EDITORIAL: Russia is a Deeply Psychotic Country


Russia is a Deeply Psychotic Country

In a recent public opinion survey, only43% of Russian respondents said they thought the country was moving in the right direction, down from 59% a year ago.  That’s not surprising, of course, given that the ruble has lost one-third of its value, foreign exchange reserves are down by half the and stock market by three-quarters.

But what is surprising is that even though a clear majority of Russians believe the country is on the wrong path, 76% of them say “prime minister” Vladimir Putin is doing a good job, while 68% say “president” Dmitri Medvedev is doing fine.

There’s only one word for that contradiction, and that word is:  Psychotic.

True, the approval ratings for both Putin and Medvedev are down over the last six months, Putin falling 12 points and Medevedev 15.  But still, even though they believe the nation has jumped the rails, an overwhelming majority of Russians apparently think neither Putin nor Medvedev has anything to do with it.

One must wonder, then, what they think the pair is doing?  Struggling heroically, perhaps, to force an otherwise incomnpetent government to do the right thing. But they appointed that government to power! Perhaps Russians see themselves as witless cattle, incapable of doing the right thing, merely a burden around the shoulders of their rulers, who somehow magically avoided the perils of being Russian and emerged almost as a different species from their mothers wombs — perhaps, even by means of immaculate conception.

Medvedev, it seems, they don’t actually think is doing anything at all.  Three times more respondents thought Putin holds the “real” power in the Kremlin, and twice as many would vote for him if a presidential election were held today.  Yet they approve of his performance! Presumably, his “job” is to do whatever Putin tells him, and his obsequiousness is fully approved.

It’s hard to believe this is actually what is going on in Russia, it seems more like some sort of incredible movie script.  But indeed, it is reality.  And how bizarre should it be considered, when after all following decades of Soviet terror Russians have chosen to once again by dominated and victimized by the KGB.

It reminds of they psychological disorder that makes kidnap victims want to remain with their captors and abused wives stay with their venal husbands.  Is Russia a country suffering from a national psychosis, desperately in need of a national psychiatrist?

We think so. And it’s a tragedy, of course, that there is no such thing, meaning that Russia is doomed to spiral into bleak failure and self-destructive collapse.

29 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia is a Deeply Psychotic Country

  1. Thinking on the one hand that the country is moving in the wrong direction, and on the other, thinking Putler is doing a good job tells me that the population is essentially scared. The murder of journalists, the obvious rigging of elections, the posting of an FSB man in every mid to large sized business has had it’s effect. Everyone knows things are going to hell, but the majority also know that a pollster asking a question about Putler could be a trap. Better to hedge your bet and answer the way the all powerful leader would like.
    I’m not saying that a large minority, maybe even a small majority don’t actually support the government for all the wrong reasons (Russia off its knees, pining for the USSR, all the usual nonsense), I’m just saying that the numbers for Putin & co. may be subtly coersed.
    The few people I communicate with in Russia are not liberals or young people, and they say that the general view is that Putin & co. are a bunch of crooks.

  2. Ask your average Russian and they will tell you this: the Americans are to blame. Yes, the country is heading in the wrong direction, but it is a conspiracy they will say organized by the Americans to bring Russia to its knees. Yes, it is not logical, but it is what is believed by the masses.

  3. Gordon,

    Thinking on the one hand that the country is moving in the wrong direction, and on the other, thinking Putler is doing a good job tells me that the population is essentially scared.

    It tells me that the population has amazing abilities in doublethink:

    The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them….

    I would also extend that doublethink to the explanation of why Internet isn’t popular. Yes, Internet is fairly free (much freer than, say, in China); and many people that could afford it – don’t have it. They don’t need it – it will challenge people’s doublethink, and few things are worse than shattered doublethink!

    There is another reason for lack of Internet popularity. Russian pastime is always passive: watching game of soccer, fishing trip, a drink. That’s why soap operas became so popular – you can watch one, have beer at the same time, and take a nap in the middle. Internet requires two-way engagement. In order to enjoy it, one usually needs to employ the brain cells – and that’s the price too high for entertainment.

    • My point isn’t that they are holding two opinions. My point is that they are not revealing their true opinion because they think it may result in a knock on the door in the middle of the night.

      • No, the repression isn’t that bad, but the propaganda on the television is nonstop. The average Russian is convinced that the United States created the global economic crisis to bring Russia to its knees.

      • No, its not nearly as bad. Putin is critisized by pretty much everybody – in pubs, at work etc. But same people who crtisize the governmet see little alternative and most importantly people do not want another revolution they want stability. So that what primarily keeps Putin & co in power.

        • Are you a Russian, Ruman?

          Your opinion as to why Putin holds up so strongly in polls?

          Your opinion as to where events in Russia are leading?

  4. Hubris, a serf’s mentality and willfull ignorance would be my guess at the not so startling poll results. But, that has been the Russian condition for eons.

    The older pensioned sovoks just do what they are told, their pension checks depend on it. Those employed by the state need the status quo too much to ever makes waves. Most of the young are apolitical and fixated on acquiring stuff. Life isn’t that uncomfortable for them. Putin hasn’t taken away their stuff.

    Felix has a valid point, it’s better to stay with the doublethink. Russians, a shame based culture, will go to extreme lengths to avoid shame. Examining anything that brings shame must be avoided.

    And, I agree that the internet won’t reverse Russian attitudes. It’s too open, too challenging, and requires a healthy curiosity.

  5. Maybe they want the country to go in the wrong direction so Putin is seen as doing a good job at this.

    It could be that they are as Gordon suggests, more willing to criticize the general direction of the nation but are fearful of pointing the finger directly but doublethink is a natural human tendency that would have been practiced to the point of excellence in old-Soviet times and is likely now the default thought process of many in the new Soviet system. But whether it is fear or foolishness it has the same outcome people function as livestock for the state

  6. And it just dawned on me… 43% of Russians still think there country is on the right track? Forget the doublethink; that stat is more than messed up enough for me.

    • Russian polls are strange. I’m always fascinated with the large number of respondants that indicate they are unsure, have no opinion or never heard of the person/situation.

      The Khodorkovsky show trail is an example. Polls related to it show an astounding number of clueless responses regarding the issues, the behavior of the court, the ridiculous charges, etc. What’s scary is that these are the Russians with access to the internet.

      Russians seem to be the most uncurious people in the world.

      I’m with Felix in that I don’t think the internet is going to break their bonds as serfs to the state.

  7. How about this “deeply psychotic country”?

    — Mr. Obama’s 68 percent approval rating at the 100 day mark is better than the ratings of his two immediate predecessors.

    — The percentage of Americans who say America is headed in the right direction is 41 percent…



    Thanks for giving yet one more compelling example of just how very psychotic Russia (and her non-russian “defenders”) really are!

    It would be nice if actually read your own source material before citing it. The large graph shows that Obama is in a HONEYMOON period enjoyed by ALL first-term presidents. Putin isn’t, you ninny.

    In other words, you ignore the fact that Obama is in transition after taking power from the Republicans in a truly contested election, something that has never occurred once in all of Russian history. He’s not the hand-picked successor of Bush, as Medevedev is of Putin, his own numbers haven’t had time to gel yet. Your own article clearly states that American’s attitude of the direction the country is taking is rising dramatically, doubling from October to February and doubling again from February to April. It’s on pace to match Obama’s approval rating in short order, but there is no evidence whatsoever that Russian attitudes towards Putin and Medvedev will ever to do the same. Obama has been in power for only three months, but Russia’s economic downturn is nearly a year old now. Yet, Russians have not responded by holding their leaders to account for it.

    You also ignore the fact that Russia’s economic troubles are IMMEASURABLY worse than those Americans are facing, and that Russians started out in a FAR worse position in the first place. Russia’s standard of living is MUCH more harsh than America’s, making Russians failure to hold their leaders responsible much more insane.

    But most of all, you ape-like troll, you ignore the fact that America being psychotic doesn’t in any way excuse Russia being psychotic. Putin’s whole theory of government is that Russia NOT be like America. Do you think AT ALL before scribbling your nonsense? You turn to America because YOU CAN’T DEFEND Russian behavior on its own, and you know it. It the same silly, boring tactic the Soviets tried, and just LOOK where they are now! You don’t compare Russia to America when it comes to issues like freedom of the press, democratic elections or a host of other criteria where America crushes Russia. You, like most Russophile idiots, don’t in other words compare America to Russia when America’s virtues are at issue, only regarding its faults. That’s as deeply psychotic as it gets.

    Meanwhile, it’s interesting to note in the graph that only two presidents since WWII have had higher disapproval ratings than Obama after 100 days in office, the now-hated George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. So once the honeymoon is over, it’s entirely preditable that the “direction” and “approval” appraisals will link up.

    Nice try, doofus.

  8. Wow! Your reply to my simple question is longer that the original “thought”. But still… Do you really think that the USA is a “deeply psychotic country”?

    It’s not clear. You don’t seriously believe that the HONEYMOON explanation makes it less psychotic, do you?

    Darling, we’re going off the cliff. But don’t worry! It’s our honeymoon!


    What’s clear is that YOU are psychotic, “darling.” It’s bizarre beyond words that you would attempt to fault us for reading and replying to your comment on this blog. You belong in a nuthouse.

    But thanks for confirming that you don’t want a response. Next time you post SPAM irrelevant to the topic of our post, we’ll simply delete your gibberish and that will be the end of it.

    • Now I have two questions.

      The first one is the old one. What about the CBS poll results? Are they psychotic?

      Second, why is my attempt to clarify your meaning of “psychotic” is irrelevant to the topic?

      As to deleting, it’s fine with me. If it gave you peace of mind I would be more than happy to help you with that.

  9. Psychotic is all in the way one lives. At least in America no one is killing off thousands of neighbors or blowing up apartment buildings to kill hundreds. Not even poisoning or irradiating people with nuclear teabags. Nor are we sending our children off to foreign countries with our investments to London. Free elections without poisoning neighboring countries candidates are normal and even boring. Journalists have long lives. Rasha is depending on Pootin, just like when moscali worshipped Stalin. Who is crazy?

  10. boba

    You are right: your short paragraph did not deserve the long response that LR provided. The short answer is that there is no correlation between the original article (Russia is deeply psychotic because Russians think that country in the wrong direction, yet do not associate this wrong direction with the guy that was leading the country in that direction for last 9 years) – and what you said.

    For me irrelevancy of your comment obvious; LR hopes to explain it, so that even you can understand… I just don’t think it’s worth casting pearl before swine (in religious sense, of course)

    • I said nothing. I asked if the CBS poll results are psychotic or not. You are welcome to employ your extraordinary intellectual power, too.

  11. boba, Obama has had 100 days, his ratings mean nothing right now as he will eventually with the passage of time own this economic crisis and all of his stupid moves like saving the auto unions at our expense and running up the national debt by trillions. This will hit Americans that aren’t paying attention in their wallets eventually.

    Obama will eventually have one of the planet’s thugs or terrorist groups make his life miserable. If he screws that up he’ll own that too.

    His future ratings may be very different.

    The Russians have had 9 years to figure Putin’s fascism out. Most haven’t or worse they approve.

    We get scheduled elections every four years to change our mistakes. Russian don’t. They sat on their behinds and watched that get dismantled before their eyes.

    I do understand what you were trying to convey and agree with your position on Obama’s undeserved approval ratings.

  12. archaeopteryxus

    Anyone read this?:


    [Approximate translation]: “… A Doll of the financial crisis [depicting the financial crisis] has been launched into the skies of Petropavlovsk today during the May 1st demonstration. As the organizers have it, the wind is going to take the symbolic doll of the financial crisis where the recession came from to Russia, – the “crisis” is to be sent back to America…”

  13. Tower Bolshevik

    I’m back, sweetie pies! I’m truly sorry for not being able to reply to all those love messages you left for me so long ago.

    But as for psychotic countries, no nation in the world tops the good ol’ USA

    March 30, a gunman in North Carolina shot dead 8 people at a nursing home

    America shows the world it’s Family Values

    Lakeland, Florida May 4, Man kills his wife and two of his kids, one managed to escape.

    Cumberland, Rhode Island, March 30, Man stabs his own mother to death

    The superiority of American schools and societyhttp://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090410/ap_on_re_us/school_shooting_plot_3

    Middletown, Maryland, April 19, Man kills wife, three children, then himself

    LA, California, January 27, Man kills wife and 5 kids, then himself because he lost his job

    Now, what are American Sunday schools becomes?

    Tracy, California, March 27, 8 year old Sandra Cantu went missing. On April 6, her body was found in a pond. The prime suspect now in custody Melissa Huckaby, Sandra’s Sunday School teacher. Google Sandra Cantu for the full story.

    All the “psychotic disorders” you Russophobe’s accuse Russians of having, doesn’t even compare to the ones that are apple pie; home grown red, white, and blue. In all the pathetic anti-Russian hype I’ve seen, I’ve yet to see one case of a Russian man going psycho and murdering his whole family, or Sunday school teachers murdering their pupils. My, American society really is something to be proud of, right? Because everybody is happy wearing a ear to ear smile, right?

  14. Tower Bolshevik


    A fundamentalist Baptist school restricts a teenage boy from taking his girlfriend to her public high school prom. Dancing, rock music, hand holding, kissing: FORBIDDEN. Not even in Iran, where the mullahs still hold power, are they this socially repressive.


    • What exactly is your point? It is a private school. Students are free to attend and they are also free to leave. Private schools also have the right to accept and reject students and also to expel them. If it were a public school, it would be a completely different matter as public school are funded by the state and open to all and by definition a public school cannot be a Christian school.

      • “Totally Bollocks” does not have a point.
        Unfortunately the little moron still believes in an ideology that murdered more people in the 20th C than all the wars, military dictatorships and even diseases and famines of the 20th C.
        He really is a basket case.

  15. Gary Marshall

    Tower Bolshevik,

    How about Stalin murdering millions!

    How about the police chief the other day.

    How about the Russian armed forces, always a source of so many dead young Russian murdered by their own colleagues.

    How many hundreds died on the roadways this week?

    How about Chechnya and Georgia.

    There are less Russians around this year than there were last.

    Russians do suffer from a multitude of psychoses.

    In a nation of 300 million people, you come up with a handful of incidents spread over some months.

    In Russia, to find a number of equivalent tragedies, on would need only the span of a day.

    Gary Marshall

  16. Obviously, Tower Bolshevik is as delusional as our Russophile guests here. But here is the big difference: delusional Americans smoke pot and lament that America sucks. Delusional Russians drink vodka and extol how great is Russia.

    Oh, wait – both lament that Amerikkka sucks! Reminds me of an old joke when Brezhnev met Nixon. Nixon was trying to explain to Brezhnev the concept of freedom of speech. “Anybody can demonstrate in front of the White House that American President sucks”. “Well, then we have freedom of speech in the USSR as well! Anybody can demonstrate on the Red Square that American President sucks”.

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