EDITORIAL: Stormclouds over Sochi


Stormclouds over Sochi

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Olympic organizing committee was shocked at a recent inspection of Sochi to see how little progress the Putin regime had made in constructing the basic facilities that will be necessay to host the 2014 Olympics there.  As always, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin gave assurances that everything was fine.

As always, Putin was lying.

Soon came word, last week, that Putin had fired the CEO of Russia’s Olympics construction programViktor Kolodyazhny, and in a truly insane move replace him with . . . wait for it . . . Taimuraz Bolloyev, the founder of the Baltika beer corporation.  Presumably, when Bolloyev fails even more spectacularly than Kolodyazhny (because the former has abolutely no qualifications to undertake construction managment), he can at least respond by dolling out free beer and getting everyone drunk enough to forget the humiliation being inflicted on the nation before the gaping eyes of the world.

Putin declared:  “When high-ranking officials do not assist in lowering prices but, on the contrary, demand price retentions and increases, that is totally unacceptable in today’s circumstances.  Nothing of the kind will be allowed in the future. I ask you to pay attention to that.”

This is the second time Putin has had to fire the CEO of the project in as many years. The first CEO was an equally unqualified oil executive who quickly ran the ship aground.  As to the second, the MT quotes Valery Suchkov, a member of Sochi’s Public Chamber:  “It was clear from the time he was appointed that he wouldn’t stay in office very long. His level of professionalism was too low for such a position.” These are the personal choices of Vladimir Putin we’re talking about, and they reveal absolute incompetence.

Now, Putin seems to be saying that although costs have escalated wildly, far beyond projections, no additional money will be provided to the project (for the excellent reason that a bankrupt Russia has no such money), and the new CEO is charged with cutting corners and strongarming contractors to force them to deliver regardless of their losses.

Just think about the security and safety implications of this pressure.  How will Russia be sure the venues are safe to occupy and use? How can it guarantee the world it can block terrorist attacks?  Quite simply, it can’t. It doesn’t care. That’s our problem.

And indeed, he’s right.  As we’ve said before, the world must immediately divest Russia of the 2014 games and relocate them to a country that is actually qualified and capable.  Russia’s diversion of so many billions of dollars to this folly when its population is in the streets over unpaid wages and empty bellies is an atrocity, and the games should never have been awarded to a regime that is wiping out the basic values of freedom and competition that the Olympics hold dear.

Say no to Sochi. Say yes to freedom and Olympic values.

11 responses to “EDITORIAL: Stormclouds over Sochi

  1. There’s a saying that give a fool enough rope and he’ll hang himself with it. Just how many more yards does Putin need before Russians get tired of him? When you watch him in action, going in and making administrative decision (which will eventually fail) he is just setting himself up for the eventual fall. Really folks, this guy is NOT as sly as a fox, and even a weasel has more brains. I just see him flailing about trying to put out one economic or political brush fire after another. Not impressed.

    P.S. I think the Olympic committee should ask Putin to take the first take-off at the Giant Ski Jump.

  2. AAH, Barb, you are alluding to a historically much repeated problem: how to rid an enslaved nation, of he or those who are enslaving it???
    That situation in Russia, is thus, a ‘simple’ one:
    Most human beings are affraid of dying! And, Putler and his gangsters have the GUNS and the police/military POWER to both imprison/torture/KILL anyone who opposes them.
    So…….most average Russians, especially with their beloved families, DARE NOT do or say anything against that evil regime.
    The problem for those average Russians, is that they ARE human beings. It is thus, those few, ‘dissidents’, those prophetic-figures, who value high-minded principals more than they value their own lives, who do speak out and protest……or flee abroad. Every despotic tyranny, including that current on-going one in Russia, has always depended on that: peoiple fear dying!….and thus will go along with those in power. This is why, I see so little hope for any soon liberation of Russia.
    And this is why, I see the fundamentals for a major world-war brewing. War, like it or not, does solve problems, it sometimes does topple dictators.
    Just my thoughts…..

    • > those few, ‘dissidents’, those prophetic-figures

      Rather, pathetic figures.

      > I see the fundamentals for a major world-war brewing. War, like it or not, does solve problems, it sometimes does topple dictators.

      Are you really ready to burn the world in a nuclear holocaust just to remove Putin from power? :-(

  3. To ‘Eugene’ or whatever is your real name:
    Do you even care at all, what is the truth?
    Of course, I do not advocate or desire massive world war, but…..if your gangster-run country continues on it’s present destructive/counter productive path, YOU will make such a war inevitable. Pal, comrade, there are a lot of us out here, who would rather be…dead, than red. And, we would rather see your slave-Russia 100% liquidated, lying in nuclear dust and ashes, than to allow you monsters to force your insane anti-human criminal order upon the rest of us. You are a cancer on this earth, a vile disease., that begs for surgical removal. At least we can take a large number of you with us, should such a war become necessary. So, best to stop your neo-soviet KGB/FSB threats to us. We are DEAD tired of them and you. If it were up to me, I would right now push our nuclear buttons, and end your sub-human despicable gangster-land, just to insure your defeat.

  4. 2psalomschik

    Please don’t be so emotional, in this heat you’ll have an apoplexy! :-)

    My dear civilized friend, Russia seems to be purposely designed to thwart the hopes of those striving for European/world domination: Friedrich II, Napoleon, Hitler… and now, thanks to great statesmen Stalin and Beria, it has a nuclear arsenal large enough to destroy the world several times over. Rather than to relive again the humiliations the “civilized West” put us in the 1990s, we’ll be only to happy to put it into action. “If we are to leave the world, we’ll bang its door so hard that the roof will collapse” © Leon Trotsky.

  5. to “Eugene’, your words prove that you and your vile system are THE enemies of all people on this earth. To totally destroy mankind, has always been the aim of the Devil, and you prove that it is he whom you serve. You filthy athiest-Russian-Communists have been seeking to end all life and civilization, since you first seized power. You are a disgrace to the whole world! Eternal shame on you all!
    Said without any humour or emotion.

    • Don’t worry, dearie, we are not Communists anymore. All we want is that you stop imposing your дерьмократия (demo(crap)ocracy) upon us or other decent people, much less with “humanitarian bombings”.

  6. Today it’s “Eugene” turn up to the plate in the troll rotation, Friday it was “aglyamoff” with some assistance from “new-sky”.

    It’s so predictable. I’m starting to see the scheduling pattern.

  7. You’re right Penny! It’s obvious that Zhenka had the day off yesterday… lol… It’s really pathetic but I find their fear and paranoia of LR to be very amusing. BOO!

    • Trust me, pick a day and scroll the comments and you’ll see the tag team pattern.

      Now that I’ve noticed it and figured out the game they are all on ignore.

  8. ” If we are to leave the world , we’ll bang on
    the door so hard that the roof will collapse “.
    Brave words , to bad Trotsky did not take his
    own advice and died with a whimper instead
    with a bang.
    The same goes for his followers .

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