EDITORIAL: Russia’s Moronic Military Men


Russia’s Moronic Military

Last week the world learned that the Kremlin had administered a basic competency test to 250 high-ranking military officers and that one in five of them had failed, resulting in a purge of 50 from the ranks.  It might seem that this represents a gigantic humilation for the Kremlin, but in fact it is merely a ruse designed to cover up an even bigger one.

Just as the Kremlin’s recent declaration of “victory” in Chechnya was nothing more than an effort to save face as the Kremlin’s ability to maintain a solid military presence there dried up along with its cash assets because of the financial crisis, the Kremlin is purging nearly 10% of its armed forces (100,000 soliders, including 150,000 officers) not out of any desire to improve the quality of the force but simply because it can no longer afford to pay for it. 

Even though Russia treats its soliders like slaves, they still have to be fed and housed.  Practicing universal conscription and maintaining a standing army of more than 1 million men is a very costly proposition, and the budgetary crisis the Kremlin now faces as oil and gas revenues evaporate simply doesn’t allow it to continue making these expenses.

Russia’s frenzied, panicked reaction to NATO’s war games in Georgia reveals the fundamental weakness of the Russian army. If it were strong, Russia would have no need to react so hysterically.  But Russia isn’t strong.  It knows that not only are its servicemen paid slave wages and living in slave quarters, they’re subject to being forced to work as slave for underpaid, bitter officers and punished with brutal, barbaric dedovschina torture tactics.  The Russian army is rotting from the inside out just the way the USSR did, and the massive expenditures associated with universal conscription and a standing million-man force are breaking Russia financially as its economic crisis becomes ever more severe.

Perhaps the best indication of that weakness is the fact that Russia felt compelled to rely on illegal cluster munitions when it attacked Georgia last August.  A whole host of issues related to backward technology was revealed during that attack, when many Russian soldiers were left to communicate by cell phone on the battlefield.  Indeed, it may well be that what worries Russia most about NATO war games in Georgia is simply that NATO forces will see their Russian counterparts up closee and simply burst out laughing.

Given the brutal conditions under which Russian soliders live, it’s hardly surprising that nobody but morons wants the job.  That it took such a massive economic crisis to provoke these cuts is shockingly reminscent of the crisis that forced Gorbachev to reform, a crisis that the USSR did not surive.


28 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia’s Moronic Military Men

  1. Lack of intelligence and proper military education in the Russian officer corps is one thing, physical unfitness is another (many are simply fat or even obese, alcoholism is rife).

    I’ve seen a commander of one of Russian special forces units, this human pig in a red beret was so fat I wouldn’t except him to run just 50 meters and not have a heart attack. And it’s Spetsnaz.

    • More than 30 percent of the army’s elite officers are overweight and 25 percent failed a fitness test, army spokesman Vyacheslav Sedov told AFP on Wednesday.
      The fitness tests were organised by Vladimir Shamanov, an officer alleged to have overseen widespread human rights abuses while helping to lead Russia’s crushing of Chechen rebels.

      Maybe he should deal with their fat problems by using some of his old “filtration camps”.

        • Да ты понимаешь по-русски! Вот ты и попался. Я таки прав. Здесь собрались какие-то непонятные русскоязычные персонажи. Я то думаю, откуда ты всё знаешь? Какой нормальный человек будет настолько интересоваться историей чужой страны? Обычному европейцу или американцу всё это до фени.

          И эта Ким Зигфельд – мутная персона. Английский знает плохо, значит эмигрантка(эмигрант). Отьявленные славянофилы – это русские евреи. Это, видимо, не про неё(него). Польская(ий) или балтийская(ий) националистка(националист), по всей видимости.

          Ты то, robert, чьих будешь, холоп?

          • Shocking, eh? People that speak English AND Russian (and German). Must be an another world-wide Jewish conspiracy. Damn, you got me.

            • Я ничего не имею против евреев. Отьявленные славянофилы – это русские евреи. Ничего плохого не сказал. “world-wide Jewish conspiracy” it’s your words. И ты не ответил на вопрос

              чьих будешь? Поляк? Прибалт?
              То, что ты знаешь русский жаргон, выдает в тебе постсоветского товарища.

              We in the West… Не смеши мои тапочки:))) ин зе вест. Тоже мне.

  2. According to Pavel Felgenhaur some years ago, Russia actually had over 4 million men under arms (including gunmen in “law enforcement” forces).

    • Here:

      ” In December 2003, Putin publicly admitted that Russia had ≥4 million military personnel and those of the same legal status.≤ Of that number, the Defense Ministry has over 2 million.”

      By Pavel Felgenhauer

      And no, they didn’t downsized to merely “a standing army of more than 1 million men” since then.

      (And also stop saying Russia is only “10 times” bigger than Georgia, you did it repeatedly.)

  3. Also “soliders” is not a real word.

  4. It seems that Russia is now effectively scrapping the new uniforms it was working on due to financial constraints.

    “A plan to replace Soviet-era Russian military uniforms with ones by a leading fashion designer has been abandoned because of a lack of money.

    The plan to bring in the new uniforms, designed by Valentin Yudashkin, was supported by Russian PM Vladimir Putin.

    There is now only enough money to pay for uniforms for soldiers taking part in the forthcoming Victory Day parade.

    Everyone else, it seems, will remain in the rather drab olive shades Russia inherited from the former Soviet Union.

    ‘Less frumpy’

    On Friday, Senator Viktor Ozerov, chairman of Russian Federation Council committee on defence and security, told the radio station Ekho Moskvy that the army knew what to spend money on – and that new uniforms were not a priority.

    “I think that the uniforms which servicemen now wear make it possible to distinguish them from civilians,” he said.

    The new designs for the army uniforms come from Russia’s leading fashion designer, Valentin Yudashkin.

    They build on the uniforms of imperial Russia, with strong emphasis on red and blue colours, together with polished brass adornments for parade dress.

    They are decidedly less frumpy than the oversized fur hats and foot wraps that still form part of the standard kit.

    Prime Minister Putin was an admirer of Yudashkin’s proposals and took a personal involvement in them while president.

    The report that the new uniforms have fallen victim to Russia’s own credit crunch suggests financial difficulties greater than those publicly acknowledged.

    Russian defence spending has grown very quickly over recent years.

    Before the global financial crisis hit, Russia’s government had planned to spend more than $100bn (£67bn) on modernisation and re-armament projects.

    The idea was to move away from a bloated, inefficient, often poorly trained military, and to focus on advanced technology, in military aviation and Russia’s strategic nuclear rocket forces.

    There is now a huge question mark over the project, with recent announcements of swingeing cuts in the officer corps and general staff.


    Same old Russia, what a joke.

    • ““I think that the uniforms which servicemen now wear make it possible to distinguish them from civilians,” he said. ”

      Geez, so they should scrap the uniforms altogether and just give them these white armbands for identification (they always wear them in the conflic zones anyway).

      With the thus saved roubles they would then build an another mega-bridge to nowhere, give them to Hero Kadyrov so he could a drive golden cars (and not only shoot a golden guns), or just transfer them to their Swiss accounts.

  5. I went to thought, that texts here are wrote by Russians. Authors use simple words, simple language constructions. I easy understand areticles here in contrast to Guardian’s papers for example.

    Hey, men, you work on any crazy Russians.

  6. look at this video,guys and you see,that the chechen rebels completely control the southern Chechen mountains,they are even able to drive openly on roads,not fearing russian airstrikes. The war is not over,on the contrary,the rebels are just 20 kilometers south of Grozny

    • Трупов чё-то не видно. Постановочная какая-то фигня. И вообще откуда у тебя это видео?

      • It’s this water truck in Bamut. 3xNCO KIA:
        Unclimatic, eh? Not much like in those Russian heroic fairy-tale films about Chechnya?

        From http://www.imamtv.com/ via YouTube obviously. Btw, the uploader is the most watched YouTuber in Russia today (and 22th this week).

        If so badly you want soldier bodies, try for example this from the same YT account:

        Another quick one, few seconds and that’s all (as opposed to the Russian “victories”, that usually take hours or days and losses to kill a few totally outgunned and outnumbered mujs). And notice that unlike Russians, they don’t destroy the enemy bodies.

    • “Just 20 kilometers” is actually about halfway (and Bamut’s 40 km away to east, that is near the Ingush border).

  7. A good editorial.

  8. For the idiot who wrote about “causing pain in right places”, one “right place” in 1999:

  9. the mountain-forests begin 20 kilometers south of Grozny,it has nothing to do with Bamut,but in general.Furthermore the guys in your first video are Kadyrovites,who entered the place of the APC-attack afterwards,laughing about the killed russian soldiers and making jokes

    • Yeah, I noticed some new Russian Spetsnaz helmets on the guys inspecting the wreck and the bodies. It confused me but I thought that maybe the guy sitting on the roadside is a captive from the ambush or something and so on.

  10. The simple and sad truth is La Russophobe is nearly the ONLY source that actually gets inside Russia and spills the beans without thinking – Oh this is not politically correct, oh maybe it’s not that bad. The ONLY source that can stand up and look into the Kremlin’s eyes and tell the truth!

  11. Japan had to give the Filthy Moscali another $40 million dollars to wipe their reeking buts in the Arctic. So they don’t dump Nuclear Waste in the world’s oceans affecting our global health.

    “Japan has already provided around 20 billion yen to help dismantle more than 70 retired nuclear submarines believed to have been abandoned in the Russian Far East. Many more decommissioned submarines are believed to be in Russian northwest.”
    Japanese are a clean and responsible people and are also considering to help the Moscali build nuclear waste storage facilities. So that the filthy bastards don’t ruin our health.


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