EDITORIAL: Russia’s Autonomous Jewish Fraud



The Autonomous Jewish Fraud

That tiny red dot in the lower right corner of the map of Russia is known as “The Autonomous Jewish Oblast.”  It was created in 1934 as part of Josef Stalin’s efforts to purge European Russia of all undesirables, much as his good pal and ally Adolf Hitler was doing in Germany.  By 1939, there were nearly 18,000  jews living in the Oblast.  Twenty years later, there were less than 15,000. Today, less than 3,000 jews call the region home and ethnic Russians make up 90% of the population.

You’d think Russia was done with practicing ridiculous fraud in the AJO, but it’s far from the case.

In June 2007, the Russian government announced it would begin building a bridge between the AJO and China, which it borders, before the year was out, and would complete it by 2010.  It didn’t happen, and nothing happened in 2008 either.  Last week, the Kremlin announced yet again that construction would begin, this time claiming it would happen in October of this year and would coincide with the 60-year anniversary of relations between Russia and China, as if the prior respresentations had never been made.

Here once again, Russia piles sham on top of sham, fraud on top of fraud. It creates a haven for Jews, then liquidates the Jewish population and fills the “haven” with Slavic Orthodox Christians.  It says a bridge is going up, then it doesn’t, then Russia acts as if the whole thing never happened. It’s a classic neo-Soviet pattern, one that no nation can long endure.

10 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Autonomous Jewish Fraud

  1. No one “liquidated” the Jewish Population of the Jewish Autonomous Region; during the 1990s “feast of democracy” most of it emigrated to Israel and during the Putin’s “horrid neo-Soviet crackdown” quite a lot came back. However, when Israel liquidates itself at the USA’s bidding, the Jews will at least know that there is a safe haven for them somewhere – without khamseens or Arab terrorists.


    That’s not the point, you idiotic ape. The point is that THEY ARE NOT IN RUSSIA because Russians hate them, yet Russia claims to have a state devoted to them. Learn to read, you childish cretin.

    Jews are returning to Russia under Putin? Source your facts, you lying sack of dirt. Make another unsourced allegation of fact like that and you’ll be banned from commenting further on any post. They certainly aren’t returning to the AJO, are they?

    • Russians actually constitute a quite large section of Israeli society. And generally Slavs make large minority of Israel, some of them are not even half-jewish.

      Can you prove that they’re returning back to their homeland?

    • > Jews are returning to Russia under Putin?

      I know such people personally. According to the official statistics, during the 2000s the number of people leaving Israel for Russia and vice versa is nearly equal (http://www.gks.ru/bgd/regl/b08_11/IssWWW.exe/Stg/d01/05-09.htm) but a lot of Israelis come to work in Russia without refusing their citizenship. One of the most prominent examples is David Blatt, the coach of the Dynamo St. Petersburg basketball team (2005 FIBA winners) and the Russian national basketball team (2006 European champions).

      • Bogus, Eugene! With Russian-speaking population in Israel numbering more than A MILLION, 1000 people moving from Israel to Russia in a year is not even a drop in a bucket. More like a molecule. Moreover, it stands to reason that the vast majority of them are ethnic Russians who were married to Jews (and Arabs – there are thousands of Russian women married to Palestinians) and moved back after divorce or the spouse’s death.

        As to Israelis coming to work in Russia – yes, there are some. But Israelis work all over the world, from Bolivia to Thailand (even in some Moslem countries), as do Americans and Western Europeans. Money can be made anywhere, even in a poor country without any freedoms. I doubt, however, that any of them comes to earn an average Russian wage and live an average Russian life. David Blatt certainly doesn’t. Just try to offer him to move to Birobidjan, and you will see where he sends you!

        • 1000/1000000 = drop/bucket or even molecule/bucket? Seriously, guy?

          • Depends on the bucket’s size. The one you are trying to pass off as you head does not hold even 500 molecules.

            If you don’t know what “a drop in a bucket” means, do not troll English language websites. Shooo!

            • Poor, special little child. If you do not even possess the mental capacities to comprehend the concept of “orders of magnitude”, what are you doing associating with adults?

              Oh, that’s right, I forgot where I was for just a second there. Mea culpa.

      • BTW, sorry to disappoint, but you will be liquid long before Israel is liquidated.

        • [M]israel has been a failure waiting to
          happen, not to mention a parasite upon
          the backs of U.S. taxpayers, since it was
          illegitimately spawned by a corrupt
          “voting” process, which was illegally
          organised by greedy, putrid politicians.

          It will fall apart soon and that will not
          be soon enough, be assured!

    • @”during the 1990s “feast of democracy” most of it emigrated to Israel”

      And this was just because they were allowed to do this, at last.

      Well, some stayed and became super rich like Roman Abramovich.

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