EDITORIAL: Russia on the Warpath


Russia on the Warpath

The Stockholm Peace Institute reported last week that while U.S. military expenditures have increased 67% over the past decade, Russian expenditures have increased at a far greater rate, a shocking 300% and more than four times the American rate.

Two important factors make this comparison even more stark than it superficially appears.

First, during the past decade, the U.S. has become involved in not one but two massive military campaigns, in Afghanistan and Iraq, on the opposite side the planet, conflicts lasting many years.  Russia, by contrast, has only been involved in modest military campaigns in Chechnya and Georgia, much closer to home.  Russia, in other words, is making massive military outlays for no good reason, including huge spending on nuclear weapons.

Second, the standard of living between Americans and Russians is incomparable. Americans can afford these outlays, and Russians simply can’t.  Americans live on average a stunning twenty years longer than Russians because the quality of life is that much better.  Russia loses up to a million from its population every year due to rampant sickness and danger; America is far healthier and safe, and its population is growing rapidily (it’s already more than double Russia’s level).

In other words, Russia’s level of military spending is horrifying and outrageous.  As in the time of the USSR, the Kremlin is totally ignoring the needs of the population and seeking instead to engage in an aggressive effort at imperialism.  Putin is increasingly behaving like the raving dictators of the third world such as Hugo Chavez.   Such antics bankrupted the USSR, and will surely do the same to Russia.

68 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia on the Warpath

  1. A very hypocrite statement built on half-truth. The US of A still spend 16,44 times more, even being surrounded by feeble Canada and Mexico. And as for ‘nuclear hypocrisy’, now let’s take Russia’s neighbour China into account. Even if the People’s Liberating Army crosses the Russian border equipped with pichforks, it will be impossible to stop its advance with conventional weapons. Got it?

  2. pitchforks, sorry

  3. The Chinese at least have a pitchfork each. I believe the Russian army distributes one per 3 soldiers right?

  4. I think I’m smarter than you despite my age.

  5. He DittZero did you see the NY Times article about the Russian Military a couple of days ago? Good times.


    Yep DittZero et al. You reeeealllly love Russia… so much so that you’re more than willing to p1ss on her citizens just so you can (attempt to) win a blog argument. Way to go:)

    • So what? Did I every say there’s no corruption in Russia? that its economy (let alone army) is healthy? Thus I don’t understand your point here.

      I do my best to improve the situation, and I don’t think that any Russophobes (including those in the RFian regime and abroad) may be my allies in that.

      And using media like NYT, WP or IBD as a source is an obvious mauvais tone. I prefer more balanced and unbiased papers like IHT or The Guardian.

    • Also, your post directly contradicts the blog owner’s claims of alleged remilitarization, doesn’t it?

  6. oops, fat fingaz, ‘Did I ever…’

  7. “I prefer more balanced and unbiased papers like IHT or The Guardian.”


    Unbiased? Bloody disgraceful.

    • I don’t mind if this article don’t fit your Russia-bashing orientation, if your minuscule brain simply cannot accept it. And that is my last reply to you, click here you boy.

  8. I simply provided you with a rather blatant example of bias emanating from The Guardian and now you’ve thrown all your toys out of the cot! You wanted facts and evidence but even when presented with such you still get angry. Pathetic!

    • Well, it’s neither my prejudice towards you not any anger but rather a statement of fact that you don’t understand any arguments while adducing your own childish ones. Like I said, you failed either to read or to understand The Guardian article you found. The author used a simpliest cui prodest test and came to a well-founded conclusion. You call it a bias because you cannot understand a simple logic, and the only thing you know is that ‘Russia is always wrong’. So be it, I won’t make you change your mind, it’s proved pointless.

      It’s all Greek to you, so τώρα δώσε ένα τέλος.

    • …’nor any anger’… fat fingaz again…

      • Fat head more like it.

        • Did you intend to say something smart? Fail, try again. I’m really surprized to meet so many dumb teens in one place.

          • Really zerobrains, your insults could do with some work.
            Given the infantile nature of your posts, you are the dumb teen.
            Or a Russian with the average IQ of excrement.

            • Pizdets. You start with a very rude attack and then accuse me of being impolite.
              I was wrong, you’re not a teen (who generally has a chance to become more educated and experienced), but just another internet troll whose only method is boorishness.
              Can you say a word without swearing? Did I even touch you? Get lost.

  9. Meanwhile, Russian armed and security forces are losing a civil war in the south, where senior officials are being killed almost every day now (including in 10 days the interior minister of Dagestan and the former interior minister of Ingushetia).

    In the last 24 hrs:

    Saturday, Jun. 13, 2009

    Former official killed in Russia’s North Caucasus


    NAZRAN, Russia Gunmen killed a former top government minister in Ingushetia as he stood outside his home in the violent southern Russian region Saturday, law enforcement officials said.

    Bashir Aushev’s killing was the latest in a string of assassinations – and the second to hit Ingushetia this week – to highlight North Caucasus’ continuing turmoil.

    Two gunmen sprayed Aushev with automatic weapon fire as he got out of his car at the gate outside his home in the region’s main city, Nazran, around 6:30 p.m. (1430 GMT), the regional Interior Ministry’s press service said.

    He died en route to the hospital.

    Aushev was vice premier under former Ingush President Murat Zyazikov, a KGB agent who was widely reviled by many Ingush for his repressive policies.

    Aushev, who was responsible for relations with law enforcement agencies in the region, resigned from the government when Zyazikov was replaced by the Kremlin in October.

    While in office, Aushev was attacked several times, and his home was hit by mortars, according to the government’s service, but he was never wounded.


    Two administrative buildings burn down in Ingushetia

    NAZRAN, June 14 (Itar-Tass) – Two administrative buildings were burnt down in Ingushetia overnight, an Interior Ministry official told Itar-Tass on Sunday.


    Two policemen killed, four wounded in Chechnya’s armed clashes

    GROZNY, June 14 (Itar-Tass) – Two policemen were killed and four others were wounded in clashes with participants of armed formations, the republic’s law enforcers told Itar-Tass on Sunday.

    At 11:35 a.m. on Saturday police of the Chechen Interior Ministry clashed with illegal armed groupings during search operations in the area between settlements of Gansolchu in the Gudermes district, and Akkhinchu-Borzoi in the Kurchaloi district.

    In a separate incident, two police officers were wounded by the fragments of a makeshift explosive device in a mountainous area near Kharsenoi of the Shatoi district and were hospitalised.

    (and much more)


    Civil war anyone? Olympics bloodbath mayhap? Nice work there, Mr. Putin!

  10. ” more balanced and unbiased papers like the
    Guardian ” … You forgot to mention yet some
    other ” balanced and unbiased ” papers , like;
    Pravda and Izviestia .

  11. dittohead is an excellent example of aggressive powerlessness that is so obvious in contemporary Russia on all levels of “power vertical”. While trying to pretend that they have influence on world affairs, Russians are watching that nobody really gives a hoot about what they say. So, Medvedev called for a complete overhaul of the European security system. And who remembers it now? Or Lavrov promised world recognition of Abkhazia / South Ossetia’s independence. And it’s important why? Even tame Shanghai Cooperation Organization members asked Russians to take a hike. Similar examples in Middle East and North Korea… Russia’s opinion is uncalled for.

    So, they are paying billions to Lukashenko in order to buy his loyalty. It was supposed to be sure thing – “Batko’s” can’t get a visa to most of Europe anyway. But looks like he is playing Russians like a fiddle. He got the money, but doesn’t really give back much. Not only they didn’t attend the meetings of fake Collective Security Treaty Organization, but they even got Uzbekistan not to sign the agreement, either!

    So, how does it apply to dittohead, you ask? Well, he tries to present himself as knowledgeable and self-important dude until the old habits of Nashi thug come right through. As they can say in Moscow – you can take a boy out of Okhotny Riad, but you can’t take Okhotny Riad out of a boy!

    • Nashi, who the heck are them? The fact that I’m a partiot of my country, Russia, doesn’t necessarily mean I will suuport an abortive bastard child of the Soviet Union called ‘RF’. Likewise, my dissatisfaction with the current regime doesn’t mean I have to bow down before filthy trolls like LR and her/his/its claque who even cannot behave.
      If one’s mind isn’t binary, it’s not too complex picture.
      And as for your proverb, never heard of it (like, I guess, any other Russian).


      If you don’t know what NASHI means, you have no business commenting on this blog. So please stop now, before we make you stop.

  12. In my legal practice I have engaged many a Dittohead falling foul of the law.

    Violent, vindictive bullies trapped by their raging egos. Intelligence without wisdom and brains without judgement.

    Seen it all before…

  13. I might also add he is almost certainly Russian as evidenced by his grammatical errors.

    • Yup, I’m Russian indeed and I don’t pretend to make any mystery of it? So what should do then? Go commit a suicide? :-) And by the way most of my alleged ‘grammatical errors’ are rather typos. After all, my English, I guess, is a bit better than your Russian.
      Now, some words about your allegations. You call me a bully. Whom did a bully there? I even didn’t say word to a filthy Andrew who attacked me in an unbelievably impolite manner. I just don’t know how to answer that since I’ve been never trapped in such a situation, I have no experience of coping with the aggressive atmosphere.
      Where did you notice any sign of rage? Striving for revenge? I don’t even understand you guys.

      And the last word. I’m already glad you don’t use a foul language, it’s rara avis for this stenchy blog. So goodbye guys, I won’t spoil your genial company of polite intellectuals anymore. I think I have to resort to drinking vodka directly from a samovar with bears strolling on the streets, prolly so is my hard luck.

      • Boo Hoo, you were the one who started with the personal attacks on Wally and others “dittohead”.

        Unfortunately for you, you show the Russian genetic disposition to being unable to take what you dish out.

        No wonder Russia is reviled.

        • I’m a scientist and believe me I’m always ready for serious discussion even with those whose with quite the opposite viewpionts. But it’s not the case out there. People start every single sentence with an ethnic slur, they’re interested in counting typos and Google hits. So they deserve the appropriate attitude. But your own manners have gone beyond any limits, you’ve managed to break even the low class standard of this blog and still you think it’s OK and feel no shame. Well, it’s up to you, but if you prefer the mudwrestling do it without me.

          • Hmm, calling Wally a “booby australian teenager” was the height of proprietry then was it?
            BTW, “excrement” is a technical term, not “foul language”, and quite appropriate to describe the level of your mental achievements.

            Typical hypocrite that you are, I must state once again that you are a typical bully, you can dish it out but not take it.
            Cowardice and stupidity are your hallmark.

            If you are really a scientist, then you are of the Mengele stripe.

            • The first thing he said was ‘look, Russians are so lame ‘n pathetic by definition so the only weapon they have is one pitchfork per three soldiers’. ‘Nuff said? Such sort of ‘humour’ is nothing that a bullying typical for teenagers — and you may see he’s accepted his age, no surprise. I think such kind of conversation is offensive and thus totally inappropriate. And then you accuse me of bullying, huh, I’m as meek as Mohandas K. Gandhi as compared to this ;-)
              So what are we talking about? Rather a pointless discussion, you seem to never stop brawling, maybe because in your eyes, ‘born Russian means born guilty be default’. I find no need to change your mind if you feel so comfortable in your binary world.

              • …by default…

                Go on, count another typo and call me a fathead, a drongo, a nong, a dill or whatever you want.

                • No need, your inferiority is plain for all to see.
                  Being born Russian is no crime, staying one is a different matter.

                  • staying one is a different matter

                    Period. ‘Nuff said to end the discussion forever.

                    • Well, considering Russia is a criminal state, run by what amounts to a Mafia, and is full of neo-nazi xenophobes who conduct ethnic cleansing in neighboring states, murder ethnic minorities, and beat their wives and children to a pulp, being Russian is pretty criminal.

                  • You come to that hilariously fake conclusions just because you see no difference between a terrotory, its people, and a political assoctiation that rules over it all.

                    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS:

                    How right you are! The people of Russia are much worse than their government!

                    • Well, Russians seem to support the current government fairly strongly.
                      “Russia is getting up off its knees” blah, blah, blah.
                      Guilty by actions.
                      Russia is a criminal state.
                      Most Russians support the criminal actions of the state.
                      Most Russians are criminals.
                      Apologies to all the good Russians who are too few in numbers to make a difference.

      • He’s not Russian but rather someone pretending to be Russian. How lame is that? FAIL

  14. Has anyone here ever witnessed such a stream of arrogance, mania, paranoia, bigotry, aggression and grammatical errors in such a short body of text?

    • Not since “I am Russian” dissapeared.

      Thanks for your contributions Wally, I for one certainly appreciate them, nice to have another ANZAC here.

      • Αχ, καταπληκτική επιτυχία! Τώρα ξέρω ότι είστε οι δυο μαλάκες απ’ τον κώλο του κόσμου. Εγγόνια εγκληματιών :-)

        • “Εγγόνια εγκληματιώ” (Grandchildren of criminals)

          Yes, perhaps the (great, great, great, great, great) grandchildren of criminals, but look at what Australia has achieved in just over 200 years.

          Aren’t you ashamed?

          • Not at all. Just a ‘lil yet well-deserved retribution. It’s not my prejudice but maybe the next time you’ll think a bit before throwing stones from a glass house, and refrain from ethnic slurs.

            • You started the ethnic slurs zerobrains.
              Australia, New Zealand, Canada have all achieved far more than Russia ever will in human rights, education, democracy, rule of law, and in economics.

              Russia however has the greatest toll of mass murder in history, an unrepentant slaughterer of its ethnic minorities, and manages to support the most racist, genocidal regimes on earth from Sudan, Burma, Serbia and Iran, to Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transdenister, Russia is the mercheant of death.

              Unfortunately with people like you populating the place, its no surprise that Russia is a malignant tumor corrupting everything it touches.

              • zerobrains
                Thanks you for being polite again.

                You started…
                Please read the thread carefully.

                • Read your comments on the other threads carefully.
                  No need to be polite to Putinists such as yourself, after all, you are not polite to others yourself.
                  Russian hypocrisy never changes.

                  • You’re irrecuperable, sorry. Calling me a Putinist is like calling me a triple-headed Martian. Yup! Ev’ry Russian 1) is a Putinist, 2) is a criminal, 3) has to bear your humilation.
                    Get lost. Every single word coming your mouth is a reality-unrelated insult.

  15. ANZACS. We don’t start wars, we finish them.

  16. Pardon my temporary jingoism.

  17. Wally, I am actually surprised with dittohead’s excellent English… quite surprising combined with paranoia, arrogance and aggression.

    I am scientist is of course a stretch… but then again – Dagestan’s president is PhD in philosophy! Or, as my grandfather used to say – philoжоп!

    • To diagnose a paranoia, you have to point out the idee fixe. Where did you find it? Arrogance? Unmask my alleged illitedracy first. Aggression? Also, no in-your-face insults unless somebosy starts the brawl first. Wide shot.
      And what’s so special `bout Aliev? A typical old commie fart, most of the Red bureaucrats had no education other than ‘University of Marxism-Leninism’, that was a philosophic specialization according to the Soviet classification. Whatever, I’m not interested in tribal Caucasus affairs at all.
      After all, you talk about his ranks, while I only describe my functions.

  18. Whew , that ” scientist ” character , certrainly
    takes a long time to say his goodbyes . One thing
    is certain he is as much a scientist as I am King
    Kong . I’ll bet he’s no russian either . My question is who in his right mind would want
    to even PRETEND to be russian ?

  19. Russia may be spending a lot.

    But I think it’s very, very interesting, and extremely enlightening, to note what former Ukraine Defense Minister Hrytsenko had to say in November 2008, at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute about Russia invading Georgia, and about Russia possibly invading Ukraine.

    Click on the video links to see his 1)presentation and 2)the Question and Answer session.

    The Q&A’s are particularly noteworthy.



    MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russia’s air force lost its second fighter plane in three days on Friday when an Su-24 crashed in southern Russia, but both pilots survived, Russian news agencies reported.

    The air force immediately grounded its fleet of Su-24s, a Soviet era plane also known by the NATO reporting name Fencer, Interfax news agency said.

    The crew tried to land several times, but technical problems prevented them from doing so, Interfax quoted a military source as saying. “Flight control then gave the command to leave the aerodrome area for a safe place and eject”.

    Another SU-24 plane crashed on Wednesday while coming in to land in the northern Murmansk Region, Russian media reported. Both pilots survived.

    The commander of Russia’s air force said last August that the nation’s air defences were in disarray and needed huge investment to keep up with the West.

    A Russian Air Force spokesman declined to comment when contacted by Reuters.

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