EDITORIAL: We Told You So!

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We Told You So!

“The electoral system has been revised to serve the interests of a single party, the interests of those who are now at the helm. Step by step, we have been going back to the past.”

— former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev, at a conference celebrating the 20th anniversary of the first Soviet parliament on May 21st

More than three years ago, we began warning the world about neo-Soviet Russia.  Long before Anna Politkovskaya was murdered, long before anyone ever heard of Dima Medvedev, we warned the world, on a daily basis, that Vladimir Putin would not leave power and would liquidate anyone who got in his way.  We were only stating the obvious — once a proud KGB spy, always a proud KGB spy.  You can’t teach an old spook new democracy.

Few would listen at first.  We were called chicken littles and worrywarts  for claiming that Russia could go back to the darkest days of the Soviet past.  But three years later, we are conventional wisdom. We even have to ask ourselves if we’re being too soft on Putin’s Russia, when the likes of Mikhail Gorbachev, who would know as well as anyone, states publicly and clearly that we were right all along.

And that’s exactly what he did last week.  He minced no words in stating the obvious, that Russia is a neo-Soviet state rapidly on its way to becoming a neo-Stalinist state. Not even Gorbachev, though, was brave enough to lay the blame for this situation where it belongs, at the feet of Putin and Medvedev.  He knows that if he did, he’d be inviting the Politkovskaya solution to be applied to him as well.

No thinking person can now dispute that we were right three years ago, nor can any such person avoid the conclusion that the world was much to slow in responding to the horrific threat being prevented by the rise of a neo-Soviet state. 

Given that reality, no reasonable person should challenge us when we tell you that Putin is far from finished consolidating his maligant neo-Soviet regime, that he will go right on marching toward his goal until he is physically stopped by Western power. And the closer he gets to his goal, a kindergartener could tell you, the more likely it is he will reach it.

The Western world must stand up to Putin, now.  If it fails to do so, it will repeat history just as Russa is doing, allowing a neo-Stalinist nightmare to propagate itself and destroy Russia, bringing untold hardship and cost to the West as well, just as Stalin did.  Stalin made a pact with Hitler to undermine the West; what is to stop Putin from making a similar pact with Iran or even bin Laden?

Nothing but our resolve.  Our childen will not forgive us if we fail to heed Santayana’s fateful advice: Those who cannot remember history are doomed to repeat it.

69 responses to “EDITORIAL: We Told You So!

  1. I tried to travel back in time (like Billy Pilgrim in “Slaughterhouse-Five”) to get the feeling what it was back then in 1989-1990.

    I must admit, this thought experiment shocked me.

    In Gorbachev’s time, despite so many hardliners still in power, despite all the mass and inertia of the Soviet system, those were the days of freshness and exhilarating spirit of the freedom.

    Russia then and Russia now are two absolutely different countries.

    That was the Russia of big hopes, inspiration and free mind. Country to become free land for free people.

    This is the Russia of darkness, of a crawling Frankenstein’s monster of Fascism built on rotting parts of Bolshevism, imperialism, chauvinism, held together by staples of mass control through brainwashing and totalitarian secret police.

    As the change had happened gradually, it was hard to notice in any given week or month. But if you compare “then” with “now”, it takes your breath away.

  2. 2Mot du Jour: the maxim “Road to hell is paved with good intentions” is especially true for Gorbachev’s times.

    It will be a happy day for Russians when spineless Gorby is done away with the way impostor and Polish creature Grigroiy Otrepyev (“Pseudo-Demetrius I”) was in 1605: he was thrown down from the Ivan the Great Kremlin belfry, his body was burned and the ashes were loaded into a cannon and fired in the direction of Warsaw (in Gorby’s case, it must be Washington, D.C.).

    • I guess the biggest mistake of all of the Russians as a people and society is that you missed the idea that “It will get worse before it gets better”, and it will take some time. Especially for so large a country.

      People wanted it “all and now”. When it turned out not to be so easy as many had imagined, people lost faith in principle of democratic society.

      I am sad for this, as I am sad for you and many others blaming Gorby for what he did. He punctured an abscess which was slowly leading USSR to its collapse sooner or later anyway. Whatever were his intentions, he created an opportunity for a change. To become a “normal” country finally. To have democratic government, free speech, freedom for enterprise, rule of law, civil rights. All those things which are scornfully frowned upon in modern Russia. It would take decades, but it would come.

      Instead you slipped back to seeming stability of frozen, strictly regulated society under authoritarian rule. A harbor for misled and week minds. Food base for gang of ex-KGB crooks that run your country.

      Putin cynically used fruits of the reforms of democratic era to boost his popularity, as majority of the laymen are to narrow minded to think large scale and to realize that changes do not happen overnight. They seem to have really believed that just installing a Fuhrer has instantly improved living standard, international standing, performance and long term prospects of Russia, while in fact it is the opposite.

      You will pay dearly for that. Though you will possibly never admit it.

      Another great historical chance wasted for good.

      • 2Mot du Jour: Many millions of victims of Gorby’s perestroika and Yeltsin’s U.S.-inspired “reforms” did not get a chance to see when of whether “it will get better”. Instead of making Soviet economy viable, Gorby, with characteristic lack of willpower, followed the path of least resistance, embarking on political reform in times of economic disarray. Teng Xiaoping knew better: he started with economic reforms, and so China is an economic superpower now, although it started from a lower line than the USSR under Gorbachev. And who of those buying gadgets and panties “Made in China” remembers the Tiananmen Massacre now?
        BTW, if by a “normal” country you mean a country with a negative native population growth and “gay pride parades” – thnx, we in Russia just don’t want to be such a “normal” country. :-(

        • What’s you beef with Gorbachev? Didn’t modern Russia that you are so proud of get created as a result of the demise of the old U.S.S.R.? And wouldn’t the old U.S.S.R. still exist but for the efforts of Gorbachev’s?

          • RV,

            Actually Gorbachev (who, remember, was the KGB’s champion!) wanted only to reform the Soviet Union – because they was losing the Cold War so damn badly (country ruined by the arms race and the economic crisis, militarily defeated in Afghanistan, not able to compete anymore).

            During the operette coup by the dinosaur hardliners in 1991, the USSR was disbaned by his rival Yeltsin (the chief of the Russian Soviet Republic), so he would take over all the power in Moscow and Gorbachev was left with nothing.

            And of course, Putin was the Yeltsin’s loyal man for years and his hand-picked successor (and his first edict as the new president was to give a lifetime immunity to Yeltsin and his family).

            Funny stuff, this modern Russian history.

            • Both Gorby and Yeltsin are enemies of the state. At least most part of russians and many ex-soviet republic’s citisens think so. The fact that Medvedev opened the “Library of Yeltsin” recently is almost counted as BETRAYAL. Maybe it was just a move to calm the opposition, but i think his rating will slightly go down after that. Yep. Just for opening some stupid library. That shows the effects “democracy”.

              “and his first edict as the new president was to give a lifetime immunity to Yeltsin and his family” – yep. That’s was the price to save Russia from the consequences of Yeltsin’s “democracy”.

              • Ah. And Putin the savior was of course a valiant fighter against Yeltsin’s “democracy”, right?

                Was there some revolution I missed?

                When he was working for the regime, eventually becoming member of the Yeltsin’s personal circle (various key positions in the presidential administration), even being his security forces’ (FSB) chief, then prime minister, then finally the chosen, hand-picked successor?

                When he destroyed Skuratov, who tried to fight corruption and bring Yeltsin down?

                When the rebels in the south were actually fighting and dying against Yeltsin (and Putin)?

                Was he starving, like so many Russian (and so many are starving still)?

                Was he even personally fighting against the enemies of their corrupt regime, like so many slave soldiers – conscripts from the poor families, of whom more than 100,000 either died or were severely injured?

                Isn’t he in fact the richest Russian now (while, yes, so many are still starving)?

                And of what “opposition” are you talking about that he needs to “calm” by making his puppet-show “president” remember his own old boss, mentor and promoter?

                You people are so blind. Sheeple, really.

                • >>>When he was working for the regime

                  He’s not saint, he was working for himself and i have no doubt corruption was his second name. But now he got power and i hope that changed something in his way of thinking. And because of i live here and can compare the Yeltsin’s and Putin’s times, i think it did. Or he’s just more competent. I know about “oil prices”, but it is long ago proved that oil prices were the meaning, but not the main reason for the rising of russian economy

                  >>When he destroyed Skuratov, who tried to fight corruption and bring Yeltsin down?

                  Alright, each victim of Putin becomes a martyr, i know

                  >>Was he starving, like so many Russian (and so many are starving still)?

                  Strange argument. Did Bush died like many americans?

                  >>Isn’t he in fact the richest Russian now (while, yes, so many are still starving)?

                  The fact is something that’s proved

                  >>>And of what “opposition” are you talking about that he needs to “calm” by making his puppet-show “president” remember his own old boss, mentor and promoter?

                  Oh, you know nothing about the russian opposition? What do you know about Russia then?

                  • I think he has his head up the arse of Limonov and Kasparov. Just like Boris the goblin these guys have no legitimacy, no authority and franky no identity.

                  • “But now he got power and i hope that changed something in his way of thinking.”

                    After merely 10 years after succeeding Yeltsin (literally), you still “hope that changed something in his way of thinking”. That’s cute.

                    “but it is long ago proved that oil prices were the meaning, but not the main reason for the rising of russian economy”

                    Wtf are you talking about? What other Russian economy? Look what’s going on now while the prices are low. (Not to mention Russia was to be an oasis of peace and prosperity not touchen by the crisis to emerge as the world’s leading economy, according to Putin and his “economists” last year.) There was no real investement (money was in great part simply stolen and got out of Russia to be invested elsewhere). And then the crisis management failed and financial reserves spent with no effect. Seriously, should I really even tell you all that?

                    “Oh, you know nothing about the russian opposition? What do you know about Russia then?”

                    I know something about the Russian opposition. They arrive for a peaceful demonstration, march for 5 minutes, then the OMON (outnumbering them 3:1) rushes in to beat up the old ladies. Repeat and again. But I don’t see them carrying posters of Yeltsin when they get beaten up.

                    And I don’t see them at this video above (Putin and Bearev at the Yelstin monument, with the military band playing really badly).

                    The armed opposition in the south are also hardly Yeltsin fan club. But hey, see something yourself:

                    As the uploader wrote:

                    “THIS IS YOUR yeltsin god damn him in his grave look and LEARN russians”

                  • “Strange argument. Did Bush died like many americans?”

                    I think you meant Obama, succeeding Bush.

                    But, a “strange argument” of yours indeed.

                    Because Obama was hardly the George W. Bush’s loyal career right-hand-man, deputy and chief of the government, the champion hand-picked by Bush to succeed him (and give him a lifetime immunity too).

                    Quite on contrary, Obama was elected on the platform of “change”.

                    And on the war: http://www.reuters.com/article/politicsNews/idUSN0923153320070212

                    While Putin of course personally started Chechnya II as the prime minister (and actually only because of this he was elected the president – before this apparently glorious bloodbath, as a faceless Yeltsin’s lackey in the shadow of his boss, he had only 2% popular support).

    • Well, it could be argued that Russia would have been a better country today if Otrepyev had been successful.

      • But it goes without saying that Russia would have be a better place today if Stalin had done away with Khrushchev! :-)

  3. Where’s Gorbachev been all of these years?

    He didn’t lack any of the information that anyone watching Putin’s advance into thuggery and totalitarian behavior that the rest of the world was witnessing.

    What a spineless worm. He marginalized himself. His words have no moral authority now.

    • penny,

      Gorbachev was politically nobody ever since Yelstin did this incredible stunt and dissolved the USSR, thus making him the president of the country that is not existing anymore.

      His presidential candidature in 1996 but was a total failure. (And of course Yelstin won.)

      But he for example sponsors Novaya Gazeta. I think that’s actually much.

      And no, I’m not a super fan of Gorbachev, who as you probably know was chosen to lead by Andropov and the KGB (the reforms were planned, initiated and controlled by the KGB too). There were also massacres by the government troops, the war in Afghanistan, and so on.

    • He lost his authority a long time ago.

  4. Putin is hero for locking up sell out boy Khodorkovsky and exiling that goblin Berezovsky to London, he improved the economic situation of many Russian. What did Gorbi do? Bring about chaos and making non-Russians such as the two named above into tycoons? Nah, killing Gorbi is useless, he should live with his own sins and do some more ads for LV.

  5. ….and making non-Russians such as the two named above into tycoons?

    So, Spunky, if Khodorkovsky and Berezovsky aren’t Russia then just what are they?

    Both born in Russia, hum, is there another nationality sub-classification of them that makes them “non-Russian” that you want to share with us?

    Come on, Spunky, cough it up?

  6. Yes their hear lies in a city full of famous churches and mosques in the Levant. And if not there it lies with the likeminded people in Washington D.C. Afterall most of those people for some unknown reason cannot make their minds up to emigrate to their ancient homeland, I guess because its a hellhole without water with and hostile neighbours. Nothing Russian about them, appart from the fact that they live in Russia and cannot make their minds up to the alya.

  7. Hey, Spunky, it didn’t take long to scratch your not so obtuse anti-Semitism to the surface. But, that’s what I was baiting your for.

    Now that you’ve been exposed for what you are it’s time you took your vile little attitudes elsewhere.

    Bye, Spunky.

  8. Well said Penny.
    Russians are the most racist, xenophobic trash currently residing in the world.

  9. anti-What? I did not speak of no Semites (what are they anyway? Arabs? Ethiopians?), I meant the Issawiya, you know a group of odd Iranian pseudo-christians that went missing in Damascus, city of famous mosques and churches. I have an info they are going on trip with Alya Tours, I heard Mikhail can’t go because hes za reshotkay and Boris is shagging gay prostitutes in Soho.

  10. Andrew you shame yourself, they love Pushkin a part-African boy and great master of the Russian language. Besides I am no Russian, I am more close to the other Levantine tribe, further south.

    • An exception that proves the rule.
      The rule is racist attacks on non slavic citizens and migrant workers.
      Russians are mysoginist racist pigs.

      • Attacks on Slavs, here we go again. You know thats skinheads from disenfranchised neighbouhoods do you? But you say Russians are like that. I knew this one Cossac, they told you Cossacs are the worse on the TV innit? Well he had mates who were Russian-Korean, Kazakh and me, I am not Russian either. So we have another exception to the rule son.

        Most Russians are not racists, because they would be against them selves. Half of them are Orthodox-Russified Tartars anyway. The fact that some frustrated morons attack Tajiks who took their job is understandable. You should be against immigrants if you love Russia, but I guess you are not.

        Or you shoud support repatriation of Tajiks for the sake of US interests. I mean wouldn’t it be great if Russians sent all Tajiks back to Tajikistan tsus put Tajik economy on its knees and Americans financed them aid in return for an airbase?

        I don’t understand you thoughts. I guess you are saying Russians are racist becuase it suits your narrow mind. Have you heard of a lynchmob attackin Iraqis in Sweden?


        Are Swedes racist? Have you heard of “British jobs for British workers” campaign? Are Brits racist? Is it racist if the Dutch vote for Widers? Is it racist if the Swiss put white sheep kicking out a black one on a poster? Are you going to talk about Hungarians killing Roma? Do you like Mexicans making swaths of USA into Spanish speaking areas? Or is it just that Russians can’t deal with the benefits of multiracial-multiculturalism that you feel the duty to educate them?

        What kind of elitist are you. I hate your obnoctious kind, always ready to lecture the ignorant mass while living far from immigrants and if knowing someone of different colour he is problably the same type of intellectual as them.

        People like you should crawl back into their suburb and sut up!

        • Sorry non-Slavs

        • Actually wankyspanky, I AM an IMMIGRANT, although I admit I have moved FROM and English speaking commonwealth country to a former Soviet Republic.

          As for the things you mentioned, racism is wrong regardless of which country it occurs in, but Russian institutionalised racism (in country where they piss on about being a “brotherhood of the proletariat” even today) is on a whole different level. You know, like when Russian skinheads film their brutal murders of non-slavs, when the Russian government turns a blind eye to their crimes, that sort of thing.

          You really are a tosser wankeyspanky.

      • After the fall of Soviet Union the country left with no ideals and discredited history, why are you wondering that all forms of extremist and destructive ideologies rapidly began to gain followers? Especially from that generation of 80-90th?


        You must stop making sequential comments on a single post, this blog is not a forum for your self expression. If you bombard us with sequential comments just once more, you’ll be banned.

        • Hey Russophobe, do something about the comments section, it sucks.

        • Actually when i wish to ANSWER someone i click “reply” and writing exactly under the post i wish to answer, so the one who wrote it could read the answer without the need to search for it across the whole comments section. That’s how treelike structure boards are intended to be used. And also that’s not my fault for you have no “edit” button here, so i HAVE to make sequential comments. BTW why won’t you ban penny or Andrew instead?

        • Dear LA RUSSOPHOBE, may i humbly request a ban, for i can’t just leave this blog alone in hopes to bring at least someone over, but i know it’s useless ’cause prejustice is something that can’t be defeated by words, and i’m really tired of spending my time here. PLEASE.


          You got it! Happy to be of service.

          • And prejustice for all.


              You wanna be banned? You got it! We are always happy to be of service to our readers when we can. We’ve even deleted your request, for your convenience. Have a nice day!

  11. Andrew

    If you are such an expert on racist attacks on non-citizens and migrant workers make a bee-line to San-Joaquin valley and take your final stand.

    Mire nomás esos pinches gringos.

    • No, too much work to do helping the victims of Russian human trafficking thanks.
      A migrants life in the US is vastly preferable to a migrants life in Russia.

      • So what? The fact that you can’t even order food in San Diego in English is good. The fact that you can’t go to some places looking European is good?

  12. Eugene, nice try, but intellectually weak. A non-sensical yet popular maxim makes for great propaganda, but is equally easy to deconstruct. If the road to hell is paved with good intentions, then what to say of a road paved with bad intentions? It should a fortiori lead to a place worse than hell, which by definition does not exist, therefore the place that is reached is also hell. By implication, intentions, good or bad, have no impact, you end up in hell anyway. Therefore, ethics are useless, and you should do whatever you feel like. That seems to be the philosophy espoused by both you (e.g. in your proposed treatment of Gorbachev) and the current Russian leadership.

    Eugene. There IS a road to hell. A road to evilness and destruction. Getting there requires power, because the weak can do only little harm. Getting there also requires an absence of ethics, because ethics guide your actions towards what is just and true, and away from what is unjust and untrue. The correct statement is therefore the following:

    Power Without Ethics Is The Road To Hell

    Now if being puffed up with hate and blood-lust is your most cherished state of mind, then all this might be hard to comprehend. But next time you pause for breath, do consider what exactly it is that you wish to defend.

    • > Power Without Ethics Is The Road To Hell

      Tell it to those who unleashed unprovoked aggressions against Yugoslavia and Iraq. :-(

      • Now Eugene, the Serbs brought their chastisement on themselves.
        Srebrenica, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Kosovo.
        Ethnic cleansing and massacres of Croat, Bosnian, and Kosvar civillians.

        And as for the Iraqi dictator Saddam, well gassing of the Kurds, invasion of Kuwait, massacres of Shia Iraqi’s.

        Still we should not be surprised that ignorant and moronic fools such as yourself do not see this as warranting punishment, after all Russia has comitted the same crimes in Ukraine, Finland, Koenigsburg (kalliningrad to Russian scum), the Georgian provinces of Abkhazia & Samachabalo/South Ossetia, eastern Poland, Moldovia’s Transdenistr region, the Kuril islands of Japan.

        Eugene, a foul representative of a vile “kultur”

        • No, we don’t worry about “punishment” – because Russia has nuclear weapons capable of inflicting unacceptable damage to any potential enemy. And the “Democracy Promoters” are so vile and cowardly that they attack only those who are too weak to retailiate. :-)

          • A bit like Russians then?

          • You are right they can only attack countries like Saddams Iraq which barely have weapons to keep their population in line. Why don’t they do a regime change in Iran? Guess they would have to have the draft and suckers like Andrei would be killed by IEDs and suicide bombers like flys. They are the worst cowards.

            Besides I kind of supported them after 911, but I even reconsidered my position on Afghanistan, these morons have pushed all the Taliban into a country with nukes. Idiot, complete idiots.

            • Actually wankyspanky, the Taliban COME from Pakistan, they ORIGINATED in a country with nukes you moron.
              No wonder you are such a complete pillock, your understanding of even recent history is non existant.

              • They are Pashto, the part of Pakistan settled by Pashto is really Afghanistan only within borders drawn up by the British. I don’t think places like Islamabad of Buneer are Afghanistan do you? :-)))


                Please try to confine yourself to the topic of the post you are commenting on, observing our guidelines if you want to retain the privilege of publishing material on this blog.

        • Misha brout it on himsel too :-)))

  13. Do those events give a licence for Russia to commit other acts of aggression? Do those events justify your suggestion that Gorbachev should be assassinated?

    I’m not sure I see the connection.

  14. Here’s what rasha boy, Eugene, says:

    “Many millions of victims of Gorby’s perestroika and Yeltsin’s U.S.-inspired “reforms” did not get a chance to see when of whether “it will get better”.”

    You know why, rasha boy?



    And dreaming about shooting people out of cannons – as if that would improve the economy!

    CHIMPS could do better than rashans!

    And they do!

    CHIMPS live better than rashans!

    Plus they don’t dream about shooting people out of cannons.

    And here comes another rasha boy, Funky Pukie, who is happy that Berezovsky is in Londongrad.

    Well, Funky Pukie, Berezovsky has billions of dollars.

    What have you got, rasha boy?

    You’ve got Putvedev, who is driving Gazprom and the rooshan economy into the ground.

    Feast on that, Foockie Pukie!

  15. “Many millions of victims of Gorby’s perestroika and Yeltsin’s U.S.-inspired “reforms” did not get a chance to see when of whether “it will get better”.”


    Because many millions of rooskies sat with their thumbs up their ass.

    Because many millions of rooskies prayed to icons of stalin.

    Because many millions of rooskies were too drunk with vodka.

    Because many millions of rooskies did – nothing.

    Because many millions of rooskies love – misery.

    Because many millions of rooskies can’t think for themselves.

    Because many millions of rooskies are – sheeple.

    Because many millions of rooskies would rather curse the darkness, and their neighbor, than light a candle.

    Because many millions of rooskies want to see their neighbor’s barn burn down, and their neighbor’s livestock die, than to help their neighbor.

    Because many of millions of rooskies want someone to do everything for them, rather than to do something for themselves, or their neighbor.

    Because many millions of rooskies have no brains, no souls, and no humanity.

    Keep praying to stalin, many millions of rooskies.

    And keep glorifying how once, rasha shot someone out of a cannon.

    That’s really, really productive, moron rooskies!

    • Right.

      And finally all that now is America’s fault.


      “Blame Canada” they say in US? “Blame USA” they say in Russia. :)

  16. elmer

    Is this agony, doctor and we’ll have to wait?

  17. Ukraine has that nice anti-semitic university, in fact I have seen some Baltic morons drawing hakenkreuzen and big nosed heads on wood they were to send to Israel. And the Czech nazis do marches through Roma ghettos, and the Hungarians assasinate them. That’s for the democrats in countries oppressed by Russia.

    • Yeah, tell me more of those heartbreaking “Baltic Nazi” “eyewitness accounts”.

      Use your current privilege of being anonymous online bastard free to spit out into common social space any puss that comes out of your inflamed xenophobic brain.

  18. Only a stupid, moronic rooskie would call perestroika, an attempt at freedom and openness, “agony.”

    Only a stupid, moronic rooskie would view himself or herself as a “victim” of perestroika, and freedom and openness.

    Stupid moronic rooskies builds nothing, plants nothing, lets the government steal everything without doing anything about it – and then views himself as a “victim” for not having a house, for not having anything to eat, and for oligarchs owning everything.

    Stupid putzes.

    • I wish YOU would live in the USSR during that “attempt at freedom and openness” and be a Russian in Dushanbe or Grozny or an Armenian in Sumgait and Baku where the representatives of those nations were massacred. :-(

  19. to elmer

    It’s just a reflection of your degenerative thinking. A true Ruski deserves nothing but respect.

    The problem is the US treated Russia as an enemy until it became one. It largely remains a question of US immorality as I see it.

  20. Russia was always acting as an enemy to the west, even in Yeltsins time.

  21. The part I genuinely fail to understand is why anyone like FunkySpunky would invest their time and effort into attempting to argue rationally with the zealot contingent of this blog.

    The entertainment value of hearing ugly myths, misrepresentations of facts, personal prejudices and malicious fictions presented as gospel is not enough to engage in discourse with either the morons who believe it all, or the Ed Bernays wannabes who created this blog to the specs of a mystery customer.

    Scatology fetishists are incapable of opinion shift through discourse, and there are no treasures of wisdom found by dipping into this droeded outhouse pit .

    What is most distatsteful about this place? It’s not antagonism towards all Slav populations whoremained Orthodox in the Great Schism.

    It’s not the attempts to hide a Cato-like zeal for Russia to go the way of of Carthage behind masks of “moral outrage” and “realpolitik analysis”.

    All that is a pale imitation of things done with real style by Disraeli and Goebbels in the past

    What is genuinely repellent about all this, is the ludicrous claims of moral authority from citizens of a nation which has joyously applied media’s K-Y lube to its anus, and bent over to accept the following “freedom and democracy scented” pillars of USA status quo: plutocracy, unchecked wealth disparity, imprisonment of the world’s largest number and percentage of its citizens, global armed interventions and elimination of domestic manufacture made into national initiatives through corporate sponsored legislation, and morality of personal conduct determined by criminal statutes.

    At least Russians have had the courage to overthrow outmoded regimes twice in the last century, for better or worse.


    We wish you were correct, but you apparently haven’t heard that Russia is ruled by a proud KGB spy and the Soviet national anthem played at the last Olympics for Russia. You should get out a bit more.

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