May 15, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Russia Lost the “Great Patriotic War”

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia is Surrounded

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Our One-Millionth Visitor!

(4)  Another Failing Mark for Putin’s Russia

(5)  Paranoid Putin Persecutes NGOs

NOTE:  If you are in the Washington DC area you have a chance to hear the brilliant Pavel Felgenhauer and Vladimir Socor speak on the Russian threat to Georgia and the West at a conference on that subject hosted by the Jamestown Foundation on Friday May 15th.  Learn more here.

NOTE: You will notice that our posts now contain a button

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NOTE:  We’re ashamed to admit that this is the first we’ve heard of the “Great Russian Water Circus” (and we’re rather bemused that it’s water rather than vodka) but we’re not the least bit surprised that the the only place that would host it is godforsaken Staten Island.  Anybody seen this thing? We’re ever so curious. Is there also a “Minor Russian Water Circus”?  Think we’ll pass on this (we have visions of tremendously fat Russians cavorting on stage in a kiddie pool while being pelted with water ballons by audience members) but when they roll out the Ginormous Russian Vodka Circus, we’ll be on the first ferry!

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