EDITORIAL: Is Russia Blog’s Charles Ganske a Kremlin Agent?

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Is Russia Blog’s Charles Ganske a Kremlin Agent?

On May 28th the British newspaper The Guardian reported that Alexander Sternik, a senior diplomat at the Russian Embassy in London, had launched a full-bore public relations offensive trying to convince the West that Iran did not pose a strategic threat.  His argument came in connection with what The Guardian called a “blistering” attack on the proposed U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe.

That very same day, almost as if they were reading from the same playbook, Russia Blog editor Charles Ganske left a long comment on the Streetwise Professor blog arguing that Russia can’t be expected to have any influence over Iran and therefore can’t be pressured into using any.

Coincidence? We don’t think so.

Ganske is an American citizen, but he works for a Russian citizen at Russia Blog, Yuri Mamchur, and spends his time tirelessly churning out material that might just as well have been written by the Kremlin itself.  Russia Blog works in close cooperation with Russia Today, the Russian government’s propaganda TV network, and the Russian Embassy in Washington DC (sponsoring an annual forum arguing what a wonderful country Russia is and “advising” U.S. policymakers to give the Kremlin whatever it wants).  Russia Blog routinely publishes material designed to drive a wedge between the NATO countries, and Ganske’s most recent diatribe on RB is an attempt to claim that “America is becoming Russia.”   Before that, Ganske was openly lobbying Congress to abandon missle defense.

Is Ganske, in fact, an agent of the Russian Kremlin?  On March 31st he wrote: “Perhaps Washington’s leading conservative Cold Warriors, that still believe a policy of confrontation with Russia is in America’s national interest, ought to rethink their position.”  He claimed that  Russia is a “conservative country” that American conservatives should want to befriend, and argued that Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon would adore Putin’s Russia.  How can this be viewed as anything other than an effort to subvert the American democracy in exactly the same manner practiced by Soviet spies during the first cold war?

If you find it difficult to explain how the Kremlin would have written these pieces any differently, so do we.  If you find it unsettling that an American citizen employed by a Russian citizen would be the mouthpiece of the Kremlin, a Kremlin that is providing military aid to Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Hamas and buzzing American military bases with nuclear bombers, so do we.

The relentless torrent of lies spewed out by the lunatics at Russia Blog has been well documented by us in the past, our archives are packed with such examples.  And it’s now clear that the dishonesty of Russia Blog, which is funded by the corrupt and discredited anti-evolution Discovery Institute, knows no bounds. 

Here’s a simple example:  On May 25th, Yuri Mamchur published a post claiming that RB had issued “1,050 original posts” since 2005 and received 7,000 comments from readers (our blog, which didn’t get started until 2006, has more than 20,000 comments to date).  That means Mamchur is claiming Russia Blog posts average 6.7 comments each.  Yet, on May 28th there were 30 posts displayed on RB’s home page and they had collected only 56 comments — an average of just 1.9 comments per post, three times fewer than Mamchur claimed.  At that rate, less than 2,500 comments would have been generated by RB’s 1,050 posts. Nine of the 30 posts, nearly a third of the total, had zero comments.  So either Mamchur was lying or Russia Blog is dramatically deterioriating in terms of reader interest from the level it once had.  Either way, it’s epic failure, made even more humiliating by comparing RB to LR.  On that same date, our home page displayed 21 posts and they had collected a whopping 565 comments, an average of 30 comments each, 15 times higher than RB’s average. Not a single one of them had zero comments.  In other words, Russia Blog’s comment tally is laughable, and plummeting into the absurd.

But this is no laughing matter. The democracies of the West, whether they know it or not, are locked in battle with the dictatorship that is Vladimir Putin’s Russia, and Putin’s friends among us are feverishly trying to undermine us from within.  We must not let them succeed.

13 responses to “EDITORIAL: Is Russia Blog’s Charles Ganske a Kremlin Agent?

  1. People like Charles Ganske make me wanna puke…

  2. We can only speculate who his ultimate paymaster is, but, for sure they aren’t getting much talent for their money.

    He spends his time setting up strawman arguments, obfuscating and refusing to answer direct questions all of which trip him up everytime he lands in someone’s comments.

    The bottomline with all of these Putin “pilot fish” as SWP has named them is their lack of morality. Defending Putin’s Russia requires an utter contempt for the decent Russians that are the victims of the system.

  3. kavkazwatcher

    Another Peter Lavelle. No respectable group otherwise would touch him…

  4. Never heard of Charles Ganske, but chhers to him.

    Being slandered in this disgusting blogpit is a matter of pride.


    A new record for the stupidest comment we’ve ever received has been set! You’ve never heard of him, but you know he’s being slandered? HA! You’ve captured the essence of the Russophile in a single sentence! Brilliant!

  5. Well trilirium, morons such as yourself describe living in the open sewer that is Russia a matter of pride too.

  6. Penny wrote, “We can only speculate who his ultimate paymaster is, but, for sure they aren’t getting much talent for their money….”

    While you may wonder who is Mr. Ganske’s “ultimate paymaster,” at least he publishes under his own name.

    In the case of La Russophobe we know neither who is ‘her’ “ultimate paymaster” nor do we know ‘her’ real name.

    But obviously none of La Russophobes hypocrisy bothers Penny. By the way Penny, what’s your real name? (perhaps rtyb).

    PS: The fact that La Russophobe feels the continuing need to compare its web stats with other Russia focused blogs/websites implies that it/they need to prove that their project is successful. This all leads one back to the same question, who is behind La Russophobe and what are it ultimate objectives?

    I don’t you all will have the cojones to actually allow this comment through your hyper sensitive filters.


    Why are you trying to change the subject? Does the question of Russia Blog’s allegiance to the Kremlin make you feel uncomfortable? If so, why is that?

    You don’t know who the authors of New York Times editorials are. Is that also a problem for you? Mind if we ask how long you’ve been a psychopath, propagandizing in aid of dictatorship in Russia?

    Would you mind leading by example, and giving us your name, address and phone number?

    We publish ten times as many comments each day as Russia Blog, which doesn’t let us write a single word of comment on their blog. Whose filters are sensitive now?

    Why do you have a problem with us being proud of our blog and saying so? Is it because you don’t have anything to be proud of? Why don’t you adopt a puppy?

    And, um: Do you want to find out who we are so you can kill us?

    • My real name is Penny? That’s been consistent for years at this site.

      And, your real name is “James”?

      It looks like we both post using first names.

      So, what was your point again?

      • And, let me add that trapped in the hilarious irony that you set yourself up in, you truly deserve the Dufus Award for stupid comments.

  7. kavkazwatcher

    And, given the vicious way that the Kremlin goes after its detractors – it makes no sense to paint a target on one’s back.

    Are you trying to out anyone James? Right out of the KGB playbook…

    • The only thing that James with no last name hilariously challenging me for no last name has outed is his own stupidity.

      “KGB Tactics For Dummies”, the playbook, isn’t working out too well for him.

  8. For the record, we note that a person calling himself “Charles Ganske” attempted to place a comment on this thread. Since the real Charles Ganske would know that he has banned us from placing any comments on any Russia Blog posts and would therefore not expect to be able to comment here, we assume this was an imposter and have deleted the comment. If Mr. Ganske really was enough of a hypocrite to attempt to comment here while not allowing us to comment there, we of course condemn that outrage.

  9. Seriously Ronda, get a grip…


    How DARE you attempt to comment on this blog when you won’t let us comment on yours? Have you NO shame, Mr. Ganske?

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