EDITORIAL: Kremlin says 90% of Russians are Idiots


Kremlin says 90% of Russians are Idiots

As you well know, dear reader, we are loathe to agree with a single word uttered by Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin. But when one of Russia’s leading “educators,” Leonid Poliakov, a dean of history at the Moscow State Pedagogical University, tell us that 90% of Russians are idiots, we have to grudgingly make room for the possiblity that he could be right.

Robert Amsterdam has noticed that the Kennan Institute is about to publish a new book reviewing post-Soviet history textbooks.  In it, Poliakov states that Russian textbooks should present “a positive unity with past” because “90 percent of students are not meant to be tasked with thinking critically about history, but need only to be presented with one, simple, positive narrative.”

In other words, they’re idiots.  Their thoughts and insights about the meaning of Russian history are without value, so they don’t “need” to know the truth. They only need to be fed a stream of palbum like a goose being fattened for fois gras, so that they can become helpless cogs in the neo-Soviet machinery.

And, mind you dear reader, this is policy.  The new book meticulously documents how Putin’s KGB regime has systematically purged facts from Russian history teaching, replacing them with propaganda about how Russia is a wonderful paradise ruled by wise patriots leading it to ever greater glory.  Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Anyone who has studied actual Russian history (granted, they’d almost have to be someone who’s not actually Russian) knows that his shameless, unbridled contempt for the common man is a theme in Russian governance that runs right the way back through the Soviet era to the tsars.  Russian rulers, while professing love for their country, have always viewed the population they govern as worthless idiots to be exploited and manipulated, not respected and nurtured, a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution.

Maybe that’s the reason that Russia has suffered two catastrophic national collapses in the past 100 years alone, and is hard at work right now on making it a hat trick.

56 responses to “EDITORIAL: Kremlin says 90% of Russians are Idiots

  1. Just continue confonting us,believe me if you Jews continue you will be soon in a for a new Holocaust.Remember,there are 500 000 Jews left in Russia,everything could happen to them…


    Congratulations! You are now banned from commenting on our blog. Not only did you repeatedly utter racist slurs in violation of our rules, but you posted the same SPAM comment over and over on multiple posts, likewise violating our rules. And in your multiplicity of comments, you never posted a single link or added value of any kind. You made Russia look like a nest of lawless uneducated thugs. If that was your purpose, you achieved it magnificently.c

    • I agree with barring this creepy little Nazi skinhead.

      Psychiatrically disturbed people with homicidal ideation that utter vicious threats to others need to be barred from blogs.

      You’ve got to wonder what kind of unnurturing and brutish childhood shaped attitudes like his/hers. Someone that inadequate, hateful and crude has serious personal problems, but, don’t all of them that that gravitate to fascism.

      I see prison time in RussianBearr future which is usually where anti-social behavior hits the brick wall.

  2. Russian Bearr is a poster child for a rooskie idiot.

    • I am Russian.. I lived in the states for 2 years. I am 13!!! Do you think I liked it? NO. USA is a country full of “patriots”, that are ready to sell their home for 20$. I do not appreciate those comments. You Americans hate my country! My home! You someday will pay.

  3. Did you know that Russia is passing law that makes it crime to revise or to question WWII history (crime is to not to agree with Kremlin interpretation of history)?

  4. One more proof that russians are idiots. Ban that bear….

    • If you generalize single instance, there is one idiot here which is you.

      • No aglyamoff, Russian bear has posted a series of racist & anti-semitic posts on several articles in this blog.
        Therefore you are the idiot.
        Hope you had a nice Tatar “mother tongue” day, if Putin has his way it will be the last.

        • I told not about this post. I sad that this is one man and one case. And generalization is lawlessly.

          And don’t scare me. Russians have never been Nazi. I am in very good relations with my Russian frends.

          • Actually Russia has some of the largest Neo-Nazi groups of any nation.

            “The post-Soviet era has seen the rise of a variety of extreme nationalist movements in Russia, some of which are openly neo-fascist or neo-Nazi. Neo-Nazi groups in Russia are characterized by racism, anti-Semitism and extreme xenophobia towards non-Russians.

            Russian neo-Nazi organizations have generally defined themselves as standing outside of the political process, disdaining the electoral system and advocating the overthrow of the government by force. Their ideology has centered on defending Russian national identity against what they perceive as a takeover by minority groups such as Jews, Caucasian (whether Orthodox or Muslim) and Central Asian immigrants as well as Muslim Russians. Dark skinned Russians are often subject to racial abuse, regardless of religious affliation. Cleansing the nation by killing or expelling Jews and also dark- skinned immigrants from other parts of the country as well as former countries of the USSR has been a generally accepted goal for Russian neo-Nazis. Their ideology became epitomized in the slogan “Russia for the Russians”, a catchphrase also adopted by less extreme factions. Russian neo-Nazis have generally not outlined discernible economic programs. They have openly admired and imitated the German Nazis and Adolf Hitler, and Hitler’s book Mein Kampf stood high on their reading list. The most prominent organization, Russian National Union, led by Aleksandr Barkashov, adopted a three-ray Swastika as its emblem (the German Nazi swastika can be thought of consisting of two rays; the Z shaped segments).

            Social roots
            The collapse of the Soviet economic system in the early 1990s caused great economic and social problems, including widespread unemployment and poverty. Several far right paramilitary organizations were able to tap into popular discontent, particularly among the marginalized, lesser educated, and habitually unemployed youth. Of the three major age groups – youths, adults, and the elderly – youths may have been hit the hardest. The elderly suffered due to inadequate (or unpaid) pensions, but they found effective political representation in the Communists, and generally had their concerns addressed through better budget allocations. Adults, although often suffering financially and psychologically due to job losses, were generally able to find new sources of income. Moreover, Soviet-era indoctrination into the ideals of egalitarianism predisposed most adults against the message of right-wing extremists. Younger Russians were much less likely to have such inclinations.

            Russian neo-Nazis have made it an explicit goal to take over the country by force, and have put serious effort into preparing for this. Paramilitary organizations operating under the guise of sports clubs have trained their members in squad tactics and weapons handling. They have stockpiled and used weapons, often illegally. Reputedly, many were interested in martial arts and unarmed combat, and have organized realistic hand to hand combat classes. Russian radical nationalists (especially national-bolsheviks) most notable action so far was their participation in the armed defense of the Supreme Soviet building against government forces during the standoff between Boris Yeltsin and the Communist-dominated parliament in 1993.[52]

            On August 15, 2007, Russian authorities arrested a student for allegedly posting a video on the Internet which appears to show two Muslim, migrant workers being beheaded in front of a red and black Swastika flag.[53] Alexander Verkhovsky, the head of a Moscow-based center that monitors hate crime in Russia, said, “It looks like this is the real thing. The killing is genuine…There are similar videos from the Chechen war. But this is the first time the killing appears to have been done intentionally.”[54] A Russian neo-Nazi group called the Russian National Socialist Party claimed responsibility for the murders.”

            “”Today in Russia there are 50,000 skinheads at the very minimum while in the rest of the world, including America, Europe and other countries, there are about 70,000,” says Semyen Charny, the report’s author. The real number could be much higher, he adds, because neo-Nazi groups actively try to keep their organisations secret.

            If nothing is done to combat the skinhead menace, experts warn that their numbers could swell to 100,000 within a few years.

            With names such as “Blood and Honour”, “Moscow Hammer Skin”, “United Brigades 88” (H is the eighth letter in the alphabet. HH stands for Heil Hitler!), and “Skin Legion”, there are estimated to be up to 10,000 in Moscow and perhaps 5000 in St Petersburg. ”



            Oh, and the effective banning of the teaching of minority ethnic languages in state schools (including Tatar, which you claim to be):

            “As of September 1 this year, it is no longer the “subjects of the Russian Federation” — or the so-called titular nationalities in Russia’s dozens of ethnic autonomies — who will decide whether the language, history, or culture of their nominally dominant non-Russian ethnic entities will be taught at state schools.

            Instead, individual schools will decide. Or, in practice, the federal Ministry of Education and Science, whose writ runs in those schools. And the ministry has issued guidelines stipulating that no elements of the “national component” are to be taught on state time, as it were.

            What this means for Russia’s 21 nominally autonomous republics and other ethnic minorities represented at other levels is difficult to overstate. Their struggle to retain their cultural and ethnic identities in today’s Russia is truly a desperate one.”


            Nice friends there Aglyamoff

            • Andrew, spot on!
              But the question is bigger than that! It’s not only the fact that there are numerous skinhead groups in Russia. It is also the symbiotic relationship that they have with Russian power vertical. Their actions are increasingly brazen; they are attacking with complete impunity, and in the rare cases when they are actually charged they get a slap on the wrist. As recently as this month Moscow court acquitted all gang members.

              Compare that with a case where an “Antifa” member was accused of skirmish near the bar. Two thirds of prosecution materials detailed his (completely legal) activities in anti-fascist organization.

              Hard to avoid the feeling that skinheads have very powerful patrons in the power vertical and their feeling of impunity is completely justified.

  5. I think it wrong to ban Russianbear. He is all that is wrong with Russia and his comments confirm it. You do not have to permit everything the mischievous simpleton writes, but you should allow at least one or two so that the rest of us can study and comment upon this grotesque creed that rules some Russian minds.

  6. russianbearr is a typical russian

    in fact, it looks like they are trying to bully their neighbours – again

  7. Ah… Good old cutting and pasting technique applied in modern ages. Photoshoping yet another time Russian history.

    • One can say this words about any national history, not only Russia. Americans, for examle, think that they by oneself won in WW2.

  8. Gary,
    re: banning Russian Bear: Generally, I would agree with you, but here I am for banning. It’s not because he is making stupid point – it’s because he is not making any. On top of that cut’n’pasting the same stuff in multiple threads is called flooding, and is generally cause for banning.

    I wouldn’t ban most other visitors (k-19, Tower Bolshevik, etc.) for exactly the reasons that you are describing: they are best example of how vacuous Putin defenders are.

    Eric is another special case. The problem is not that he is an idiot; the problem with his posts is that they are off-topic. As long as he sticks to the general topic of this blog (“Russia politics”) – any gibberish that he spouts is fair game. But if he TRIES TO HIJACK AND SWITCH THE TOPIC – then my opinion would be ban

    Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with this blog; LR may or may not read what I write; let alone follow my advice.

  9. Hello Felix,

    People like Russianbear and Eric will use all sorts of rhetorical devices to change the subject. But it is better to learn them and use the retorts to keep him on track.

    As I said, I am not in favour of permitting all of his silly posts, but he should be allowed some small voice. He might then learn to put a little more thought into his effort knowing he only gets one opportunity.

    Gary Marshall

  10. Gary, at the end of WWII no one cared what some creepy little Nazi, especially of the SS mentality of Russianbearr, who may or not be Russian, had to say. Their crimes against humanity cancelled out any dignified dialogue accorded to them as well it should. Re-read what he wrote. He/she in the universe of trolls may be posting from a keyboard in the Bronx for all we know.

    His messages is vile because he has a sociopath’s mind. What’s to learn? I worked a year on a mental health unit in a maximum security prison and I learned that some people need to be removed from society, their psych issues didn’t matter.

    Would you send this idiot packing from your dining room table if he spewed his homicidal garbage in your house in front of your kids? Sure you would.

    LR has every right to run this freak off of her site.

    Sociopaths don’t learn and they don’t get cured.

  11. I found your site a few days ago, and really enjoy it even though I get the feeling I’m looking at the future of the United States if we are not careful.

    I’m posting a link to this article if you don’t mind. Keep up the good work!]


  12. By the way, these “postback comments” are otherwise called COMMENT SPAM (main feature of spam is that it is automatically generated, and therefore don’t add anything to the discussion)!

    Obviously, LR, if you delete them (there are about a dozen of them), you are more than welcome to delete this my alert as well

  13. Let´s remind,that the regular german army (Wehrmacht) committed most crimes against the Jews,not the SS. The SS was an elite army with only 30% Germans and 70% volunteers from all over Europe,who wanted to fight russian bolshevism

    • That’s a lie. The SS were exclusively Germans and were the organization mandated to exterminate Jews.


      • So-called Volksdeutsche were allowed in Waffen-SS, still many of those with Volksliste III and IV were in fact ‘germanizeable’ locals, being Germans de jure but not necessarily so de facto.
        I even managed to knew certain working camps inmates, Ostarbeiters’ children, that were former members of Jungvolk (i.e. Hitlerjugend for minors).

        The real picture cannot be binary, and when you hear words such as ‘always’, ‘never’, ‘everybody’, ‘nobody’ etc., it’s either exaggerated or simply not true.

  14. UNFORTUNATELLY and this is true unfortunate reality, the biggest problem of Russia is (was) not Putin or Medvedev or Jelcin or Stalin.
    Focusing on one-man leadership many critics forget that leadership has roots in nation, in people whatever one would wish to think differently.
    I live in Russia (as non-Russian from Europe) since 1979 and love this country in some very special way, so I could be probably considered ‘pro Russian’ in average discussion.
    Now, I think to leave Russia (with regret).
    Problem is sheer lack of civilized system, lack of civilized roots, problem lies in people who don’t care what is going around and just think about their local problem.
    This ignorance is strongly supported by ‘rullers’. They like their people to be ‘DURAKI’ (dumbs in Russian) and bad part of story that people accept it.
    Several very advanced intelectuals showed me many proofs of hypothesis that cionism is in reality behind such unfortunate situation. I don’t know if that can be acceptable explanation. It is easy to swallow ‘enemy syndrome’ for common people, but I would be careful here with conclusion.
    As one of possible variants for ‘Russian problem genesis’ it might be.

    Is Nemtsov better than Putin?
    Is Javlinski better than Medvedev?

    I doubt very much, give them power and most likely nothing would be much different.
    It has way deeper roots actually.
    I don’t know is it true, but there are many talks that all aforementioned gentlemen are of Jewish origin (AGAIN, please, I have nothing against Jews and this question was raised in context of question of Russian’s dumbnesses) and if it is true than there are some serious things for Russians to be concerned about.

    My Swiss friend Mladen Obrad was killed recently in the centre of Moscow, for no reason, just to be robbed.

    Couple of entrepreneurs I know (mid level, not tycoons) were severelly attacked by state institutions on various grounds, just to be forced to sell their businesses.

    Look at entertainment and night life of Moscow (90% of girls are whores at least part-time), drugs, diseases.

    It’s kind of bad New York on steroids.
    And it reflects state of Russia fully.

    It is very unfortunate situation for big country. I doubt there is real help for it.

    • Patriotissimo, you’ve exposed the deep roots of Russian anti-Semitism from the “several very advanced intelectuals” that blame Zionism that you quote to the lumpen masses, it riddles Russian society. It plays well with the Russian culture of envy and xenophobia.

      I’m surprised at your qualifiers that you”don’t know is it true” and “don’t know if that can be acceptable explanation”. You seem to have bought into it or I’m reading you wrong.

      How any of the Jewish liberals could be any worse that Putin and Medvedev defies logic. Khodorkovsky or Kasparov wouldn’t be any better than Putin if those were the two choices? It’s sheer stupidity if the answer is “no”. But, then, the majoity of Rusians still have a positive opinion of Putin.

      The picture that you paint isn’t very pretty.

    • заграница нам поможет.

  15. “a positive unity with past” because ”90 percent of students are not meant to be tasked with thinking critically about history, but need only to be presented with one, simple, positive narrative.”

    This is consequence of consumption society. This is problem not only Russia.

  16. To penny
    You are very poor at history – “That’s a lie. The SS were exclusively Germans and were the organization mandated to exterminate Jews.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waffen-SS
    your link to Waffen-SS – there was many foreign conscripts or maybe you mean “SS” not “Waffen SS” (link was to Waffen-SS)

    “In 1940 Hitler gave permission for the first non German Waffen SS formation and by the end of the war, twenty five of the thirty eight Waffen SS division were formed from foreign volunteers or conscripts, or around 60% of Waffen-SS members were non-German.”
    for exampe :
    “In Estonia and Latvia, the majority of Waffen-SS veterans were conscripts who were at least partly considered freedom fighters. In an April 13, 1950 message from the U.S. High Commission in Germany (HICOG), signed by General Frank McCloy to the Secretary of State, clarified the US position on the “Baltic Legions”: they were not to be seen as “movements”, “volunteer”, or “SS”.”

  17. In the SS,including the WAFFEN-SS,all in all 70% were non -Germans.This is a historical fact.the SS was a pure military army,fighting on the Eastern Front and on all other hotspots. The Jews were killed by Wehrmacht,Special commandos and the Gestapo.The Special Commandos (Einsatzkommandos) guarded the concentration camps. I am not a Nazi,i regret the Holocaust,but don´t let´s change the facts,guys. 70% of the SS-soldiers were anto-russian,anti-communistic volunteers from all over Europe,even some arabs and indian hindus fought in the SS

    • I stand corrected and apologize for calling you a liar, by war’s end as per wikipedia 60% of the SS were foreign recruits. and not all unit within the SS were directly involved in the Final Solution. I

      Again, from wikipedia:

      After the war, in the Nuremberg Trials, the Waffen-SS was condemned as a criminal organisation due to its essential connection to the Party and its involvement in war crimes and the Holocaust. As a result, Waffen-SS veterans were denied many of the rights afforded to other German combat veterans who had served in the Heer (army), Luftwaffe (air force) or Kriegsmarine (navy).

      I can’t find a historic statistic, but, it makes sense to assume that the vast majority of those foreign SS recruits had no intention, no knowledge beforehand nor were they asked to directly participate in the Final Solution.

      • Dear penny,

        Here is some information that you may not find in wikipedia, and I have not found a link to the written text yet :

        The older Intelligentsia in Eastern European Countries advised young men and boys to “join” the “SS” and receive German military training because the Germans had the best military training around.

        They were also advised to desert , after their training, and take their arms and ammunition, so that they may be better armed, trained and prepared to fight the communists and savage uncivilized pagan barbarians from the kremlin that not only occupied and enslaved their countries, but maliciously murdered their family members.



    • I don’t believe the Waffen SS had that many (60%) non-German troops. I would believe that 60% of SS units had regiments made up of foriegn volunteers, but units like the 12SS Panzer Division were exclusively Hitler youth. And the 1st SS was named after Hitler and was strict about their recruits. Possibly the 5th SS which was named ‘Wiking’ was known for scandinavian volunteers, but probably only one regiment out of 3. It’s true they had to lower their standards towards the end of the war, but the SS was still made up of the best they had.

  18. by the way,in 1945 shortly before the end of the even 90% of SS-soldiers were foreigners,because many german SS-troopers were already dead at this time.Do you know,that the city-centre of Berlin was almost completely defended by european SS-volunteers? This is proven,brothers.For example,Hitler´s “Reichskanzlei” was defended by the 300 pro-german SS-soldiers from the SS-Division “Charlemagne”. And near the german Airforce-ministry 300 latvian SS-soldiers fought to death from may 2 – may 5, ignoring the Wehrmacht-surrender on may 2! Other defenders of Berlin´s centre were from Hungary,Italy,the other baltic countries,scandinavia,the Netherlands,Spain,Romania,Croatia,Azerbajjan and Chechnya. Yes, even from Chechnya and Azerbajan,you are hearing right.

  19. “Charlemagne” was french,by the way

  20. German28, what’s the relevance of all this to the topic?

  21. To patriotissimo(patriotik): what a touching opus you wrote! Full of thinly veiled anti-semitism. Stop blaming everyone(Americans, jews etc) else for your stinking country,stand in front of the mirror and look:you are to blame and your slave mentality.You can tell the same thing to your so called intellectuals( are they of Leontiev and Shevchenko calibre, both foul mouthed nazis?) I sincerely doubt that you are a non-russian european. In 1979 nobody could come to russia voluntarily and stay there unless they were recruited by KGB. More likely you are a russian and on this blog you are doing a job as a kgb brigadnik. I think you read the headline of this article wrong: It is 90% of russkies who are stupid not us.

  22. What a offtop? I attract your attention to theme. I think that becoming blunt of modern society is consequence of model of modern life “consumption society”. Typical member of its is well known Homer Simpson.
    This is problem not only of Russia.

  23. to Andrew.
    ”Today in Russia there are 50,000 skinheads.” This is nude matter. “there are estimated to be up to 10,000 in Moscow and perhaps 5000 in St Petersburg.” Where are the others 35,000? Without Moscow and Piter in Russia there are 9 cities with more than million people. By your words in each city with population smaller in 5-4 times than Piter there are skinheads nearly as much in Piter. (In small Russian towns there are no immigrants and cititzens know nothing about neo Nazi.) This is logical contradiction.

    In case if this true. And so on? 50,000 aren’t whole Russia.

  24. I forgot to add. There isn’t problem wiith teaching or learning Tatar language in state schools or universities.

  25. And one more fact. Our Minister of Internal Affairs is Rashid Nurgaliev. He is Tatar. Do you think he supports Russian nationalism? I don’t think so.

  26. Well aglyamoff, did you miss the bit where the Russian ministry said:

    “And the ministry has issued guidelines stipulating that no elements of the “national component” are to be taught on state time, as it were.

    What this means for Russia’s 21 nominally autonomous republics and other ethnic minorities represented at other levels is difficult to overstate. Their struggle to retain their cultural and ethnic identities in today’s Russia is truly a desperate one.

    In the Republic of Bashkortostan, a few thousand demonstrators took to the streets this week, while Tatarstan’s President Mintimer Shaimiyev has said the removal of the “ethnic component” from the educational curriculum is “unacceptable.”

    The reaction has been strongest in Tatarstan and other predominantly Muslim regions in southern Russia. Speaking in August last year, the chief mufti of Perm, Muhhamedgali hazrat Huzin, said he does not want to become an “Ivan without a history.” In words that might have been borrowed straight from Medvedev’s speech two months earlier, the mufti said that for a civilized country where the rule of law prevails, “ethnic diversity is a grounding value.”

    Seems senior Tatar politicians and religious leaders are somewhat upset.

    Of course the law does not come into effect until september.

    Besides, Nurgaliev is just another one of the KGB mafia
    He is also the chap calling for the restriction of the internet and its freedoms, and the shutting down of “cultural” organisations.
    So yes, I am pretty sure he is supporting Russian nationalism, just as (1/2 Georgian & 1/2 Ossetian) Stalin did.

  27. Thinking about Nurgaliev is just our thinking.
    There is also Elvira Nabiullina.

    About Stalin. No one nationalist commit genocide his people. I think Stalin lived for idea of international revolution and communizm in the whole world. This is not nationalistic idea.

    And what do you think about my post about “consumption society”?

  28. If talking came to truth reasons of phenomenon, and became not about Russian Nazi, spite Putin, etc, participants of discussion vanish.

  29. finaly someone hast told the truth about the nazi crimes. I was born in Ukraine wich had 20 million of its people killed by russians. Overall stalin had killed about 60 million people of former soviet states using starvation, gun excecution and working them to death in his camps.
    I have watched russian propoganda as how they try to portray russia as the saviour of the wotrld, it makes me LOL.

  30. voroBey,

    I cannot let your chracterization of Shevchenko as a “foul-mouthed nazi” pass. First of all, Shevchenko was a Ukrainian–the Ukrainian par excellence at that–not a Russian, as you seem to think. Secondly, if you ever bothered to read his poetry, you might realize that it is informed not by racial hatred, but by the deepest respect for the ideals of universal brotherhood, national equality and social justice–ideas antithetical to the ones espoused by Hitler and his followers. One might search in vain for a more profound and humane critic of the aspects of Russia which are here condemned than Shevchenko. Thirdly, it is absurd to accuse a man who died in 1861 of adherence to a political ideology that didn’t come into existence until the twentieth century. Your comment sounds rather like the kind of thing one might read in one of the utterly falsified Russian history textbooks referred to above. Way to be a part of the problem, imbecile.

  31. GeorgiaCaucasus.com Supports This BLOG. TO read MORE about Russia and it’s NORMAL (logical) people google Kasparov and his website dedicated to Democracy in Russia and Putin’s Crimes againts Russians, Peoople of Caucasus etc.

  32. I am neightboor of russia. Russia is WORST contry there is! Russians have one very very good trait- They copy EVERYTHING from other contrys (mostlly america) and inside russia they really belive that they copys are actully better. Thoy copy “Prison Break”. They call it “Pobeg”. They sey, that theyr version is way better and that they even don’t want to look original anymore. They copy all main american TVshows. They copy even music. They copy some of military equipment. They copy games. They even copy web-site. Americans have http://www.youtube.com. Russians did come up with http://www.rutube.com. Most funny thing is, that they download videos from youtube.com and upload those videos at rutube.com and then claim theyr rutube.com to be better. They claim that theyr actors are more profesional that amrican actors,even without consider fact that no-one have evene heard about russians actors while EVERYONE knows what about american actors.

    Russians think they simply are best. They ignore EVERYTHING you will say to them, which coud prove them wrong. They copy everything and as excusse they say, that theyr copys are better than original and they are ignoring fact, that they are ONLY ones who thinks so. And most important thing is that they are proud of what they do. If I copy somone, I am ashamed, but only not russians. If you will try to prove them, that they are not better than others, they will ignore all facts you will say- just like 12 year old kids. If you will keep giving them facts, they will start to become agressive and simply shut you up. They can’t explain theyr actions. They can’t give any arguments about facts people are telling them. Instead they chose to act as immature as possible- ignoring.

    They trash talk on americans every day. Just dare to go to ANY russian forum and tell something good about americans. They will insult you and americans right away. It seams they simply hate americans and it is because they know americans make better movies, websites, music. They know all world knows american language, but noone knows russian language. They know everyone knows what is dollar, but noone knows what is is theyr money. Everyone is dreaming of going to USA but noone want to go to Russia. Basically america owns russia in allmost every subject. Think about it. It explains why they copy everything from americans. All world speaks in english, while only 10%-15% russians can speak english. Atleast all my russians friends (95% of my friends are russians) can’t speak english.

    They simply know, that all world understand, that americans are basically better in allmost every subject than russiuans. They have only 2 options in this case:
    1. To admit that americans are better,
    2. To deny that americans are better
    Because they are “proud” nation they will never admit that someone is better. Thats why they seak for lame excusse, why theyr movies are better. Why theyr language are better. Why theyr military is better. Why theyr web-sites are better. Why theyr people are better. Whiy theyr martial arts are better etc. I hate russai and I allways will.

    Dont start to defend russians while you havent lived in russian community for last 20 years!
    BTW i never was in america, nor am I big american fan.

  33. John Are you realy beleive that Russians watch this stupid serial?)99% percent of us hates this stupid serial)People in Russia likes such serials like-House M.D. and Lie to Me But they hate such serials like Prison Break!
    I know that in Russia there some Neo-nazic organization but you must know that we have got such organizashions like AntifA and I know that in Russia there more people who hate Neo-nazi.

    P.S. Russia DONT invade the Georgia. Georgia START FIRST she atack South Osetii and 3 thousands of people were killed in South Osetia. The largest newspaper of Europe wrote that Georgia was the agressor.
    P.P.S. Sorry for my very bad English(((

  34. Russian Bear is a real trol and idiot sorry for him

  35. Russians are pond scum. One day the world will rise and wipe those cowards off the surface of the planet for once and for all.

  36. How can you all dare to blame RUSSIA?american – gamburgers?In former USSR we don’t even know about AIDS, drugs,vulgarity, semi-finished products… We ate only nature products,wore only nature cloth, the most serious disease was flu. Education was the best in the world.
    Americans envied russians and decided to bring all their negative to us. Now I really see that The usa is the center of all troubles in the world.

  37. Time that solves all

    Just like ISIS that want to go back to nature with polygamy inforced via AK47 that you are giving them Mr USSR

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