EDITORIAL: Another Major LR Milestone

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Another Major LR Milestone

May 2009 was the best month we’ve ever had here at La Russophobe in terms of visitation.  Every week during the month our traffic increased significantly from the week before, meaning we set  a new all-time record every seven days.  For the first time ever, we were visited more than 25,000 times in a single week, and by month’s end, for the first time ever, we had been visted more than 100,000 times in a single month! On top of all that, at mid-month (as we reported then) we received one-millionth visit.  Wow. What a month!

And there’s more.


As the graphic above indicates, nearly 110,000 visits were paid to our blog in May, an increase of nearly 70% compared to our first month of operation here on WordPress in August 2008 (when we hosted just under 60,000 visits, itself a significant increase from our last month on the Google server, owing to the Russian invasion of Georgia that month) and a 15% increase over our best prior month, March 2009. 

We are on pace to receive our two-millionth vistor  before our fourth birthday rolls around in April 2010.   By that time, the web pages we have created (over 6,000 of them) will have been viewed nearly four million times, an average of a million page views per year.  No serious Russia blog in the world which is not organizationally supported can claim traffic remotely close to this level, and no Russia blog of any kind attracts as many reader comments as we do.

Generating 100,000 visits in a month means nearly 4,000 visits to this blog each and every day throughout the month, a very impressive achievement for a website devoted to a single topic which is not of general interest and focusing only on serious political analysis.

We are rapidly closing in on two more milestones, the 25,000th comment published on the blog and the display of one million visits on our counter, which  has not yet reached one million because part of our traffic was received on our prior web address under the Google server.  As far as we know, no Russia politics blog in the history of the world has displayed one million or more visits on a public counter.  Very few Russia blogs, in fact, are as open with readers about traffic as we are, very few post a public visitation counter.

As we have said many times before, these accomplishments don’t belong only to those of us who produce the content for this blog but also, and equally, to those of you who read it.  It is, in other words, what is described above is as much your achievement as it is ours, so pat yourself on the back!

And redouble your efforts.  We have made tremendous progress since our founding, but there is far more work to do before Russia is freed from the yoke of neo-Soviet oppression.  The most important thing you can do to help is to click the “SHARE” icon in the upper left corner of each post and use Digg or Stumbleupon or Reddit or any of the other available services to favorite our posts and circulate them to a wider audience.  It’s especially crucial that our message go out as far and wide as possible now that the new Obama administration is formulating a revised Russia policy.


3 responses to “EDITORIAL: Another Major LR Milestone

  1. A Serious Warning:
    Yes, and once again, my hearty kudos and congrats to all you at La Russophobe! Keep it up!
    However, in view of all the ‘heart attacks, ‘car accidents’, ‘getting shot in the head by unknown assaliants’, ‘coming down with sudden-cancer, and then dying the next day’, etc., etc, etc. Dear fellow anti-Putlerites, WATCH YOUR BACKS! In the anti-neo-soviet Russian diaspora, …in our civilized free-west, there have been in recent days (more and more, in fact) numerous ‘natural deaths’, and many anti-KGB mouths shut! These assasinations don’t only happen in the RF, they also happen in Europe and America. So, as best you can, TAKE CARE!
    Our trouble in America, is we are spoiled (by our many freedoms, and relative public safety, which we take for granted, foolishly), and we imagine that such terrible crimes, …couldn’t happen HERE!
    They can, and they do!
    Truly, every member of RL should carry weapons, at all times, for starters, and WATCH YOUR BACKS! The KGB operatives may still nail you, but why not at least, make it harder for them?
    And, I mean NO humour in my words here, none!

  2. About Food and Drink (& smoking also):
    And another point: Watch what you eat, what you drink, who you travel with, etc. And, unfortunately it is not as simple as just refusing to munch on that tempting colourfully wrapped in red paper, box of chocolate-covered cherries delivered to your door, whose sender is labeled: “Your Uncle Vladimir in Moscow, with love, ENJOY!”. Poisoned food, meant for your ‘enjoyment’ (perhaps, eternal enjoyment?) could come from trusted people, ‘friends’ who are actually on somebody else’s payroll, who march to a different drummer. No kidding.
    Does this sound…depressing? Well, so are the realitie., the well established & well documented ways of the KGB/FSB gangsters who run Russia, and who are pulling the whole world down, with them. Murder of enemies, has always been their MAIN tool.
    ***A side note. my apologies for my frequent spelling errors, I do triple check my comments before I post them here,….but….still….errors slip by me. In my above comment, I meant to say: LR …not the RL, I put there. Sorry!
    R.D. (Reader Daniel)

  3. Thank you for great work you put into your web site. I’m one of thousands of your frequent visitors.
    Came back from Moscow couple weeks ago, the country just outside Moscow’s Boulevard Ring looks and feels just like Palestine or something similar.
    I grew up in Moscow and wonder was it always
    like that or it got worse.
    Islands of “decent” life protected by 6′ or better 8′ fences floating in sea of waste and debris called public space. Or the country.
    Invisible sign, reads “I don’t care, I don’t care anymore”.
    It’s a sad sad place to return to. Even for few days.

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