Germany Suckers Russia into Automotive Boondoggle

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The Wall Street Journal reports:

The German government has bound the fate of General Motors Corp.’s (GM) European business to the faltering Russian economy by selecting auto-parts supplier Magna International (MG.A.T) as a partner for Adam Opel.

{Click the link to read the rest, explaining how Russia has been suckered into a major boondoggle by the Germans}

4 responses to “Germany Suckers Russia into Automotive Boondoggle

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  2. Pohlatohlakas

    Germany is becoming a Russian vassal.

  3. Deutschland über alles, über alles in der Welt.

  4. THEY DESERVE Each other ,
    Perhaps they are trying to rekindle the old
    attraction of the old Molotov-Ribbentropp
    days ?Lately it’s hard to tell who is kissing who’s
    ass . That low life Schroeder was on the moscovite payroll while still the so called
    Chancelor of germany and now Merkel’s East
    german upbringing is showing in the disgraceful
    way germany is catereing to little Ras-Putin.
    By the way Moscow managed to split germany ,
    (East and West ), and to turn East germany into
    their obedient vassal in a mere five decades ,
    shows how weak the germans really are . Lately
    their behavior vis a vis NATO decisions , moscovite invasion of Georgia , and further
    expansionist behavior of Moscow has been
    absolutely disgraceful . Cowardly germany
    and her weak sister france , do not deserve to
    be considered leaders of European nations .
    Eastern european nations , who already experianced the moscovite -communist paradise
    first hand , must present a united front to these
    appologists and appeasers . All germany is
    capable of is showcasing a trial of an ill , perhaps
    dying 90 year old man ,who was already aquited
    of his ALLEGED crimes , comitted allegedly by
    the way in the interest of germany . The whole
    german judicial system stinks . They are the real
    criminals .

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