EDITORIAL: The Soviet Legacy of Lies


The Soviet Legacy of Lies

To round out our trilogy today on lies and the lying Russian liars who tell them, which began by exposing the lies told by Putin’s sycophants and will conclude by documenting the lies he himself spews out on a daily basis, it’s fitting to turn to the topic of history.  Putin himself is firmly anchored, of course, in Russia’s Soviet past. He’s a proud KGB spy who spent most of his life working to advance the goals of the USSR.

Which included, of course, relentlessly lying about anything and everything, all the time.  Take for instance the USSR’s recently exposed jaw-dropping duplicity on the subject of commercial whaling.

As reader “Tomek” tips us by e-mail, blogging over at the BBC, Richard Black writes:

By the 1960s, hunting for blue whales and humpbacks was banned in large expanses of the oceans.

But time after time in records of IWC meetings from that period you come across phrases such as “it seemed that there was some rebuilding of humpback stocks in the North-west Atlantic but there was nothing to suggest any substantial increase elsewhere in the North Atlantic”, followed by a recommendation to extend the existing protection for a further three or five years and see what happened.

The sense of heads being scratched is almost palpable.

After the demise of the Soviet Union, the reason why these protection measures weren’t working became startlingly clear. The Soviet fleets, which included the biggest factory ships ever built, had been working to a radically different plan – to kill just about every whale they encountered, irrespective of size, species or rarity, and lie about it.

Since Alexey Yablokov first spilled the beans in 1993, the story has been told and re-told, the real catch records (kept secret and not submitted to the IWC, ironically chaired by a Soviet, MN Sukhoruchenko, during some of the years when the apparent ineffectiveness of protection regimes was being discussed) have been dissected and analysed.

But rarely has it been told as well as it has this week, in an article [pdf link] by Phil Clapham and Yulia Ivashchenko in Marine Fisheries Review, the US journal. If you’re not familiar with the story, reading their article will be 15 minutes of your time well spent; if you are familiar with it, well, it’s worth a read anyway.

So there we have it. The Russians chaired an international committee to protect whales, and they simultaneously did all they could to wipe out the world’s endangered population, letting the Japanese take the blame much the way they tried to pin the Katyn massacre in Poland on the Germans.

Vladimir Putin is not only part and parcel of this legacy, he’s proud of it. So much so he’s aggressively seeking to rehabilitate it, and the Soviet national anthem’s music still plays for Russia to this day.

28 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Soviet Legacy of Lies

  1. There is no doubt that even today, rasha is a harshly delusional country.

    Here is an article from BBC News, which relates the absolute terror of the Ukrainian Central Commie Committee in 1989, when 2 women showed up on the street – with a placard.

    What could be more terrifying than 2 women on the street, exercising free speech?

    Today, in rasha, what could be more terrifying than – people on the street, exercising free speech?

    And as the article points out, not even high sovok officials were immune.

    Yeltsin and former Ukrainian President Kravchuk had to escape from a hunting lodge in Belarus in 1991, because of a warning that they were in danger.

    And then, of course, there is the merry old sovok rashan practice of putting political opponents into psychiatric “hospitals.”

    Ukraine has gone towards democracy.

    rasha is still in a sovok repressive sewer.


  2. killed every whale they encountered, regardless of species, age, size, or sex. Marine biologists on the Soviet whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean recorded the correct data, then turned these over to KGB commissars who created a second set of books with false figures for IWC, say the study’s authors, who have extensively interviewed four biologists through a translator. “The marine biologists had to sign a KGB statement saying they would never release any of their data,” says co-author Robert Brownell Jr., a cetacean biologist with NOAA Fisheries in Pacific Grove, California.


  3. Eugene, this article is especially for you:

    “Why Ukraine will always be better than Russia”

    Take note of the last part of the article —

    “You understand, Mr. EU President, Russia is not even a nation.”


  4. Millions of Ukrainians are doing all kinds of odd jobs in “bad Russia” to make a living – because you can’t fill your stomach with “democratic values”.

  5. Well, Eugene, see – you can indeed fill your stomach with democratic values.

    In a democracy, people help one another.

    In a kleptocracy or a “managed democracy” or the sovok union or oily orthodox mother roosha, Putin and Stalin steal everything, and encourage people to mistrust one another. And the oily orthodox rooshan church doesn’t help anyone – it’s just a bunch of “bearded patriarchs” wearing Halloween costumes with buckets on theirs heads, who are more interested in kissing Putin’s ass than really helping people.

    You have no idea of people helping people in a democracy, because you are blind.

    But that’s the way it works.

    • > In a democracy, people help one another.

      And manna falls down from heaven (as well as 100-buck bills) ! :-) You forget that in the 1990s we had a taste of living in a democracy, so you won’t fool us with your Goebbels-style propaganda tricks any more.


      You’re simply lying, you piece of dirt. We do thank you, though, for perfectly proving the thesis of this post.

      Boris Yeltsin NEVER ran in a real election (the elections were rigged and the only opponent was the communists), and he BOMBED the Russian parliament. You’re such a barbaric ape that, along with so many Russians, you don’t even know the meaning of the WORD democracy.

      Even if Russia DID have democracy for 10 years, it had soviet communism for SEVENTY years. Why doesn’t democracy get an equal chance? Communism was allowed to Russia, democracy was never given a chance to do so, and now Russia is ruled by a proud KGB spy from the communst era. That’s sick. But your lies are even sicker.

      • roosha never tasted democracy because the KGB and commies manipulated the foolish rooshan people.

      • Eugene: You have repeated it a number of times: Russia tried democracy, it does not work, you don’t want it, you want a dictatorship in some form, or whatever you call it that you have now. Fine, it’s your country not ours. Remain where you are if that’s what you prefer.

        No need to repeat this time and again, we all got it already, and by now we have learned what you are and what you represent.

        • You see, Civilized Western People have a very short memory… time and again (1241, 1610, 1709, 1812, 1855, 1918, 1941…) they try to promote Civilized Western Values (in their current version) to the Northern Barbarians in Russia – with a view of ceizing Russian natural resources (“It is unfair that Siberian resources belong to only one country!” © Margaret Thatcher). And time and again, after having inflicted untold suffering upon Russian people, they fail. Maybe it’s time at last to live yourself and let others live as they see fit?

          • Yes, I agree, it is time. If you would not threaten your neighbors, would not insist on belonging to the G8 group with no justification (other than blackmail, of course) and would not call yourselves a civilized society, then nobody would be concerned about your great motherland

            • After a long history of invasions from the West (see the list of dates in my previous comment) we need a security zone to feel safe from any “promotion of Western values”. And we are a civilized society, although Russian civilization is different from the Western one. This provides a healthy competition; as Lenin said, “any kind of monopoly leads to stagnation and decay.”


              Then why don’t you oppose Putin’s monopoly? Isn’t 75% approval of stagnation and decay uncivilized? Do think AT ALL before you write?

              • And at whose expense should that “security zone” be formed? Is that the same old group: Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Baltics, the Ukraine? Doesn’t it matter to you what they think and what it would do to them to make you feel safe? Are they peoples of less importance than Russians? Have the Ukrainians or Czechs or Estonians ever invaded Russia? What have they done to deserve the brutalities you are preparing for them (in your mind only for now, of course)? Is that your definition of “a civilized society?”

                No wonder they all want to belong to the NATO — not a complete guarantee against the savages but at least something

                • > Have the Ukrainians or Czechs or Estonians ever invaded Russia?

                  Read history, e.g. such things as the revolt of the Czech legion that triggered the Russian civil war or the participation of Estonian infrantrymen in the 1241 invasion of Teutonic knights into Russia, as well as the “feats” of the Estonian Waffen-SS legion (now declared “national heroes” of the independent-from-the-common-sense Estonia) in the Nazi-occupied Russian territory during WWII. But whatever the background, small and even medium-size countries and nations always were, are and will be pawns and small change in great powers’ games. Did the Vietnamese ever invade the USA? :-(

  6. AS lenin SAID:

    March 19, 1922

    One clever writer on statecraft correctly said that if it is
    necessary for the realization of a well-known political goal to
    perform a series of brutal actions then it is necessary to do them in
    the most energetic manner and in the shortest time, because masses
    of people will not tolerate the protracted use of brutality.

  7. ” Soon there will be no such thing as Ukraine “…
    This poor, illiterate moskalik must be told that
    Rus/Ukraine was a Christian empire when
    Moscovia was still a mudpile populated by
    primitive , tree-stump worshipping tribes that
    didn’t even understand each other . And let’s
    not get into arguments about all those Ukrainians working in Moscovy , that’s clearly
    the result of years of moscovite economic
    and political administration , which left a country once flowing with milk and honey ,a
    ravaged , exploited and depleted ruin that will
    take generations to rebuild .
    While we are on the ” guest worker ” topic , let’s
    not forget those hungry , dirty , drunken hordes
    of moscovites who invaded southern and south –
    eastern Ukraine to work as laborers in the coal
    mines and iron ore mines and steel plants . They
    never left , they stayed I suppose because
    Moscovy was so great . Now their descendants
    still pollute Ukraine . Liliputin tried to entice them to go back to Moscovy , but found very few takers . They may be drunk and stupid ,
    but they are not crazy.

    christian Empire

    • > Rus/Ukraine was a Christian empire

      That existed (according to Ukrainian Nationalist textbooks) for 140,000 years, and Ukrainians came to the Earth straight from Venus! :-))) However, in actual life there was no such thing as “Ukraine” in the times of Kievan Rus; “Ukraine” is a Polish word meaning “province”. That’s the name the territory of the former Kievan Rus got when it was a Polish colony in the 15-17th centuries.

      • Statements made by eugene exemplify the title of this article.

      • The word UKRAINE, is to be associated with contemporary Ukrainian krajina, Belarusian kraina and Russian and Polish kraj, all meaning ‘country’. Not some made up language coming from Bulgarian religious texts written in Glogolytic Script(Old Church Slavonic) in a dialect invented by a couple of monks not even from the area.

        There was no Russia till Peter the First called it that, in the 18the century. Only Moscovia the polyglot Mongolo Turko-Hunic Ugro slav mix of fetid tribal raiders dealing largely with Ghengis Khan’s progeny. Eugene today, proves that nothing changes.

  8. Hi Eugene,

    Spin-doctor semantics is useful for useful idiots. Maybe you think that you can tell me when the word Ukrainian appeared, but I will tell you why.

    Muscovy [moskali] stole the name Rus from the Ukrainian people. So, when you say Kievan Rus, you are referring to the present day Ukraine. Ukrainian is an East Slavic language spoken in Ukraine and in Ukrainian communities in neighboring Belarus, roosha, Poland, and Slovakia. Ukrainian is a lineal descendant of the colloquial language used in Kievan Rus (10th–13th centuries).


    Since the middle of the seventeenth century the modern name Ukraine (Ukrayina) (first found in the twelfth century chronicles) was used sporadically, until it was reintroduced in the nineteenth century by a conscious effort of several writers concerned about the awakening of the Ukrainian national awareness.[12] It was not until the twentieth century when the modern term “Ukraine” started to prevail while Little Russia gradually fell out of use.

    Stealing other peoples’ culture, traditions, heritage, etc. is a common policy, procedure and practice of the kremlin.

    Ukraine suffered “colossal” looting during World War II
    Research challenges Russians’ claim that they own many cultural valuables from the independent state

    Mr. Kot said Russian museums rarely want to cooperate in determining just how much looted Ukrainian art they possess. At the end of the 1990s, however, Ukrainian researchers learned Russia was in possession of 26 mosaics and frescoes from the walls of the 12th-century St Mikhail’s Cathedral in Kiev that the Soviets destroyed in the 1930s. After years of negotiations, 11 of the frescoes, held in the Hermitage, were returned to Ukraine in two shipments: February 2001 and February 2004. The others remain in Russia.

    [rest of article at:]


    Here is a map of Muscovy in 1500AD:

    After the moskali occupied Ukraine in the 17th century, the moskali decided to call themselves “greater rooshan” and Ukrainians “Little Russians”. That is when the kremlin’s genocide of the Ukrainian people, history, language, culture, and traditions – began. President Yushchenko has put a halt to this genocide, and has tried to curb the further russification of Ukraine.

    As Ukraine and its people underwent the process of nation-building in the last eleven hundred years, Little Russia, even in the historic context, can only loosely be considered as merely a contemporary equivalent for the word Ukraine. The term has become an archaic one, and anachronistic usage in the modern context is considered strongly offensive by Ukrainians, as it often used to imply the denial of a separate Ukrainian national identity, an opinion not uncommon among Russian nationalists.

    1720. Peter I’s ukase banning the publication and printing of books in Ukrainian.

    When the Austrian monarchy made Galicia a province in 1772, Habsburg officials ***REALIZED*** that the local East Slavic ***PEOPLE WERE DISTINCT*** from BOTH Poles AND Russians. Their own name for themselves, Rusyny, was similar in sound to the German term for Russians, Russen. Austria ADOPTED the ethnonym Ruthenen (Ruthenians), and continued to use it officially until the empire fell apart in 1918.

    1769. Ban by the kremlin on Ukrainian ABC books.

    1784. Only “Pure Russian” is allowed as the language of instruction at the Kyiv Religious Academy. {BEFORE THE MOSKALI CAME, UKRAINIAN WAS THE LANGUAGE OF KIEV}

    From 1840 on the term “Little Rus” for Ukrayina and “Malorosy” for Ukrainians began to fall out of fashion. In the 1880s and 1900s, the popularity of the ethnonym Ukrainian spread and the term “Ukraine” became a substitute for “Ruthenia” among the Ruthenian/Ukrainian population of the Russian Empire. In time the term “Ruthenian” became restricted to western Ukraine, an area then part of the Austro-Hungarian state.

    1863. Ban on printing any books in Ukrainian except for “belles-lettres.”

    1866. “Strict surveillance” over Ukrainian belles-lettres is introduced.

    1876. Ban on importing or bringing from abroad any books “in the Small-Russian dialect”; theatrical plays in Ukrainian, public recitals in Ukrainian and even the texts in Ukrainian accompanying the music notes are banned.


    In 1876 however, with the publication of the Ems Ukaz stage performances by kobzars and bandurists were officially banned. Paragraph 4 of the decree was specifically aimed at preventing all music, including ethnographic performances in the Ukrainian language. As a result blind professional musicians such as the kobzars turned to the street for their sustenance.

    1895 Ban on children’s books in Ukrainian.

    1910 Concerned about potential revolutionary activity, Interior Minister Pyotr Stolypin restored the ukaz’s restrictions and shut down the Prosvita societies and Ukrainian-language publications. Russian-language press and the kremlin launched a campaign against the idea of Ukrainian autonomy or separatism. In the meantime, Ukrainian self-identity would grow in Austro-Hungarian Galicia, out of reach of Russian imperial authorities.

    1917 After expelling the government forces, the Rada announced an autonomous Ukrainian Republic, still maintaining ties to Russia, on November 22, 1917.

    1918 On January 25, 1918, the Tsentralna Rada issued its Fourth Universal (dated January 22, 1918), breaking ties with Bolshevik Russia and proclaiming a sovereign Ukrainian state.

    1918 The West Ukrainian People’s Republic was proclaimed on November 1st, 1918.


    1920’s The kremlin closes or destroys all churches in UKRAINE and kills about 3,000 UKRAINIAN priests.

    1927 The Central Committee in the kremlin decreed that Russian was a special language within the Soviet Union.

    1928 Restrictions came into force that directly affected the lifestyle of the traditional kobzars, and stopped them from traveling without a passport and performing without a license. Restrictions were also placed on accommodations that were not registered and also on manufacturing or making banduras without a license.

    1932-33 The KREMLIN REMOVES ALL FOOD FROM Ukrainian villages, does not allow food to enter Ukraine, does not allow Ukrainians to leave Ukraine, or their villages, and creates a GENOCIDE by starvation in Ukraine! {ten million (10,000,000) Ukrainians are killed in this GENOCIDE called HOLODOMOR!}

    1930s In the 1930’s the authentic kobzar tradition of wandering musicians in Ukraine came to an end; there was also a wave of arrests of bandurists in the Kuban. Many of these arrested bandurists received relatively light sentences of 5-10 years camp detentions or exile, usually in Siberia. Also, most of the Ukrainian bandurists were killed!

    Throughout the 1930s bandurists were constantly being arrested and taken off for questioning which may have lasted some months. Many were constantly harassed. Whereas in the early 1930s those incriminated received relatively light sentences of 2-5 years the period starting with 1937-38 the sentences were often fatal and immediate – death by shooting. In 1937-38 large numbers of bandurists were executed. Documents have survived of the many individual executions of bandurists and kobzars of this period. So far the documentation of 41 bandurists sentenced to be shot have been found with documents attesting to approximately 100 receiving sentences of between 10-17 years. Often those that were arrested were often tortured to obtain a confession. Sentences were pronounced by a Troika and were dealt out swiftly within hours or days of the hearing. The families of those that were executed were often told that the bandurist had been sent to a camp without the right to correspond.

    Many bandurists and kobzars were persecuted by the authorities that controlled Ukraine at various times because of the association of the bandura to the Cossack past and aspects of Ukrainian history which the kobzars would glorify in their songs and epics.

    Kobzars were usually blind musicians and poets. When the kremlin exterminated them, the kremlin was also destroying the culture, traditions, and history of the Ukrainian people.

    It is hard to establish the exact number of bandurists who were persecuted in various ways. As more information has been coming to light, the number of musicians who were arrested, interned or executed has continued to rise. It is unmatched in any other folk music or bardic tradition in Europe.

    1939 On March 15 Carpatho-Ukraine declared its independence as the “Republic of Carpatho-Ukraine”, with the Reverend Avhustyn Voloshyn as head of state.
    “The First Constitutional Law of Carpatho-Ukraine” of March 15, 1939 defined the new status of the country as follows:

    1. Carpatho-Ukraine is an independent state.
    2. The name of the state is: Carpatho-Ukraine.
    3. Carpatho-Ukraine is a republic, headed by a president elected by the Sojm of Carpatho-Ukraine.
    4. The state language of Carpatho-Ukraine is the Ukrainian language.
    5. The colors of the national flag of the Carpatho-Ukraine are blue and yellow, blue on top and yellow on the bottom.
    6. The state emblem of Carpatho-Ukraine is as follows: a bear on a red field on the sinister side, four blue and three yellow stripes on the dexter side, as well as the trident of Saint Volodymyr the Great.
    7. The national anthem of Carpatho-Ukraine is “Sche ne vmerla Ukraina” (“Ukraine has not perished”).
    8. This act comes valid immediately after its promulgation.
    9. map:

    10. The Ukrainian battle against the Nazi supported Hungarians’ attack on Carpatho-Ukraine may be considered the first battle of WWII.

    1939-41 The kremlin closes or destroys churches in Western UKRAINE and kills most of the UKRAINIAN priests, and replaces the pulpits with KGB.

    1942 The kremlin allows rooshan orthodox church to reopen to assist them in the war and the KGB are given pulpits to stand on, and work as priests.

    1991 Free, at last! {AGAIN!}

    2004 rooshan orthodox “priests” in eastern Ukraine are telling the people that THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY appeared to them and told them that Yushchenko must lose and yanykovych must win.


    By Michael Johnson, Tuesday, 14 February 2006
    Johnson’s Russia List (JRL) 2006#43, Feb 15, 2006

    I have read the memos and was struck by the degree to which KGB prose
    resembled the thinking of any supreme authority. While grammatically
    impeccable, even intelligent, on the surface, every fact is selected and
    shaded, every event stretched to fit the case against the subject under

    There are lessons here for any society in danger of creating excessive
    police powers by default or design.

    The KGB memos are constructed with carefully wrought logic, dense
    information and a collection of wooden euphemisms. At one point, summing
    up the Sakharov problem, the KGB explained deadpan that Sakharov “does
    not enjoy the trust of the investigative organs, since his personal behavior
    does not correspond to the norms of our society”.

  10. Im listening,thanks

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