.] 96% [sic] — that is practically the entire city. And only 1% of the people said: “No, I can not be a victim of the arbitrariness of the enforcers of the law”.

      Click to access Politkovskaya%20-%20Blagoveshchensk.pdf

  3. Andrey, I don’t believe La Russophobe is trying to prove Russians are the worst people on the planet. However, Russia has been guilty of various things for which it has never been made accountable.
    The Russians I’ve met have been very kind. I wouldn’t count Putin as kind, though.

  4. Screw the so called “democracy and freedom”, I want to see Russia embracing realpolitik.

  5. You speak россия in all is guilty.
    In what it is guilty? In what it is guilty? In WHAT IT is guilty?
    In WHAT IT is guilty? In WHAT IT is guilty? In what it is guilty?

  6. seriously, andrey – ask somebody to help you with translation. Your posts are random gibberish; and putting them in capital letters doesn’t change this simple truth!

  7. In what country you were born???????

  8. “seriously, andrey – ask somebody to help you with translation. Your posts are random gibberish; and putting them in capital letters doesn’t change this simple truth!”
    Tell to me this true….

    • The truth is that the kremlin forced loads of Ukrainians to relocate to Kazakhstan and then they did this:

      SEMEI, Kazakhstan, June 18 (Reuters) – More than 20,000 people gathered in a small Kazakh town on Thursday to mark 20 years since the closure of a site where the Soviet Union conducted lethal nuclear tests for much of the Cold War.

      Moscow used the vast open steppes of now-independent Kazakhstan to test some 500 nuclear bombs between 1949 and 1989, poisoning swathes of land and entire generations of people, and feelings among the population still run high.

      President Nursultan Nazarbayev, despite being a close ally of Russia, used some of his strongest words yet to describe the grave legacy of the Soviet nuclear past.

      “Millions of Kazakh citizens fell victim to this nuclear madness,” he told the crowd gathered at the town’s memorial site. “The scar inflicted on our environment is so serious that it will not disappear for at least 300 years.”

      “By pulling together, Kazakhs were able to win the war against totalitarianism and a system that shamelessly conducted experiments on an entire nation for decades.”

      But many locals, although reluctant to talk about their problems in a country where criticism of the state is taboo, feel their own government should be doing more for them.

      Many of those in the crowd could still remember the deafening sound of nuclear explosions and the ensuing earthquakes that rocked their steppe.

      “It’s been 20 years and I remember it like today,” said one man in his 50s who asked not to be named.

      “Pompous ceremonies like this reflect nothing. A lot of people around here still feel emotionally neglected.”

      More than a million people who lived close to the 19,000 sq km (7,300 sq mile) site at the centre of Moscow’s nuclear arms race with the United States were affected by radiation.

      Kazakhstan says it is committed to cleaning up the disaster area in partnership with Western organisations and has spent about $250 million in various compensation schemes.

      The incidence of cancer, mental illness and other health problems in the region is among the highest in Kazakhstan, but officials say more needs to be done to quantify the impact.

      “The government will do everything to make sure future generations do not feel the toxic breath of the Semipalatinsk test site,” Nazarbayev said.

      Officials say the disaster area, home to steppe herder communities as well as industrial cities, is now largely safe for living. About 10,000 people live within the old test site and hundreds of thousands more in nearby cities.

      “It’s not that people are disappointed with what the government is doing,” said Galia Zhospayeva, a local health official. “But the general feeling is people want more help.” (Editing by Kevin Liffey)

  9. andrey, put the vodka bottle down, you are either what you want us to believe, a Russian idiot or a native English speaking troll setting up another wasted comment thread. Both are a waste of time.


    The level of troll encounters here, and they morph daily in a pattern of one new one each day then expire in two or three, is becoming stupid.

    Seriously, folks, discuss Putin’s Russia factually and with well reasoned opinions or waste time reponding to these fools who are gaming everyone.

    I’m tired of seeing thread after thread reduced to lame interactions with andrey, trillium. eugene, new-sky, etc. Wake me when it’s over.

    • To Penny, AMEN! I can read and get….some…useful input, even from some semi-idiot pro-Putlerites, when they, at least, tell me their honest (?) twisted view of things, in some coherent way, whether I can see any truth in their views or not. In such cases, at least I know the specifics of their fabrications., their game-plans. But, yes, the Putler-trolling goons, as ‘andry’ and the others, are beyond the pall. What if I, to ‘respond’ to him, typed in my comment to him, 50 times: ‘LIAR!’….would that prove anything? And, ‘Eugene’ is not much better. But, of course, their air-headed nonsensical comments here, are no accident, but meant to disrupt our conversations about all the dirty FACTS of what is wrong with KGB-controlled Russia. They are trying to…shout us down, apparentlty., and old Russian method-? I can learn from my enemies, IF they say SOMETHING intelligent, but these morons………..YOY!

  10. You don’t have to put up with those trolls.

  11. Russia not the USSR. It is other country. We will not be responsible for a dictatorship crime. Why Germans are not responsible for fascism? Because it is other country. Russia too other country.
    If you tell in Russia all badly from for Putin that for whom we should vote that it became good? Kasparov? Nemtsov?

  12. 90 % of “PEOPLE” working for la russofobe natives were ссср.
    I am right?

  13. kavkazwatcher

    Putin’s peasants for blog defense can wear you down if you don’t catch on to their tactics. Its obvious Andrey is one – without censoring him, we should understand what he is trying to do. It is only effective if we play to that level – instead of maintaining the interaction on better level.

  14. Andrey: You obviously have very poor English skills, but I’ll try to respond so you would understand. Nobody is saying that Russia is identical to the USSR, but the difference is very minimal. Russia is de jure and de facto a state-successor of the USSR. It acquired all old embassies of the USSR, all of its foreign debt, all of its nuclear weapons, the seat on the Security Council and more. Russia has no problems with taking credit for whatever good the USSR did (like participation in the defeat of Hitler), so what about responsibilities for the crimes of the Soviet regime? Simple fairness demands that there be a symmetry here; you can’t reject only the bad yet accept only the good.

    Now, speaking of Germany, you asked why the modern Germans are “not responsible for fascism.” First off, I presume you meant “Nazism.” Fascism existed in Italy under the Mussolini regime, not in Germany. So, how could they be responsible for what had happened in a foreign country? Now, if you did mean Nazism, I would say Germans very much responsible and were held responsible. Have you ever heard of Nuremberg trials? Both the famous one, with Goering and your Russian buddy Ribbentrop, and 12 other trials that followed? Have you ever heard of de-nazification? Of trials in Germany well in the 1960’s? Have you heard of very large reparations paid by the German government to Israel and to hundreds of thousands of individual Jews? Of course, one cannot resurrect the dead people, but I’d say after the war Germany’s actions were blameless and honorable.

    • Well, maybe, for now, my take on most of the lame “Russian” trolls that grace this site is that far too many game everyone with their pretense of haltering English only to improve miraculously as time passes.

      Color me skeptical, but, so many of them are purposeful time wasters. They appear, they capture threads and they turn off intelligent debate. Eventually they degrade a site.

      I have no problem with debating a sincere person who presents a reasoned fact based opinion which most of these trolls don’t engage in.

      Watch for “andrey” to disappear and be replaced later in the week. It’s the game.

  15. Those Sovoks couldn’t even afford to call Hitlerian Socialism by its name.
    For National Socialism is the ideology of Rooshans too.

    • Well, Czechoslovakia had a national socialist president too (Edvard Beneš) and he was in no way affiliated with Nazis nor was the National Socialist party of Czechoslovakia. National socialism doesn’t equal nazism.

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