EDITORIAL: Russia and the Axis of Evil

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Russia and the Axis of Evil

Last week it was reported that Russia was urging the world to continue negotiating with the terrorist group Hamas rather than confronting it.  This was, perhaps, the most amazing display of brash temerity by any nation so far this century, since it was being simultaneously reported that North Korea, with which Russia had also demanded negotiation rather than sanctions, had just tested another nuclear bomb.

Needless to say, Russia has been proved wrong on North Korea, and led the world into a genuine national security nightmare as a result.  Thus, listening to what Russia says about Hamas would be, quite simply, insane.

How is it, you may ask that the people of Russia are not ashamed at the behavior of their government, charging routinely to the defense of rogue regimes like those that run North Korea and Hamas (to say nothing of Venezulea and Syria)?  Wasn’t it rather humliating for Russia that not even these countries, but only the lowly and loathesome Nicaragua, would recognize Ossetia and Abkhazia as independent, per Russia’s request? 

There is no answer to those questions, except to point out that Russians said and did nothing when the USSR placed itself on the fast track to collapse, and they seem quite happy to do the same thing all over again.  Let the U.S. do the same, say by providing aid and comfort to Russian enemies in Ukraine or Estonia or Georgia or even Chechnya, and Russians will of course wail and moan hysterically about the outrage of it all.  Yet they have no problem in offering all kinds of support for North Korea and Hamas.

A nation built of foundations of hypocrisy and immorality cannot stand. The USSR could not, and did not. The same applies to Russia.

56 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia and the Axis of Evil

  1. Good the Russians sold those Iskander missiles to Syria, now US aircraft carriers are useless. They war only good for harrassing defenceless Iraqis anyway. The Russians I know will also sell the Syrians S300 which would end the Israeli harassement from air. I hope they have sold them to Iran so we can soon watch the tortured corpse of an Israeli pilot.

    But I would hope more for US attack on Iran and occupation with 50 000 dead US servicemen, the draft, hyperinflation in the US, revolt of the veterans, total chaos and destruction of USA once and for all.

    Or perhaps PDRK attacking Korea in the south and killing 100 00o US servicemen. But heck there are some good chicks in Korea, they should evacuate them before they grow more legs.

    I can’t wait until Iran gets its nukes and drops them on Tel Aviv and Haifa. There are some good chicks there too but they have generally big noses, so they can just as well perish.

    • Really, what a repulsive little chap wankyspanky is.

      As for the “highly accurate” Iskander.
      The only “military success” they had when they tried to use them in Georgia last year was killing a Dutch journalist and a whole load of civillians whith a cluster bomb warhead in the main square in Gori, the target was apparently the Gori army base about 2 KM away.
      They also fired some at the BTC pipeline and missed.
      They did however manage to land one on a police car (it failed to explode).

    • Russian made weapons don’t exactly have a stellar reputation in the hands of your degenerate client-states. Your junky weapons are more dangerous to their users than the adversaries. Every anti-aircraft system has it’s limitations, and can be outwitted with counter-measures. I’ll put my money on Israeli and American pilots any day, we learn fast, but it seems Russians just keep going back to the last idea that didn’t work. Having read your ravings, it sounds like you need to beebop over to your local liquor store and stock up on cheap vodka. Cheers!

  2. BTW you forgot the USA is arming Georgia and even the Chechens. I recognize US weapons do you? Just watch some Chechen videos.

    • You are correct in this. The US has armed those Chechen criminals for quite some time, unfortunately. And we were instrumental in helping Saakashvili take power as well, after we turned on Shevardnadze.

      • Ah but it was the russians who supported Eduard Shevardnadze and not Zviad Gamsakhurdia.

      • I do not justify deadly actions by either side but who do you call criminals??
        I don’t think you can call Chechens criminals like that. If you call people that fight for their mothers, children, brothers and sisters that have been slaugthered and their land that has been bombed by Russians for no reason, then you clearly don’t have a clue whats going on.
        Better inform yourself before making senseless statements.

        Today Russia is the greatest criminal state of it all and there’s plenty of prove for that.

        And to the FunkyWhatever guy:
        So what if the US is arming Georgia? You saying that Georgia is a Rogue Regime that might threaten world order? Prove it or stop telling crap. Your are getting annoying.

        • Alex, you son of a whore, the Chechens were conducting ethnic cleansing of the non-Chechens, aligned themselves with Wahabi Arabs and got what they deserved.

          Georgia is a rogue state that threatens the world. You think that if it was accepted into NATO with all its sore spots there would not be tensions? Of course there would, but their leaders are payed by Washington to stir up chaos. Nothing new, but it quallifies them for being a rogue state.

        • My dear Alex, I do call the Chechens criminals. Anybody who can take a bunch of children hostage, then look them in the eye and murder them in cold blood is a criminal as far as I’m concerned.

          The Chechens have been causing trouble for many centuries now. And they’re no friends of the West–they’re a bunch of jihad-waging Islamists and they pose quite a threat to the civilised world.

          • The Kosovars are no friends of the West, Usama ben Laden was now friend of the west back in 80’s, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its network of mosques are no friends of the West, the muslims of Germany, Netherlands, UK are also very friendly people.

            The west has no religious identity anymore, it only cares about its own material wellbeing, you know, oil must flow, labour must be cheap and Serbs and Russians must be punished for being independent minded and not willing to be absorbed by WTO, NATO, EU and other western power designs.

            The Western elites would align themselves with the devil if it suited their material interests. There is no war on terror and such things. Terrorism is very usefull and frankly not a dangeur for the West. I mean just look at how 911 was missued to attack Iraq.

            • Also, you may tell me about some crime that you think the Chechens did and the Russians didn’t.

              I’ll prove you wrong every time.

              And then in turn I’ll tell you about some crime that the Russians did (to them) and the Chechens didn’t.

              • Who cares what crimes the Russians did. Chechen only crime was to think Allah will win the war for them. So much for that.

          • “My dear Alex, I do call the Chechens criminals. Anybody who can take a bunch of children hostage, then look them in the eye and murder them in cold blood”

            So, when and where exactly did this happen?

            Place and date and names.

            • Beslan?

              • OK, that’s one (place). Now the date and hour and the names of the victims and the witnesses.

                “look[ed] them in the eye and murder[ed] them in cold blood”

                True but only if you classify several adult male hostages as “children”:


                One of them (Karen Mdinaradze) actually survived the shooting AND an accidental explosion before – the terrorists were impressed and they spared his life.

            • Robert, I was referring to Beslan, which occurred in September 2004.

              Also, I did not mention this earlier, but we mustn’t forget the Nord-Ost hostage crisis in October 2002. Yes, the whole rescue operation was botched by the Russian authorities, but the Chechens were the people who started the whole business by taking those poor people hostage.

              • That’s what I thought, Natalie. And now the names and some sources to corroborate your detailed story (“look them in the eye” and all that).

          • Let us remind you of some of the facts:

            On September 23, 1999, police arrested three Federal Security Service (FSB) agents who had planted a detonator and RDX – the same explosive used in the earlier bombings – in the basement of a residential building in the city of Ryazan. The FSB explained the agent’s activities as a “training exercise,” claiming the sacks of explosives actually contained only sugar. The investigation was dropped and all evidence classified “top secret.”
            At about the same time, a Russian soldier discovered RDX in sacks labeled as “sugar” at his army base near Ryazan. The incident was never investigated and the evidence classified.
            On September 13, 1999, the Speaker of the Duma, Gennady Seleznev, announced that an apartment house in Volgodonsk had been blown up – three days before the attack actually occurred.
            Mark Blumenfeld, the property manager of our house on Guryanova Street in Moscow that was blown up, told our lawyer and several journalists that FSB agents had “talked him into” changing his testimony. The agents showed him a photo of Achemez Gochiyayev, a Chechen he had never seen before, and under pressure he “identified” him as the man who had rented storage space in the basement.
            The composite sketch based on Mr. Blumenfeld’s initial description of what the real suspect looked like disappeared from the police file and was replaced with the photograph of Mr. Gochiyaev. Meanwhile, our attorney Mikhail Trepashkin, himself a former KGB agent, told reporters that he had recognized FSB agent Vladimir Romanovich from the police sketch. Romanovich was subsequently killed in Cyprus in a hit and run incident that was never solved.
            In November 2003, on the eve of the trial of two Chechens later convicted for transporting the explosives used in the Moscow bombings, Mr. Trepashkin was arrested after a gun had been planted in his car. This prevented him from submitting Mr. Blumenfeld’s statement to court that the FSB agents had pressured him to give false evidence. The trial of the two Chechens was not convincing to us or the world as it was held behind closed doors and human rights groups noted numerous violations of due process. Mr. Blumenfeld’s statement and the replacement of the police sketch with the photo of Mr. Gochiyayev was never reviewed by a Russian court.
            Four people investigating the FSB’s possible involvement in the bombings were assassinated. Duma Deputy Sergei Yushenkov was shot dead in Moscow in April 2003 and his colleague Yuri Schekochihin died of apparent poisoning three months later. Journalist Anna Politkovskaya was gunned down in October 2006 in her Moscow apartment block and a month later, former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko died of poisoning in London.
            Many Russians have come to the conclusion that the bombings may have been the work of Russian security services. As for our family, our initial trust in the official version of a “Chechen trail” is long gone. We have come to believe that our mother and neighbors were sacrificed for a political end: To justify the war in Chechnya and help Vladimir Putin become president the following year. Only an objective investigation could make us change this view.

            Mr. President, we are writing this open letter because we would like to believe that your ascent to the presidency will end this dark period in Russian history. You were not involved.


            • How about some 911 truth? Do you read that as well?

              • The 9/11 “truthers” are not being jailed “for disclosing state secrets”.

                Much less murdered – even after getting political asylum in Moscow (through radioactive poisoning, after meeting a “former” CIA agent to be later elected a congressman).

                No FBI agents were arrested on 9/11 while trying to hijack a plane “as a security drill”.

                Al-Qaeda repeatedly took responsibility for the attacks (Chechens never did, always denying involvement, to this day – and almost 10 years passed).

                There was actually an independent and unhindered parliamentary investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

                And many more other “insignificant” differences like that.

      • Actually Natalie, you should engage your brain before speaking.
        Chechens use AKM, AK-74, AKS, RPG’s, DPM, AGS-17, T-72’s and other RUSSIAN equipment.
        They were easily able to buy it from corrupt RUSSIAN officers both in the army and interior ministry.
        Really, you should check your facts or you will end up looking like a typical Russian bimbo, oops too late.

      • Yeah, just look at all of these M16s:

        Oops, a wrong war. Anyway, look at the obviously American weapons of this American volunteer (and the covert FBI agent):

        Here’s his blog if you want to chat with him about “those Chechen criminals”:

        • The description of his book on Amazon.com says that he wants to preserve the “sanctity of jihad”. It also says that he asserts that mosques are the wrong place to look for extremists. He sounds like a criminal himself with those statements.

          Of course, he converted to Islam while in prison, so what can one expect, really.

          • In prison as a teenager (as about childhood, his drug-addict drug-dealing mother was murdered by drug runners when he was 8 and so on).

            And after 9/11 he actually became a (one-legged) bounty hunter. While chasing a criminal across the border he was then arrested in Mexico and spent 4 years in prison there (and the Russians wanted him extradited but failed).

            As of “sanctity of jihad”:

            In Collins’ version of Islam, fighting jihad is not just the duty of every able-bodied Muslim, but the ultimate fulfillment of the faith. There is, of course, disagreement among Muslims about the precise nature of jihad — many define it as an internal struggle rather than armed conflict — just as Christianity encompasses a spectrum that ranges from St. Francis to David Koresh. Collins deplores the Sept. 11 attacks and maintains that “being an Islamic fundamentalist does not mean that you support or engage in terrorism. Fighting jihad as a mujahid doesn’t mean that you kidnap people or murder civilians.”

    • And ever heard of the black market? Just because they got USA weapons does not mean that the americans have it to them.
      Chechens probaly got those weapons from the Black Market and not from the americans.

      • They never had any American weapons, everything Soviet- or Russian-made, captured or bought (including the Russian Spetznaz-only weapons like Vintorez they like to pose with because it’s cool looking and rare).

        They just often used the US-made uniforms because they are better than the avarage Russian ones (water-proof and otherwise superior). But lately they use mostly the various Russian Spetsnaz uniforms anyway.

      • And btw – a sidenote, about the Americans weapons on black market:

        A recent documentary on Hezbollah had one of them (a part-time fighter, a full-time arms dealer) saying some groups in Iraq are fighting the Americans only to capture the US weapons and sell them abroad – they’re very expensive and it’s apparently a really lucrative business (he had showed such M4 rifle in his wares and explained this). It’s pretty crazy if true.

  3. Natalie finally finds FunkySpunky, who is salivating over Israel being nuked, on the internet.

    What a perfect match of two vile little hate spewers.


    • Suddenly, Nalalie sounds quite moderate, compared to Funky’s latest revolting diatribe which is really horrific. He has outdone every other America and West hater here. Truly, a despicable individual. The rest of them are at least not openly anti-Semitic. Perhaps, he is an Arab or a Persian.

      Our home-grown activists usually do not hold their breath in anticipation of 50,000 our soldiers dead here and 100,000 there. It’s very disturbing to read; maybe the board mistress should sanction him

      • I in fact like Israel as well, it has some good wine and good food. The reason why I wrote such a vile comment was simply because you fools like it even more to the point of irrationally loving it like MaccyD. So who is salivating, I guess you are doing it all the time.

        I knew that will make your blood boil. You people can’t come to terms with the reality of that country. Its drying out and is forced to buy water in Turkey, whose scene gets Islamic and pro-Pali by the day. Most Jews don’t want to live there (Zionism failed despite propganda). A lot of Israeli Jews leave that country. Americans are in Iraq and Afghanistan which is one of the reasons Iran’s facilities were not yet bomebed by Israel.

        Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted 200 years, and was up against a much stronger foe. How long will Israel last? Nothing is for ever.

    • Blah, blah…

  4. I’m actually quite pro-Israel, you know. I’m a huge supporter of that country and its people.

    • I don’t dispute that, Natalie. I was talking about Funky guy who really sounds almost like Himmler.

    • Pity you don’t support other opressed nations on your own border, such as Georgia, the Baltics etc.
      All of whom have suffered severely from Russian “brotherhood” over the last few centuries.

      • Pitty you don’t support the Palestinians living near the Settlements who also suffer from brotherly love thy neighbour attitude.

        • Who says I don’t?
          Check your facts “wankyspanky”

        • Please, don’t be ridiculous. I’m so sick of hearing about the “oppressed” Palestinians I could scream.

          • Well scream then, I can’t help the facts about Jewish Settlers harassing the Palestinians, that is a fact. Its real paradise for some of them with chidren like these.

            They are the future of Israel ;-)

            • No, it’s not a fact. The Jews have every right to their land in that region. They have in fact given up a lot of it to the “Palestinians” because they are willing to make peace. It’s the Palestinians who are not. They are a bunch of mass-murdering criminals and Israel is completely justified in fighting them.

              • Israel or the Jewish Settlers? Yes they must abandon much of the land becuase their Jewish population is going down. You know, decent people leave and not much come in, while the Arabs breed like rodents.

                If you think the Jews have the right to that land, it’s fine but they also need to populate it so they can defend themselves. This is not happening, I mean it is happening among the yarmulke clad Settlers only.

                I don’t support the Palestinians really. I don’t care about them. My whole point is to attack the hypocisy here. Also I would not weap when they kill the Jews or make them into dhimmis in the future. Which will eventually happen.

                Palestinians have

            • Shocking. But at least there are Russian patriots in Israel too.

              • Israeli authorities are stupid for letting Russians with fake documents in their own country. But then again, they need people badly, because the majority of Jewry don’t want to live in that hellhole. Who can blame them? :-))))

  5. Why is it that most Russian people seem loathe to be critical of their own government? It’s like they feel like they are betraying themselves so they must defend Putin and his criminal friends no matter what the issue is, despite the endless barrage of abuses that this KGB government pour on its own people and on Russia’s smaller neighbours.

    In most free countries of the world, it is seen as healthy and essential to have debate that is critical of your government. To use an Australian quote, the opposition parties are most necessary “to keep the bastards honest”, which means that the opposition play the role of preventing the government from becoming corrupt. A healthy criticism of the government and the ability for them to be voted out if they don’t perform well ensures that a country is run well and in the interests of the people. The media should be free to be critical of government decisions, and when good decisions are made, governments are praised and re-elected. The standards of honesty and transparency should be high. And this is not just “a thing of the west”. It’s a universal value that all of society benefits from. Where is this safeguard from tyranny in the current Russian system?

    But I find, especially from the comments on this site, that if you say something that criticises a decision made by Putin or Medvedev, there will always be a personal attack on the writer with something like “it’s worse in America” or “US bombed Serbia so we can bomb chechnya” etc.
    It seems that Russian pride (or a habit leftover from the Soviet era, where one was scared of retribution for commenting on politics) prohibits individuals from daring to say “I don’t agree with the government”. And these personal attacks on people who comment seem to come from Russian citizens themselves, not just stooges of the Government. This in itself is worrying.

    As an example; I will probably have a few nasty comments directed at me following this, saying i’m a US agent or that I hate Russia or something.

    I find it curious that for a people who are so proud of their country and are nationalistic seem to not care for the best interests of the Russian people, but would rather shoot someone down who criticises a leader as a traitor when that is not the case at all. Why don’t proud Russians demand better from their leaders? Criticism of a leader is not criticism of your country! It’s the least a citizen can do for their country.

    Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a website such as this one that was led by Russians, demanding a better government for themselves. Even better, imagine if it had support from around the country! I believe it is possible, but it requires people to let go of this ‘attack anyone who critices our government’ approach.

    I’m not sure how things will go there now, but Russia sure seems like an angry, violent, vendetta-filled and corrupt place with no fair law and order, from my perspective (and before you say it – no i’m not an American). I wish the best for Russia, and I wish for it to prosper. I just wish the everyday person would stop being defensive of the tyrannic government, and stand up and demand a better government for themselves.

    • Chechnya is a part of Russia you fool. I think the Serbs should have done the same Russians did in Chechnya (genocide? Nah, look at Grozny now) but they were not let because Americans of course know better. Same way with Georgia. Sakaashvili’s hubris must have been quelled. Misha is still in power. I don’t know how much hubris Saddam had but American removed him, a secular strong man and held ellections bringing parties with very secular names into power. So much for war on Radical Islam, you fool.

      Russia has seen much worse of what you describe. It had nothing good from your western democracy.

  6. Really wankyspanky, you are an incredible moron.

    It does not matter who is elected President of Georgia, they will be anti Russian for many good reasons, not least of which is the Russian sponsored ethnic cleansing in Abkhazia 92-94, and the Russian sponsored ethnic cleansing in South Ossetia/Samachablo/Tshkinvali district in 1992 and 2008.
    Add to this a long history of Russian oppression in Georgia, from 1783 to the current date, and you can see why the Georgians demand a pro-western and democratic path for their country.

    The same thing goes for Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Finland, Azerbaijhan, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania. They all despise the Russian state for the horrors it inflicted upon them over the last 200 years or so (more in some cases, less in others).

    As for Russia having “nothing good from your western democracy”, that is for the following reasons:

    1. Russians are too stupid, they have been selectively bred by communisim and before it Tsarism to be stupid and easily controlled.

    2. Russians are culturally inclined towards corruption

    3. Russians are culturally inclined to be lazy

    4. Russians are culturally inclined to want a strong leader (see 1.)

    5. Russians are xenophobic and racist to an extreme. This explains their support of genocidal regimes the world over.

    6. Russians are imperialistic morons.

    7. Russians cannot take responsability for their past crimes.

    Unfortunately Russia was and is a sewer of history.

    • Well, you I don’t mind if another Misha wins. The reality is I think we would not see another Misha. The new leader may not be a tie chewing fool thinking spineless westerners would come to his rescue and he may not be sucking to Mother Russia either, just look into Central Asia for some examples.

      Well you can speak of the evils and horrors Russians inflicted on their near abroad as much as you want. Germans and Austro-Hungarians did the same in those very same areas. And manytimes more in some places. What most people in these countries want is a neutral policy. Not confrontation with Russia. They don’t want to be tools in cynical designs of Washington. So much for the thoughts of ordinarry folks. Of course the elites will sell their souls but hopefully Obama will spend too much on resusciating GM and banks that would fail anyway and there would be no money to spend on East European puppets. Besides Yushenko is on 1%, well done for that puppet. Misha proved to be a real democrat by shutting down TVs, well done for him too.

      The rest of your stupid post is not worth commenting on.

  7. I don’t know why are you feeding obvious trolls. I also don’t know why they are allowed in first place.

    • Well speaking trolls, the best food is the blog itself. LaRussophobe is the biggest Troll ever, it invites an unrestrained reaction.

      Even though what is so trollish about saying that 100 000 US servicemen should die? It pisses you off yes, thats the purpose of it. You know in the back of your minds that US wars lead nowhere, and you are frustrated about it, you know special realationship with Israel is bad for you and perhaps bad for Israel in the long run, and you are frustrated, you know that Latin America rose against your domination in your own backgrou just talk about Russia bad please, I know your weak spots, I know them very well. Yes that is trolling, I admit, but it’s real pleassure to watch you react like self-righteous little scumbags you are.

      If you do not want to invite trolls, deleate this blog and vote for Ron Paul. The whole world will love you for that.

  8. The dialog of Natalie and funky dude is indeed hilarious. While funky dude is a proud Jew-hating moron, natalie is obviously having trouble agreeing with him on some issues and disagreeing on others. Natalie, you are amazingly naive (and I say that without any condemnation). This naivete can lead you to fight the forces of evil, or to be a useful idiot in the hands of evil! I sincerely hope for the former…

    It’s sad that the enlightening discussion about Israeli atrocities towards helpless palestinians is completely off-topic on this blog. You can bring it back by discussing the enormous damage those blood-sucking Khazars brought to virgin Russian soul!

    Now, to your point:

    The US has armed those Chechen criminals for quite some time, unfortunately.

    Any proof of that? Maybe not even proof, but an allegation by somebody a little more credible than your erstwhile funky friend?

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