The Russian Tennis Comedy Plays On

Last week the WTA Tour event in Charleston, South Carolina was held, known as the Family Circle Cup.  Once again, the top-ranked Russian women humiliated their country before the gaping eyes of the world.

Russia had three of the top four seeds in the tournament including the #1 spot, and therefore should have held three of the four semi-finals berths.  In fact, however, only one Russian woman got as far as the semis, that being Elena Dementieva, the top seed.  But the only reason Dementieva managed to do this was that her quarter-finals opponent retired in the middle of their match.  It’s not too difficult to move on when your adversary simply gives up.  Dementieva was then promptly whipped by the #5 seed in the semis, and would have gone down in easy straight sets but for the fact that her teenaged opponent had an attack of nerves and lost s dominating position in the second.

Russia’s other two top-four contenders (Zvonareva and Petrova) were blown out by unseeded or much lower-seeded opponents in their second round matches, not even getting as far as the quarters.

Meanwhile, in perhaps the biggest fraud of all Russian Dinara Safina, who did not even play in the tournament, took over the number one ranking due to the inactivity of the prior number 1 Serena Williams.  Safina doesn’t have a single grand slam title to her name, and indeed no Russian who actually lives and trains in Russia has ever won a grand slam title by beating a non-Russian in the finals.  Williams and Safina went head-to-head in this year’s Australian Open tournament, and the American easily crushed the Russian (Safina won just three of fifteen games played).  At her most recent tournament, in Miami,  she was eliminated in her second match by an unseeded player not ranked in the world’s top 40.   This Russian sham hasn’t won a single title so far in 2009 of any kind, yet she’s “#1”? Seems the WTA needs a serious reality check — if things go on like this, there simply won’t be any hope for the women’s game.

To cheat the Russian government out of income tax revenue, Safina claims that her legal residence is in Monte Carlo.  Because of this, Russia still has never had a female #1 player who actually goes so far as to live in the country (Russia’s other former #1, Maria Sharapova, lives in the U.S.) — and what’s more, Safina spent most of her formative years in Spain, where she learned her game (the same was the case with Sharapova, who learned her game in Florida at an elite American tennis academy).

 It’s just one more example of the fundamentally fraudulent illusion upon which Russia relies in a pathetic attempt to dupe the world into believing it is on the right track, just as the USSR always used to do.

Until it collapsed and disappeared.

6 responses to “The Russian Tennis Comedy Plays On

  1. Do you really think it’s interesting or of any importance? Just see the lack of comments.


    Do you really think we decide what is important based on the number of comments we receive? Do you really think you’re better at doing so than we are? Dude, get over yourself! Van Gogh only sold two paintings in his whole life, if he followed your “logic” he would have become a tailor.

    • Van Gogh was also a syphilis-suffering madman who thought self-mutilating was a proper way to show his love to a horrified prostitute – but really, whatever it has to do with anything?


      Well if by that you mean to suggest that the world was right to reject his work while he was alive and that he should have listened and stopped painting, we respectfully disagree.

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