Russia Extinguishes the Olympic Flame in Sochi

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Writing in the Wall Street Journal Jane Buchanan of Human Rights Watch condemns Russia’s assault on freedom of speech and property rights in Sochi:

“We are not against the Olympics, but why should the Olympics violate our rights? Can you tell the International Olympic Committee that I am Russian, I am not against the Olympics? They are taking our property for a temporary parking lot. There is no information. No one will answer us. We wait for answers and we worry.”

— A Sochi resident facing Olympics-driven eviction from her home,

April 24, 2009

MOSCOW — A delegation of the International Olympic Committee has just visited Sochi, the Russian Black Sea resort town and future Olympic host city, to assess the status of preparations for the 2014 Winter Games. Jean-Claude Killy, the three-time Olympic skiing champion who chairs the International Olympic Committee’s coordination for the Sochi Games, spoke glowingly of the Sochi authorities’ “open and constructive” attitude. “The Russian diamond is shining more and more with each passing day,” Mr. Killy gushed.

Many Sochi residents would disagree.

{Click the link to read the rest, showing how the Russian government is violating the very principles of the Olympic movement as it builds the Sochi site for the 2014 games in total disregard of the civil rights of the local residents}

17 responses to “Russia Extinguishes the Olympic Flame in Sochi

  1. Hey,
    Its time to ratchet this up and let the international sponsors know what is going on. The Russian sponsors couldn’t care less or even worse would be afraid not to toe the line.

    But we should certainly let the international sponsors know (as listed on the Sochi 2014 website they are: Coke, Panasonic and Samsung) at

  2. Just like the Moscow Olympics in 1980.
    I sincerely hope that there is a boycott.

    Though given the extreme corruption and incompetence of the Russian building industry, they probably won’t finish on time, and even if they do the resulting “structures” will be terribly unsafe.

  3. Someone’s started playing with the Sochi links – but you can still see the partner list at

    A new non-Russian company’s been duped into joining this hall of shame: French company – Atos Origin…

  4. Sochi or NOBODY! Needs these Olympic Games!

    About the Olympics, in general: As time goes on, from one spectacular over-blown Olympic extravaganza to the next one following it, no matter what country hosts it, we see enormous wastes of national resources and displacement of people, building of later-useless structures, and in general, a terrible utter nonsensical expenditure of monies, which SHOULD instead, have gone to improve the lives and economics of the native populations. Especially of course, this wast is most evident anmd most damaging, in the third-world impoverished countries, such as the RF is in reality, where such waste truly hurts the local populations, deeply. Even the first-world countries, cannot any longer afford such enormous wast and foolishness! Look closely at what happened in Red China recently, and how many poor Chinese actually died, or were imprisoned, and/or lost everything, because of the Olympic preparations. Current RF Russia, cannot afford this mindless-sports-religion’s extravagance, as neither could have Red China. Isn’t it time to reign-in this Olympic-hysteria? It is truly MADNESS! Why not reduce it to it’s original Greek footraces, centered around some idol of some pagan-god or godess? and with traditional(dirty tricks) Greco-Roman-style wrestling matches, and spear-chuking? To heck with all these modern, Hilter-inspired, ‘modern Olympics’,….which prove what?…..that one nationality is…’superior’…to another? HA! HA! That modern-form of the ancient-Olympics, is just too costly to human beings. Get rid of it, 100% and with the Olympic Committee!
    Sorry, but soured on Olympic-Madness……..
    Why not for the whole world to just play…badmitton? and hit the birdie, not each other?

  5. One article (in Der Spiegel I think) actually suggested the locals angry on the Russian Olympics may be behind the string of mysterious (and deadly) Sochi bombings.

    If it’s true, it may be the first such situation ever and something from “only in Russia” category.

  6. Barking CIA-sponsored jackals can’t stop a caravan.
    China is a resent example of what I mean.

    • If it’s “a resent example” of what you mean, I have no other questions.

      But don’t worry, most of Russia will be Chinese too.

  7. Cancel Sochi!

    The Olympic Games, have become a monster. It is long overdue to curb it, or end it, in order that reason and economy and the more important use for such huge amounts of monies and national resources and energies- helping the real NEEDS of citizens, should prevail. To hades! with phony ‘national-pride’! (of all countries, not just the RF). Shouldn’t THE PEOPLE come first!? With each succeeding Olympic extravaganza, we witness ever-expanding unbelievable WASTE and ridiculous hoopla, a virtual Hollywood -film set, a massive staged entertainment production, rivaling the movie, ‘The Ten Commandments’ . What does all that baloney, anyway, have to do with pure sporting competition?, with SPORTS?
    It is time to draw the lines, and set reasonable LIMITS on these events, or to end them altogether. I say this, about every country, not just now that Sochi is on the calendar. But Sochi is indeed a good example of why this absurd exercise in bloated national-pride and with it, the enormous WASTE and harm to locals caused by it, needs to be cancelled, NOW. Plus, no foreign visitors to it, will be physically safe and secure.
    If the local population in Sochi and in surrounding areas, are not safe themselves, how can visitors be safe?

  8. psalomschik

    “NO TO SOCHI!….and NO TO PUTIN!”
    I can’t agree more with Psalomchik to cancel Sochi. But I’ve got a question. — What is Sochi and where is it?

    Source: The Associated Press
    Study: Geography Greek to young Americans
    Thursday, May 4, 2006;

    Inside the United States, “half or fewer of young men and women 18-24 can identify the states of New York or Ohio on a map [50 percent and 43 percent, respectively],” the study said. Thirty-three percent of respondents couldn’t pinpoint Louisiana on a map.

    Six in 10 could not find Iraq on a map of the Middle East.

    Forty-seven percent could not find the Indian subcontinent on a map of Asia.

    Seventy-five percent were unable to locate Israel on a map of the Middle East.

    63 percent could not find Saudi Arabia on a map, and 75 percent could not point out Iran.

    Cancel Sochi! ???
    psalomschik — Where is Sotchii?

  9. RTS – I took a look at that study:
    There are a number of problems with that study. It seems somewhat skewed towards obscuring the correct answers, as if they wanted to get as little correct response from their targets as possible. For example:
    1. The map used for the ID of Israel strangely points to a portion of Israel (Negev Desert) that would throw off most people who don’t closely follow the news in that region – in fact it looks almost like its pointing to a different country altogether.
    2. The map of Asia is not the normal N. Am/Euro centric flat map most Americans are used to seeing – and had Europe morphing up to the upper left corner, again more confusing to non-focused youth.

    Finally, in general 18-24 year old Americans? Since we live to ripe old ages here, go to school and college forever (yes, I know 30-something “kids” still in college) – and generally scramble for survival for their first decade (or two) in the work force, its only an extremely rare 18-24 y.o. who will be able to raise their sights far enough above their daily grind to score better on this somewhat bogus NatGeo survey. Further, they are socio-economically optimize to survive in their environment which is US/ local-area centric – not Euro, not Asia-centric.

    The survey is extremely misleading in allowing sophistry such as that from RTS, saying most Americans don’t know where xyz is… Lets do a survey of all age groups and then make such arguments. I postulate that with Americans (as they get financially stable in their 40’s and 50’s) they explore more of their world. Euros and Asians NEED to be more familiar with the rest of the world early on in order to be competitive in their environments. Finally, in the long run the average 70-80 American will know a heck of lot more than their Russian counterparts, cuz guess what, the Russians are already dead…

  10. Kavkazwatcher

    I got the message for the exception of the last phrase — “cuz guess what, the Russians are already dead…” ???

  11. I meant to say, the avg. 70-80 y.o. American, compared to the 70-80 y.o. Russian (life expectancy…)

  12. To ‘rts’: ‘Where is Sochi?’ Since you think all Americans don’t know where various places, ‘are’. why don’t YOU tell me, where is Sochi? I guess, I”m too dumb to know such esoteric geographical or demographic or political knowledge! DURN! stupid dumb American me!!! I have heard of such exotic things as, ‘maps’, but I have never seen one!
    In America, it is against the law to see or own any map!…or didn’t you know that?

  13. to: rts or whomever thinks like him:
    Many but not all, average American young people, who are often more interested in their own teenage popular culture, do not know much about MANY serious subjects. including history, geopolitics, places, philosophy, language skills in English or other languages, etc. Many do not know even the history or place names of the states where they live! (as to their way of thinking, such information is irrelevant to their little worlds). So, yes, the so-called ‘youth-culture’ in the whole western world, is a reality unto itself, and more interested in it’s own fleeting hedonistic pleasures, than in the real & UNPLEASANT world.(You do not also see this in your youth in your RF?) But, such is not true for most middle aged or older Americans, who are often too, more conservative and religious than the young. However, you do have one major assessment more or less right: a lot of average Americans don’t CARE about the outside world, Sochi or anywhere! We are more absorbed in our own large-country’s personal or family or internal national affairs and causes and problems. That is why, to a lot of us, your Russia could go to hell tomarrow, and we would not really care one iota!….as long as you don’t continue to threaten US, as you do. It is that constant worry about what ‘the Russians’ are up to, now? , is what provokes us to anger and fear and to want to retaliate against you. It is your neo-soviet- meddlesome and trouble-making
    ‘Russia’ which will not let us, or our international allies, live alone in peace. You would do better, to help us Americans, of all age groups, to FORGET your stinking troublesome country/government/culture. WHO CARES! where Sochi is, anyway!? Whoa cares where your RF is too!?

  14. Meanwhile, the Russians and their puppet governments continue to commit crimes in Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

    “De facto authorities in the separatist regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia remained outside the control of the central government; ceasefires were in effect in both areas, although incidents of violence, including deaths, occurred in both areas. In both Abkhazia and South Ossetia, deprivation of life, arbitrary arrest, and detention continued to be serious problems. The de facto authorities in Abkhazia continued to restrict the rights of citizens to vote and to participate in the political process through a “citizenship” law that forced ethnic Georgians to give up their Georgian citizenship in order to vote in local elections. A 2006 property law prevented internally displaced persons living in other parts of the country from reclaiming homes they fled in Abkhazia in 1992/1993. Authorities did not permit instruction in the Georgian language in the predominantly ethnic Georgian Gali district schools in Abkhazia.”

  15. To Andrew, Yes of course, your valuable, as usual, information is quite accurate, and sad. What or who, will/can stop this RF aggression? I greatly fear, that neither leftist-Obama-run America, nor the whole morally-worn out and has-been EU, gives a flying-damn, about anything over there, unless and untill, the gas and petroleum flow is hampered or stopped. Most average Americans, also, don’t give a hoot, not really. The so-called ‘free-west’ is bankrupt, and not only in financial matters, but to the very core of our cultures. If Moscow perceives this reality, unfortunately, they are correct. Yet, for what all they are now doing, they…i.e. the KGB gangsters, will in the end, only cause their own ultimate downfall, I firmly believe. They will self-destruct their own evil empire, as they have previously done. America is undergoing a creeping socialism movement, some say a galloping-socialism. When, that nutcase in N. Korea finally, actually nukes S. Korea, and/or Japan,….which he could do any day now! THEN we will have to nuke him, and who else? I think, we are very very close to all-out nuclear war. The RF will be part of it.
    Just my observations……and preparing my bomb shelter……….

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