May 29, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  We Told you So!

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Barbarism Unbound

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russia and the Axis of Evil

(4)  Russian Internet Composed mostly of Foreign Criminals

(5)  Putinomics is Crushing the People of Russia

NOTE:  Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment of her Russia column on the American Thinker blog is a ringing warning about the implications of Russia booting OSCE observers out of the disputed border between itself and Georgia.  Required, scary reading, especially since our online poll shows our readers overwhemlingly believe renewed Russian agression against tiny Georgia is likely. 

NOTE:  We set another all-time record for weekly visitation last week, receiving 26,239 guests on our blog.  That’s an average daily traffic of 3,750.

11 responses to “May 29, 2009 — Contents

  1. American Thinker is a website for neoconservative wankers…


    If you think we think being a neocon is somehow bad, you ought to review Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy towards Russia, which is our lodestar. The utter lack of substantiation in your childish term “wanker” betrays your own ridiculous lack of anything remotely like substance or thought. Jealous are you, little boy?

  2. Youre the one who gets spunky with his funky.

  3. At least I don’t get spunky with a hogwash propaganda the kind witnessed on American Thinker. A side where nobody really thinks.


    Perhaps you mean “site”? Probably should think a little more before writing.

  4. Now fankyspanky, you probably prefer Russia Today, or such similar neofascist BS.

  5. Or maybe “wankeyspankey” is one of the loyal “suckpuppets” on Medvedevs blog?

    • Nah mate, I don’t know of any Medvedev blogs, do you?


      Medvedev IS a blogger. You need to get out more.

  6. Well I must admit I watched RT and little BBC during Misha’s Summer cock up. CNN was terrible, with parading the abominable Misha all around not focusing on the real action of Misha’s troops and black mercenaries getting their arses kicked. But I was in South East Asia at the time so I had TV, otherwise I do not really like TV. Who needs it if you have the internet.

    There is tons of neofascist stuff out there. But I call it paleo-conservative, this is before conservatism was highjacked by former Levantine commies who no export the neo-liberal revolution just like the good ole USSR did with socialism.


    The fact that you would seek any meaningful information about Russia from a source owned and operated by the Kremlin itself for propaganda purposes indicates you are not to be taken remotely seriously. As does your ridiculous, childish name.

    • Black mercenaries?
      No such thing, more Russian BS.

      A bit like the Russian soldier who deserted to the Georgians.
      RT claimed he was kidnapped and tortured by the Georgians and FORCED TO EAT HAMBURGERS!!!!

      In reality the only torture was from his own “glorious” Russian army.

      He is still damn happy to be in Tbilisi by all accounts.

    • Stop watching RT and stop taking drugs… ;)


    I can’t understand how so many people are so blind. :(

    Comfortable right? Blame anyone else but Putin… suuure, criticizing Putin may be dangerous for your health. So many pathetic people out there… Just makes me said for humanity…

    • “It must have come after neo-liberal policies destroyed Russia in the nineties.” And there’s the rub. Why does every russophile whack-job blame the handful of years of poorly-executed “liberal” policy instead of the 70 years of communism?

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