EDITORIAL: Bombing Sochi


Bombing Sochi

On August 7, 2008, a bomb exploded on a public beach in Sochi, Russia, proposed home of the 2014 Olympic Games.  Two people were killed, eight injured.  Later that month, the Russian government claimed to have intercepted another bombing before it occurred.

It wasn’t the first month that year for deadly terrorist bombings in Sochi.  In June, a bomb had exploded in the city’s Lazarev district killing one civilian, and the event was trumpted by Kavkaz Center, the voice of the Chechen rebels.  A bomb had been placed in the same district a month earlier, and taken both the arms off of the policeman who tried to disarm it.  Later that same month, yet another bomb went off — this time in Sochi’s Adler district, killing one.

The terrorists were not satisfied with their tally of four lives in 2008; the bombings have continued apace this year, bringing the total number of fatalities to six, with nearly 50 others injured.  Last week police in Sochi arrested two men believed to have been associated with at least six of the killings and 19 of the injuries. The identity of the two was as shocking as their venal deeds — they were not angry Chechen infiltrators, but rather a local policeman and a TV cameraman.

It’s hard to think of a more emphatic warning of what could happen when the world’s elite athletes gather for the 2014 games than this string of savage terror attacks.  Russia’s list of furious enemies is long and deep, and runs from Estonia to Chechnya and Dagestan to Georgia.  All of them will be appalled to see Russia parading itself before the world as if it were a bastion of democracy, and any one of them could produce extremist elements capable of lashing out at any time.

And it’s hard not to feel nauseous at the way the world’s media have neglected this story and their paramount obligation to give people basic information they need to keep their children safe.

Strapped for cash, Russia will be totally unable to meet the threat it faces in Sochi. It will cut corners, and that will open doors to terrorist attack that will make action simply inevitable and irresistible.  It has already announced that it cannot even maintain its security presence in Chechnya itself, much less deal with the threat of terrorist violence across the country.  Earlier this week we documented the horrifying new fault lines opening under Russia’s economy as it goes crawling to international lenders for support, and we pointed out how experts believe things will only get worse towards the end of the year.

The world must act now to seize the Olympics back from Russia.  The world’s media must wake up and start doing its job.  Even if the risk of terrorism is ignored, any civilized person should admit that Russia’s barbaric invasion of Georgia disqualifies it from being an Olympic host.  But the risk of terrorism is very real.  Russia has lost control of the Dagestan region, it is formally giving up on Chechnya, and Sochi is being bombed on a monthly basis.  Chechnya’s ruler, Ramzan Kadyrov, is shamelessly assassinating his political enemies in various locations around the globe, setting the clear precedent for bloodletting.

If the world does not act after seeing all these warnings, it will have the innocent blood of its young athletes on its hands in the winter of 2014.

20 responses to “EDITORIAL: Bombing Sochi

  1. No, just boycott the Olympics last minute, so that Moscali will lose even more money. To think that RaSSiya can be a host after mass killings, ethnic cleansing and attacks on its neighbors is sick. The athletes will do fine as they are young, strong and above average. To call freedom fighters seeking justice by vengeance terrorism is unfair. Moscal Tourists are the real terrorists, and supporting Putin should suffer. Who cares about Ugly Fat Neo-Bolshevik Savokian Tourists? Not those in this neighborhood for sure. Rashians should worry.

  2. “Trumpeted”? Geez, did you even read it?

    I know you’re really desperate for “Chechen connection” and how coming to Sochi “is a suicide” (and I think it’s a quite odd obsession, just like this one about Russian tennis players and their “bloodbath”), but please. You are “trumpeting” it much more right now, should I believe you’re really behind this bombing? :)

    “The identity of the two was as shocking as their venal deeds — they were not angry Chechen infiltrators, but rather a local policeman and a TV cameraman.”

    Why “shocking”? KavkazCenter keeps accusing (“trumpeting”?) “the law enforcers” of staging terrorist attacks and the Russian TV of colluding with them. For example, here in 2007:

    К этой расправе можно было бы относиться как к банальному криминалу, если бы не такая раскрутка данного события, с привлечением центральных кафирских телеканалов. Явно постановочный взрыв в самом центре операторской камеры, неизвестно откуда взявшаяся журналистка, первый и единственный раз показавшаяся на телеэкранах, свидетельствует о том, что данное событие было подготовлено и осуществлено русистскими чекистами, которые, как известно, часто используют подобные методы.

  3. If you want to continue this “coming to Sochi = certain suicide” stuff, try maybe rather this way:

    “If you ever come to Sochi, Russian ‘rogue’ ‘policemen’ may kill you through terrorist bombings.”

    At least more realistic than the phantom “Chechens” “lurking” :)

  4. Robert, calm down, really! I don’t see any indication in this editorial that the bombings were the act of Chechen (or Dagestan, or Ingush) terrorists (or freedom-fighters, or independence seekers)

    For the record, I don’t believe Kavkaz Center any more than I believe kremlin.ru

    • In this one, it’s said they “trumpeted” this, while in reality they only duly noted what the Russians said (just changed the lingo – “local police said” to “local police gang said” etc).

      In previous updated in the long-running series of “if you ever come to Sochi THEY WILL KILL YOU DEAD”, “Chechen” danger was prominent though (“suicide bombers lurking around airports” and what not).

      As of KC, I’m quite amused they believed this dead charlatan official had real magical powers. Or maybe Putin really employs evil sorcerers to fight them and opress Ingushetia? ;)

      Btw, in neighbouring North Ossetia, another charlatan (with links to the Kremlin) was telling the grieveing mothers he’s going to ressurect the dead children of Beslan.

  5. I repeat. I think this is the crafty designs of the CIA. May be authors of this funny site have a finger in the pie.

  6. My post isn’t more raving than content of this nice site

  7. Deleting posts says a lot about you.
    I’m going to keep writing here any way.

  8. Andrew, I wasn’t talking to you.
    I wrote to the moderator of this site, who deleted two of my yesterday’s comments, the first one here (well, I can see why, not that I don’t mind), the second one elsewhere (and that post was perfectly polite, and, as far as I can tell, reasonable).
    They don’t shoot you for having a different opinion on this blog (?), they just erase you. So much for the freedom of speech…
    Well, you’re not going to get rid of me that easy, people.

    • Protip: No one deleted anything.

      • Would you mind telling me how do you know it?

        • If more than one person is commenting at a time, or if you are making a post with foul language, or that contains a bad link, they sometimes just do not appear. It happens to everyone, including the anti-putin posters.

          • I have to admit, that’s a possibility.
            I’m not a pro-putin poster, by the way. Just a guy who thinks living in this country is far from being that bad.


            You’ve just contradicted yourself.

            And you might acknowledge that you haven’t said a single negative word about Putin in any of your NUMEROUS comments.

  9. Вы – редкие пидоры.

    • Не обращай внимания. Это в госпитале для умственно отсталых психи до компьютера добрались… )))

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