EDITORIAL: An Ugly American Visits the Dentist

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 An Ugly American Visits the Dentist

buck-teethSo, it seems some American idiot named Kyle Keeton has married a Russian babe and moved to Russia, setting up an inane blog called “The Windows to Russia” to record his experiences. 

He doesn’t speak Russian, so it’s dubious for starters as to how much of the country he’s actually experiencing.  Here’s a disturbing example of the embarrassing consequences when one is that oblivous of his surroundings, as our friend Mr. Keeton spends a day at the Russian dentist’s office.

In a recent post touted (heaven only knows why) by Siberian Light, Keeton writes about a trip  to have a cavity filled.  It’s the kind of thing that gives rise to the term “ugly American.”

Keeton relates that the dentist he visited had a fully modern office, delivered Western-quality services and charged him only $90 to fill his tooth, a price he found quite fair.  It’s really remarkable that a person can live in a country and yet be so fully divorced from its reality, but Americans seem to have a special flair for this, and it’s what will naturally happen when you don’t speak the language.  One is reminded of the spectacle presented by Jack Reed as played by Warren Beatty in the epic movie “Reds.”

Keeton is apparently unaware that the average wage in Russia is $3 per hour.  This means that his dental visit would cost an average Russian thirty hours of work to pay for.  In America, the average wage is $20 per hour.  In other words, the fee Keeton paid is the same as paying $600 to have a cavity filled in the United States.  Bargain?  We think not.

But Keeton, of course, doesn’t earn an average Russian wage.  He’s obviously a member of the elite oligarchy of persons in Russia who earn a Western style income from a Western-style employer. For them, many prices in Russia would seem quite cheap, since they are subsidized by the government in order to make them barely affordable to working Russians.

Many other things, like TVs and dental visits, might be on offer at prices quite similar to what you’d pay in the West, making their prices seem normal to Westerners and life in Russia still a bargain.  But Russians aren’t Westerners, and since their average salary is nearly seven times smaller than that of Westerners, those prices are seven times harder for them to pay.

Keeton is amusingly amazed that he’s able to walk right into the dentist’s office and receive treatment without an appointment.  At $600 for a filling, that wouldn’t be a problem much anywhere in the West, either, now would it? In fact, for $600 you could probably get the dentist to make a house call.

But the ordinary Russian is relegated to an entirely different sort of medical professional, and not only in regard to the care of his teeth.  In fact, most Russians never visit a dentist because even the lowest type of provider is either far too expensive or far too much like Laurence Olivier in “Marathon Man.”  Just plain scary.  And that goes for physicians who treat life-threatening conditions, and it goes double for hospitals.

Russians do a lot of things like smoking and not brushing their teeth which contribute mightly to the need for dentists, but they don’t go. Which is why most observant foreigners (but not this benighted idiot) notice rather quickly that Russians walk around with mouths like Freddy Kruger, often packed with gold replacement teeth.   They make the British look like the Swedes. Their fault, of course, is not that they avoid dentists (that’s rational under the circumstances) but that they don’t demand better medical care from their government, acting like lemmings and handing power blindly to dictators who inevitably abuse it and them by wasting their money on insane projects like the cold war.

Russians, especially men, don’t actually have to worry too much about losing their teeth when they get old, because most of them don’t actually get old, and kick the bucket before even reaching the age of 60.  Nor do they have to worry much about chewing, since they tend to drink more than they eat and can’t really afford chewy things like meat for instance.  In fact toothache now and again might even constitute a convenient excuse to drink even more, in lieu of the dentist.

So Russian medical schools continue to be corrupt and inadequate, normal doctors continue to be overworked and underpaid, and Russians don’t rank in the top 150 nations of the world for lifespan, losing up to a million from their population each year.  Meanwhile, American idiots like our friend Mr. Keeton go on babbling their nonsense, helping to cover up the problem and driving Russia into an early grave just  like the one where the USSR is now resting.

133 responses to “EDITORIAL: An Ugly American Visits the Dentist

  1. Quickly skimming Keeton’s blog it appears he superficially processes Russia without much reality based context.

    I’m always leery of the American abroad who has the funding, an escape hatch that the locals don’t and who would never linger long if they had to live the real lives of their foreign neighbors observations.

    • Oksana Makarova

      So, on the one hand, we have Keeton who covers Russia on his blog with a superficial positive veneer from inside the country; while, on the other hand, we have Kim Philby (sorry, Zigler…. what’s her name La Russophobe) who covers Russia on his blog with a superficial negative veneer from outside the country.

      Who should we believe? Perhaps both….. so Russia is a country in transition with a lot of challenges facing it but which has made a ton of progress under Putin’s steady hand.

      Fair enough?


      Are you illiterate? We are not accusing him of bias, we are accusing him of GROSS FACTUAL INACCURACY. The quality of dental care in Russia is WRETCHED except for rich, and there is ZERO evidence to the contrary.

      If you have any evidence of any similar factual perversion practiced on this blog, do tell. Otherwise, you sound like a babbling ape.

      Oh and, by the way: The traffic and rate of comment on this blog is immeasurably higher than on that one. So if it’s a contest, we win hands down. Fair enough?

      Try to think a little more before you write, it will help you avoid looking like such a fool.

    • I will be here in Russia the rest of my life.


      • I am always skeptical of such comments. People always say such things, and a few years down the road change their mind. How long have you been in Russia? Unless you have renounced your American citizenship, you always have the option of leaving.

        • Three Years! Working on citizenship!

          If I was to leave my wife and I would go to China and live. But I see too much future in Russia!

          This is home base and will stay that way. America burned her bridges with me and I helped by adding Fuel to the fire.

          So even if I was to go somewhere else to live I would come back to Russia now.

          I have survived 6 heart attacks and I decided that life is too short. My roots are in Germany, I am half German, but Russia seemed correct and appropriate. As it turned out I was correct in my assertions.

          I have a sweetie of a wife who walks by my side through all the good and bad.

          But hey all this is on my blog if you have a desire to read what an American is doing in Russia and why!


  2. kavkazwatcher

    Not to worry Penny, usually the unwary expat will crash and burn… Even tough ones like Mark Ames couldn’t stay on the wild ride forever. This dude (holy cow – he’s 50! – that’s a mid-life crisis bride and relo to Moscow) will probably never speak good Russian or understand life as it is lived by most Russians (even those in Moscow).

    • Does that matter as long as I am happy…

      I have been all over the world and lived in 13 different countries at last count. Russia is the best country that I have lived in and have decided to stay and use Russia as my home to travel from.

      Have you seen the horrors of border crossing in America now? It is getting rough and I lost a laptop the last time and America still will not give it back.

      You really need to read our blog and the multiples of other blogs we have. :)


  3. Oksana Makarova

    Does this mean that you will support Mr. Obama’s plan to adopt socialized medicine like we have in Europe.


    We have no opinion on anything Obama does except insofar as his Russia policy is concerned. We hope he will call upon “president” Medvedev to do all he can to help provide quality dental care to all Russians at a price they can afford, not just to rich foreigners.

    • Oksana Makarova

      “We have no opinion on anything Obama does except insofar as his Russia policy is concerned.”

      Don’t you mean to say, …. insofar as his Georgia policy is concerned?




      Also, you wrote, “But Russians aren’t Westerners, and since their average salary is nearly seven times smaller than that of Westerners, those prices are seven times harder for them to pay….” I would have thought you would not have made the mistake so many Westerners, who know almost nothing about Russia, make when evaluating the standard of living there. Little clue for you….. look at the bottom-line, not the gross salary number.


      Little clue for you . . . look at lifespan, the basic criteria of quality of life. Russians don’t rank IN THE TOP 150 COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD in that category. Moron.

      Another little clue for you . . . look into the mouth of a Russian sometime.

      The average Russian family’s monthly costs are much, much lower than the average America family because it has no mortgage payment (most people own their apartments 100%), car payment (public transportation is decent), health insurance premium (basic health care is free), student loans (education is free), and no credit card payments (Russians save the old fashioned way- before they purchase something).


      Lie #1. Most people in Russia do not own a home. Most homes are owned, but they are occupied by many people only one of whom owns it. The rest are trapped like prisoners.

      Let’s not forget that Russia is also a country with a flat tax of 13%.


      Let’s not forget that Russians don’t rank in the top 150 nations of the world for adult lifespan. Let’s not forget that most don’t pay any taxes because they cheat and lie and get paid in cash. Let’s not forget that even if American taxes are twice as high, their income is SEVEN TIMES as high.

      Therefore, the average Russian family has a higher actual disposable income than its counterpart in the US. Do the math yourself and you’ll understand why Russia will shortly become the largest automobile market in the EUROPE. (Opel understands this fact perfectly).


      Lie #2. Russia’s auto market has collapsed along with the rest of the economy. Opel is the result of a bankrupty. By the way,what in the WORLD this has to do with dental care we have NO idea. Are you on drugs?

      So, while you may smugly wish for it to be a reality that $90 is prohibitably expensive for a tooth repair for a middle class Russian family, you would be wrong. 2,700 Rubles may not be cheap but it also will not break the bank of the average family.


      Lie #3. $90 is thirty hours work. Can you count, ape? A visit to dentist in America costs no more than ten hours work, in many places much less. Your ignorance is epic in scale and so is your dishonest. If you were right, people would be waiting in line to enter Russia, not America. They aren’t. Your idiotic propaganda is genuinely hilarious.

      By the way, your $3 per hour (90 rubles per hour) works out to 12,600 Rubles per month. That figure may be correct for some of the smaller cities in Russia but in Moscow, St. Petersberg, Nizhny Novgorod, etc. that number would be lower middle class. Since this guy Keeton lives in Moscow then you should use Moscow figures. The average middle-class wage in Moscow will be closer to $1,000 per month. In a two income earner family (almost all of them) that works out to approximately $24,000 per year. Minus taxes you are at almost $21,000. After necessities (food, clothes, etc.) the average family may have $5,000 to $10,000 of completely pure disposable income. Go and see if the average American family can say the same. The bottom-line point is that you have no clue about modern-day Russia except what your eco-chamber tells you.


      Lie #4. You have no evidence that a Western-quality dental office is cheaper outside of Moscow than in it, and there is no reason in the world it should be so. What’s more, Moscow is THE MOST EXPENSIVE CITY IN THE WORLD, which means that even if residents have higher income ALL THEIR OTHER COSTS are also much higher than any other place in Russia.

      Umm . . . are we just supposed to take your word for the average wage in Moscow? Sorry but wouldn’t that be . . . umm . . . crazy?

      Even if the cost in Russia were reduced by HALF to account for higher Moscow wages, that would still be $300 in American terms, far beyond what normal Americans do or could pay for such a basic service. And if you’re a Russian worker, good luck finding an employer who will provide you with dental insurance such as many American workers enjoy, making such routine services totally free.

      By your crazed “logic,” it would be rational for Americans to move to Russia! Please stop drinking and posting, you make Russia look like a nation of idiotic cretins without the vaguest sense of ethics.

  4. Yes, but you forgot “krisha” costs that are prevalent in Russia and nearly absent in the US.

    • Oksana Makarova


      Obviously you know little of American medicine.

      The “krisha” costs in the United States have been institutionalized and are now called “malpractice insurance.”

      Compared to the informal Russian bureaucratic “krisha” I would call it a draw.

      “Fifty-fifty” as us Russians say.


      Russians can’t sue their doctors for malpractice, and have few other legal rights even remotely comparable to Americans. That’s because they are the helpless slaves of the state, just as in Soviet times. Even with malpractice rights, dental care is of far higher quality and more accessible in the US than in Russia, and the same is true of other medical care.

      Your suggestion that medical care in Russia is of the same quality and accessability as in the United States, despite the fact that Americans live TWENTY YEARS longer than Russians, may just be the single stupidest comment we’ve ever received. Just curious: You don’t get treated by Russian doctors, do you?

  5. Oksana Makarova, put your vodka bottle down and your teeth back in, you’ve got to have a job, money and/or credit all of which are in shorter supply to buy Putin’s protected Ladas, not that anyone wants them anyways.

    Modern highways are nice to have too.

  6. Read the post. Was amused by this comment: “It was explained to me that American dentists like the Amalgam material and that is so old fashion. That the Russian way is to use the pretty new Composite materials and produce works of art to repair your teeth.” He accepts as the unequivocal truth. However, using composite materials to fill teeth has been around in North America for years and certainly longer than they have been used in Russia. However, some dentists, patients and insurance companies prefer amalgam to composite, while other dentists and patients prefer the composite.

  7. This guy may be delusional, but that’s not why he had a pleasant trip to the dentist. It’s because they don’t reserve the best treatment only for the super rich, and because they charge very reasonable rates, probably because they’re not bogged down by outrages expenses.

    I read the web site a bit, he seems to have a bias that sugar coats a lot of things, but being treated like a human being at a dentist office isn’t one of them.

    Penny says modern highways are nice, but I bet she doesn’t support the social spending that’s involved in it, she seems like a real “tea bagger.”

    • I can’t comment about dentistry in the United States, but I can affirm that I am treated like a human being at my dentist’s office in Canada. I have a decent plan and so far my $1500 allowed will have paid for a new crown, three fillings and a cleaning. I may pay $80 or $90 out of pocket if we went over my spending limit. Plus, I trust my dentist to do quality work. I would not be so confident of the work done by Russian dentists. They may have the fancy equipment in Moscow, but it does not guarantee that they were trained in how to use it properly.

    • I’m against “social spending” for highways and road repair? Where? What are you talking about?!!

      That it hasn’t happened in Russia is Putin’s problem not mine.

      Is it a reading comprehension problem with you? Or what?

    • “delusional”

      Cool, I have been called a new name!

      I get called stupid, dumb, ignorant, moron, uninstructed, untutored, illiterate, unlettered, uneducated and unaware. Just to name a few!



  8. Oksana’s comment about the Russian auto market is really an amazing new low for Russophile filth. The actual facts are here:


    “The collapse in car sales on the Russian market failed to find a bottom in May, plunging 58 percent to demonstrate that state efforts have failed to spark a recovery, the Association of European Businesses said on Monday.”

    Lies, lies and more lies are all these “friends” of Russia can muster.

  9. moscow is the best built potemkin village built on this planet. Some potemkin dental offices there too? Go to any village past moscow and see reality.

    • The best dental work that had to be done for me was done in a village outside of Moscow. 350 km the Southern way.

      Thanks I forgot about that…


      • Must have been the closest dentist to moscow who earned a real sheepskin?

        • By the way – while we are communicating about villages. I am going to my dacha this weekend. I will bring lots of pictures back so do not forget to stop by “Windows to Russia” next week and see the Village and posts about it.

          I also have multiples of posts about this village if anyone is interested in what an American does in Russia.

          That is a good thought! You need to come by, all you guys and gals and see what an American does do in Russia…

          Thanks very much for continuing the village comment.


          • Kyle,

            A dacha outside of Moscow is not a Russian village in any sense of the term.


            • Cool! Sorry about that! Just a dumb America.

              All the same to me. I just love going to the country, what ever you want to call it… I was corrected by my wife also. I will have lots of pictures and articles.

              Oh by the way I have lots of articles on the village we go to where the village home is! (not Dacha)


              • If the “village home” you have is within easy driving distance of Moscow, it is not truly a Russian village. It will not be anything comparable to a Russian village that is located a few hours farther from Moscow or better yet in the Russian North or Far East. Sorry Kyle, but the more you write, the more you display a complete naivete with regards to Russia. Perhaps you should invite your wife to come and post instead of you.

                • Potemkin villages are much easier to build on the internet; a fantasy land, just like video games.

                  Modern Uses
                  “Potemkin village” has also frequently been used to describe the attempts of the Soviet government to fool foreign visitors. The government would take such visitors, who were often already sympathetic to socialism or communism, to select villages, factories, schools, stores, or neighborhoods and present them as if they were typical, rather than exceptional. Given the strict limitations on the movement of foreigners in the USSR, it was often impossible for these visitors to see any other examples. [5].


  10. Funny thing is that during the USSR, the majority of Soviet Dentists, Doctors, and Engineers actually came from Georgia and Armenia.
    Since the collapse of the USSR, Russians are left with their own substandard Russian types.

    • My dentist is a Armenian-Georgian in Tevali. He studied dental in the US though. Great guy and great work.

  11. Avel Yenukidze

    La Russophobe- I have lived in U.S. for over forty
    years and I question your statement that the
    average wage is 20.00 per hour. It is lower.
    Stop misleading your readers with this incompetance and post with accuracy.

    And why are you crying about Dentists?

    With enough vodka and a pair of vise-
    grip pliers you can simply pull the teeth
    out yourself.

    I asked you several weeks ago if the Buran space
    shuttle (design stolen from U.S.) is still being
    used for a latrine (toilet) by homeless persons.

    You have not answered me.

    I am also not satisfied with the quality of your
    insults. Any good Russian should be able to
    combine 5 insults into 1 but you do not have the
    intelligence to do this.

    Your “journalism” is second or third class
    and it is not acceptable.

    You humiliate all Russians with your work.

    Have a nice day.


    You’ve lied about American wages without even attempting to link to source material. That violates our clearly stated comment rules and makes you a criminal on this blog.

    We’re talking about dentists because it exposes Russian weakness and touches a neo-Soviet nerve, excuse the pun, as your defensive and paranoid comment clearly states.

    You, sir, are a pscyhopath.

    • You may question whether the average wage is $20 per hou, but the data says otherwise. According to the latest data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average (mean) wage of all professions is $20.32. Source: http://www.bls.gov/oes/2008/may/oes_nat.htm#b00-0000.

      As for your claim that “Any good Russian should be able to combine 5 insults into 1” is an example of Russian hubris. God, why do Russians even have such a need to boast, even about something as ridiculous as to how well they can insult others.

      • I think Mr. Yenukidze is being sarcastic, see his comments about dentistry and the Russian space shuttle, and with a name like Yenukidze he is probably of Georgian extraction.

    • “With enough vodka and a pair of vise-
      grip pliers you can simply pull the teeth
      out yourself.”

      In America we transplant the vodka with Whiskey pull the teeth out. Had a friend in Arkansas near Table Rock Lake area that had a tooth pulled just that way….


  12. The one problem that you Americans and Russians both share is the inability to digest sarcasm at all.

    That said, I much prefer associating with Americans, as the chances of being brutalised, robbed, lied to or jailed are inherently lower.

    Cheers mate!

    Wally (the Aussie)

  13. I almost missed the finest point in this comment:

    “For them, many prices in Russia would seem quite cheap, since they are subsidized by the government in order to make them barely affordable to working Russians.”

    What? “Subsidized by government?” In other words, government *helps* people in Russia? Does its best to make their life EASIER?

    Strange. Never seen this blog admitting this before.
    BTW, I wonder: what do the USA government do? ;)

    • The US government does not assasinate their journalists and intelligentzia. :)

    • what do the USA government do?

      Why ask when you can find out on your own.

      Ever heard of Google? Find it and enter “US government programs”, “Medicare”, “Medicaid”, and “indigent funding” too.

      Of course after you’ve completed your research we’ll all be waiting for you to report back to us. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you want us to bring you a glass of water too.

  14. Hey Guys,

    Thanks a lot!

    We really appreciate the link.

    Thanks again and anytime you want to post about an article of ours please do. We have 1362 articles that you can chose from in Windows to Russia. Plus we have a video blog, a photo blog, a Blogger help blog for Russians and a blog called Coffee talk Shop! That equates to another 1000 plus posts that you can study and enjoy.

    Russia is a fantastic country!

    Have a nice day.

    Kyle and Svetlana

  15. I noticed that none of the posts by Oksana Makarova contained any insults. But LaRussophobe and Penny insulted her with every reply: “moron”, “ape”, as well as implying that she is a toothless alcholic. Nonetheless, she never retaliated.


    She did something far worse, she lied. We, by contrast, didn’t. If you respect politeness more than truth, you are an idiot.

    And in fact, several of her comments containing obscene personal insults were deleted. So you are a moron as well as an idiot. Maybe you could have asked first? Or would it have been too much to ask to give us the benefit of the doubt? Is that your idea of “fairness”? If so, go jump in a lake moron.

    • She did something far worse, she lied. We, by contrast, didn’t.

      Huh, each word coming out your mouth is an overt lie. In the language of your alleged ancestors, my dear blog owner, it’s called a chutzpah. When someone points that out, you simply delete and sometimes — even worse — edit the previous posts. That’s all folks.

  16. Please accept my apologies for unthinkingly jumping to conclusions. I did not realize that another commenter had to be censored, and I should have researched her comments before making my comment. This is a good reminder to me to carefully check all the facts before expressing my opinion.

    Thank you for carrying forth your crusade for liberty, and for reminding me of what it really means to be fairminded and unbiased.

    Mark Crowel

  17. Hello,

    I was drinking my morning cup of coffee sitting here in Moscow, Russia. I had just finished walking the dog and thinking about this wonderful blog of yours, Kim!

    I really do appreciate the fact that you invited me to your blog. I have waited with anticipation for over a year now. This is the apogee of the year for “Windows to Russia!”

    But please do not stop with that one measly article that has stirred your inner soul so much.

    I have multiples of articles about health care in Russia. You missed a very good article that I have, about having a root canal done in Moscow. That one has pictures so that you do not have to use stand in photos for me. (though the likeness is good) Just search for root canal.

    The amazing thing was that the cost of that root canal was $400 and it was Gold. Can you believe that?

    It is true and I know because I was the one who had it done…

    By the way – I think I like this blog so much that I am going to hang around, now that you have brought me into your den or should we say lair?

    Either way I feel welcomed and will exasperate when necessity arises…

    Kyle Keeton

    • If you want an article to stir your inner soul, then read this:


      • Well I read it and I am waiting for the earth shattering revelation that I am suppose to feel over that article.

        You know the first murder I saw was when I was 4 years old. I was sitting on my Grandpas shoulders and watching the locals put a rope around a black mans head. They hung him in the doorway of a barn. I asked Grandpa why? He said, “Do not tell Grandma and that was his answer.”

        That was the first of a very long list of murders and deaths that I have been near.

        I use to look down the scope of a rifle in the name of freedom and all that bull… My gun stock had a cut in it for every kill…..

        So show me something that interests me!


        • Dear Kyle,

          You have no soul or conscience. Now I understand how you fit right in with the crowds in moscow. If you are an American, which I doubt, then you must be a very delusional senile evil old man who was found by a female KGB agent who created a useful idiot to have a pet that will relay the kremlin propaganda and their fabricated evil lies.

        • Hmm, chargeable offense defacing government property that.

          I have never met a real US soldier yet who would put a notch (the correct English term) in the stock for “every kill”.

    • To Keeton,
      I for one do not welcome a “Russophiliac”
      apologist, who ignores the spectrum of Roosiyskie abuses on its neighborhood, past and present.
      I hope that you actually continue your nonsense because the actions of a criminal state like mass murdering Roosia, have its consequences for even you. I like the fact that you will wind up as a preyed upon species, isolated, and always be identified as such. Just don’t open up your English mouth much, as Drunken Plundering Neo Bolsheviks will be gunning for a punk like you and your wallet. Be warned that when you start telling the truth, about your adopted territory (because I can’t call it a country) you will join the ranks of other martyred journalists or bloggers. But I doubt that will apply to someone of your stripe. You will remain an almost “Useful Idiot” till your old lady finds a real man, because you sir have no honor. If you did, you would try to help Roosians evolve, and not be justifying their scam.

      • Hey George,

        Sounds like a threat from you! That is how it reads. But hey, I am use to that all my life!

        Seems strange, what is your truth is different from my truth.

        The main difference is not that we differ, but that you resort to threats. When you express yourself and use the terms warned, stripe, English mouth and preyed upon species. You transcend yourself to a low level that is unbecoming of the comment section in this blog. The fact is that most people are capable of communicating with out retort!

        Someone invited me here so if I am not welcomed, why would someone drag a “American idiot” from his “delusional” world that he lives in and cause him to have to delve into the world of La Russophobe!

        What is really strange with you people is that I am not who you think I am. That is what is amusing.

        You have this preconceived manifestation about me. The fact that I live in Russia and write about Russia and feel good about Russia, causes something to snap in the context of this blog.


        • Kyle,

          Many of the people who post here have suffered directly at the hands of the Russian state.
          For example, my wifes sister in law was raped by Russian soldiers and separatist militia last august despite the fact she was a medical worker.
          Several members of my wifes family were sent to gulags.
          George and others come from states that were victims (and in some cases still are) of Russian imperialism.
          Until Russians (as Germans, French, English etc have done) admit to their historical crimes, they will be hated by those they have inflicted genocide, ethnic cleansing, and other various crimes associated with russian rule upon.
          There are many good Russians (the priest who baptised my daughter, and those my wife and I worshipped with in New Zealand for the 3 years she lived there for example).
          But unfortunately the majority of Russians are easily led, racist, and venally corrupt.
          I am glad that you seem to have found a good life in Russia, but try and recognise the danger of Putinism. As a history major, it is looking awfully like 1930’s Germany.
          Why should former soviet states like Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltics, Azerbaijhan etc be forced to kowtow to Moscows line?

          • Hey Andrew,

            The way that you guys approach and attack does nothing for the convincing of a person like me.

            Remember I did not start this…


            You did start it, actually. You published your offensively ignorant blog post and then you chose to comment on this blog. You are merely demonstrating an even more profound detachment from reality with this comment.

            Further, we bitterly resent your suggestion that you are open to changing your mind about Russia. It’s an absurd lie and an insult to our intelligence.

            • Hey,

              I am so happy! I commented all day and now my dream has happened!

              Hi LA RUSSOPHOBE!

              I have lots of offensively ignorant blog posts! I added one today so now I have 1363 posts. At Windows to Russia!

              Thank You


            • When did I attack you Kyle?
              I think you are being a little irrational old boy.
              I notice that you are unable to answer any of the questions I asked you.
              Why don’t you try and think about them a bit?
              Why is Russia hated by all the countries it brutalised?
              Why should those countries be forced to kowtow to Russia?
              Why should the Russian people be abandoned to leaders like Putin who are hell bent on recreating the USSR?

        • For Keeton,

          Quoting you…”What is really strange with you people is that I am not who you think I am. That is what is amusing.”
          Anyone who says “You People” definitely is not an educated American. You would not say that to an Afro American for instance, without offense.
          Your English is readable however. Also you Keeton, betray a Provincial Charmingly Hillbilly past that is a creation of your mind. Like when you describe a lynching in the South that you “witnessed”. Where, and in the South of what country? How about the other stupid comments:
          “I use to look down the scope of a rifle in the name of freedom and all that bull… My gun stock had a cut in it for every kill…..”

          If you were truly an army snipper you would not call it a “gun”. Any ex-military knows this.

          No English speaker would use the present tense “use” for a sentence referring to the past.

          You, Moscal Neo Bolshevik have been outed! Just by your improper English. Another RoSSiyski Troll functioning to inject nonsense and disinformation on this site. LaRussophobe spots phonies. Lies have caught up to you, so now you will be denoted by your “fearless lidder”. You are no Native American obviously, and you admitted that!

          “I am not who you think I am. That is what is amusing”. Not amusing anymore, so you do not deserve any cordial treatment. Go Bloviate yourself elsewhere.

          • You know I suffered calling it a gun in the Army enough! I was raised that it was a gun and will not let even the Army take that away. “Gun is for fun a weapon is to kill!” Yea Yea what a pathetic thing to bring up… I like you you, are alright. Keep up the insults it makes for a wonderful day…

            Troll functioning to inject nonsense and disinformation on this site. You started it! With an editorial. How can I be a troll when you attacked me and my site. that is a strange conception of reality. yes my site and come on over to visit and you will find me there also.

            Cool huh the web is great….

            “You People” Yes I would say it to everyone…

            I also say “You Guys” referring to men and women both. (I know it is not politically correct)

            “No English speaker would use the present tense “use” for a sentence referring to the past.” You just met one who does…

            Moscal Neo Bolshevik! Cool who – what is that? I will look it up though. looked it up and that was the sweetest thing any one has ever called me. Thanks…. (you guys are number one on that search term)

            “Native American” , You are correct I am not an American Indian…. I am half German and the other half English but I only visited Germany. I never have been to England though.

            This is cool!

            Why do you cry and whine when you guys started this?

            • I don’t see anyone “crying” but you Kyle.
              If you suffered for calling your rifle a gun for a long time in the army, then that shows indiscipline and stupidity, which would be entirely your own fault.
              Having worked with real snipers myself, they are invariably the most disciplined and intelligent of soldiers.
              I therefore must agree with George, that you are telling a few porkies Kyle.

        • kyle

          George did not threaten you; he gave you friendly advice and warned you, therefore, that shows that you are paranoid. Also, he did not use the word American, and that means that you are a liar.

      • Hi George,

        Do not worry about Kyle. Yet! His KGB wife plays him like a violin, and her co-workers protect him. That is, until they get tired of their newfound boytoy, or he matures and opens up his eyes. Remember Bernard Shaw?

    • Kyle,

      Speaking for myself, good for you that you have found a comfortable life in Russia. I don’t think anyone would deny that there are good things to be found in Russia and many decent people there.

      I’m not doubting that you can get good dental care in Russia at a reasonable price, having lived many years in a border state I know Americans that get good dental care at a fraction of the price in Mexico.

      The focus and the tone here is a repulsion to all things Putin, the damage he has done to Russia. I assume that you would agree?

      Do you?

      • Hey Penny,

        When I comment on an article that has to do with Putin and or other items, then you will find out what I conceive.

        “The focus and the tone here” is this article and only this article, that proceeded to attack me as a person. My article has nothing to do with Putin. I did not mention his name nor imply anything about Putin. This article was an American who thinks like an American going to the dentist in Moscow, Russia! So if you want to attack me, attack me over what I write about Putin on my blog. Not about what filling type to use.

        Of all articles that I have, the article that is picked, makes for an interesting conception of what criteria is used to pick articles. I have articles that have 80 to a 100 comments and major battles go on with in the comment section.

        What I am here for right now, is to communicate and investigate what the reasoning’s are for the personal attack.

        The editorial was a personal attack! That makes no sense and until the reasoning’s behind this masquerade are laid to rest the other issues have minuscule roots.


        Strange though, you ask such a question and my blog is very close by (a simple click). It has 1365 as of this moment articles, about how I feel and think about Russia. That includes Putin, Medvedev and the whole country, including my feelings about America.

        I write what I feel. I write how I feel. I write about my adventures all over Russia and many CIS countries. I do not lie in my blog, I simple write about how I feel and or pass on information that I think people in America need to know.

        If you want a base line to attack by:

        I feel that Putin and Medvedev are far superior to the presidents of the USA during my lifetime, that is those that I can associate with only.

  18. I’ll repeat what I wrote above:

    Quickly skimming Keeton’s blog it appears he superficially processes Russia without much reality based context.

    I’m always leery of the American abroad who has the funding, an escape hatch that the locals don’t and who would never linger long if they had to live the real lives of their foreign neighbors observations.

    And after your reply above…“I feel that Putin and Medvedev are far superior to the presidents of the USA during my lifetime, that is those that I can associate with only”……I’m now amending “superficial” to “willfully ignorant”.

    You are no friend to all of those Russians that have aspirations for a democratic society.

    Post away here by all means, I really have nothing more to say to you.

    • You opened your mouth first! all of you guys did.


      Yes, that’s right, we have ESP. We knew you would post your inane blog item, and we knew you would comment here, so we wrote about you before you could do so!

      Yikes. Even more of a wacko than we dared imagine.

    • I agree. Living in Moscow is not that hard if you are a foreigner and earn a foreigner’s salary and have somebody who is your full time guide and interpreter. If Kyle were living in a smaller city or better yet a village, knowing little Russian and earning local wages, then maybe I would be impressed. Bonus points if he were to renounce his American citizenship and solely hold a Russian passport.

      • Hey Michel,

        I will honestly say that you make the most sense of all you guys.

        The fact is, I have been here 3 years I have been doing Windows to Russia for 2 years. I will be doing this blog on the road as I travel Russia and when I live in the Village.

        I do not work for any foreign company in Moscow. So I do not earn a foreign wage. I make money myself and by myself.

        I would like someone to explain why I do not speak Russian? I never said that! I have said that my wife being a natural Russia has a huge command of the language that I will never have.

        The dentist trip was best for me to be quiet and not speak Russian. My command of the language does not get to the technical end of Russian language as far as medical and industrial wording. So as I was able to enjoy them making jokes about men. (Like I said in the article) I knew that if I did not want to have the wrong tooth drilled, I need to let my wife explain. :)

        I also find it interesting that you all assume that I am wealthy! No way and in any way do I have money! I paid off 20% of 6 heart attacks and that is an incredible sum of money in America.

        Why does everyone assume so much on this blog.

        I did not come to Russia for any other true reason but to be with Svetlana. She made the choice to stay in Russia and I to be with her came here.

        My feelings about America is my feelings and my past. But I would not be in Russia if not for Svetlana. She takes care of me and helps me when I have issues with my heart. That is the main reason why I will not leave Russia is because Svetlana is here.

        One thing Svetlana is a fantastic woman and has won my heart with her beautiful smile and kind ways.

        I will most likely never step back home to America, and I am in the process of getting a permanent residency, the Russian system is every bit as worthless as the American bureaucracy and is like pulling teeth to get things done.

        I do not pay bribes like I spent most of my life in America doing. I refuse to here when getting paper work done and so far I am succeeding in getting things done albeit slow.

        Strange how this group tries to remove my American heritage but maybe that is correct because I would denounce American citizenship when I have to. I will not leave Svetlana except by death. With me that could happen tomorrow!


        • Kyle, you write: “I paid off 20% of 6 heart attacks and that is an incredible sum of money in America.”

          I am sorry, but your writing leaves me confused. What exactly do you mean when you say you paid off 20% of 6 heart attacks? Was this a deductible? I just don’t understand.

          As for heart attacks and how much they cost in either Russia or the United States, I don’t know as I am Canadian and would not pay for any surgery. Nonetheless, I would prefer any day to have a heart attack in Canada as opposed to Russia.

          I really have my doubts as to whether you would have survived 6 heart attacks if you do not have money, do not give “gifts” and are earning an average Russian salary.

  19. ‘Kyle’ is clearly not a real American person. He can’t speak English properly. He writes with the kind of idiosyncracies only a foreigner develops: ‘those that I can associate with only’ is not good English. It makes no sense. To ‘associate with’ means to spend time with. Kyle is saying ‘I think Putin and Medvedev are better than those American Presidents I am able to meet socially’. You know, most of us can say the same.

    This is more than the spelling mistakes and illiterate malapropisms that are strewn over his comments, it is something a native speaker would never say. Whilst it is possible that other mistakes are the product of a rather simple-minded man turning to literature, ignorant of his own ignorance, any doubts should be dispelled by this gem of a story:

    “You know the first murder I saw was when I was 4 years old. I was sitting on my Grandpas shoulders and watching the locals put a rope around a black mans head. They hung him in the doorway of a barn. I asked Grandpa why? He said, “Do not tell Grandma and that was his answer.”

    That was the first of a very long list of murders and deaths that I have been near.

    I use to look down the scope of a rifle in the name of freedom and all that bull… My gun stock had a cut in it for every kill…..”

    Please. This is the condensed dreck of anti-American cliche.

    Still doubt me? Consider this:

    “In America we transplant the vodka with Whiskey pull the teeth out. ”

    No native speaker would ever use the word ‘transplant’ for ‘substitute’ in such a comment. It had to have been found in a dictionary.

    Or how about this:

    “while we are communicating about villages”

    While we are COMMUNICATING?


    • “‘Kyle’ is clearly not a real American person.”

      Google my name and find the :

      N . 05-1550 I T FLYING J INC., Petitioner, v. KYLE KEETON ..

      Kyle Keeton, Plaintiff-Appellee, v. Flying J, Inc., Defendant …

      RealWorld Training and Consulting

      Find one of these links and then tell me about the bull of life. Tell me about a struggle and staying alive with a corporation trying to destroy every thing about you so that they can save 15,000 dollars. Tell me about losing all your wealth and dignity because you are blackballed. Tell me about death threats and houses being burned down. Tell me about 5 men beating up me, because I would not back away from this situation. Tell me about bribes after bribe attempts to get me to go away. Tell me about ….

      Money has no meaning when your reputation is at stake.

      Yes Russia to me, is a hell of a lot better place than America.

      I at least use my real name thedarknight!

      This has given me an idea for my next post! I am tired of staying quiet about this, The case is over and is public record but I still hide it inside me. Well no more! You need to come by tomorrow, I am going to have a good post. I just realized I can say something now I am out of America and do not have to look over my shoulder every day any more…

      Thanks guys,

      I always say: God works in mysterious way!

  20. Hey we have a new one!


    That sounds scary…

    Wow! You attack me and now you want to even take away my identity and nationality.

    You people are awesome.

    I really like this place and I enjoy this company.

    Really would have been better if you had not defamed my charter.

    But that is what you seem to do best and I am here for the ride…

    Remember Children: You attacked my blog and myself personally.

    I have never come by here and made any derogatory remarks about anything on this blog.

    But now it is open season…


  21. Time to go!

    63 comments: Good Job everyone!

    I had a wonderful day but I have other things to do!

    Everyone have a good night! It is 19:47 here and time to get the little lady from the bus stop down the street.


    Maybe I will be back tomorrow!

  22. “In America we transplant the vodka with Whiskey pull the teeth out. ”

    Good catch, thedarknight. That awkward sentence would never be uttered by an American.

    You’ve paid attention to him more than I have and I think you are right. He’s a plant.

    Kyle and Svetlana have four Putin Chamber of Commerce blogs going on. .

    But, then, poor “Kyle” wasn’t bright enough to keep the subtle subterfuge going and gave himself away with “I feel that Putin and Medvedev are far superior to the presidents of the USA during my lifetime, that is those that I can associate with only.” More awkward wording there too.

    The FSB really needs to raise their recruitment standards. Kyle was a waste of his paycheck here.

    • You know I think Putin is a good leader!


      What a surprise!

      Priceless, simply priceless. Sometimes, it’s good to be La Russophobe. What more could our readers possibly ask for than this?

    • I wish someone paid me! For writing that would be a grand idea in the scheme of life!

      Do you really think that someone could be paid to write this stuff?

      Of course not me because you all think that I am an idiot and not even an American. (That truly makes me smile.)

      Are any of you in Moscow? I would love to meet you. That would be great! You all have my e-mail through the comment section of this blog. You also can visit my site and I have a side bar menu that has a email link. I have said many times that I will meet people. I have a picture in my profile with Svetlana. I also have multiple of posts that have our pictures in them.

      But really wouldn’t that be cool to get paid to write good things about Russia or even good things about America…

      Things that make you go Hummmm.


  23. Kyle, go away, you are past your shelf life and it’s getting boring.

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  26. OMG!

    This has been the easiest group in the world to push buttons and make jump…

    Can you all be more predictable?

    Been a good case study though!

    From Russia With Love…



    You keep saying you will leave, but you never do. That’s a sign of mental illness.

    It’s easy for a Nazi to push a Jew’s button’s also. Is that the sort of person you are? Yes, seems so.

  27. Ah, slime finds slime, a match made in (neo-soviet) hell.

  28. I don’t know what this has to do with dentistry, but apparently “Keeton v Flying J” makes rasha a better place than the US.

    That is the case referred to above by the one identifying himself as Kyle Keeton, who is now happily ensconced in an apartment in Maskva, with Svetlana.

    In that case, the plaintiff, one Kyle Keeton, worked at a truck stop in Kentucky.

    He claimed that he was sexually harrassed by a female supervisor. The company offered Keeton another position at a different location.

    Keeton turned that down, as it was his right to do, resigned from the company and sued. The case reveals that his then-wife had severe back problems, he would have had to commute to the new location about 120 miles away, and this would have been a personal hardship.

    He got a jury verdict of $15,000 under US laws applicable to sexual harrassment.

    The Flying J company appealed to the federal appellate court, and the verdict was affirmed.

    The Flying J company then appealed for the US Supreme Court to take a look at the case, and was turned down.

    So the verdict of $15,000 was upheld.

    Again, I’m not sure what that has to do with dentistry, or living in Rasha.

    But apparently somehow it makes Rasha a better place to live.

    I, for one, hope that the level of dentistry in Russia, and every country, is good.

    And if it’s not – I hope it improves.

    • By saying “his then wife” am I correct in understanding that “Mr” Keeton has ditched his injured wife and taken up with a younger Russian?
      Maybe the threats he claims were made against him were by her family?
      Anyway, sounds like he is a typical whiner.

  29. Kyle Keeton or russian spammer 1.1?

    Hi folks, kyle keeton here, drinking my morning cofee spiked with vodka (http://lmgtfy.com/?q=alcoholism+in+russia )

    When I was a little kid in fictious land…..but in motherland russia, i went to a great dentist, got aids, have a lifespane of 60 years of age , have two “presidents”, one default dictator and idealist, have simmering unrests (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/7862370.stm

    And have a republic that has a tendency to assasinate it’s politicians (http://www.moscowtimes.ru/article/1010/42/378073.htm

  30. Andrew – the court case opinion recites that Kyle Keeton was then married, and that his wife had severe back problems.

    Now, the Kyle Keeton in the case may or may not be the same as the person who is advertising his blog on La Russophobe.

    If you look at the case, he worked at the Walton plaza in Kentucky, and his own lawyers, in a brief filed with the US Supreme Court, described his then-wife as having a “debilitating back problem.”

    He worked at the plaza between June and December 2001.

    The US Supreme Court denied the Flying J request to take a look at the jury verdict in 2006.

    He resigned, according to his own lawyer’s brief to the Supreme Court, in January 2001.

    His own lawyers succeeded in opposing the Flying J company’s request to have the US Supreme Court re-visit the jury verdict.

    So I’m not going to say that he ditched a wife with debilitating back problems in Kentucky for Svetlana in Maskva.

  31. Fair enough Elmer.
    I must say though, that if Mr Keeton is as abrasive and annoying in real life as he is in his posts, then its not surprising he was beaten up a few times.
    Rather than the attackers being agents of the government etc as he claims on his blog, I suggest they were irate truckers who wanted to give him an education in manners.

  32. Hitler’s Propaganda Minister, Joseph Goebbels, understood that “To be perceived, propaganda must evoke the interest of an audience and must be transmitted through an attention-getting communications medium.”[1]

    He exerted totalitarian control over the media, arts, and information in Germany. In that position, he perfected an understanding of the “Big Lie” technique of propaganda, which is based on the principle that a lie, if audacious enough and repeated enough times, will be believed by the masses.

    His propaganda techniques were totally cynical: “That propaganda is good which leads to success, and that is bad which fails to achieve the desired result,” he wrote. “It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead to success.”[22]

    He openly acknowledged that he was exploiting the lowest instincts of the German people — racism, xenophobia, class envy and insecurity. He could, he said, play the popular will like a piano, leading the masses wherever he wanted them to go. “He drove his listeners into ecstasy, making them stand up, sing songs, raise their arms, repeat oaths — and he did it, not through the passionate inspiration of the moment, but as the result of sober psychological calculation.”[24]

    He said: “Propaganda? Certainly! Good propaganda for a good cause!” We make propaganda not in the pay of forces or men in the background, but rather we make propaganda for our own honest convictions. We advertise for our own ideal, and therefore we fight using all good means to make good propaganda to win the soul of our people.”

  33. Christ, regarding the economy and Russian foreign policy I agreed with this website…however, when you start pathetically attack people over such someone else’s blog experience thats when you reach a new level of patheticness..not to mention the fact apparently every time a Russian woman wins/loses a tennis match it provides all the evidence you need to be sent into a frenzied rabid attack on Russia.

    Good luck being taken seriously ;)

    Nice blog Kyle :)


    Should we start using smiley faces? Would that help us be taken more seriously, the way you are? And should we also drink heavily and not read the posts we’re commenting on before talking?

    Think we’ll pass.

  34. Bob, I think they are attacking his starry eyed view of Russia.
    I you read his blog he is one of the “useful idiot” brigade that used to write paeans of joy to Stalin.

    • Must be the vodka that he drank, to get the hangover, that is speaking? Rather than being an attack on blog experience, this article just points out another example of the daily propoganda and disinformation that the kremlin spits out.

    • No I do not like Stalin! But I do like Putin!

      Kyle Keeton

  35. daily propaganda and disinformation that the kremlin spits out —

    starry eyed view of Russia —


  36. Ever since your story about Kyle Keeton’s visit to the dentist, I’ve been following his blog. Not only does he speak glowingly of Russia, he never passes up a chance to take a verbal jab at the United States. That’s what really gets to me.

    Enjoyed his blog for a while. Some things were informative. Even found myself agreeing with some of his opinions.

    But his continuing sarcasm toward the USA has finally ****** me off. I’ve finally had enough of him.

    I don’t know if he’s really an expatriate American with mediocre writing skills, or a Russian trying to act like an American. But, whoever he is, it seems his neo-soviet puppetmasters have trained him well.

    His latest propaganda campaign is about Americans who visit Russia, fall in love with it, and want to live there forever. Don’t recall him saying anything about the even greater number of Russians who leave Russia and won’t go back.

  37. nice post.. worth reading..

  38. WOW, where to begin.
    Perhaps this Kyle is an American , around 60, married to a much younger Russian woman, who was desperate to find a half-decent man (as we all know, to find a non-alcoholic, working, decent man in Russia is quite difficult), with a little bit of money, and so he resides here in Russia. He has western money, is not a native speaker, and so he life is a very sheltered Russian life. He really, and I mean really, does not have the slightest idea of what an average Russian lives like. It wouldn’t surprise me a bit. I meet quite a few Expats that enjoy being here. Of course their life is a fantasy life for a native, but they do not seem to see that. It’s quite offensive actually, just how naïve and at the same time obnoxious these particular people are. And in truth, you have to react to these people’s opinions, like Kyle, the same way you would react to a small, foolish child’s opinion – ignore it, it is basically worthless.

    I am an Expat, I do currently reside in Moscow, however I am a Russian native speaker. I have acquaintances here that are average Russians, as well as Foreigners. And these two lives are polar opposites of each other. So to hear someone praise life in Russia, while actually not living it, is quite……well, frankly put…..quite dumb.

    The overwhelming majority of Russians, under any ruler, have always and will always suffer. Most of it at their own hands. Unfortunately (because I am one of them by birth), Russians are plagued with Hypocrisy, Corruption, and Racism – historically. However they completely lack in Humility and True Humanity – historically. This is the fatal combination that is probably the answer to all of Russia’s problems. In the West there is also Hypocrisy, Corruption, and Racism, however there is also Humility and True Humanity, which thankfully keeps balance and maintains a quality of life that is worth living.

    Just one final thought, regarding this fascinating dentistry story that he shared. There is a commercial on regular Russian TV which talks about some dental clinic with offices all over Moscow. In it, two “patients” express their thankfulness for a job well done and how much it cost: “patient 1” states he got a German crown for only x amount of roubles; “patient 2” brags about his American made bridge for only x amount of roubles.
    As you can see, like with most, if not all medicine in Russia, if it is not from the West, it doesn’t exist or is not worth anything. So to bring up your lovely experience in the dentists office seems quite silly, since without Western countries, especially the US, your dentist would probably fill your cavity without using any novocaine, or better yet, would probably opt to pull your cavity ridden tooth, also without novocaine, like was always done during the CCCP.

  39. Oh and by the way Kyle, your remarks and overall feeling for the US is quite disgusting. You can love Russia, you can love France, you can choose to live on the moon, that is your option, but to insult a country which, though not perfect, is probably the most humane and fair to its citizens, a country which gives anyone a chance to become great, a country to which people from all over the world (including Russia) run to, is irresponsible and deplorable. Especially for an American (?). Constructive criticism is always welcome and a chance to improve something you love and respect. Your words are hateful and bitter. You should renounce your citizenship. And when the next wave of hell hits Russia or you personally, as it always does, and you can’t run away, I would love to see your blog then……..if you will have a right to access the internet……..

  40. Still here!

    By the way which ones of you live in Moscow? The offer still stands to meet. But you do not have the nerve…

    You know how to find me…


  41. :) it’s strange, but i have all my teeth in good state due to our local dentists! …my schoolmate became one of them :) I have an idea – Make a poll beside Russians about their teeth and dentists!


    Can we see a photo of your perfect teeth? Or should we just believe you can’t lie?

    Some Americans can speak Russian. Is it proof all Americans can do it?

    You got your “education” in a Russian school, didn’t you? It shows.

  42. Still here! :)

    Russia is crisp and cold and the sky is clear today and the weather is beautiful! Over 4 years in Russia and loving every minute of it. Live in Королёв now, right outside of Moscow. So the offer still stands for all you coming to Moscow or if you live here now. I would love to meet you.

    I see the hate and scorn on this website is at an all time high. Sad…
    Well gotta go and I will be back to see how you are doing.
    Love and Kisses…

    Kyle Keeton

  43. Hello LA RUSSOPHOBE , I greatly admire your objectivity and intelligence. Please have mercy on Kyle, he is an old man who has lived his life and is waiting for his end. He does not mind if the KGB get rid of him once he becomes Russian, even though he is scared (hence his support of Putin). Anyway, I am contributing to this debate because I recently met a Russian babe who is a dentist (she is gorgeous) but I am African. She does not mind mixing (which is always the best, biologically: powerful immune system for the babies, politically: dual citizenship and regionally: Mixed race offspring do not need skin tanning) but my research shows that some Russians and people like insane Kyle are racists. I do not know what to do about my relationship because I love her. Is Russia that bad in terms of income and oppression? Back to the topic, I have to mention that (LA RUSSOPHOBE) you are ruthless in your attacks on Kyle and I agree with you, plus, I would not mess with you in this debate. Thank you for enlightening me about the real Russia.

  44. Funny how I am still here in Russia and if you come to Moscow, give me a holler! I am not hard to find and the blog is still going strong! Contact in the menu will get you there…

    Thanks for all the love….

  45. Wow! I am 7 years plus and still in Russia…
    Gotta run, getting ready for May holidays and going to the village…
    Such love! Oh and I saw your rant at Sean…

    Kyle Keeton

  46. Went to a Ukrainian Dentist a few days ago. It cost me $2000, which is the average Ukrainian wage for 4 months. In Australia the same amount of work would have cost me $20 000 which is an average Australian wage for 5 months. In Australia it would have taken me 6 months to get that amount of work done and my teeth would most probably been destroyed in the process. In Ukraine it took 5 hrs. I had one of the best dentists in Ukraine, spoke good English, German trained.
    Stedly Dental in Kiev. I recommend them, there are plenty cheaper ones though

  47. Wow I am still here in Russia and now living in the village for 5 months. Stop by the blog and see. I keep wondering why you attacked me and lied so much? You did not know me and never will, but you attack anyway and that is a shallow person…

    Have a nice day and I will be back every year or so to say hi!

    By the way; Russia is a wonderful and free country and nothing has changed my mind. It has been 8 years that I have lived full time here…

    Kyle Keeton

  48. Such a great post! Gave me a lot to think about. Thanks!

  49. Kyle has roots in Blue Springs Mo. He has turned his back on his parents and sister. VERY kind and loving family he has abandoned!!! Lived a good life in a good family here in US! And there was no abuse if any kind so no excuses for walking away from family!!!!

    • Dear Julie,

      You have no idea who I am! You have no idea what my life has been with my family and you have no idea as to why I left. In fact it is none of your business and when you talk as if you know everything. You? Who are not even known to me and what and why I do things, has no reason and ability to make a statement about turning my back. Now if you knew me, you would know that my dad has been dead since he was 50 years old. Many years ago. I have a mother and that we will not talk about. A sister, who only is capable of asking, “Are Russians christian?” So thanks for making me laugh this morning. Kyle has to do what Kyle needs to do to make a life from the ashes of a dysfunctional family, which you have no idea about. Are not able to know about and if you only have heard one side? Then you definitely do not want to hear my side, for it will burst your tiny bubble and slew your false facts all over the place. Kinda cute, you think you are! ;)

  50. This is Kyle,

    Yes I am still in Russia! I have been here for over 10 years now and I live full time in a Tiny Russian Village. I stop by here once in awhile to see the hate comments about me. All very old topics here and the now defunct new pathetic version of Dying Russia, which is dead also as a website, due to legal issues and moral issues, that I know about personally. Such a powerful bad attitude here within these archives (for it is nothing but archives anymore,) and it ran out of steam, for hate consumes and destroys from within…

    10 years I have been consistent and will most likely go another 10 years on Windows to Russia. Only my health or death will stop me from posting. I post Windows to Russia because it is from my heart and I have a deep love for Russia and my wife, she stands by me through thick and thin. I had many health problems that America; her policies and medical extravaganza aggravated and thence, almost drove me to an early grave. My dad was driven to that early grave, I decided that I wanted to outlive my dad and live a wonderful life.

    As I always say, “Stop by Windows to Russia and grab a cup of coffee and sit a spell!”

    Gotta go and post and keep up the lies about me, I need a good laugh!

    Kyle Keeton at Windows to Russia

  51. Avg wage in USA is $20?
    I think the author of this article is as ignorant as the American he is writing about

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