A Russian Lady Liberty says “NYET” to Putin

Some people accuse us of hating Russians, but in fact all the people we most idolize are Russians.  We simply hate those who try to destroy those Russians, and the Russians who try to do are the most reprehensible of the lot. 

On May 31, 2009, the Oborona opposition organization led by Oleg Kozlovsky carried out a protest march on Tverskaya Street in Moscow.  The march was a response to Moscow City Hall’s illegal refusal to certify a rally at the city’s Triumphal Square in response to a legal application for permission to do so by the Other Russia coalition led by Garry Kasparov, of which Oborona is a part.

Oborona activists lit flares and unfurled banners calling for Putin to resign; they sought to block traffic on Tverskaya just as unpaid workers recently did in Pikalyovo outside of St. Petersburg.  They were immediately attacked by OMON storm troopers and 30 members were arrested, including Kozlovsky himself. 

After the jump, view photographs of the Oborona activists, including a young woman of rare beauty, being manhandled by the OMON thugs. We ask you:  Who are the patriots, and who the traitors to Russia?

Oleg Kozlovsky (center) calling for Vladimir Putin to resign

Oleg Kozlovsky (center, fist raised) calling for Vladimir Putin to resign




2 responses to “A Russian Lady Liberty says “NYET” to Putin

  1. Two thugs, about to break the arms off of a lovely young lady. Typical kremlin mentality. I guess that the only thing that the kremlin regreted is that they did not have any rooshan babies to bounce that day; then they could show the world their true glorious manhood .

  2. Ah, yes, I see it very clearly now – the young lady is committing heinous and horrific crimes.

    She is forcing her arms into the grasp of the OMON storm-troopers, thus interfering with their official duties.

    She is also blocking all the traffic in the street.

    And, she has red hair and is wearing blue jeans – another heinous crime.

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