EDITORIAL: Ron Paul, American Idiot


Ron Paul, American Idiot

After Sacha Baron Cohen’s film “Borat” swept the country in 2006, it’s hard to imagine how any cave-dwelling cretin could remain unaware of his aggressive efforts to dupe moronic American political officials into sham interviews designed to make them look even more helplessly stupid than they actually are.

And yet, two years later, Cohen was able to arrange an interview with U.S. congressman and presidential candidate Ron Paul, in the guise of his latest vulgar character “Bruno.” 

The New York Times reports:

In a scene filmed in early 2008, Mr. Paul sits for an interview with the Baron Cohen character. (Mr. Paul has said he was told the topic would be Austrian economics.) When lighting trouble delays the interview, Mr. Baron Cohen strips to his underwear. Mr. Paul storms out muttering, “This guy is a queer.” n a subsequent radio interview Mr. Paul said: “I don’t like the idea that he lies his way into an interview. To me it’s a real shame that people are going to reward him with millions and millions of dollars for being so crass.”

How is it possible that Representative Paul can be so amazingly ignorant of Cohen’s efforts? What else is he unaware of?  How can this idiot possibly be a member of the U.S. Congress?

One thing he’s equally unaware of is the malignant danger posed by the KGB regime of Vladimir Putin. That’s why he vigorously opposed the congressional effort back in April 2008 to support in inquiry into the murder of Alexander Litvinenko.  That’s why state-sponsored propaganda campaign Russia Today was delighted to broadcast his views.

And that’s why, when we surveyed the U.S. presidential candidates during the primaries last year, we found that Mr. Paul’s knowledge and policies regarding Russia were by far the most ignorant and harmful to both the U.S. and Russia, the most bizarrely at variance with the other candidates and his own party, the party of Ronald Reagan.

Read some of his crazed writings for yourself.  This man is a dangerous racist psychopath. So naturally he’s in love with Vladimir Putin. Birds of a feather!

23 responses to “EDITORIAL: Ron Paul, American Idiot

  1. Quote:”Ron Paul looks to embody some of the worst traits in American politics, among which is racism, antisemitism, extreme right, militia like distrust of government, and of course the left’s anti-war stance and endless conspiracy theories.”

  2. Aged Ron Paul, is a bizarre mixture of illogical and unrelated beliefs, a unique if odd political creature even in our American political scene, which scene holds many divergent views on …everything. Alas, that is what our democracy is all about. But, one may notice that he never had a serious chance to be president, and that means his weird mix of politics/beliefs on economics and world-affairs, etc. did not resonate with the majority. He manages to, eventually, offend almost….everyone, sooner or later….if and when anyone takes the time to listen to him! (which is not often, it seems).
    His ignorant views about current Russia, do express what some Americans feel, (we would prefer to be isolationists!) but since he is truly not a full-conservative (with his strange leftist tendencies), the large conservative-right cannot stomach him. He is seen as a sort of a confused clown, but not truly dangerous, a buffoon.
    What I fear, is that our present Obama and his democrat-congress, will sell us out to Putler, in their own ignorance and foolish trust towards Russia, ‘just to be nice’, etc. Ron Paul, who is often NOT nice, is just one loony, but how to excuse all those others in the seat of governmental power in Washington?

  3. Why are we suddenly talking about Ron Paul? What does he have to do with the topic at hand?

  4. To RV, …..because he is the topic of this article!….and he , being a member of the US Congress, has expressed and VOTED on some measures which show his profound ignorance of what is going on in Russia! He therefore, though a fool perhaps, is a dangerous fool….especially as he is IN our government, and too, he does reflect the similar views of a segment of the population here, the ones who keep re-electing him to Congress!This article is exactly about him and the harm he can do, in our American relations with current Russia. He is no good for America, and no good in our difficult dealings with Moscow. He is a real loose-cannon…..so that’s why.

    • Fine, I agree he is a bit bizarre, but he is really a figure of no importance or real power. He has no say in our foreign policy, and not much in anything else; he is a sort of outsider even within his own party so I would not worry

  5. To psalomschik,
    You sure have Ron Paul figured out. I must admit that I agreed with Ron Paul when I was a student.

    Now I notice that RP, does take off on a “radical tangent” every now and then. Probably because he does not compromise his principles. I like the idea of a gold and silver standard and Ludwig Von Mises style of Austrian Economic Principles. I dislike Keynsian economic spending your way out of things because this prolongs the problem.

    Ron Paul does deserve some respect for his more intelligent views but, I don’t want to see Rasha get a free hand to nibble its neighbors.

    Bruno is a “Gross Out” according to this article so I refuse to see it. Ron Paul was right about Bruno. Too much vulgarity which is not funny anymore. No money, from me, to support this sickening movie and offensive gay parody. The US government spends enough on sh!t like this with their endowment for the Arts.

  6. You ever think that Dr. Paul is too busy serving his country to know who a talentless opportunist like Sacha Baron cohen is?


    You ever think that “doctor” Paul is top big of an idiot to have competent staff to check out his contacts before he agrees to them, and that he’d do the same as president, destroying the nation?

    He was played for a fool by an internationally famous charlatan, end of story.

    If you think it “serves” America to facilitate the rise of dictatorship in Russia, you have a screw loose.

    • He was a physician, I guess, in his past, but he quit practicing medicine, so that “Dr” is not more than a ceremonial word for him

  7. Of course you hate Ron Paul, La Russophobe, as you hate all Libertarians and Jeffersonians, simply because all your writings about US show hatred for liberties. Your difference with Stalinism is that Stalinism is a left-wing dictatorship, while you are in love with right-wing fascism.

  8. Ostap Bender:

    Your post is absolutely priceless! Reminds me of the original (has to be quoted in Russian):

    Бога нет! – кричал Остап Бендер, вызывая ксендзов на диспут

    You make as much sense as your namesake!

  9. Ron Paul is kinda popular among young Europeans, like myself.


    They also liked Hitler at one point, didn’t they?

    George Bush was quite popular among Americans once, did that mean Europeans should have reconsidered their hostility?

    BTW, it would be nice if you posted a link to give evidence of your claim. Otherwise, you appear rather childish.

    • Can you speak Czech? I don’t think so, so yeah, my evidence is quite useless here.


      You’re an illiterate ape. Google can freely translate any language.

      Moreoer, if you are saying the only evidence about EUROPE is in CZECH langauge, that pretty much proves your claim is totally bogus. Europe and Czech Republic are not the same.

    • And Hitler was popular among Europeans? No, not really. Germans do not represent all Europeans, not even the majority of Europeans.


      Actually, far-right extremists are gaining popularity all across Europe. And even if you were right that Hitler wasn’t popular, Europeans appeased and enabled him for years rather than resisting his outrage. France surrendered. You need to study your own past and present a bit more before lecturing others.

      • Far right doesn’t equal Hitler nor national socialism, which is actually a leftist ideology.

        So, Europeans appeased him, and? Does that mean that non-Germans liked Hitler? I wonder, what did the US at that time?

        Even some allies of nazi Germany weren’t exactly friendly towards Hitler, namely Mannerheim (Finland) and Mussolini (Italy).

  10. Ron Paul Defender

    To compare a non-interventionist, pacifist, libertarian like Ron Paul to Hitler simply shows the absolutel lack of intellectual ability of those who run this blog.


    The post says nothing about Hitler, you raving lunatic. Can you read at all?

    “non-interventionist, pacifist, libertarian” is one way to say it. coward is another. your choice betrays your own idiocy.

    Why do you avoid the topic of the post, his stupidity? Is it because you can’t defend him on that score, moron?

  11. Ron Paul Defender

    You compared RP to Hitler in your comment to Pavel, by equivocating liking RP to liking Hitler. Fact.

    And the charge ‘coward’ has always been levied by war mongers against those who do not think it is right to kill others for the sake of ideology, monetary interest, or personal interest.

    I’m rather considered a coward than an advocate of murder.

    The reason RP opposed the motion was because he opposes ALL activist foreign policy motions.

    Why? Because the man has principles – unlike you, whose only principle seems to be a visceral hatred of anything that happens in Russia and with which you do not agree.

    Not one dollar of public money, not one dead American soldier for the welfare of other countries or their people.

    Those who want to interfere can do so on their own steam, with their own money, with their own lives. But, don’t force others to join you in your crusade.


    The fact is that you can’t challenge the substance of what we published, so you try to smear us with totally ridiculous statements about the comments. The fact is that you are babbling nonsensical propaganda rather than discussing the toic of this post, Paul’s stupidity and support for dictatorship in Russia. That’s the height of rudeness and improperity in the blogosphere, you absurd hypocrite.

  12. Ron Paul Defender

    Oh, I just realized WHY you were attacking RP – it’s one of the most searched terms on the internet, and posting on RP is a sure way to generate traffic.

    I hope other Friends of Liberty will realize this and refrain from posting.

    Very sad.


    We just realized WHY you commented on our post. You know and care nothing about Russia and acknowledge no fault of your cult leader. You troll the internet looking for any criticism of him and reject it regardless of the facts.

    That’s not only sad, it’s sick. You should take a bit of note of the last election results when your man was utterly repudiated by the entire country.

  13. Ron Paul Defender

    He was repudiated by the Republican Party, which in turn was repudiated by the country. RP himself was not allowed to run for president by that silly little party:)

    And, no, I don’t care about Russia. I’m American. And I don’t see you caring about Russia – you just want it to turn into something its people obviously don’t want it to be – and you want to do so with MY money.

  14. Ron Paul Defender

    Your post has no substance, so there isn’t much to challenge. Just typical Republican party hatred for a decent man.


    He acted like a damn ignorant fool. If that’s a matter of no concern to you, then you are an equal idiot, which isn’t surprising.

    If you think the post has no substance, you have no business commenting on it. That action is rude and ignorant.

    His policies on Russia have been emphatically repudiated by BOTH parties. He’s an extremist wacko elected by the same state that adored George Bush. Think about it, ape. If indeed you can think, which we doubt.

  15. Ron Paul Defender

    I think you have invented a new type of blog: the Troll Blog :)

    Devoid of civility, logic, intelligence, or even meaning – but generating responses from people.


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  18. Yes, LR, you are correct that Bush (who says he looked Putin in the eye and was “able to get a sense of his soul”) and Ron Paul are both pro-Russian.

    Bush is also pro-Chinese, pro-Mexican, pro-Obama, and a supporter of the North American Community proposed by the Council on Foreign Relations, making him an outright traitor. Still, Texas is much better than the West Coast or the Northeast.

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