Images from Russia’s Racist Wasteland

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A Russian photographer offers the following images of migrant workers in Moscow, how they live and how they work. Their indomitable spirit is an inspiration to us all, as is the rancid nature of their neo-Soviet oppression. Click the link for many more (hat tip Global Voices).









79 responses to “Images from Russia’s Racist Wasteland

  1. The irony is that these hard working, long suffering and motivated immigrants will probably end up inheriting the burned out remains of Russia after the Kremlin siloviki decay away. They’ll probably do a better job of it too.

    I noticed that the accompanying LJ comments are sympathetic and sincere, too bad that decent Russians are are so hidden from us.

  2. Bleh… migrant workers… They’re pretty bad inspiration, if any at all.


    How right you are! You look at them, and it’s almost impossible to work up any love for Mr. Putin or Russia.

    • You’re right, of course, Pavel. Who keeps Moscow’s streets cleaned and its walkways and yards maintained? Who does the nitty-gritty grunt work at construction sites? Who f’n’ actually understands the meaning of service, albeit at a decently priced Uzbek or Kazakh cafe, not at some unseemly and obscenely overpriced Italian “restoran”?

      The fact is that in Moscow, the migrant workers, for the most part, are the glue that holds the city together. This may also be true to some degree in the world’s other major cities and capitals, with New York and London coming to mind; however, the degree to which it exists in Moscow is beyond calculable. Well, beyond calculable for the Muscovite bureaucrats it is, anyway.

    • I’d rather say it’s pretty hard to work up any love for those low-life migrant workers. But I guess they make quite good slaves.


      Isn’t that what the Tatars said about the Russians, you raving psychopath?

  3. Not pictured: The “police” demanding bribes.

  4. Linking through the LJ site is a very good photo blogger:

  5. Some actual Russian slavery:

    Dagestan: soldier spends five years in slavery

    jun 03 2009c

    Soldier Anton Kuznetsov, who was considered missing for five years, has returned from Dagestan to the Lipetsk Region. According to his story, he has spent all this time in slavery, where he had been sold by commanders of his unit.

    Let us note here that this February the “Caucasian Knot” reported that a local resident was detained in Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia, who exploited for almost half a year six regular soldiers with a permit of their commander.

    • If you click the link:

      See earlier reports: “Rostov-on-Don: slavery victims’ reintegration problems addressed,” “In Astrakhan Region, militia captain kidnapped and enslaved a human,” “Criminal case opened in Rostov Region on trafficking in humans,” “Soldier who has disappeared in North Ossetia returns to Volgograd Region.”

  6. Tower Bolshevik

    Now this is an amusing wave of western conservative hypocrisy. What makes it funny because most of these cold warrior wannabes living in the past recognize racism, be it skinhead violence, anti-immgrant terror/round-ups, police brutality, etc ONLY if they happen in Russia. Remembering the time when La Russophobe praised the racist Minutmen in the USA, who’ve been resposible the majority of the anti-immigrant terror towards Mexican migrant workers and have taken part in anti-immigrant rallies alongside the KKK and other white supremacist groups. She called praised their efforts as “protecting America”. Other incidents applauded by such conservatives are:

    The murder of 15 year old Alexandros Grigoropoulos in December 2008 by Athens cops

    The murder of 47 year old Ian Tomlinson by London cops during an anti-NATO protest (clubbed several times in the head and thrown down) April 2009. Tomlinson had just been walking home from work before his fatal attack.

    The racist murder of Oscar Grant III in Oakland, CA by BART police, New Years Day. He was a young black grocery store worker with a 4 year old daughter.

    The racist murder of Brazilian immigrant electrician Jean Charles de Menezes by London cops in July 2005 in a shoot to kill “anti-terrorist” technique first used against Irish republicans in the six captive Ulster counties.

    Austrailian and New Zealand cop terror against Aboriginal and Maori activists, they dub them “terrorists”, such as last year’s raids.

    Let’s go off the subject a bit, and refer to tthe russophobes’ slanders of the Moscow Gay Pride attacks. Certainly disgusting bigotry, but condemned by people who voted YES on the anti-gay proposition 8? It’s like Michael Bray taking his daughter in for an abortion.

    When it takes place in Russia, anti-immigrant action is condemned as “RACISM, BIGOTRY”.

    When it takes place in the West anti-immigrant action is praised as:

    “They protect our jobs”
    “They protect our country”

    Or in this case whitewash: “Yes, it’s wrong. But Russia is worst because yada yada yada….” or even more to the tune “These are all Russian agents trying to destroy our democracy”, particularly in the five cases I mentioned. Now, if replies are going to contain such, consider yourselves spoken for and don’t bother wasting your time.

    For Pavel:

    As I tell your American counterparts, immigrants do work that brats like you wouldn’t be caught dead doing. Unless you’re going to scrub your own toilets and sweep Moscow’s streets get off your lazy butt and go get a job. Russian and western cons should be friends, since you all support the same things.

    • Now Totaly Bollocks, I suggest you be a bit more careful about commenting on things you don’t understand.

      There are certain Maori activists in New Zealand who advocate the violent overthrow of the government and the ethnic cleansing of all non-maori from the country.

      They are a tiny minority, but so were the IRA.

      I presume those are the ones you are so readily defending, in your usual arrogance and stupidity.

      As for the other items mentioned above, all of them, particularly the Brazillian chap killed in the wake of the suicide bombings in London, were stupid and unnessesary crimes, but what you constantly fail to recognise, let alone admit, is that the WESTERN PUBLIC were OUTRAGED by said incidents, questions were raised in PARLIAMENT in the case of the events that occured in the UK, that those responsible have been dragged over hot coals and had their careers ruined.

      In Russia they would get medals like “Hero of Russia”

      Stop being a retard.

    • So, a 15 year old Greek boy is killed by the Athens police. And how is that a racist murder?

    • The Minutemen are definitely a nativist vigilante group, but there is no evidence they are racist. They are against illegal aliens crossing the southern border, that’s all, but they do not distinguish between white or brown illegals. If you were a resident of Southern California, you would definitely know that not only many Mexicans and other Hispanics are brown, but also that there are many Mexicans who are lily white. To the Minutemen, there is no difference.

      Also, I don’t understand what do you mean by saying that the Minutemen are responsible for “the majority of the anti-immigrant terror towards Mexican migrant workers.” What terror are you talking about? I don’t recall a single incident in the last 25 or 30 years, maybe longer, that can be characterized that way. Who and when was killed because he was a migrant worker? Who was injured?

      All we know about the Minutemen that they sit on the border, drink beer, watch the border using their binoculars, and call the Border Patrol when they see illegal crossings. I don’t think they directly confront the migrants.

  7. Cherry pick all of the things you can grab on Google, you are still an idiot. There is so much racial bigotry in America that Obama ends up some how in the White House, right! Your tired old lefty meme isn’t working out for you in the face of reality anymore.

    Examine your own angered hate spewed life.

    Get a new script, you are boring.

  8. What can I say… bolshevik remains bolshevik even in California. Earlier in life I thought that abundance of soft drugs makes people so delusional. But now I believe that you have to be born like that!

    Come more often, Tower Bolshevik (or is it now Virgin Bolshevik… no pun intended). People need to know who in California blames America first for all the trouble in the world. Maybe they will get embarrassed!

  9. Tower Bolshevik

    For Penny:

    I rest my case. Thank you. You can’t even call me a liar, hehehe.

    For Andrew:

    For a kid who can’t even decide whether Chechnya is a separate nation or not, you sure got a big mouth. Yeah, I’m sure all the Maori activists are the racist ones for rejecting years humanitarian treatment from th white rulers. People like you tried endlessly to kill their culture, and you blame them for wanting to overthrow the government? You’re a hypocrite.

    Yes, many were outraged about Jean Charles de Menezes’ murder. But these were people with heads on their shoulders, not right-wing patriots like you who’d give these cops a medal. They got only a slap.

    For RV:

    Did I say the murder in Greece was race related? My point is that cop terror in general in the West is supported by people like Andrew, Penny, so on. So you’re basically saying that anti-immigrant terror isn’t racism? Participating in anti-immigrant rallies qualifies as racism to me. There is more than enough evidence.

    • Now Totally Bollock,

      You really are a retarded little boy aren’t you now. Judging by the immaturity and stupidity of your posts, I judge you to be a nerdy little teenage rebel, who has a relationship with his hand. If you are any older, you belong in psychiatric care.

      I fully support Chechnya as an independant state, and I am from a family that is part Maori and am related to both the Arawa and Tainui tribes.

      I had ancestors who served in the British Army and against them. My British ancestors were involved in the supression of the slave trade.

      As Sir Apirana Ngata said, we are all in the same Waka now.

      Maori culture is greatly valued in NZ, Maori is the second state language of the country, and Maori culture is protected BY LAW.

      There have been times when things were not so good, but wrong was done on both sides at different times, but as Pat Kingi, a Komatua of the Tainui tribe said, “we are one people now, and those who try to divide us throug racism and ethnicity are traitors to the nation and the crown”

      Those who wish to use terrorism to overthrow the government ignore the following facts, there are no more full blooded Maori, people with Maori ancestry are only 13 to 14% of the population, and that after nearly 200 years of pakeha/foreign settlement, non Maori are native to the country now too.

      Stop commenting on things you know NOTHING about you little waste of space. Unfortunately this would leave you with nothing to talk about, but would raise the standard of posts here.

      • Andrew, take a minute to read the link that our not-so smart pal TB posted after googling quickly and not reading beyond the headline (and then declaring it’s “more than enough evidence”).

        TB, I hereby declare you now a certified total cretin. You may be actually even more stupid than “I am Russian” and that is quite an accomplishment, congratulations. This or you’re really abusing drugs and/or alcohol. As I said, please keep posting.

    • @”There is more than enough evidence.

      Nice and well-photoshopped “evidence” from a respectable bipartisan source.


      From the link:

      “No known KKK members were seen at the rally. The anti-undocumented-worker march organized by black activist Ted Hayes, chairman of Choose Black America, did involve some black residents, homeless people and white protestors from the Minutemen and members of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform. They said they had come to south Los Angeles to stand up for the black community against undocumented workers, who they claimed are taking jobs from poor black residents.”

      Please write more and take even more drugs, because you just made my day.

  10. Tower Bolshevik

    For Felix:

    I can see you do just fine without the drugs. You’d no better than anyone about being born stupid. Maybe if weren’t such a conservative, you may actually comprehend my point.

  11. Bolshevik,

    I comprehend your point… I’ve listened to it for 20 years when I was growing up. You are an apprentice compared to Suslov and his disciples.

    I have no interest in arguing with you. I work in a pharmaceutical company. My colleagues study guinea pigs; it doesn’t cross their minds to discuss with them any test results. For me you are exhibit “A” why the world allowed communism to turn into most murderous ideology of the 20th century.

    I visited the book fair in West Hollywood park last fall (September or October). I saw your type – maybe I even saw you. No difference from “Nashi” or “Young Guard”.

    • @I visited the book fair in West Hollywood park last fall (September or October). I saw your type – maybe I even saw you. No difference from “Nashi” or “Young Guard”.

      Was he trying to burn the books?

    • Tower Bolshevik

      For Felix:

      The only thing you comprehend is Ann Coulter, so I don’t expect you to understand. You’ve done little but leave me cheap insults along the lines of a high school jock. Again, you’re a young little patriot so thinking outside the bible wouldn’t be a strength,

      For Robert:

      The second article was an experiment to see you’d really read. I can see you didn’t comment on the first which was the only one I originally intended to leave. Furthermore, people like you have more than proven my point, that if a racist act in committed in Russia you rant and rave. But in the USA, you condone and whitewash it like the Minutemen. Had they been in Russia, you’d just rant and rant. You know, you sound like a Confederate twat I recently encountered who was praising the Southern slave system and denying being a racist.

      • Excuses, excuses Totaly Bollocks.
        Maybe you should stop sitting on your daddys lap and playing “games” before posting.

    • Felix,
      Well said, as usual.

  12. You’d no better than anyone about being born stupid.

    By the way, can anybody believe that this is written by somebody who has English as the first language? But I do believe, because for bolsheviks around the world the strength of beliefs far supersedes the ability to think, let alone to express thoughts coherently.

  13. wow andrew aren’t you just so great. i bet you’re so happy you could finally write all that stuff about yourself and how interesting, smart and cool you are. wow i’m so impressed.

    seems to me you’re a traitor to your “tribes”.

    • Daniel, no traitor. In NZ we realise it is better to live together in peace, besides I am Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English, and Hawaiian too.

      No treason in honouring all of my heritage. As the Rangatira of the Auckland tribes said in 1846 “show me how to take the English blood from my grandchildren before you ask me to rebel, and is this is not possible ask me at your own peril”

      Many Maori (particularly the Arawa) fought for the Queen (British) during the wars of the 1860’s.

      During the 1st and 2nd world wars, when there was conscription for white NZ men, there was no conscription for Maori, but they still enlisted voluntarily to serve alongside their Pakeha brothers in large numbers.

      Why dont you go and get an education you little prick?

  14. Tower Bolshevik

    For Andrew:

    Spare your little background tales on your heritage. If I talked of slavery, you’d say you were half black. You’re probably just a blonde spoiled little rich brat who lives in your parents’ house and never had to do a thing in your life. Yeah, you support Chechnya as independent whereas your darling sweet government doesn’t which you said would violate the UN charter in interfering in the affairs of another state (Russia). You’re obviously more confused than a bi-curious cheerleader at an after prom orgy.

    If Maori culture is so respected by the state, then why are they treated as second class citizens, like Native Americans in the USA? Being a conservative no-brain all you can come up with is your typical “ethnic cleansing” baloney to bash Maori activists. They’re right to want to topple a rotten government that treats them like dirt. The only “ethnic cleansing” Maoris were ever guilty of is defending their land from those rapists from the British Army and its offspring. In any event, let me know when your cops find that shipments of million of dollars in Moscow supplied weapons, a I know you’ll be there to take the first bullet;)

    • Totally Bollocks, now you are being an idiot.
      Maori treated like dirt in NZ? I don’t think so.
      Have you ever been to New Zealand?
      Have you ever been to the Tainui heartland, to the King Country, to Northland, Bay of Islands, the Bay of Plenty, Rotorua?

      As usual you have no idea what you are talking about. This is not surprising given your stupidity in recent posts (the KKK post springs to mind)

      Maori are most certainly NOT second class citizens in New Zealand. New Zealand guarantees Maori representation in parliament well above the demographic representation through the Maori seats. Maori politicians are the “king makers” of New Zealand politics, and their support is required by any party that wants to govern.

      Maori language and culture are protected by the treaty of Waitangi, and there is a Royal Comission that issues legally binding (on the government) orders regards the adressing of historical greivances. This has the broad support of New Zealanders accross the political spectrum.

      The land wars were a minor policing affair compared with the intertribal musket wars. 2000 Rebel/Kingite Maori were killed from 1845-1882, and 850 British army, pro government (Kaupapa) Maori and Colonial Militia were killed. This is compared to the real genocide, of the intertribal musket wars which lasted from about 1800-1830, where once certain tribes had gotten their hands on muskets (mainly from French and Russian traders in exchange for timber and shrunken heads, such as those on display in the hermitage in St.Petersburg) where from a population of 150,000 in 1800 nearly 60,000 were killed and eaten in the Nghapui “eat and greet” tour under the Hongi Hika, and his great rival Te Raupreha.

      During the land wars, the Kingite (rebel/independance minded) Maori greatly respected the British regulars. After surrendering at Te Ari (the barrier) pa (fort) in 1861, Hapurona, a Kingite war leader, stated “The British are true warriors, for after a fight they bear us no malice”.
      The British commander for main campaign in the Waikato (1862-65) and 2nd Taranaki (1862-65) campaigns, General Cameron, was highly opposed to the colonial parliaments land confiscation policy, and as a result imperial troops began to be withdrawn from colony starting in 1865. The land wars petered out after the refusal of the Imperial government to sanction the use of its troops in what amounted to a land grab by the colonists. The war was brought to an end by the perisistant (although frequently incompetant) efforts of the pro government Kaupapa Maori, and the Colonial armed constabulary. When asked why he was surrendering, the Hau-hau leader Te Kooti stated “too old to run away any more”.

      As for being a “a blonde spoiled little rich brat who lives in your parents’ house and never had to do a thing in your life” wrong again.

      That is a better description of chardonnay socialists such as yourself california boy.

      Really vermin like yourself, who have brought immense suffering to the world in the form of Gulags, reeducation camps, and other rather slimey things such as “elite socialism” really need to grow up.

      • Andrew,

        Speak of shrunken heads, and the Towering Turd shows up. Like my president, the apologizer-in-chief, I’ll have to apologize for my country having produced such nincompoops as the Tower Butt Boy. Just shows what happens when you don’t spank your children enough when they are young.

        • Well said old chap, but as long as the USA produces people like yourself, Scott, Penny, Robert, and gives a home to Felix and the others the world is a better place.

      • Hi Andrew,

        A quote in your comment says it all:

        “The British are true warriors, for after a fight they bear us no malice”.

        As opposed to the kremlin that wants to conquer, occupy, steal, rape, kill, enslave, and then rape and kill some more!

  15. So funny. Andrew is 0000.1 percent maori but he wants us all to believe he’s down with them.

    What a joke you are you little c.unt.

  16. obamayomama…so you don’t like obama and neither do i…but…who did you vote for??? mccain/palin. HHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Free of brains,

      That’s called democracy. There will be another election in 3 years 7 months, things might change.

  17. you are hurt andrew that’s why you’re replying. LOL. poor little andrew with a tiny fraction of maori in him. i bet you’re always bragging to people about how ethnic you are and how you’re down with your maori brothers. are you wearing a maori necklace or bracelet too? maybe you have a maori carving in your house? you’re a joke andrew. a right wing neocon little c.unt.

  18. No, actually I don’t have any of that.
    I don’t have to fill my house with my relatives culture to appreciate it. I don’t have tartan on the walls or play bagpipes either.
    Don’t wear a maori necklace, or brag about “how down I am with my Maori brothers” (too american).
    My friends are my friends, regardless of race.

    You are the joke “free”, to much of a left wing paedophile to use your name in your post.
    Too busy projecting your own inadequacies onto others.
    My reply was more in amusement at your lack of social skills.

  19. you’re too funny little boy bragging again but this time about posting your real name. hmmmm let me see…how many andrews are in the world? maybe a few million? so tell me what is your last name andrew? come on brave boy tell me and also your address, phone number and email.

    face it andrew. you’re an azzhole right wing neocon uptight little p.rick.

    and the maori don’t like you either.

  20. andrew you spelled intellectual incorrectly in your posting above. LOL einstein.

  21. free, stop going on about little boys.
    We all know the predilection those such as yourself have for underage males, but enough is enough.
    Get some help “free”.

  22. hahahah andrew is that all you can say for yourself? such ridiculous comments einstein.

    are you listening to a maori drumming cd right now?

  23. Free,
    Five posts that go nowhere. Just like your name, that is all your worth… Nothing.

  24. just like your post george. are you trying to be funny? haahahahahah..i guess…

    i see you’re another supporter of this hysterical site. you, andrew, felix, obamayomama etc.

    why don’t you guys come over here to russia so i can kick your asses. you wouldn’t come here because your idol fat kim la russophobe has scared you away and now you act all superior to russia and russian people. boo hoo.

    let’s see now andrew..hmmmm maybe i’ll put on an akvarium record right now or maybe the ganelin trio.

    how’s the maori drumming cd going?

  25. kick my ass andrew?? hahahahahah yeah right.

    i’m living in russia but i’m canadian you moron.

    tbilisi! oh my so you’re bragging are you. well my grandfather was born there so it’s more my city than yours. i have family there and you don’t andrew the fake maori.

    LOL i just kicked your ass you pussy.

    • Canadians, aren’t you guys just yanks with your brains kicked out.
      A bunch of whiners, eg:
      The Brits alaways sent in the colonials 1st etc.
      Did not see you losers in North Africa, Greece, Crete or Italy. The great Canadian OE drinking beer in Britain 1939 to 1944.

      I do have family in Tbilisi, my wifes family you canuk bear licker. Have you ever been to Tbilisi?

      Tell me who your family are here, I am sure they would be so proud to find out what a russophile cocksuck they have for a relative.

  26. oh and what’s with the “boyo” language. you’re not hip enough to use that andrew the fake.

    you would be laughed out of the bronx and jamaica using that word.

    go away white boy bumbaclot.

  27. hello andrew…where are you…i kicked your ass and now your obligated to come here to write something stupid…stop listening to your maori drumming cd ethnic boy….

  28. hahahah i got you back here didn’t i pussy boyo.

  29. hahaha trying to insult canadians is foolish. we know we have the best country in the world and we’re better than the usa and well…everyone else. and not only that but i’m from vancouver on the west coast and it’s the best part of canada. yeah like they say in BC. “the best place on earth”. soon i’ll be back there with the ocean, forests and mountains.

    really andrew you can’t insult a person from the west coast of canada. we live in god’s country and we know it.

    jealous boyo?

  30. they aren’t your real family by blood andrew. you’re not georgian and you’re not maori. you’re a neocon white boy.

    i guess you’re still upset that georgia’s immoral invasion of south ossetia went all wrong huh?

    got your pussy ass kicked didn’t you.

    oh andrew why didn’t you go and fight against the russian army? big tough pseudo georgian that you are…hahahah if the russians came marching into tblisii you would be running away like a girl. or hiding behind your wife’s skirt.

  31. learn to spell canuck too andy pandy.

  32. andrew has run away to play ethnic maori boyo.

    he’s such an impressive fake that he tricked a georgian woman to marry him.

  33. Canadians are the gutless cowards of the western hemisphere, relying on the UK & US to do all the work of defending them.

    I did fight, and I will fight again.
    I have fought for NZ, I have fought for Georgia.

    Besides, I know the truth of what I am, my British ancestors treated my Maori ones with far more dignity and respect than the Canadians treated the first peoples, thats for sure.

    Unfortunately “free” is an excellent example of why Canadians are disliked throughout the commonwealth.

    Loud mouths and no brains, thats Canada to a T, though the froggy parts are Ok when I was there.

    BTW, been to Vancouver too, trust me, you ain’t Gods own, thats NZ boyo.

  34. Tower Bolshevik

    For Andrew:

    “I have fought for Georgia”

    Yeah, I’ll just bet that you were right there on the front line with no shirt with an M-60 in one hand and a grenade launcher in the other, screaming with your mouth hanging off to the side shooting dead hundreds of Russian soldiers, wave after wave. Or perhaps you were out getting drunk in some Atlanta hick bar, got into a fight, and forgot which Georgia you were in. You’re too pathetic for words.

    “Canadians are the gutless cowards of the western hemisphere, relying on the UK & US to do all the work of defending them”

    You should talk. Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, the Balkans; New Zealand has done little more than tail the Americans and hide behind them. Note the fact that they ran like defeated scum when the Americans got the crap kicked out of them in Vietnam. It’s a pity more of your soldiers weren’t cut up and mutilated by the Viet Cong. Bleed for America.

  35. Actually the New Zealanders were greatly respected by our VC and NVA opponents.
    Usually the US troopes used to hide behind us.

    Of course we only sent professionals.

    I was a professional in the 1st RNZIR in the liberation of East Timor from Indonesian colonial rule. But I imagine you would have preferred them to remain under Indonesian rule, after all its OK in your book for Russia, China, and other despotic countries to opress their neigbors.

    Of course, your wish to see people cut up is typical of the moral bankruptcy which the typical deviant socialist excells in.

    Socialism is the last refuge of scum like yourself.
    Look at the history of socialism, both internationalist (communism) and nationalist (nazism), and what do you see?
    Mass murderers, sexual deviants, genocidal maniacs, and brain dead retards such as yourself.

  36. Here is a Vietnamese view of your Communist “heroes” Totally Bollocks.

    As usual you support a criminal regime TB, such a pity to see such a mediocre mind as yours wasted on the support of murderers and criminals.

    • You’re just pissed, little one, that the Vietnamese kicked the snot out of your white asses. New Zealand army was nothing but a bunch of rabble with guns. You wouldn’t have been in Vietnam if you didn’t have the Americans to hide behind. You guys ran with your tails between your legs with the Americans, and the Vietnamese Communists built their country into the modern industrialized country it is today. End of story.

  37. sure andrew sure. you’re also the president of georgia. LOL. and a maori king.

  38. Aaron Yranovitch

    I read that Russian protect their jobs and country …against who? what did they protect giving themselves the right to expand their racism and killing in other countries (the son of Bill Cosby, the egyptian pregnant woman killed with knife in a justice court, an ameriacn officer killed by a soldier (russian origin), a woman who kidnapped her daughter in France and payed russain mafia to beat the husband. I lived in Russia and they organized a culture steeped in violence and racism taught from generation to generation. Killing for a “Slave” mainly russian is nothing. They curse their people and their Land by the Human blood spoured on their ground.

  39. jewish piece of scum,unfortunately they didnt get you…

  40. You still cant grasp the fact that Putin took the media and economy away from the Jews,that why you are crying and moaning,and keep on doing that,Jew scum,we should have let the Nazis exterminate all of you..
    Hopefully Iran will finish the job,remember they only need one or two nukes…

  41. Aaron Yranovitch

    Russian are just stupid psychopaths who need help to understand the strong complex they feel in front of other people(even white) and other race. For indeed they hide their poor mind and their lowest humanity behind the fake strenght, and racism. They are deeply poor and dirty. With so much ressources and manpower, look the rank of the country, drunk people, as stupid as we can see in this life. Unspiritual, Mad, Racist, developping deep complex for not accept difference and concurrence. Let pray for Russia and Ukraine, May G-D bless them and help them to repent for all blood crimes made in their countries and overcome their dep complex of inferiority.

  42. it is and has always been through history the working class survivors that have and still are the slaves of the politics in the country of which they live we turn upon one another like greedy hungry dogs and become no better than the tyrants we are slaved to , we need to unite together for the better of our self’s and our children s children if there is to be a future,

  43. Yeah, they weren’t kidding when they said they wanted to be like America.

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