Kasparov on the Sochi Charade

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Garry Kasparov, writing in the Wall Street Journal:

It has become fashionable to speak of change and liberalization in Russia under President Dmitry Medvedev. May 7 marked his one-year anniversary in office. He has recently granted an interview with an opposition newspaper, allowed a few human-rights activists to criticize Russia’s regime, and even started a blog. There is also a new administration in Washington that wants a fresh start with foreign powers.

However, Mr. Medvedev’s gestures have not been matched by policy. It is more appropriate to think of Russia as living under Vladimir Putin’s ninth year in power. Mr. Putin is now prime minister but still in charge. His agenda of oppression and plunder is still the course in Russia. The Kremlin’s willingness to install its candidates in office and persecute its opponents remains undiminished.

Last month, the Putin government inserted itself into the mayoral election in Sochi, a resort town on the Black Sea that has been selected to host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

{Click the link to read the rest of Kasparov’s condemnation of the IOC’s decision to vest Sochi with the games}

4 responses to “Kasparov on the Sochi Charade

  1. It really looks and sounds strange that “Russian economy is in free fall” but European leaders are sitting in their full line presentely in Khabarovsk in the Rusian far East listening to Medvedev on how to deal with Russia the right way. There must be something strange about all this.

  2. rts

    Your post is the same as I would like to said.

  3. to Bob:

    Siberia is a dreadful country. Many good people lost their lives in Siberia. Russian mafia’s favorite negotiating tool is a paving brick yet they are still there begging on their knees for Russian gaz in Khabarovsk. Such a shame!

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