EDITORIAL: The New Adventures of Bradski Pitski


The New Adventures of Bradski Pitski

It seems that Russia has a speeding problem in Siberia.  Entertainment Weekly asks the appropriate question: “What are they in such a rush for — you know, besides leaving?”

And it seems the only way Russians can think of to deal with the problem is to put up cardboard cutouts along the roadways of a famous actor dressed like a cop, telling folks to slow down.

It’s all quite insane, of course, but at least they’d surely choose a Russian actor, right? 

Nope, Brad Pitt.  Think they got copyright authorization?  Think again.

You’d think somebody, somewhere, would realize how humiliating it is for Russia to have to use a foreigner to get them to stop killing themselves. Is there really no Russian personality more popular and well-known in Russia than Mr. Pitt? No, there isn’t. And that tells you just about all you need to know about Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

Highways all across Russia are among the most horrifically lethal on the planet.  Is putting up cardboard cutouts really the best the Russian government can do to protect these lives?  Yes, it is.  Local Police Chief Dmitry Zaryanov told Komsomolskaya Pravda“There are many dangerous spots in Omsk, but a shortage of policemen. We had to improvise.”

So Russia has money to build new nuclear weapons, money to send to Syria, Venezuela, Hamas and Hezbollah, but no money to make Russian roads safer, nor to build up Russian culture to the point where Russians would actually find a Russian actor more recognizable than an American.

And oh, the hypocrisy!  The Kremlin attacks America at every turn while Russians eat Big Macs, wear Levis and Nikes, drive Fords and stare at Brad Pitt.

And so it goes in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.


2 responses to “EDITORIAL: The New Adventures of Bradski Pitski

  1. I wonder how many accidents will be caused when people drift out of their lane while looking backwards screaming “I think that was Brad Pitt!”

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