EDITORIAL: America, Stomping Russia

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America, Stomping Russia


The chart above declares, far more powerfully than any words ever could, how totally insane it is for Vladimir Putin to so aggressively pursue a new cold war with the United States.  He shouldn’t need such economic data, of course, a simple study of history ought to sufifice. 

Russia’s economic performance has been nearly four times worse than America’s over the past twelve months, more than twice as bad as Europe’s and comparable only to Japan, a tiny island with no raw material resources of any kind and a standard of living immeasurably higher than Russia’s.  This ratio matches up perfectly with the report we carried in our last issue from a Russian economist showing that Russian workers are four times less productive than Americans.

And here’s something even more damning of Putin’s Russia:  Even though America’s performance has been far better, it still affected regime change in its last election. Russia stayed the course.  That tells you all you need to know about the darkness that still hangs over a backward nation that seems hellbent on its own destruction.  Americans are working furiously to make fundamental changes in the way they do things so as to improve.  Russians are continuing to live under the rule of the KGB, which has not only presided over the current economic collapse but which played a key role in destroying the USSR as well.

The people of Russia are allowing Putin to replay the cold war all over again and giving him a free pass to mismanage and destroy the economy.  One defeat wasn’t enough for them, nor one national collapse.  They’ve come back for more, heedless of the vaguest semblence of reality because the Kremlin feeds them precious little real information.

They’re going to lose, all over again, and watch their country collapse, all over again.

18 responses to “EDITORIAL: America, Stomping Russia

  1. “They’re going to lose, all over again, and watch their country collapse, all over again.”

    Oh yeah, but who’s going to win?


    Well, if the same person loses as last time, then probably the same person will win as well. It’s only logical.

    • Well, it’s just that the US doesn’t seem to be as strong as it used to be and on top of that the World is not bipolar anymore. So who else might take advantage of collapsed Russia? Who will profit from it?

      I’m also not sure, that collapsed Russia is the best thing to happen. I mean, collapsed nations armed with nuclear weapons are the most dangerous ones. But hey, nuclear winter will at least stop global warming, right? :)

      • Who will win? The people and nations of Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and every other non-Russian people that is currently having their nations and freedoms threatened by Russian imperialism.

        • The motley crew you mention are free to kiss the American ass for 18 years already. :-)

          • The operative word there is free. When they are joined to Russia, they are enslaved.

          • ttc > James and obamayomama

            as very big percent of Russian men are forced into homosexual sex in military and prisons, it’s no wonders that members of that gay rapists nation can’t describe geopolitical processes otherwise than in homosexual terms like “kissing, licking ass” etc.

            • It’s about comment “Eugene // June 6, 2009 at 9:45 pm “. “> James and obamayomama” – I just forgot to delete from my browser memory, it was left from my earlier comment on La RF.

    • Hermina, grow up, life isn’t a zero sum game. No matter that all nations are poorer at the outcome of this global recession, a poorer America is in spades much more economically and civil society richer than Russia at the end of the day.

      We’ve been there before with a “collapsed” Russia and life went on. Nuclear Russia is the least of the world’s problems compared to a nuclear Pakistan, Iran and NK. Or hadn’t you noticed? Get real.

      • Russia is bigger threat than Iran or NK. Russia hasn’t collapsed yet, it hasn’t even experienced collapse, but it was on the verge of collapse and now it seems it’s on this verge once again. When I’m talking about collapse, I mean Yugoslavian-like or Albanian-like collapse.

        Whoever thinks that Iran or NK represents real threats are naive. Pakistan might be a problem, but it seems to me that government has taken control over its territory again. Also if Pakistan is that much of a threat how about helping your ally? But this blog isn’t about Iran, nor NK nor Pakistan, so let’s just stop talking about those countries.

        I wasn’t really talking about global recession anyways. Generally, the US is weaker. Especially since there are new emerging superpowers. US might have won the last Cold War, but I doubt it will win the next one. And that’s, what I was trying to imply here.

        • Hermina:

          Please clarify. Why do you think that fears of North Korean or Iranian nuclear weapons are naive?

          • Okay, since you asked… But remember that this blog is mainly about Russia… But I think La Russophobe should publish something about Iran-NK-Russia relations :D. But since I support Iran, I might not be happy with the outcome.

            Iran? Ahmadinejad might be mouthful of “harsh” words (to some), but we all know that politicians like to talk and then do nothing. Besides, it’s not Ahmadinejad, who is actually in charge of Iran, but the Ayatollah Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran.

            And North Korea? They just want a nuclear bomb to blackmail the World. Although they might use it, if desperate. So as long as Korea and Japan are sending humanitarian aid to NK, nothing will happen. Also the technology they use is so outdated and unreliable, it might do more harm to them, than to others. :D And who knows, what will happen in NK, once Kim Chong Il is dead, but I guess the change will be for better.

            • You are a bigger idiot than I thought….“But since I support Iran”….”Ahmadinejad might be mouthful of “harsh” words (to some), but we all know that politicians like to talk and then do nothing”…well, only in so far that he can’t turn Israel into glass just yet or blackmail the EU or his Sunni rivals with an action ready bomb yet. You fool.

              Oh, and, it’s China providing the bulk of the aid to NK and not Japan.

              You are one of the most idiotic, pathetically contradictory, most fact challenged fools to grace this board. Do you even read the garbage that you write? Whoever you are, your garbled nonsense is straight from the FSB’s most recent Putin policy playbook.

              “once Kim Chong Il is dead, but I guess the change will be for better”…..how’s that going to work when his nutcase son is designated heir to that dump?

              And, your silly :D’s only underscore what a frivolous gadfly you are.

              • You watch stupid Fox News too much. Like I said, Ahmadinejad is not the one, who is in charge of Iran. So “destroying” Israel is definitely not going to happen, besides maybe he’ll lose next presidential elections. Iran is just artificially created “threat” by Israeli and American medias, the so called “rogue state”. By the way, even if Iran really destroyed Israel after all, I’d celebrate as every other muslim in this World. But we all know that this is not going to happen. Only fools like you think there are enemies everywhere, who are always ready to start a war. You’re just like that paranoic Stalin you loathe so much.

                Oh and Japan provides NK humanitarian aid, just like South Korea. But of course the most “help” comes from China, I’m not denying that and never said otherwise.

                It seems you know Kim Chong Il’s son personally. Oh god, you’re so smart, you know everything! Anyways, the best way for Korean peninsula is status quo.

                • Give it up, you’ve had to retreat from every half-truth and half-baked statement you’ve made so far.

                  If you are going to maintain your presence here be prepared to have fact checked all of your lame utterances.

                  Google is your friend, try using it. There is no excuse for ignorance anymore.

  2. ” Motley crew ” ? compared to Moscovy ? ??Where was Moscovia when Kievan -Rus ,
    ( Ukraine ) was already a Christian empire ?
    How does the primitive savagery of the Ugro
    Finno – Mongolo Tatar sewer that is Moscovy
    compare to the advanced and ancient culture
    of Georgia ? How many light years away are the
    moscovites from even understanding the
    concept of democracy and european civililization like the Baltic republics of Estonia ,
    Lithuania and Latvia ?
    Motley crew indeed ! Go pray to a tree stump ,
    you pitiful , primitive , uncivilized katzap .
    Bravo , Gordon .

    • During Kievan Rus, there was no Moscovia, but there was Vladimir-Suzdal, and there was Novgorod. In fact, if the mercantile-democratic Novgorod had won the wars for Russian supremacy over the authoritarian Vladimir-Suzdal-Muscovy tax collectors, I believe that Russia would be an infinitely better and happier place today.

  3. Russian soldiers stomping on russian soldiers (“builds character”):

  4. How Indian or Chinese (i.e. anyone not slavic) guys at Moscow Univeristy :)

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