EDITORIAL: Dima Medvedev, Psychopath

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 Dima Medvedev, Psychopath

In 1957, a 16-year-old boy went off to Jewish summer camp in the wilds of Wisconsin. While there, he published a poem about the cruel slaying of a faithful doggy in the summer camp newspaper.  It was a real tear-jerker, a work of art, and indeed nearly flawless except for the fact that it was a shameless plagiarism of a country music ditty written several years before.

The young man’s name was Bob Dylan.

Never you mind though, dear reader, because the Christie’s auction house, which didn’t deign to notice the forgery until alerted by customers, still thinks it can get a cool 15 g’s for the childish scribbling.  How many of “his” songs Dylan actually wrote now becomes, well, anyone’s guess.

Things, you may say, are not always what they seem. And so it is with our good friend Dima Medvedev, neo-soviet psychopath.

First Medvedev approved a nationwide curfew for young people, then he railed hysterically about Russia’s “holy” duty to “defend” Ossetia from Georgia, and then to cap it all off he has created a new select commission, comprised of KGB agents and military officers, to police public statements about Russia’s history, empowering the group to eject or ban from Russian soil anyone who attempts to put forth a version of history not sanctioned by his regime.  What’s more, Medvedev’s party has introduced a measure in parliament which would allow the group to send a violator to prison for up to five years.

Polish diplomats will not be able to speak about Katyn in Russia.  Ukrainian diplomats won’t be allowed to discuss Holodomor. If we attempt to publish this blog from within Russia’s borders, we’ll get sent to prison for years.

Now we ask you, dear reader, is this man a “liberal” trying to move Russia away from the totalitarian abyss, or is that rumor an artifice designed to get us to lower our guards while he helps his evil master Vladimir Putin consoldiate his malignant, odious rule?

And we ask you: How is it possible that the people of Russia are going to let this happen all over again? Is it not barbarism of the very lowest order to repeat history’s mistakes and condemn one’s children to disaster?

According to close Medvedev advisor Igor Yurgens, Medvedev is a liberal, valiantly doing battle against the horrible “hard liners” who have been empowered by the economic crisis.  Apparently, we should give Medvedev free reign because, if we don’t, something even worse will come along.  Sounds eerily famliar to what we heard about Vladimir Putin himself some years ago.

Ironically, Yurgens has been responsible for issuing some fairly tough criticism of Putin, and may not himself realize that Medvedev is only a puppet.  At the same time as he was singing Medvedev’s praises, he was castigating the “centralization and fragilty” of the system Putin has put in place, warning that there is a serious risk of collapse with just a little more negative pressure, and this isn’t the first time he’s spoken out against Putin.

It’s quite stupid, of course, to assume that an attempt by Medvedev to challenge Putin’s authority would imply some sort of liberal inclination on Medvedev’s part.  Even if Medvedev actually were chaffing under Putin’s saddle, there isn’t the slightest scrap of evidence to indicate that he’d lead Russia anyplace but down the road of dictatorship, and his outrageous support for a Stalin-like crackdown on history makes a mockery of any contrary notion.

But it’s even more stupid to imagine that Medvedev can take power from Putin, or that he wants to.  Putin stands at the head of an army of lethal KGB spies who would think nothing of pushing Medvedev under a bus if they thought he meant to undermine their authority.

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  1. I’ve learned to hate Russians
    All through my whole life
    If another war starts
    It’s them we must fight
    To hate them and fear them
    To run and to hide
    And accept it all bravely
    With God on my side

    Bob Dylan

  2. Interesting post, to say the least. However, I must point out that using sources like guardian or telegraph (standard western media heavily biased against Russia) doesn’t make a good argument, it simply propagates the bias further.

    While much of what you write is true, there are some very important pieces of information missing … such as the reason behind said ‘history’ legislation, the fact that this legislation isn’t law, and the fact that it isn’t likely to be law.

    I do agree that the Putin regime is very totalitarian, and the fact that Medvedev is more a puppet, but you must admit that the majority of people are for him, which is most important.

  3. who are you? you are filled with so much hate towards russia. i doubt if you have the full understanding of what is happening in russia right now since you do not even live there. so much pain and suffering has happened in the last century in russia but despite this, it has contributed a lot to world culture and space science. you are becoming the very thing that you criticise – stalins, lenins, rasputins, berias, etc. just full of unreasonable hate, hate and more hate

  4. jordan, you really need an update, in the last few decades Russia has contributed nothing in software, medicine, patents, culture, the advancement of a civil society, etc, etc. that the west regards as quality. I can’t think of one Russia product as I’m not a vodka drinker or in need to weapons that I’d buy. Russia’s reason for economic existeance is exporting oil, gas, and weapons to Chavez, NK and Iran, the rogue states that it belongs with.

    Only a fool would not hate the rot that has enveloped Russia and the thuggery with which they treat their near neighbors, journalists and human rights advocates.

    Whine all you want.

    • I am curious, but do you really believe what you wrote?

    • Dear penny,

      May I please add that the kremlin steals from others’, then moscow rewrites the books to tell the rooshan people the roosha invented it.

      “roosha invented the rocket.” “roosha invented Swiss cheese.” “ETC.”

      Leftists in Tizzy Over Exposure of KGB Ties
      > TUESDAY, 26 MAY 2009 16:30

      > The Left is in a tizzy over Izzy. More precisely, they are in a
      > tizzy over the latest revelations exposing the late I.F. “Izzy”
      > Stone as worse than a god with feet of clay. Documents from the KGB
      > archives show that instead of being the sainted, fiercely
      > independent crusading journalist he pretended to be, Stone was, in
      > fact, a Soviet agent, a toady for Stalin, one of the most vile,
      > murderous tyrants ever to have stalked the planet.
      > The leftist brouhaha broke in April with pre-release stories
      > related to the new book, Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in
      > America by John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr, and Alexander Vassiliev
      > (Yale University Press). With the book’s release on May 26, Stone’s
      > defenders can be expected to launch another round of counter-
      > offensives on his behalf rather than admit that their revered icon
      > betrayed them, even as he betrayed his country and humanity.

      The release this week of Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in
      > America will undoubtedly reopen debate not only on I.F. Stone, but
      > on many others as well who held important posts in the federal
      > government, the media, and academia. As an article in the May 2009
      > issue of Smithsonian magazine, “George Koval: Atomic Spy Unmasked”
      > by Michael Walsh underscores, there are many stories still untold
      > about the Communist penetration of our most sensitive institutions
      > in the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s. Koval, code-named “Delmar,” was an
      > American-born agent of the GRU, the Soviet military intelligence.
      > Until he was posthumously decorated by Vladimir Putin in November
      > 2007, Koval-Delmar was virtually unknown. How significant was he?
      > Walsh says that with the exception of the British scientist Klaus
      > Fuchs, Koval “may have done more than anyone to help the Soviet
      > Union achieve its sudden, shocking nuclear parity with the United
      > States in 1949.”
      > Koval joined the super-secret Manhattan Project in 1944 and held a
      > top-secret clearance at the project’s Oak Ridge laboratory where
      > both types of atomic bombs — uranium and plutonium — were being
      > developed. The Koval revelations bring to mind a similarly
      > explosive disclosure over a decade ago, with the publication of
      > Bombshell: The Secret Story of America’s Unknown Atomic Spy
      > Conspiracy by Joseph Albright and Marcia Kunstel. The object of
      > that historical expose’ was Theodore Hall, the young Harvard
      > physics prodigy (and traitor) who passed crucial atomic weapons
      > information from the Manhattan Project to the Soviets. According to
      > the Soviets, the data Hall provided was “priceless.” Yet the
      > enormity of Hall’s crimes was not made public until nearly five
      > decades later. And all the while the liberal-left cognoscenti of
      > the media and academe continued telling us (as they continue to do
      > today) that the “Red Scare” of the 1950s was the result of
      > paranoia, irrational anti-communist fears, xenophobia, fascist
      > impulses, etc. “McCarthyism,” not communism, they insisted was the
      > great threat to American liberty. It doesn’t seem to matter how
      > many critically placed Soviet agents are exposed — Alger Hiss,
      > Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Harry Hopkins, Lauchlin Currie, Harry
      > Dexter White, Walter Duranty, Owen Lattimore, J. Robert
      > Oppenheimer, Klaus Fuchs, Theodore Hall, et al. — much of the
      > liberal-left intelligentsia can be depended on either to deny the
      > obvious or to say, “So what? That’s old history.”

      Russia’s Vladimir Putin, a career KGB-FSB-GRU man (and former head
      > of the KGB-FSB) appointed Yevgeny Primakov (former head of the KGB
      > and the Kremlin’s Middle East terror chief) and Henry Kissinger to
      > an ongoing U.S.-Russia panel on global security. Meanwhile, both
      > Russia and China have flooded the United States and other Western
      > countries with espionage agents and agents of influence. Which
      > brings me to a final comment about the book that launched this
      > article, Spies: The Rise and Fall of the KGB in America (which I
      > have not yet read, but eagerly anticipate doing so). It is a
      > comment, actually, about the title, or the second part of it, at
      > any rate: … Fall of the KGB in America. This is an unfortunate
      > choice of wording, as it implies and plays to the prevalent
      > triumphalism that dangerously and falsely assumes we defeated the
      > KGB, and its schemes and agents no longer present the threat they
      > did during the Cold War. In truth, the KGB-FSB-SVR-GRU are more
      > deadly and dangerous than ever.


      PS If you do not turn around and bend over to be russified, then you are a nazi.

  5. penny:
    “Russia’s reason for economic existeance is exporting oil, gas, and weapons to Chavez, NK and Iran, the rogue states that it belongs with.”

    Don’t forget to add to that list regular deliveries of NASA astrounauts to the International Space Station and that the Russians are in charge of the station in case of of any possible emergecy cases that can occur during the American Shuttles’ missions.
    Isn’t it a real shame for the sole superpower – USA, is it? :-)

    Russian vodka is a far better stuff then the Ozark mountains moonshine or Tennessee whiskey. I’ve tried them all.

    • rts,
      Without American money, your Russian astronauts would be flipping burgers. Doubt very much that you’ve tried every variety of American booze. Vodka is made from the cheapest ingredients, and only morons drink the stuff straight, which seems to be a favorite pastime in mother Roosha. I am a fan of vodka and cranberry juice though.

      • In Russia there aren’t astronauts. There are cosmonauts.

        ” Without American money”
        Without Russian technology…

        Only morons drink vodka with any additions. Vodka must be bitter. If you don’t like vodka – don’t drink. But every man to his taste.

        • Russian technology? We’ve moved past vacuum tubes, were you aware of that? The Russian propensity to enjoy bitter food and drink does not sell all that well around planet earth. Please do enjoy guzzling your rot gut wadka. Getting drunk and slobbering on yourself is a Russian tradition, not one I enjoy. So I will continue to mix cranberry juice with my American made vodka, thank you for the advice, but I’ll pass.

        • “In Russia there aren’t astronauts. There are cosmonauts.”

          In Russia there aren’t policemen. There are militsyants.

  6. penny, agree with you that nothing new came out of russia of late but that is because they have been grappling with the consequence of the SU collapse. they were more inclined to think of where to get the next meal than to invent something interesting. russia’s contribution to the world in the past few decades is the work of its emigrees like brin and his buddies in silicon valley and other scientific institution in the west. i am using kaspersky for a start. in culture, its preservation and revival of classical art with its own distinctive flavor. nothing in civil society though. as for the weapons, russia does business with the reject countries only because the US has already locked the market to himself. russia can’t sell weapons to the martians can it? as for the gas and oil, its God’s blessing in compensation for the cold? i don’t see anything wrong with it, its called asset.

    • No kidding, Russians achieve when they are out of Russia. That’s pretty much the pattern of immigrating people from any Third World dump.

      As I stated arms sales to other rogue state thugs and raw commodities is just about the only things Russia has to offer the world.

      Your comments are inane. You have no point to make.

    • What exactly is your point? You write: “they were more inclined to think of where to get the next meal than to invent something interesting.” The problem is that even if you invented something in Russia, rampant corruption and an ineffective legal system discouraged you from trying to get your invention copyrighted, patented, and marketed. If you are Russian and come up with a great invention, you are much better off emigrating to another country, patenting your invention there and finding the funds to develop and market your invention elsewhere. The problem is that Russian corruption and bureaucracy stifle innovation and the growth of small and mid-sized companies. Until this changes, Russia will remain poor and subservient to the price of oil and gas as they will remain its main export.

  7. I see there are normal people in “West”. (West in inverted commas because Russia is a part of western civilization)

    • No, Russia is not part of western civilisation.

      “The Russian is a fine fellow as long as you remember he is the westenmost of the Orientals, and NOT the eastern most of the Europeans.

      Your trouble will come when you expect him to be civilised”

      Rudyard Kipling.

      • It’s interest theme. Kipling is of course a great writer. I like his creation. But he was adherent of colonialism. And some other his views are questionable. This citation is not argument.

        Have you any criteria of accessories to western civilization?

      • I see this nazi deviated from discussion. I’ll prove. One criterion is a relativities between person and society. In Russia crucial role belong to a person. It’s western property. Second criterion is religion. In Russia there are Orthodoxy and Islam this are western religions. Consequently, Russia is part of western civilization, even if you don’t want to accept this fact.

        • No, not at all.
          In fact your “dear leaders” like to trumpet how Russia is not part of, and is an alternative to, western civilisation.

          One of the key fundamentals of western civilisation is the “rule of law”, not found in Russia.

          Another is “Human rights”, most certainly not found in Russia.

          A third is democracy (a product of the combination of the first two), which is also not found in Russia. See the Sochi farce for details.

          BTW, based on your purile arguments from other posts, you show the tenents of the Russian nazi.

          • I see you spent all your time for gloating over Russia, and had no time to learn history of western civilization. Else you have to know that as recently as 50-60 years ago (for civilization it’s moment) nobody knows about human rights. It’s not “key fundamentals of western civilisation”. Democraty too. You showed your ignorance, nazi.

            Law in Russia has no so firm position, but it’s not a key moment. One of the first legal code – code of Hamurapi – originated in East.

            Key moments are relativities between person and society and religion. By this criteria Russia is part of Europe. But Great Russians are another superethnos.

            • Listen up, nazimoff:

              “Superethnos” is not even a real word.

              For the rest:


              • Lev Gumilev is a famous scientist. One of great Russian scientists. And his “superethnos” is quite real word.

                It’s ridiculous to press so massive piece of history with its contradictions, vaguenesses to one short article. It’s brainwashing in action.

                But even this article considered religion as important criterium of accessories to western civilization. I repeat in Russia there are Christianity and Islam, this are western religions.

                • Hail Columbia

                  Big deal. Ethiopia has Orthodox Christianity and Islam as well, does that make Ethiopia a western country too?

                  • Don’t cheat. I don’t know something substantial about Ethiopia (in particular how do this religions spread and what is role of its in history of this country) and not ready to talk about it.

                    Do you agree with
                    1. religion is important criterium of accessories to any civilization (if it have a big influence to developing)
                    2. Christianity and Islam are western religions

                    • Except that “Christian” churches hava KGB priests.

                    • Ethiopia is the oldest Christian country in the world. The 1st to make Christianity the state religion.
                      The second was Armenia, the third was Georgia, all before the end of the 3rd Century AD.
                      Russia however was in the 12th.
                      Islam is most certainly not a western religion.

                • “Lev Gumilev is a famous scientist. One of great Russian scientists. And his “superethnos” is quite real word.”

                  If it’s a “quite real word”, show me any dictionary or encyclopedia article on this subject.

                  Let’s see this Gumilev guy.

                  “Drawing inspiration from the works of Konstantin Leontyev and Nikolay Danilevsky, Gumilev regarded Russians as a “super-ethnos” which is kindred to Turkic peoples of the Eurasian steppe. Those periods when Russia has been said to conflict with the steppe peoples, Gumilev reinterpreted as the periods of consolidation of Russian power with that of steppe in order to oppose destructive influences from Catholic Europe, that posed a potential threat to integrity of the Russian ethnic group.”

                  So, you like this super-trippy stuff about steppes vs Europe and then you think we are a “super-ethnos” too, after all?

                  • This article is not truth, like many other articles in Wikipedia. It’s well known and Gumilev also wrote about it that integration of Russia occured in fighting against Gold Horde. To know more read his books and scientific publications and don’t make laugh people by your “knowledge” from Wikipedia.

                    • I’m not going to read any of this guy’s “books and scientific publications”.

                      I already asked you for any dictionary or encyclopedia entry – this was the only one I found (with “super-ethnos” in quote markes and no dedicated article).

  8. [” Without American money”
    Without Russian technology… ]

    Can you perhaps name one of these technologies so as to prove your point? The USSR did not exactly share its technology with the West so even when the Soviets achieved a milestone firsts it was not actually a “contribution”.

    • I guess he was talking about those toilets that don’t flush. Actually, they were able to get more out of inferior technology, but when it comes to combat aircraft, I’ll take the U.S. variety any day. I believe the F-15 has a kill ratio well over 100:0

    • I just quoted phrase about America gave only money, thereby obamayomama accepted superiority of Russian technology. It’s not my words. Ask for him.

      This crank teaches Russians how they have to drink their national tipple. May be he think that he is very clever and knows everything better than anybody:)))) I don’t know how to talk with such people.

      • What superior Russian technology? Vacuum tubes? Certainly not Russian made computers. As usual, a Russian bluff.

    • But if you ask me, please:

      People of deal always find common language, unlike any … which are concentrated here.

      • I see you shooted up, nazy. The most important detail in NEW American rockets – the engine – is made in Russia. It’s really surprising, they can’t build normal rocket engine during 50 years.

      • But if we look at obamayomama which wash down his hamburgers with vodka, situation become not so surprisingly.

        • What is it you Rooshans dislike about hamburgers? Is that all you think we eat? Your Russian army disserter couldn’t wait to get his grubby hands on a McDonald’s variety in Georgia a while back. I know you’ve been isolated from the civilized world for so long, you rooshans don’t realize that the world economy is truely globalized. So you build parts for some of our rocket motors, so we’re taking advantage of cheap labor. Our cars have parts made all over the world, hardly anything is made exclusively in the U.S. anymore. What superior Russian technology are you referring to? You’re junky space station would have stopped operating if it weren’t for the U.S. involvement. We’ve learned that Russians don’t do preventive maintenance, you just wait for something to break, then fix it. Problem is when the oxygen quits, there could be problems! Go read some more propaganda so you can feel superior, then goose step down to the pub and guzzle more wadka.

          • Don’t drink so many vodka))) Without it you are idiot, regularly drinking make you fully irresponsible.

            “build parts for some of our rocket motors” Do you can read? Not parts, but whole engine for your NEW rockets.

            “junky space station” You saw too many propaganda films like “Armageddon” and missed that “Mir” was a FIRST orbital station. “Russians don’t do preventive maintenance, you just wait for something to break, then fix it.” In cosmos? Where one little breakage or mistake may lead to a catastrophe? Do you really think so? Keep you far from vodka.

            As we see superiority of Russian technology in some areas exists.

            • @nazymoff

              “As we see superiority of Russian technology in some areas exists.”

              You forgot to mention the ballet (and the negroes).

              “The rockets had been part of the abandoned Russian lunar-landing project and had languished in warehouses in Russia for decades.”

              Russia (the Soviet Union) got beaten to the highly-contested Moon and will be beaten to Mars (even as there’s really no race anymore).

              But I think much more important is rather for example the fact that by the time the man lands on Mars there will be a few million Russians less and a few million Americans more.

              • Talking about superiority was a passion by polemics. I’m not adherent of competition, I’m adherent of symbiosis. And in spite of existing nazi like you, healthy forces of socium aspire to integration to bring of mankind to new heights. ISS is example.

                • “And in spite of existing nazi like you, ”

                  And “existing nazi” meaning “not Nazi at all”.

                  “healthy forces of socium”


                  Again some strange newspeak?

  9. There is a tendency for people here to simply be Russia haters and to see nothing good in the country or the people. There are also America haters, Germany haters… you name it, and they certainly have some facts they use to substantiate their claims.

    There is no need to hate Russia; it’s its government, and the fact that its people has been through so much totalitarianism in its history that it never had the chance to actually develop further.

    What I wished is that people here would hope that Russia will get better. I know, with Putin&Co that doesn’t seem very likely. But this is what we should hope for: a democratic and economically powerful Russia, not afraid of the crimes in its past and full of confidence towards its bright future.

    I know, not very likely. Call me a dreamer if you want.

    • Changes don’t happen instantly. We live only 18 years in relatively democratic country. It was our choice. But time is needed. I think 1-2 generations.

    • There is another tendency whereby any critique of Russia is interpreted as “hating Russia.” This of course has a long tradition in Russia. In the Soviet past, a Russian and any other person who criticized the regime was labeled a “враг народа” (enemy of the people) and risked imprisonment and death. The Russian wikipedia has a good discussion of the history of this term in the Soviet Union: http://tinyurl.com/28exvn.

    • Michel, I think it is a deliberate ploy by the Usual Suspects to smear those that criticize Russia by smearing them as “Russian haters”. It’s the same ploy that liberals use in smearing as “racists” those opinions regarding illegal immigration that they don’t want to hear.

      These folks, the rabid left or pro-Putin minions, work out of the same playbook in trying to censor others.

  10. As far as it being any sort of proof that as an adult he hasn’t written his own songs your assertion is as far fetched as… well… many other of your assertions, so then again why should I be surprised. How there is any paralell to Medvedev is also far fetched. Nice tie in, you must be a blast at cocktail parties.

  11. you’re now getting bitter penny. calling my opinion inane as in daft and idiotic simply because i don’t agree with some of your ideas shows your low level of sportmanship. yeah, i came from a ‘dump’ country but i am now living in the UK so my opinions are not plucked from thin air.

    • This Nazi, which are concentrated here, see you like man of second chop. And us too. “He’s a typical Third World whiner” They can’t understand how this monkeys dared to have their own opinion. Hitler’s soldiers when burned our villiages didn’t see in Russians human. And English colonists thought so. (I think many of haunters of this funny site may were excellent personnels of SS.) And they become angry and hate us when in many situations we behave ourselves more humanely and civilized than they.

      • “This Nazi, which are concentrated here”

        I think you meant “NAZY”. Didn’t you?

        “(I think many of haunters of this funny site may were excellent personnels of SS.)”

        Maybe. Unlike the Russians, who were some of the very worst personnel in the Waffen-SS (undisciplined – engaging in looting/rape instead of fighting, often drunk, bad in combat, prone to desertion). Even Obergruppenfuhrer Bronislav Vladislavovich Kaminski himself was court-marshalled and shot by the Germans .

        Only the Dirlewanger (made of the German convicts and also Russian and Ukrainian volunteers) was worse large Waffen-SS unit.

        • “Unlike the Russians, who were some of the very worst personnel in the Waffen-SS ”
          What do you want from betrayers? Cast-iron discipline?

          You are sorry for lost chance.

  12. aglyamoff, the good thing is that there are other people out there who hope for the best for russia and other less wealthier countries. i for one is not even russian. you’ve got a lot of problems but they are solvable. if you keep working on them then these la russophobe critics will simply vanish. by the way, congrats to the ice hockey championship.

    • Thanks for congratulations. The Olympic Games are on a waiting list, he he :))

      I think (and know) that majority of people in so called west is a normal good people. And ordinary people always find common language.

      “you’ve got a lot of problems”
      Not so lot. This site doesn’t critic, it gloates.

      We just live and work. Like everywhere.

      всего хорошего! (best wishes)

  13. To rts

    I’ve learned to hate Russians
    All through my whole life
    If another war starts
    It’s them we must fight

    Sieg Heil!

    To hate them and fear them
    To run and to hide
    And accept it all bravely
    With God on my side

    Polundra! (Type: rescued who Can!)

    Bob должен определиться: либо “Drang nah Osten!”, либо крысы по норам, либо к психологу.
    Bob it should be defined: or “Drang nah Osten!”, or rats on holes, or to the psychologist.

  14. I have lived in Russia for many years, and worked in several sectors in Moscow and in the regions. While I love the Russian people and “culture” – it certainly is not Western – its on the crossroads between Asia and Europe, and its unfortunate experiment with “managed democracy” cannot outweigh the social and cultural tendencies of the past centuries.

    The masses still behave like the or tsarist and soviet masses (with their summer dacha gardens being their escape from their not-quite-real jobs in the city), the “authorities” still have the same “first-rights”, arrogance, and almost sheer disdain of the masses (other than the fear of them sometimes rising up in mindless revolt), and more.

    I’ve witness the system of education and culturization at the schools and universities. Along with Medvedev’s new law on the “right” way of teaching Russian history, the kids are definitely going to grow up the “right” way…

    Unfortunately, the only approach with Russia’s rulers that has ever worked was the confrontation through resolve and strength. The crass moneyed classes, and their attendant dull masses (sheeple) are the unique cultural feature of that society.

    – How can anyone change generations and centuries of socio-cultural makeup? – The only thing we should consider in our short-term Western lens, is how WE should address that society. We seem to be doing somewhat OK, taking their best and brightest and trying to integrate them into our society – while keeping the rest at arms-length.

  15. Kavkazwatcher

    Вам бы родиться лет 150-200 назад, получился – бы хороший миссионер-колонизатор, Пожалуйста, не обижайтесь.
    Определение слова Sheeple это человек овца или капиталистический потребитель?

    To you to be born about 150-200 years ago, it has turned out – the good missionary – colonizer, Please, do not take offence.
    Definition of a word “Sheeple” it is the person a sheep or the capitalist consumer?

    • “Sheeple” are passive politically disengaged persons that are easily herded by their overlords. Capitalists, the western investing class, makes more of an effort, but, you know that.

      Russia is loaded with sheeple. Poll after poll there confirms that.

      aglyamoff, why don’t you do something useful like join the opposition and make Russia a better place. Or, stick with Putin and learn to deal with the reality that he’s perceived as a fascist thug by most of us in the west. Your comments are purely defensive whinning.

      • In USSR there was process of urbanization. And now large part of people is city’s inhabitants in maximum second generation. They preserved big part of rural world view. And now process of transition to city’s life – the postindustrial mode of live – is going. In 1-2 next generations this process will be completed. And people will be postindustrial people with variety of opinions, aspiration for personal liberty, consumption, and with one common value is money. (In so called west this process was earlier.) It’s natural process, I don’t know how to help to evolution.

        “defensive whinning” I see for you, nazy, all another’s opinions are whinning.

        • I just added the new definition to Urban Dictionary (it’s not up yet):

          Nazy” is how the retarded Russian nationalists usually missspell the word “Nazi”. Often written as “NAZY”, suggesting it’s an abbreviation of some kind while it’s really not (ALL CAPS only for dramatic effect).

          “Nazy” is a modern subsititute for the seemingly outdated Soviet-era buzzword “imperialist” and is used to denounce enemies of the current Russian regime, regardless of their actual political orientation. While doing this, those Russian idiots automatically loose any argument because of Godwin’s law.

          • Now algymuff, stop putting yourself down.
            Yes you are a Nazi, but you dont need to keep shouting it out.

          • Robert, you some muddled me.

            Hey, Andrew, little nazi, give please my comment, where I showed nazi views.

            I don’t think that Tatars are best nation in the world. And unlike you, I in general don’t think that any nation better or worse than ohters.

            • Well Nazi boy, considering you have been spouting that Russia has the right to dictate to its “near abroad”, and are a firm supporter of “Putinism” and opponent of democracy, that makes you a little Nazi.

              • Russia don’t dictate its will to neighbour countries, some of this countries behave itself agressive to Russia and present an absurd claims. They don’t want to live in friendship like Finland for example, and Russia just defends.

                I’m not so firm supporter of Putin, I just don’t see any equal figure in our political scene.

                And I’m not opponent of democraty, quite the contrary.

                But all of this aren’t key moment in Nazi ideology. Nazi is mainly about superiority one nation above others. Unlike you, nazi, I don’t share this idea.

                • “Russia don’t dictate its will to neighbour countries, some of this countries behave itself agressive to Russia and present an absurd claims. They don’t want to live in friendship like Finland for example, and Russia just defends.”

                  Oh yes, those treacherous warmongering Finns who on on November 26, 1939 had opened vicious artillery fire on the peaceful NKVD border guards at Mainila. Russia just defended.

                  • In spite of conflicts in past Finns as clever people get many gain now from partnership with Russia and there is no any threat from each other. They even put a monument to Alexander II.

                    In any case I’m not Nazi, but you are.

                    • @nazymoff

                      What makes me a National Socialist? I never knew I was one and I’d like you to convince me.

    • K-19,

      Sheeple means быдло. Пожалуйста, не обижайтесь! The problem with Russia is not just its government; it’s the people that allow – in fact, enjoy – being killed, thrown to enemy frontline and generally pushed around. No wonder, Russian rulers (czars, communists, Putin) treat the populace as быдло. And look at the Unkneeling Russians here – do they really deserve any better?

      Hope that helps you.

    • K-19, the funny thing is that if someone who knew Russia 150-200 years ago were to see Russia today, he would understand that aside from the cosmetic facades (Potemkin middle-class, elitny stores in centers of cities where the vast populace can only gaze in with envy) not much has really changed for the people of Russia.

      Sheeple is something we are applying to the Russian people, as this blog is about Russia not the West – but, if we were to do a quick comparative analysis – we can see the American and to some extent Western Euro culture has evolved, morphed, altered itself socially and culturally as the global environment changes.

      Finally, in terms of missionary-colonists, its an amazingly oxymoronic terms if applied to Americans, as this does not happen – the current evangelistic missionaries pour in money, and lives in Africa, Middle East and parts of Asia, not for the expansion of the US, but as concerned individuals and organizations. Can we see any such phenomena from Russian missionaries or NGO’s?

    • If you want to know who are the sheep, take and read Animal Farm.

      And then Nineteen Eighty-Four – some good democratic-left literature, instead of Complete Works of Lenin (and his ghost writers)… or maybe rather the “Putin’s” (not really) First Person, or whatever else is nowadays doctrinal in Russia.

  16. Пенни, спасибо за определение, мой английский язык на уровне программного переводчика.
    Felix, все Sheeple, исключая мировые “элиты”. Остыньте.

    Penny, thanks for definition, my English language at a level of the program translator.
    Felix, all Sheeple, excepting world(global) “elites”. Cool down.

  17. all Sheeple, excepting world(global) “elites”.

    OK – if that helps you live your life as быдло – so be it. 40 years after Initiative Group started the movement against political repressions in the USSR – the progress is really questionable… But as one of the founders said, “I just learned that Byzantine Empire was rotting for 300 years after it became clear that it’s rotten. Well, 300 years is OK with me”.

  18. Я всё проспал.
    “И снились ему апельсины и розы …”

    I have overslept all.
    “Oranges and roses … Also dreamed him”

  19. Third position is that Great Russians are another superethnos. Most important property of superethnos is that people from it see each other how “one of us” by subconsciousness way(they have same patterns of behaviour, same stereotypes) and see man from other superethnos as “alien”, also subconsciousnessly.
    That’s why we and Europeans see in each other “aliens”.


    Who do you think you are to publish four different comments one after the other on the same post? Control yourself! Your other comments have been deleted. Do it again and you’ll be banned. This is our blog, not yours.

    • Can’t you really write a single post without either saying “superethnos” (a “quite real word”) or calling your opponents “nazi/nazy/NAZY” repeatedly?

  20. “In West there is individualism in East – collectivism.”

    Tell this to the peasants who had resisted collectivization or the Russian anarchists from your history.

    • Russians are inclined to individualism. And you confirmed me. Relativities between person and society is key criteria of accessories to western or eastern civilization. By it Russia is western country.

      • No, Russians are inclined to slavishly and stupidly follow “strong leaders”.
        Russian culture does not in any way sponsor individuality, and never has done.
        There was ample historical basis for foreign observers throughout the last 200 years to describe the faceless, mindless hordes of Muscovy.
        You just have to look at the literature, where Pushkin and Lermontov wrote in true appreciation of the individuality and love of freedom of the Caucasians, and contrasted it with the mindless subservience of the Russians

        • Byron also died in exile.

          You can’t understand anything more complexity than hamburger, all the more complicated Russian history with its contradictions. Even you don’t know history.

          Do you know that first Romanov tzar was elected by all people?

          Many bloody and not so bloody rebellions in Russian history – is it feature of slavery?

          Or our colonizators of Siberium, they are an example of strong individualistic (and passionarity) people.

          But it’s not important. Fact that social status of man in Russia define by his own achievements and not belonging to any social corporation is important. It’s define belonging of Russia to western civilzation.

          • Really?
            It seems that the social status of a man is directly tied to which mafia (criminal or KGB/FSB) he belongs to.

            Russia does not belong to western civilisation, as it lacks both the western ethos, and the civilisation.

            • Mafia or “kgb” aren’t social corporation, just corporation. And they exist not so long to influence to civilization. They haven’t a big influence to life of common people.

              You have no argues to objection.

              • The KGB has existed for over 90 years and has set back civilization, for the human beings on our planet, for centuries.

          • Actually rebellions are usually a response to opressive government you cretin.

  21. To Robert

    Definition of superethnos by Gumilev:

    Superethnos in work of foreign scientist for example:

  22. What and?

    I gave article from Новейший филосовский словарь wich contain definition of superethnos.

    From where do you know that this articles from Wikipedia are untruth if you didn’t read Gumilev? I red and I say that it correctly represent of Gumilev’s theory.

    • “What and?”

      And I asked you for a DICTIONARY OR ENCYCLOPEDIA DEFINITION of this word.

      And I meant “in English”.

      And also you yourself had previously said Wikipedia is not a proper source. (“This article is not truth, like many other articles in Wikipedia . . . and don’t make laugh people by your “knowledge” from Wikipedia.”) Make your mind already.

      And you won’t find any, really. But I already told you this.

      And it’s because it’ just some really fringe Russian pseudoscience, long rejected (and even ridiculed) and since then completely unknown elsewhere.

      And that’s why you only confuse people while talking about their “superethnos”.

      And the “parasite” Jews now have their own country, where they fight their own wars themselves.

      And that’s all I think.

  23. Actually there is an article in Wikipedia about him:

    The last paragraph reads as follows…

    “Gumilev did not extend this ethnological ecumenism, however, to the medieval Jews, who he regarded as a parasitic, international urban class that had dominated the Khazars who in turn had subjected the early East Slavs to the “Khazar Yoke”. This last phrase he adapted from the traditional term “Tatar Yoke” for the Mongol domination of medieval Russia, a term Gumilev rejected for he did not regard the Mongol conquest as a necessarily negative event. In particular, and with virtually no support from primary sources, he asserted that the Radhanites had been instrumental in the exploitation of East Slavic people and had exerted undue influence on the sociopolitical and economic landscape of the early Middle Ages. Gumilev maintained that the Jewish culture was by nature mercantile and existed outside and in opposition to its environment. According to this view, the Jews are not a nation, but a specific way of thinking by a certain group of people having Jewish genetic heritage and/or sharing the moral norms of Judaism. According to Gumilev, the Jews also do not bear arms themselves, but wage wars by proxies or mercenaries.[2][3][4] These ideas have led scholars such as Vadim Rossman, John Klier, Victor Yasmann, Victor Shnirelman, and Mikhail Tripolsky to describe Gumilev as antisemitic.[5]”

    Check it out yourself: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lev_Gumilev

    Are you SURE you want to be basing your sociological theories on a guy like that?

    • I sad above that article about Gumilev in English Wikipedia is not truth. In Russian – truth. I compare with his books.

      If you interest his theory, you can read Gumilev here:

    • @”This last phrase he adapted from the traditional term “Tatar Yoke” for the Mongol domination of medieval Russia, a term Gumilev rejected for he did not regard the Mongol conquest as a necessarily negative event.”

      I see how this may be actually popular among the “Russian patriot” Tatars.

  24. TIMERussia and Ukraine Battle Over Their “Shared” HistoryBy James Marson / Kiev Friday, May. 22, 2009 PICTURE: Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, front right, with cadets, carries a coffin with remains of World War II prisoners during a reburial ceremony on Memory Field, not far from the western Ukrainian city of Slavuta[MYKHAYLO MARKIV/AFP/Getty] Fresh from their conflict over gas in January, Ukraine and Russia are again in the midst of a heated battle — this time, about the countries’ shared Soviet past. As Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko this week lamented that Ukraine had become “a hostage in the fight between two totalitarian regimes — fascist and communist” and called for Soviet-era symbols around the country to be torn down, his Russian counterpart Dmitri Medvedev ordered the creation of a presidential commission “to counter attempts to harm Russian interests by falsifying history.” These latest salvos represent an intensification of the ongoing war of words between the two countries over their closely linked histories. Political analysts say the disagreement, like the gas conflict, is driven by Russia’s desire to stymie Ukraine’s attempts to forge an independent future. “It’s an instrument that Russia uses to maintain influence in its so-called near abroad,” says Valeriy Chaly, director of international programs at the Razumkov Center think tank in Kiev, referring to the former Soviet bloc countries. “History can be used to create a political nation. It’s an important process that brings Ukraine closer to Europe. But Russia wants to stop, or at least control, this process.” (See pictures of rich Russians.) Yushchenko has been a thorn in the Kremlin’s side ever since he came to power in 2005, after popular protests known as the Orange Revolution forced the rerun of a rigged election won by the Russia-backed candidate. Deeply unpopular in Russian political circles for his pro-West policies, Yushchenko has also attracted scorn for his honoring of Ukrainian national war heroes who fought against Russia and for drawing international attention to Holodomor, the man-made famine planned in Moscow that killed several million Ukrainians in 1932 and ’33. Yushchenko has touched a raw nerve among Russian leaders with what they see as attempts to tear apart the two nations, efforts to cement Ukraine’s independence — gained in 1991 — and move the country toward the West. The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement last week accusing Kiev of trying to drag Ukrainians into “an artificial, contrived confrontation with Russia.” But Yushchenko’s moves to bring attention to the crimes of the past have been well received by many in Ukraine, whose citizens suffered widespread political repression under the Soviet regime. “People need to know the history of their own country, not the distorted Soviet view,” says Roman Krutsyk, president of the Kiev-based NGO Memorial, which documents Soviet political repressions. “Yushchenko’s biggest achievement is that he brought up the question of our history.” On May 17, Ukraine’s Day of Remembrance for Victims of Political Repression, Yushchenko gave a speech at the Bykivnya forest, a mass grave near Kiev where the bodies of an estimated 100,000 victims of the NKVD, the forerunner of the KGB, were dumped between 1937 and 1941. In the speech, he equated the Soviet Union with Nazi Germany: “They are comparable in their hatred towards human beings. They are identical in the unprecedented scale of their mass killings.” He also called for Ukraine to “finally purge itself of the symbols of a regime that destroyed millions of innocent people,” saying that 400 such monuments were taken down last year. A recent decision to remove a statue paying tribute to the Red Army in Lviv in western Ukraine brought harsh criticism from the Russian government, reminiscent of the outcry when Estonian authorities had a similar statue dismantled and relocated in Tallinn in 2007. “We have a shared history, but our views of it are very different,” says Stanislav Kulchytsky, deputy director of the Institute of Ukrainian History in Kiev. Moscow is particularly irked by Yushchenko’s recognition of leaders of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, or UPA, which fought against Soviet — as well as Nazi and Polish — forces in World War II. Members of the group are frequently denounced as “fascists” and “Nazi collaborators” in the Russian media, but Kulchytsky says the reality is more complex and that they “never had an agreement with Hitler.” Now the Russian authorities are hitting back. On Tuesday, Medvedev announced the creation of a presidential commission to work to protect Russia’s history from being revised or re-evaluated in any way that tarnishes Russia’s image. “More and more frequently, we are coming across historical falsifications,” he said in a video blog on May 7, two days before Victory Day, which celebrates the WW II defeat of Nazi Germany by Soviet forces. “Such attempts are becoming more vicious, evil and aggressive. We will not allow anyone to cast doubt on the heroic feat of our people.” (See pictures of Victory Day in Russia.) The pro-Kremlin United Russia party, led by Prime Minister and former President Vladimir Putin, has also submitted a bill to parliament that would make it a criminal offense to belittle the Soviet victory. Critics say these moves are aimed at stopping people from talking about the more unpleasant parts of the country’s past and that they are a response to the revision of Soviet history in Russia’s “near abroad,” where many see the Soviet advance during the war not as a liberation but as the start of an occupation. In Kiev, campaigners remain defiant that the truth about Soviet-era crimes must come out. “Do they want us to forget?” asks NGO Memorial’s Krutsyk. “Anyone who does is an enemy of the Ukrainian people.”

    • Good article LES.

      Funny how the Russians fail to mention that the majority of Soviet casualties, both civillian and military during ww2 were not actually Russians.
      They were Ukrainians, Latvians, Estonians, Lithuanians, Georgians, Byelorus, and central Asians.
      A bit like the Arab-Israeli wars when Sadat claimed the Saudis would fight to the last Egyptian.

      • The kremlin disinformation lives on. Their mantra that 20,000,000+ rooshans died is just another blatant lie!

        Ukraine’s Population Losses in World War II: 7.5 million or 13,614,000?
        Ukraine lost more people in World War II than any other European country. At the beginning of the war Ukraine’s population was 41.9 million. Let us review some of the estimates of losses from largest to smallest. According to A Short History of Ukraine published by the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in Kiev in 1986, as a result of the Second World War: “The population [of Ukraine] contracted by 13,614,000.” (p. 239). This statistic is not explained.

        In 1977 Stephan G. Prociuk estimated in a detailed analysis that Ukraine’s World War II loss of population was 11 million. (Annals of the Ukrainian Academy of Arts and Sciences in the U.S., New York 1977, vol. 13 no. 35-36, p. 23-50.

        The American journalist Edgar Snow, who visited Ukraine in 1943 during the war and at the end of the war in 1945, reported in his book The Pattern of Soviet Power (New York 1945) that according to a high Ukrainian official “No fewer than 10,000,000 people had been lost to … Ukraine since 1941.” This statistic excluded “men and women mobilized in the armed forces.” (p. 73).

        Ukraine Lost 10,000,000 People

        “Yet it was not till I went on a sobering journey into this twilight of war that I fully realized the price which 40,000,000 Ukrainians paid for Soviet–and Allied–victory. The whole titanic struggle, which some are apt to dismiss as “the Russian glory,” was first of all a Ukrainian war. No fewer than 10,000,000 people had been ‘lost’ to… Ukraine since 1941, I was told by a high Ukrainian official. That excluded men and women mobilized for the armed forces.

        A relatively small part of the Russian Soviet Republic itself was actually invaded, but the whole Ukraine, whose people were economically the most advanced and numerically the second largest in the Soviet Union, was devastated from the Carpathian frontier to the Donets and Don rivers, where Russia proper begins. No single European country suffered deeper wounds to its cities, its industry, its farmland and its humanity.”

        Edgar Snow
        The Pattern of Soviet Power
        New York: Random House, 1945. p. 73.

        “At the end of the war, Ukraine lay in ruins: the population had declined by 25 per cent — that is by approximately 10.5 million people; 6.8 million had been killed or died of hunger or disease, and the remainder had been evacuated or deported to Soviet Asia as political prisoners or had ended up as slave laborers or emigres in Hitler’s Germany…” states Ann Lencyk Pawliczko in Ukraine and Ukrainians Throughout the World (University of Toronto Press, 1994, p. 62). Prof. Kubijovych, a geographer, says “the population of the Reichskommisariat Ukraine fell from 24,100,000 in 1939 to 16,900,000 — a drop of 30 percent. The population of the larger cities dropped by 53 percent. … We may assume that in 1943 the population of the Ukrainian SSR in the current boundaries was about 30 million, ythat is, 10.5 million less than in 1939.” (Ukraine: A Concise Encyclopedia, University of Toronto Press, 1963, vol. 1, p. 204.) V. Trembitsky gives a total of war losses to Ukraine in 1941-45 of 8,545,000. (Za Vilnu Ukrainu, 24 serpnia, 1994 p. 3). Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Shcherbitsky in 1974 gave a statistic of 6,750,000 as Ukraine’s World War II losses. (Radyanska Ukraina, 18 October, 1974

  25. Felix, why are you claiming to be Russian if you are not? Why?

    • Felix had the misfortune of growing up in the Soviet Union.
      However, unlike the Russian willing slaves, he got out of there and made something of himself.

  26. Felix, why are you claiming to be Russian if you are not?

    Huh? I am claiming that Russian is my first language… because it is. Or you confused me with somebody else?

    sorry – I missed your point

  27. Robert, you are nazi, because you think that Russians are worse than some other (or all) nations.


    Maybe it’s YOU who are the Nazi, because you think the definition of that term depends on Russia.

    • First of all, I simply don’t “think that Russians are worse than some other (or all) nations”.

      Now, it’s a very interesting definition of National Socialism.

      Do you think that the tens of thousands of Russian “Slava Rassiyi, Sieg Heil” NS skinheads think “think that Russians are worse than some other (or all) nations”?

      Or the same for the Russian SS-men from the Russian National-Liberation Army?

      Let’s listen to their anthem:

      In tight columns march our legions
      To fight, for a great revenge
      The millions carry on our bright flags
      The freedom and honour of our people.

      Through an open and grief stricken road
      In the midst of smoke and battery fire
      In action and battle we go with prayer
      To the freedom of our Russia!”

      Rate the Nazi/nazy/NAZY-ness of this, please. (I’m really curious.)

      • Oh, and here you can listen literally:

        (Don’t forget to see the comments from the Russian Nazis such as “SCHTURMBANFURHER” and “21StCenturyWarfare” and their foreigner supporters like “KimiChetnik”.)

        • Btw, it’s really funny how the Polish Nazi out there is calling them “the coward bandits serving the Jew Adolf Hitler”.

          But hey nazymoff, maybe for you he’s the only real Nazi out there (because the rest are orgasming at the sight of the Russian SS just like the SS in general, so they don’t fit your definition).

          The uploader’s name is “Russianpartiot”. http://www.youtube.com/user/Russianpartiot
          And now I wonder, how much “NAZY”[tm] is the stuff on his account and his friends?

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