A Question for Vladimir Putin

We’d like to ask Vladimir Putin:  If you can’t protect supreme court  judges and cabinet ministers in the Caucasus from lethal acts of terrorism, how in the world do you imagine you’ll be able to protect Olympic athletes in Sochi?

38 responses to “A Question for Vladimir Putin

  1. Let this Jewess cry and babble as much as she wants…
    She is mad at Russia because the current government delibaretly removed the Jewish knife from the Russian throat.
    Jewish oligarchs that plundered Russia in the 90s lost their equity,the press has been taken from them and surely but slowly Russia is emerging as a great power again.
    The more the Jewish press in America crys and bemoans us,the better for us,it only shows that we are going down the right path…
    The more these hyans babble and cry the better for us…


    This commenter has been banned. However, we will let his racist tirade stand as an excellent illustration of just who it is that is defending Vladimir Putin’s Russia these days. We apologize to any reader who may have been offended.

    • Scratch a Putin nationalist skinhead and you’ll almost always find a crude anti-Semite. Poor pici isn’t as sophisticated as his peers as they are usually more subtle before the curtain gets peeled away.

      pici of course, poor useful fascist dolt that he is, fails to process the obvious that Putin’s and Sechin’s thieving siloviki are hardly a Jewish enterprise. Of course if he examined that reality his projected hatred would risk becoming self-loathing.

      • You seem to lack any basic knowledge of situation with national movement in Russia. The word ‘Russian’ itself is nearly banned in the press, and may be used only if followed by two words, the first is ‘language’ and the second is ‘fascism’. Putin’s regime sees any activity of Russian nationalists (from very moderate intellectuals to right-wing skinheads) as a major threat to the RF, immediately labels it as ‘fascist’ and often brings the activists to the corrupt courts.

    • Russian anti-Semitism, will it ever go away? It is a national disease.

  2. Of course, you leave the comment that suits your point of view, but wipe out my comment that shows your overall incompetence and the state of your mental health. Bravo.


    Your comment violated our published guidelines. If you respect our rules, we respect your comment.

  3. Your comment was absurd and profane and said a lot more about your mental health!


    • Another fat idiot. Facts please.


      This comment violates our published guidelines. If you violate them just once more, you’ll be banned.

      • Well, well ,well — I’m really sorry to violate some rules. I was just sure that there were none since I noticed tons of less than non-polite ad hominem attacks from you ;-) Now I’ve learned the next rule you established there, ‘quod licet Jovi, non licet bovi’. You’re a good follower of Commie approach to freedom of speech (no surprise since most neocons are former Trotzkyists).


        The link COMMENT GUIDELINES displayed prominently in our header probably shoudl have clued you in. You obviously didn’t read them, just as you don’t read most of what you purport to comment on.

  4. Fact: Australia is better than Russia.

    Fact: I’m quite slim actually.


  5. FACT: crocodiles, sharks and other dangerous things are not as dangerous as the KGB.

    • If you claim that’s a fact, please produce statistics. And I’m really sorry to disappoint you by saying that there’s no such organization for 18 years. Wake up.

      • The KGB originated from the Cheka, established 19 December 1917, that replaced the Tsarist Okhrana. The Cheka several times changed name and structure — becoming the State Political Directorate (OGPU) in 1923; the People’s Commissariat for State Security (NKGB) in 1941; and and the Ministry for State Security (MGB) in 1946; and others. In March 1953, Lavrentiy Beria consolidated the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) and the MGB into the MVD; yet, within a year, he was executed and MVD split. The reformed MVD retained police and law enforcement powers, while the second (new) agency, the KGB, assumed security (internal and external) and intelligence functions, and was sub-ordinate to the Council of Ministers. On 5 July 1978, the KGB was re-named the “KGB of the Soviet Union”, and its chairman holding a ministerial council seat.

        Now they changed their name to FSB [= same BS] so that useful idiots, such as yourself, can be told that the prior acronyn were the bad guys.

        After the murders, Ivan Potupchik, who had formerly been an informer for the local OGPU, was officially employed in the mass executions of kulaks. Later, he was found guilty of the rape of a teenage girl and spent a short time in prison. After he was released, he was again employed by the OGPU, but received an assignment far from Gerasimovka.

        Kartashev, an OGPU investigator, willingly spoke of his part in persecuting kulaks: “By my personal count, I shot thirty-seven people and sent many more to the camps. I know how to kill quietly. Here’s the secret: I tell them to open their mouth, and I shoot them close up. It sprays me with warm blood, like eau de cologne, and there’s no sound. I know how to do this job — to kill.”

        Famous quotation from the Vladimir Putin’s speech at the Chekist Day party at the FSB headquarters in
        December 1999 was: “I want to report to you that the mission of the group of FSB officers sent undercover
        to work at the government is being accomplished successfully.”

        Notebooks lift veil on Cold War spying

        SpiesThe Rise and Fallof the KGB in America

        By John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr, and Alexander Vassiliev

        Yale University Press. 650 pp. $35

        Reviewed by Paul Davis

        Ian Fleming, a British naval intelligence officer during World War II and the author of the James Bond spy thrillers, once noted that on occasion a news story would “lift a corner of the veil” and reveal the real world of espionage.

        Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America lifts much more than a corner of the veil. The book is based on the notebooks of Alexander Vassiliev, a Russian journalist and former KGB officer who was given unprecedented access to KGB files for three years. From 1993 to 1996 Vassiliev transcribed, extracted, and summarized thousands of KGB archival documents. His notebooks, totaling more than 1,115 pages, provide a number of revelations that John Earl Haynes and Harvey Klehr detail in this new historical account of Stalin-era Soviet espionage in the 1930s and 1940s. Haynes and Klehr, the authors of Venona: Decoding Soviet Espionage in America and other books on Soviet spies, have the expertise and authority to judge the historical significance of Vassiliev’s notebooks. They also have the skill to chronicle the era in this huge book. ………………………….

        This is an important book for students of history and espionage.


        • The CheKa and its successors, OGPU and NKVD are responsible for fullscale genocide campaign of 1918-1938 against Russian people which exterminated nearly the whole educated class, nobility and priesthood. But at some point even Commie leaders thought something was going wrong, and the last wave of terror washed away the most infamous butchers themselves (such as notorious Yahoda, Yezhov, Bokiy and so on). Since then, the terror machine never recovered again, it didn’t regain its former might. Even notorious Beria wasn’t as brutal as he’s often depicted, it’s just Khruschev who benefited from making him one of scapegoats (while being himself guilty of thousand of political murders in the 1930s).

          The KGB itself was established after Joe’s death, and it was a relatively ‘herbivorous’ structure. The most vile thing it did on a daily basis was interning dissidents in mental clinics, and nothing comparable to the atrocities of the pre-WWII period.

          The current regime rejects any attempts on promulgating the fact of the anti-Russian genocide itself and the Reds’ guilt of it, since this may affect their own legitimacy. Right.

          But! Most of you guys have no moral rights to speak about it, just look at the lists of the butchers, they’re packed with zigfelds and others of that ilk. Oddly enough, their children often became the above mentioned dissidents.

          • you stated:

            Joe’s death, and it was a relatively ‘herbivorous’ structure.

            Who is Joe? Joe the plumber?

            • Ugh. I hope Mr. Wurzelbacher is doing well, but nevertheless you seem to lack any knowledge of the world history. Uncle Joe was a Stalin’s nick widespread in the Western media.

              • ditto,

                Thank you for your response. You are so wise, and told me about uncle joe, because the weastern press does not inform me. Please enlighten me and tell me more about uncle joe. Thank you.

          • “they’re packed with zigfelds and others of that ilk”

            That’s a barely veiled anti-Semitic slur. Scratch a Putin admirer, and you’ll find a Jew-baiter.

            Sometimes you don’t even have to scratch. Just tease them a bit.

            • Wide of the mark. Neither a Putin admirer, nor a Jewbuster. But I won’t argue, I like people like you: it’s so funny to watch the lemmings living in their fictional reality. You guys are just hilarious.

              • Then who are the Zigfelds in your comment? Germans?

                • Their specific ethnic affiliation is a second question, find some nazi and not me to discuss it. What really matters is an overt lack of their ties with the country. It was quite hard to recruit somebody other than aliens and local marginalized elements as butchers.
                  And remember, calling, say, frog a frog isn’t enough to label someone a batrachophobe.

                  • But implying that aliens with “overt lack of the ties with the country” were responsible for the Red Terror sure as heck makes you a xenophobe.

                    Don’t be shy, dittohead! Come out of the closet and take pride in your Nazi identity! Many other Russians certainly are.

  6. Oh okay dittzero- I’ll insert FSB for Les- There. Happy now? KGB= FSB. But you know that… Many Russians still say FSB but you know that too. Anyway, Shouldn’t you be playing in the sandbox with Ganske?

  7. I meant many Russians still say KGB- Of course. Sorry it’s such an issue for you DittZero.

  8. Being born in Russia doesn’t necessarily mean being a Russian, right?

  9. Correct, but who in their right mind would chose to be born there, amongst the greatest xenophobes in the world?

  10. Boy, I’m not that good at paedagogics yet I’m too busy to educate booby Aussie teenagers, so don’t you ever bother to reply to any of my posts, I’ll ignore all your messages. At least until you read the first couple of books in your life, visit any country besides Papua-New Guinea, or show any other signs of experience and education. The last time I heard arguments of such ilk was in secondary if not primary school, it’s just too boring.

    • Well said Wally,

      For ditt(ZeroBrainsIn)head, a couple of facts.

      1. The majority of the victims of the “Red Terror” and “Great Purges” were actually ethnic minorities such as Ukrainians, Georgians, German ethnics, Azeri’s North Caucasians and other ethnic groups that had a strong (non Russian) ethnic identity or national movement.

      2. Russian racism and xenophobia is a well documented fact, Russians are the most racist people on earth, with a long history of genocide that makes Nazi Germany look mild by comparrison. This is the reason that all your former imperial possessions (which Putin is currently hell bent on reclaiming) hate Russia (and Russians) and are so desperate to join the west.

      3. Pretty much anyone in western countries is better educated than Russians, for the simple fact that we are taught to evaluate facts (from several viewpoints) rather than being force fed propaganda, and even if we are fed propaganda, unlike Russian morons such as yourself, we are smart enough to ignore it.

      4. Australians and New Zealanders are the most widely travelled people on earth, far better educated than Russian serfs such as yourself, and far wealthier societies to boot.

  11. …..“how in the world do you imagine you’ll be able to protect Olympic athletes in Sochi?”

    LR, consider this, Putin has 5 years yet to reconstitute the Gulag and dig mass graves wherever he sees fit. Any “terrorists” aka non-Russian oppositionists throughout the federation will long be dead. The biggest terrorist left standing ironically at the time of the Olympics will be Putin.

    But, then, in my wildest dreams maybe Putin will be sitting in a cell awaiting trial at the Hague. That’s the long shot.

    And, hey, folks, you are really losing neurons and valuable time wasting a thread with dittohead, the troll du jour. He’s not a Russian, just a garden variety American or maybe Brit scumbag.

    Facts don’t matter to these fools, attention does, so you are advancing their goals.

  12. Everything. EVERYTHING about Sochi is just sick. The world certainly needs to make a bigger effort to move against the greed and corruption. If anyone actually cares about Russians, they’ll fight against this sham. There is still time to change the location. I thought Beijing was a disgrace but this takes the Olympics to an entirely new low. Very sad indeed-


  13. The differance between the OCHRANA , CHEKA
    OGPU , NKVD , MVD , KGB and FSB , is roughly
    the same as the differance between ; Moscovia ,
    Tsarist Russia , Communist Russia and
    ” Democratic Russia ” , there isn’t any .

    • There was also briefly GPU (without the “O” in the beginning) and NKGB; you probably forgot about it Oleksander. Plus whatever they called it under Ivan the Terrible (“opricha” I guess or something similar, I am not sure about the exact name)

      What a pathetic country, they have more names for that organization of murderers, torturers and assassins than Eskimos have for the snow

      • It’s “oprichnina”. And you can throw in Third Department, gendarmes’ corps, Secret Chancellery, and what not…

  14. The fact that Russians refer to the FSB as “chekists” says it all, Historically and into the present they are one and the same in the common language usage by Russians.

    Troll moron, dittohead, an obviously non-Russian that ought to be put on Ignore is igmorant of that.

    I’ll ask again, why is that fool being elevated in status with your ongoing rebuttals with him/she/it?

  15. But don’t take Oleksander’s words for it… FSB’s own history page traces their history from December 1917, when ChK was created.

    But hey… why would trolls care about facts! The goal is to post controversial, inflammatory, irrelevant or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion.

    Or, as Penny wonderfully put it – every response is a lifeline for them. dittohead fits perfectly!

  16. ok – I did not see penny’s response when I wrote mine! It’s just that my best thoughts are influenced by her :))

    • Oh my! Do we have a budding romance here? Did LR ever in her wildest dreams think this could happen? Carry on, carry on!

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