READER POLL: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Hideous of them All?

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Some in the Russophile and Russian nationalist set like to try to claim that Russian women are more beautiful than those from other countries. After the jump, we offer a beauty pagent of the seven seeded Russian women at the French Open tennis tournament last week. By way of rebuttal, we ask you the reader to choose the ugliest — and we put it to you that it’s a really tough call, so think carefully before you vote.   Mind you, these are the official photographs of each player, taken from the official Roland Garros website this year. We haven’t selected them to make the contestants look bad.  If you’d like to attempt an argument in favor of the world-beating allure of any of these classic Russian beauties, the comments are open to your attempt.  If you think any other Russian female tennis player is even uglier and more worthy of the crown, let us know.

No. 1 Dinara Safina

No. 1 Dinara Safina

No. 4 Elena Dementieva

No. 4 Elena Dementieva

No. 7 Svetlana Kuznetsova

No. 7 Svetlana Kuznetsova

No. 11 Nadia Petrova

No. 11 Nadia Petrova

No. 23 Alisa Kleybanova

No. 23 Alisa Kleybanova

No. 26 Anna Chakvetadze

No. 26 Anna Chakvetadze

No. 27 Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

No. 27 Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova

30 responses to “READER POLL: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Most Hideous of them All?

  1. Anna Chakvetatdze? Sounds Georgian.


    A typical Russian remark! And Safina sounds Tatar, doesn’t it? But they both hold Russian citizenship. Of course, to many Slavic Russians, citizenship is irrelevant and only race matters. Chechen Russians know this fact only too well. Are you one of those? The issue doesn’t prevent them from trying to take credit whenever one of these non-Slavic Russians wins though. Interesting, isn’t it?

    • Hmm yeah, citizenship might matter. But I think ethnicity / nationality is more important. For example I’d never take credit, when some Bosnian Serb wins something, why would I do that? Holding the same passport doesn’t make us friends.

      If I was a Russian (by ethnicity) I’d never take credit, when a non-slavic Russian wins anything either. Probably… However I’m not sure about inter-ethnic relations in Russia. Although it’s quite obvious that Russians don’t like Chechens and they prolly look at Tartars with suspicion, because they’re muslims, however I heard that Russian-Tartar marriages aren’t uncommon. Not sure about other non-Russian nations.


      Well, we’ll clear it up for you. Slavic Russians hate all other non-Slavic Russians, and routinely kill them. You can easily imagine the sort of view they take of people who are neither Slavic nor Russian citizens. Poles or Georgians or Ukrainians can fill you in if you can’t.

  2. > Chechen Russians know this fact only too well.

    Do you mean the Chechen Russians from the GRU task force battalion “West” who played an important part in the debacle of Georgia in the 5-day war?


    They’d be lynched on sight in the Moscow metro and couldn’t rent an apartment anywhere in the city from a “real” Russian landlord.

    That’s to say nothing of the thousands of Russian citizens including many women and children brutally murered by the Kremlin in Chechnya over the last ten years, state-sponsored killings for which Russia has been formally convicted by the European Court for Human Rights on more than one occasion.

    Just curious: You’ve never actually spoken to a Chechen, have you? Or read the blog “Moscow through Brown Eyes”?

    Try it some time. It might open your apelike eyes.

  3. 2LR:

    > They’d be lynched on sight in the Moscow metro

    They don’need to go to Moscow, they are too busy at home fighting the USA-sponsored Wahhabi bandits.

    • The American government has designated many Wahabi aligned outfits, such as Al Qaida or Taliban as terrorist organizations, which is of course not surprising after the events of September 11, 2001, and other events that followed. If found anywhere on the U.S. soil the members are liable to immediate arrest and the best outcome for them will be deportation.

      In view of this, why are you saying that those bandits are “sponsored” by the United States? What facts do you have to assert this? What’s your proof? Share your secrets with us, will you? If true, this will definitely lead to the impeachment of the President of the United States. I am sure, you’d welcome such an outcome, so, please, go ahead and spill the beans.

      • Wahhabism is the state religion|ideology in the USA’s closest ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia. Did the USA designate King Abdallah as terrorist? :^)

        • Wahhabism is the state religion|ideology in the USA’s closest ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.

          The USA’s closest middle eastern ally is Israel, the only democracy in the region. Hopefully Iraq will join the democratic club soon.

  4. RV, why tease boy Eugene with facts? He is proud of Nashi Lynch mob sparing Moscali the the bother of boring judges. All that sitting around reading and waiting.

    The real problem is the USA, and this English Language Blog befriending war ravaged Russian Neighbors, of all religious persuasions.

    These terrorist organizations that have been declared so, have shown a preference for coming to Roosha. That would keep Rooski very busy in Moscow.

    Eugene needs mental help, but you know, that the Rooshan Mental Help System is flooded with political prisoners. Oh damn.

    • Yes, you are right George, truly sad. The United States seems to be responsible for all their problems including the situation in Chechnya.

      I wonder if Eugene’s world view is common in Russia, or if he is an aberration (I don’t want to use a word “freak”). A country of 150 million persons must have some clear thinking people, it’s just inevitable, statistically

      • After the Evil Nineties when Russia was actually a protectorate of the USA (to the extent that the Russian budget was approved in Washington) those who you and LR designate as “clear-thinking” (Latynina, Novodvorskaya, Illarionov, et al.) are justly viewed in Russia as freaks and/or American sycophants.

        • Russia was never a “protectorate” of the USA, if it was you might have a democratic functioning state like Germany or Japan, as opposed to the all to typical Russian sewer you have now.

          • Japan – a country ruled by an Emperor where the Liberal Democratic party holds the majority in the parliament for half a century – is a democratic country?! Give me another! :-D

  5. FOR LR:
    You can delete my post again, but I repeat myself. Your words “Slavic Russians hate all other non-Slavic Russians, and routinely kill them” – an expression of outright racism. Iran said to the Jews the same thing. For such speech should be brought to justice. I need inform wordpress. Perhaps you judaphobe too.


    We agree! Russians are racists! Slavic Russians should stop killing non-Slavic Russians and treating them with such intense racism, and we’re glad you have the courage to say so!

    Who do you think is more at fault for Slavic murders of dark-skinned people in Moscow? Putin or the people of Russia?

    Those who’d like to read more about race murders and other acts of racism by Slavic Russians can go here:


    PS: Thanks for giving us permission to delete comments on our blog. Would you mind telling us who gave you that authority? We’d love to speak with them . . .

    • From the evidence from Russia, the overt and institutionalised racism, the police protection of neo-nazi murderers etc, I have to agree with LR.

    • The kremlin hates ALL non-rooshans!! The kremlin kill about ten million (10,000,000) Ukrainians – by slow torturous starvation – during the HOLODOMOR [1932-1933].

  6. FOR LR:
    I am opposed to any manifestations of hatred on racial or national basis. In Russia there is a strong, but the illegal youth organizations that are active war against the fascist organizations of their own methods. Fascist organizations are trying to penetrate and to us to Siberia. But they quickly put in place. We are etnic Russians, Jews, Kazakhs, Germans, Fin, Tatar … one’s nationality – Siberians. When you declare that “Slavic Russians hate all other non-Slavic Russians, and routinely kill them”, then you become one step with the fascist organizations. Ideological position you have absolutely the same, but over a flag can be any lift.
    My wife – beautiful Ukrainian. My best friend from childhood – a wise Tatar. Two of my friend for the work of Chechens hospitable. My friends on the hunt smart Kazakhs. I’m Russian – just a happy man surrounded by good people.


    You’re deeply confused. Racism in Russia is pandemic, not limited to illegal youth organizations. In any newspaper, you can see apartment listings and job listings that ban dark-skinned applicants. The skinheads act with impunity because the population does not oppose them. Read the blog “Moscow Through Brown Eyes” and you will learn how it feels to be one of those people.

  7. For Andrew
    Andrew, there is no “police protection of neo-nazi murderers”. We did not have the normal judicial reform. A lot of policemen were arrested for “illegal” detention of the Nazis. These Nazis are good protector because their parents are rich and have a connection in high circles. And this is the problem of corruption which have tried to fight Ivan Grozny (head chopped off), and now Medvedev simply require officials to declare their income (funny).

    • For New-Sky,
      It all starts with a free press. The work of Journalists must be protected. At least that would be a good start. First thing done in Ukraine when a mute hand sign translator was brave enough to say that the they are lying.

      North Korean dictatorship are true mongols Some even bear the “mark of the Mongol” on their lower back when they are born. Which of course has commonality with Rooskie scumlords.

      Free speech in North Korea is also feared. Before a firing squad, they force a stone into your mouth so that you can’t curse them out with your dying breath.

      • > Some even bear the “mark of the Mongol” on their lower back

        It reminds me of some people who declared human beings with a “wrong” shape of skull as untermenschen who must be exterminated. Must I also remind what was the end of those people? :-(

  8. Dear George! I agree with Evgeiem that you do not need to attack any nation, I mean the Mongols. Mongols normal guys. With regard to freedom of speech, then in Russia it is needed, but an independent. Independent us has never happened before – he who pays the piper calls the music. But it is sometimes good, that the press drew attention to the facts, then you can talk to people, to analyze and so on. And North Korea – this is a very large sect, which is ready to kill all but their surrender.

  9. For LR:
    So what are you talking about – this is the problem of illegal workers. This is more true of Moscow, but do not for “dark-skinned applicants”. For businessmen, they are slaves as in some European countries (I know). Some of them are Ukrainians, Belorussia, some white Tadjiks and other non black.
    And they all seek to Moscow where they can get fast and big money. It is clear that this is not often produced. Then use some burglary and theft. Thus, local people did not quite, a Nazi group raised his head with an excuse.

  10. I know Russia’s got its problems and I’m no fan of Russia, but this posting is just mean-spirited.

    Every country has got its hot women and its not so hot women. So what? You people seem to peck on anything you can about Russia.

  11. Kurt9,
    So you think that this posting is mean spirited. Just see Rooskies posting, especially Moscal
    government. Just killing journalists when someone blurts out the truth for a change.

  12. RV,

    I wonder if Eugene’s world view is common in Russia, or if he is an aberration (I don’t want to use a word “freak”). A country of 150 million persons must have some clear thinking people, it’s just inevitable, statistically

    I read that 77 per cent support the establishment of the “commission to fight the lies about WW2 that damage Russian reputation” (the title is absolutely priceless). 12 per cent were against, and remaining didn’t have an opinion or hesitated. I think it’s a good approximation of the ratio between the Proles and clear thinking.

  13. funny, but a bit harsh!!

  14. I want to vote for Sharapova or Kournikova. How come they are not included in this poll?


    “The Kremlin’s Most Beautiful Weapon”
    In the early 20th century, Russian aristocratic women who became emigrés – strikingly beautiful and well educated, they were in great demand in Europe’s most famous fashion houses. By 1930, about one-third of Paris models were Russian.

    Since 2003-2004, the modelling business has grown to be largely a Russian one. “Now the girls are 16, 17 and Russian! They are like from an-other planet,” said Karl Lagerfeld.

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