EDITORIAL: Our One-Millionth Visitor



Our One Millionth Visitor

We are pleased to announce that since being founded a little over three years ago by a single determined writer named Kim Zigfeld, this blog has now  — as of 3 pm EST Monday, May 11th —  been visited over one million times.  We warmly thank all the readers who have supported us and the contributors who bring you our content.  This achievement, of course, belongs as much to them as it does to us. 

Web pages we have created have now been opened nearly two million times (each visitor usually opens at least two pages per visit).  Our work has been cited by a wide variety of much larger publications, from the snooty New York Review of Books to the pugnacious Little Green Footballs and everyone in between, from the Associated Press to the Moscow Times.  Kim has gone on to write inspiring regular Russia columns for two gigantic mainstream Internet publications, Pajamas Media and the American Thinker. 

And that, if we may say so, is only the beginning of a long, impressive list of our achievements to date.  Even more to the point,though:  You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!

We publish, by far, more weekly comments than any other Russia politics blog in the English language (to date numbering over 25,000 or comments threads provide a whole additional world of information and insight about Russia, sometimes offering links to material that are as frequently clicked as the ones we offer ourselves), and only a miniscule number of Russia blogs of any type have visitation that is remotely comparable to ours.  In fact, we have inspired several critics to create entire blogs just to respond to us, so vivid and provocative has been our writing and reporting beneath the skin of the Russophile menace.  No other English-language blog about Russia can say the same.   We have far more traffic than any other English-language Russia politics blog staffed by volunteers, and the arrival of our one-millionth visitor must surely rank as one of the most significant milestones in our history.  It’s appropiate to take a moment to reflect on it.

Our existence is proof positive of the power of the blogosphere.  Perhaps our greatest achievement to date has been to shine a spotlight on dissident youth leader Oleg Kozlovsky of the opposition organization “Oborona” (which means “Defense”). As a direct result of that spotlight, Kozlovsky received news coverage from several major U.S. and world newspapers, then an op-ed in the Washington Post, and then a major international human rights award handed to him by Hollywood superstar Sigourney Weaver.

Next in significance, we’ve translated a vast amount of material from the Russian press, material which can be found nowhere else in the world in English, and the lion’s share of the credit for that goes to our brilliant English translator Dave Essel.  It was his superlative work that was noticed by the New York Review of Books, as well as a host of other commentators, and it has opened a window on the real Russia which is not available on any other Russia publication anywhere.

We’ve also played a key role in the quickening of other Russia blogs we admire, most especially that of Khodorkovsky attorney Robert Amsterdam, who with his financing and ability to publish in the mainstream press now has the highest-profile Russia blog around, and Russia scholar Paul Goble, who now has regular space on the Moscow Times and has been touted by the New York Times as well.  They got there with our help, we knew them when.  On the other hand, we’ve seen any number of insane Russophile propagandists into their well-deserved graves.  Some don’t even exist in archival format any more, so devastating was our critique! Who can forget the lunatic Accidental Russophile (DOA January 2008, less than 110,000 total visitors), or the maniacal Russian Blog (DOA March 2007, likewise less than 110,000 total vistors) or the malignant ZheZhe (now deleted, visitation neglible) and the senile Very Russian Tochka (likewise deleted).  We met them all in battle, and we defeated them all. Others we simply left to eat our dust — the ludicrous Copydude and the infantile Sean’s Russia Blog, for instance.

As well, we’ve done yeoman work in exposing the vile Kremlin propaganda project known as “Russia Blog” and funded by the corrupt Discovery Insitute with great help from Russia Today, the Kremlin’s TV mouthpiece in English.  Over and over, we’ve shown the shameless, glaring lies published by Russia Blog and its Russian, Kremlin-connected henchman Yuri Mamchur, and our critique has permeated the conservative establishment and totally discredited Russia Blog there.  Even the bigwigs at DI itself have been backing away from this odious little institution whose ridiculous “editor” Charles Ganske is virtually the only person in the Russia blogosphere who’s never lived in Russia and doesn’t speak the language.

As any seasoned Russia watcher knows only too well, however, these achievements don’t mean the problem of neo-Soviet dictatorship has been solved. Far from it.  That means we still need your help!  Please consider clicking the new button in the upper left corner of our post to use the referral engine of your choice, like Digg and StumbleUpon and Delicious, to favorite our posts and circulate them to as wide a readership as possible.  It’s any easy way for you to stand up to Vladimir Putin and his KGB thugs in a totally anonymous way.



9 responses to “EDITORIAL: Our One-Millionth Visitor

  1. Congrats, and keep up the good work. I’m always blown away by how much work goes into this site.

  2. So what’d I win?! ;)

    Way to go La Rus!!!

  3. Yes, my congratulations to you also! Keep up telling the truth about current Russia, because only the full unadulterated truth, will do Russians any good, or the rest of the world.
    Reader Daniel

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  5. Congratulations to the editors and the founders. This is and “antidote” to the marasmus of public and political opinion on the resurgent Russian State. I have enjoyed the debate and continue to learn from the more worthy contributors responses, to Moscowie’s functunaries poor reflex comments. Sadly we are now saddled with a witless Obama Administration way over its head.

  6. Congratulations!

    Way to go!

    I think you are doing very, very important work here.

  7. Well-deserved.

  8. Just for laughs, I today glanced at your Kremlin-critic’s blog, la russophobe exposed. And, as usual, the agent(s) who operates it, had nothing of any substance to say against this blog, but they mindlessly simply echoed the on-going STUPID party line from Moscow. Perhaps, there are indeed some few moronic/uninformed Americans who may read that crap-blog, but if they actually believe any of it’s blatant pure-propaganda, all pretending to be looking after America’s ‘best interests’, maybee they should get on aeroflot and take a one way plane ride to the RF, and never return back here. The obvious pure-propaganda tone, is similar to the infamous WWII radio broadcasts of ‘Tokio Rose’ aimed at our troops.
    With only snide but shallow put-down sniping at this blog, who really needs them? I certainly don’t!
    Reader Daniel…..not buying any Kremlin originated BALONEY!

  9. Avel Yenukidze

    Is it true that homeless people are still
    defecating in Buran space shuttle?

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