May 27, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia Today Declares war on USA

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia, Nation of Pigs

(3)  Pasko on Russian Barbarism in Siberia

(4)  Russia Extinguishes the Olympic Flame in Sochi

(5)  Russian Unemployment Soars, Retail Sales Plunge

NOTE: Posts 1-4 today represent an extraordinary indictment of Russian society, exposing its barbaric contempt for civilized values ranging from women’s rights to criminal justice, from journalism to athletics.  Post #5 shows the devastating reality that the Russian government has not, as it promised, given Russians  economic stability in exchange for the loss of civil society. Russia has, in other words, received from Vladimir Putin the worst of all possible worlds.

2 responses to “May 27, 2009 — Contents

  1. Well, lookie lookie here:

    This is bound to get Putvedevs’ shorts all in a bunch.

    The Security Service of Ukraine has launched a formal criminal investigation into the genocide in Ukraine in the 1930’s by the bolshevik regime.

    The head of the Special Service, Valentin Nalyvaychenko, called the events of the 1930’s artificially created by the bolveshik regime via starvation, which resulted in massive ruination of the civilian population. According to some historians, at least 5 million Ukrainians died from starvation and repression during that time.

  2. In the unrelated news:

    General Accused of Abuses Named Top Paratrooper
    26 May 2009
    The Moscow Times

    Shamanov met U.S. President George W. Bush in March 2007 in his capacity as a co-chair of a U.S.-Russian commission on missing soldiers, a visit that embarrassed the White House after it learned of the abuse allegations.

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