EDITORIAL: Putin’s Legion of Liars


Putin’s Legion of Liars

The most damning argument against the rule of Vladimir Putin is the pathetic character of those who seek to defend him.

In our last issue we carried a report from the New York Times about Putin’s ongoing efforts to liquidate journalists who dare to criticize his regime.  Predictably, Putin’s defenders responded with the tired Russophile canard that journalists are also being attacked in America, so it’s just fine for Russia to do so.  By this “logic,” of course, since Russia invaded Georgia it’s just fine for Poland to attack Kaliningrad. Russia couldn’t complain?  The “logic” also implies that America and Russia have the same histories of totalitarian abuse followed by national collapse, and the same standards of living.  They don’t, actually, and in fact aren’t remotely comparable in either regard.

But more importantly, quite often the smears they launch against the West simply aren’t true.  Take for example the first commenter on the NYT story at the the paper’s website, calling herself “Maria Ashot” and claiming to be from London. She wrote:

I note with interest the hundreds of articles I have read published in the US and the EU about journalists who are crime victims in Russia. How many articles have you published, New York Times, about Chauncey Bailey? Certainly I have come across ZERO aticles about Chauncey Bailey in European publications — including Russian publications. Why is that? Double standards, anyone?

Lies, nothing but lies. 

Google News showed more than 100 stories about Bailey in the last month alone.  CBS News. The San Franscisco Chronicle.  On and on. And the NYT had published numerous stories about Mr. Bailey as well, something another commenter was quick to point out.  “Ms. Ashot” was simply making up her “facts” as she went along, hoping nobody would check so she would dupe the unwary.

Even if she had been telling the truth about the coverup, “Ms. Ashot’s” attempt to analogize between American and Russian reporters is even more dishonest.  The very notion that American journalists who challenge the White House are facing the same risks as Russian journalists who challenge the Kremlin is obscenely stupid, a blasphemy against all the heroic Russian reporters who have laid down their lives for truth.  There is no analogy to be found between the Bailey and Politkovskaya cases, as anyone even slightly familiar with the two cases can instantly recognize.  It’s laughable that these Russophile lackeys think the world might be convinced otherwise. 

And even if America were as bad as Russia, America doesn’t have a long recent history of totalitarian rule followed by national collapse. Russia does.  Russia simply can’t afford, not even in good economic times, to travel the same road of failure — and these aren’t good economic times for Russia.  Nor can Russia stand to besmirch the memory of so many Russians wiped out by the Soviet regime.

On all these levels, “Ms. Ashots’s” comments are certifiably insane, laughably dishonest and directly contrary to Russia’s best interests.

But this is par for the course in a Russia governed by a proud KGB spy. It’s simply impossible to defend him using actual facts, so you have to make them up.  Soon, you get used to doing it, and soon after that you start to believe your own lies.  Within Russia, there is nobody to contradict you, since there are few available sources of real information and most are too terrified of violent retribution to speak out.

But this is not the Soviet Union’s world.  Russia has been exposed time and time again, and these shameless liars only look more and more ridiculous as they scurry to cover up the failures of the Kremlin’s KGB incompetents.  If the people of Russia don’t soon realize that it is these “defenders” who are Russia’s true enemies, Russia will collapse just as the USSR did, for the same reasons.

13 responses to “EDITORIAL: Putin’s Legion of Liars

  1. Read any MSM article that is critical of Putin’s Russia and you’ll notice the comment section is overwhelmed immediately with little Pootie fascists like “Maria Ashot” .

    I’m guessing the FSB farms some of that task out to little Nashi weasels with decent English skills.

    What’s hilarious is that Google and wikipedia are a cursed predicament for the FSB brain trust and other mentally challenged Pootie lovers, but, regardless of that they soldier on like zombies assuming others won’t fact check their dumb asses.

  2. Most of the Russian posters at UK Times, etc. – often having obviously Russian names or obviously fake western names (and often living in the West, particularly London) espousing the Kremlin line are either brainwashed or paid shills of Putin.

    Though I’ve noticed that lately there are fewer of them. In fact, they’ve quit commenting on Kiev Post altogether. Maybe they are working other countries’ blogs that I am not reading.

  3. kavkazwatcher

    I think we are seeing seasonal and migratory movements of Putin’s Internet Farmers, who are congregating on blogs and topics where there is more to “harvest”. What’s important is to quickly identify these farmers, and call them out for what they are.

    I get this term from the World of Warcraft usage, that online game which crosses between the virtual and real monetary world – as players even bid real cash online to buy game weapons and armor. Players began to notice a strange type of player that would basically stake out a piece of ground and kill game generated monsters that would respawn after a certain passed. i.e. Farmers.

    What was funny, is that when other players tried to chat with the farmers, they would get strange nonsensical replies. It turns out they were Chinese “farmers” working out of warehouses, where they were paid to “farm” on WoW, bringing in game goodies to the collective, which would then auction them off on eBay.

    The WoW players began to selectively kill off (within the game) of the farmers whenever they were encountered. So with us – the first thing is to understand this new genre of counter-blogger – Putin’s Farmers…

  4. Everybody lies, not just Russians. That’s the very basic of politics and information warfare, lie.

  5. You Americans can jabber until you turn blue.
    Your time is over,in ten years in GDP per capita terms Russia will overcome the US and (Ukraine Little Russia and Belarus will be incorporated back into Russia).
    China in less than 5 years will surpass the American economy.
    This will mean the end of the dollar as a reserve currency.
    You know that very well,that is why you keep hoping for revolutions and civil war in monoethnic states like Russia and China.
    It is not going to happen.Period.

    • Hey, pici, in ten years time your long suffering mom might make you move out, your analytical brilliance might get parlayed into a McDonald’s Employee of the Week award and cash for your then obsolete keyboard repair might be hard for you to come by. I wouldn’t get too cocky.

      Only a fool tries to predict the future.

      • Well Penny, he is just trying to bait you, so just ignore this nonsense. While I agree that only a fool tries to predict a future, there are certain things where the future course of events is fairly clear. E.g., I have no doubts the sun is going to rise tomorrow and that my home town would be still to the west of the Mississippi.

        However, his prediction of what is going to happen in 10 years is so ludicrous that it should not be dignified with a response. Even though I was a small boy, I distinctly remember Khruschev’s promise to bury us. How long has it been? 50 years? They are still designing that cemetery to bury us in.

  6. This maria ashot’s comment is as delusional as many comments that you can see here (Eugene, say something, honey!)

    I am no defender of New York Times, and I do believe that NYT finds it very difficult to report honestly on Chauncey Bailey murder (just like they will de-emphasize the murder of Private Long last week). But what the heck is it to do with the murders of Russian journalists sponsored by the government?!

    If she is Kremlin troll – they obviously are paying peanuts and getting monkeys. Even Tower Bolshevik – not the sharpest tool in the box (to put it mildly), would use some other example…

  7. In a democratic society, the so-called fourth estate is the only one which is neither elected by anyone nor accountable by anyone. So irresponsible scribblers should at least know that if they poke their long noses where they shouldn’t, it’s at their own risk.

    • Don’t worry so much about democratic societies and about journalists working there. You obviously know next to nothing about the issue, and you have expressed you disdain to democracy many a time. If your cave is better, go back to it. We cannot force you to do otherwise nor are we particularly interested to.

  8. The lies coming daily from the kremlin are so profuse, that rooshans now think that this is normal behavior. rooshans lie on an international scale assuming foreigners should believe them because they are rooshan.

    PARIS/CAIRO, June 11 (Reuters) – Cargo inspector SGS said on Thursday a falsified SGS quality certificate had been used on a Russian wheat shipment imported by Egyptian Traders Co, while the importer said the document was definitely valid.

    “We know that on this cargo a false SGS certificate has been used,” Jean-Luc de Buman, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications and Investor Relations, told Reuters by phone. …………………..



  9. For those of you that think that the kremlin does not lie or rewrite history:

    On December 24 it was announced that Beria had been executed after trial by the Supreme Court. Since neither his responsibility for mass murder in the Stalin era nor his own record as a serial rapist of under-age girls could be publicly mentioned for fear of bringing the Communist regime into disrepute, he was declared guilty instead of a surreal plot “to revive capitalism and to restore the rule of the bourgeoisie” in association with British and other Western intelligence services. Beria thus became, following Yagoda and Yezhov in the 1930s, the third Soviet security chief to be shot for crimes which included serving as an (imaginary) British secret agent. In true Stalinist tradition, subscribers to the Great Soviet Encyclopedia were advised to use “a small knife or razor blade” to remove the entry on Beria, and then to insert a replacement article on the Bering Sea.


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