EDITORIAL: Russia to Obama — Drop Dead!


Russia to Obama — Drop Dead!

At a news conference in Strasbourg, France following a meeting with French President Nicholas Sarkozy on April 4th, Barack Obama stated in response to a question from an Austrian reporter:

It was also interesting to see that political interaction in Europe is not that different from the United States Senate. There’s a lot of — I don’t know what the term is in Austrian — wheeling and dealing — and, you know, people are pursuing their interests, and everybody has their own particular issues and their own particular politics.

Nobody knows what that term is, Mr. Obama — because there is no “Austrian” language.  They speak German in Austria, sir.  You need to get out a bit more.  Or maybe just reading a tad more widely would do the trick.

It’s just this kind of thing that, quite likely, has led the Russian government to believe that the President of the United States is a moronic patsy, easily duped, and recent events involving Iran tend to confirm this.

After sending his Secretary of State to “press the reset button” with her Russian counterpart,  then meeting his own in London and heaping him with effusive praise, Barack Obama has now been rather rudely introduced to the real Russia.  The purpose of all this butt-kissing was to induce Russia to lobby Iran to give up its nuclear weapons and terrorism programs, perhaps  in exchange for the U.S. backing off missile defense in Eastern Europe, and last week Obama got his answer.  Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced bluntly:

“[Iran is] our neighbor, it’s a country which can play a very important role in solving a number of acute international issues, such as the situation in Afghanistan, Iraq and different aspects of Mideast peace settlement. We aren’t closing our eyes on remaining questions about the Iranian nuclear program. But it would be unrealistic to expect us to raise pressure on Iran beyond what has been agreed upon. Any trade-offs would be unprincipled and unrealistic.  They would undermine trust in our diplomacy, and we cherish that trust no less than others.”

Get the message yet, Mr. Obama?  Or does he need to call you a “stupid &%$@# ni**er”” too,  in order for you to finally understand just what and who you are dealing with?

This is what inevitably must happen from reaching out a hand to a government run by the KGB — you end up with egg (if you’re lucky, if not blood) on your face.

16 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia to Obama — Drop Dead!

  1. Wholeheartedly agree with the editorial. Obama has actually made the Rooskies look almost respectable. Lavrov suggestion that “..Any trade-offs would be unprincipled..” Shows what Obama is actually seeking to do. The “Word” that Obama is looking for in the “Austrian Language” is ENGLISH STYLE OF DOUBLE DEALING DIPLOMACY. What a put down from a Rooshian Whoremaster like Lavrov! Really lowers American self esteem.

  2. In September 1814, the great powers of Europe–then, Russia, Prussia, Austria, France, and Great Britain–met at the Congress of Vienna to redraw the map of Europe after Napoleon’s defeat. Austrian Foreign Minister Prince Klemens von Metternich and British Foreign Secretary Viscount Castlereagh probably developed the theory of balance of power. The Congress united the Austrian Netherlands and the Dutch Republic in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Great Britain gave William I, the Netherland’s new king, £2 million to fortify his frontier with France. The Italian province of Piedmont–bordering Switzerland and France–was joined with Sardinia into the Kingdom of Sardinia under a new monarchy to contain France to the southeast. The bourbon royal family was re-established in Spain to secure France’s southern border, and Prussia was given control over the left bank of the River Rhine, containing France on the east.
    This doctrine held sway for almost a century and resulted in WWI. Just google on Obama and Double Dealing.

  3. “Austrian language”:

    Obama said his uncle liberated “Auschwitz” while in US Army.

    The guy knows at least as much (or rather little) about the world as Bush II did when he became Mr President.

  4. Obama has already shown his weak hand in foreign policy with the Russians and that he is a paper tiger when he sent with Hillary the message to the Chinese at her first meeting that human rights weren’t going to be an issue.
    That pretty much has set the tone with thug states like Russia, Iran and NK. It’s no coincidence they are all acting up in unison since his inauguration.

  5. About Barack Obama: If one carefully examines his past Chicago political/social history/short life history,and his, then publically expressed political/economic beliefs, this new president could have been predicted as a national disaster for America! Now, day by day, he is proving himself to be just that: he is a super leftist, anti-business (‘capitalist’) ….which system for all it’s faults, is the very basis of our American prosperity and freedoms!, ashamed of (‘white’…majority culture) America, he is a, a friend of all our domestic and foreign foes and critics, and he has promised to raise our taxes, distroy our coal-burning based electrical production system, dismantle our military….including, de-nuking America’s military…in the face of Russian imperialism!, and the nuclear dangers from N. Korea and Iran…and…, he mindlessly and foolishly asks ‘forgiveness’ of the whole world!…for our ‘evil America’ ( which evilness, America was & still is now!),
    ….and he betrays our real foreign friends to their Kremlin or other enemies, under the excuse
    of ‘promoting …peace’, and on and on. He is a super-leftist wack-job!
    Myself, being all my life, a ‘White (liberal)American’, who always had profound sympathies for wronged and oppressed minorities in America, especially for Blacks and American Indians, etc. I…..was not, nor still, I am not, opposed to Barack Obama, because of the ‘colour of his skin’, etc. However, unfortunately, it DOES matter that he belongs to an antipathetic to the mainstream American culture (i.e. mostly, ‘White’ people!) Black-minority sub-culture. He is proving, day by day, that his ‘blackness’ IS a major problem for him being an effective/good president for our country! We have heard what his pastor believes and also what he believes. Obama seems to HATE America as it is, i.e. White-America. It is that White America which voted him into office!….and which still mindlessly supports him! It was my one Prussian, great grandfather, who as a fresh immigrant to America, in 1861 joined the Union Army to fight and to defeat slavery, in our American Civil War, to free! Black people! But, I ….now have to come to the non-‘liberal’ conclusion, that no matter if I offend the phony leftist-‘liberals’ by saying it: Barack Obama, because he is a total un-reformed product of a NEGATIVE minority sub-culture….that basically/largely HATES AMERICA, …he should not be our president. Apparently, by his own pathetic examp-le, we are NOT yet ‘ready for a Black President!’….well, at least not Barack Obama anyway. He is shaming this country, and his race!, both.
    And, again, it is not the ‘colour of his skin’, but what he believes, and that he is SO ignorant of so many facts, and that he is disloyal to the Existing-America….that he is totally unfit as our national president. John McCain was no prize, but at least he was not a hater of America, as Obama is for sure. Obama will…continue….to make America look ridiculous and as subservient to our enemies, and he will give Putin and his gang, whatever Putin asks for!….and all our other world foes too.
    I am praying that he gets impeached and removed from office, him and his Democrat Congress with him!….before he & they totally destroy our country. Remember, at least 50% of Americans voted against him, and we are growing in numbers now, the more absurd and destructive nonsence that he engineers. And,……why is it?….that current ‘liberals’ are, more often than not, THE most intolerant people anywhere!?
    P.S. I always thought that: the Brits speak American SO poorly, and the Germans speak Austrian pathetically, and…….

  6. A few added thoughts: When Dan Quale was Vice-President, just after he had returned from an official visit to South America, he commented: “I’m sorry now, that when I was in school years ago, I never learned ……Latin, so…I could have spoken with those people down there”. (?)

    To me, my main problem with Barack Obama is this: How can a head of state, our US President, be an effective leader and promoter of our ENTIRE NATION ..the President .of ALL of our component ethnicities/religions/major & sub-cultures/races/etc….if he is racially/culturally prejudiced and biased and ….seeking….REVENGE against the dominant-mainstream culture…i.e. so-called, “White-America’???….for past historical wrongs against Blacks….either real or….imagined?
    HE is a Black, anti-White racist! pure and simple, and also a pro-socialist anti-capitalist leftist, a variety of a neo-communist. He is therefore, no good for America, no good whatsoever. And, I don’t care if his skin were lily-white, or purple, or polka-dotted, or if he came from the planet Zerkon! ‘Race’…is not the issue, it is attitudes! Thosepoor duped air-heads who voted him into office, seeking ‘Change’, will deeply regret what idiocy they committed on our country, but maybee …after….we are annexed to neo-soviet Russia! Obama will give whatever Putin & his gang want from us.
    What other country in this world, except America, would freely & even enthusiastically elect a minority-race person, as our national head of state, who has said a number of disturbing and revealing anti-American belief position statements in his life, in his Chicago-political years, (yes, BEFORE his presidential campaign….when he publically said ONLY things which were designed to win him more votes, etc) which prove that he….HATES AMERICA?….and that he wants to turn our country, upside down, and make us some sort of socialist entity, etc.-?

    • I can assure you that Obama will never get impeached, we are stuck with this guy for four years. The press is completely in the tank for the leftist weenee. Luckily our system doesn’t give the president dictatorial powers, so we can write and call our representatives and support initiatives that fight stupid policies. Hopefully the congress will change hands on the midterm elections, that would pull his teeth with regards to many of his nitwit ideas, but the white house will still run the state department and our foriegn folly, I mean policy, unfortunately. And they can do a lot of damage over the next 4 years.

  7. More on blatant Russian hypocrisy.

    Russia is about to conduct a naval exercise off the coast of Georgia, involving assault landing ships, which is most likely intended to be a threat to Georgia.


    At the same time the Russian hypocrites complain about the upcoming NATO exercise in Georgia, calling them a “provocation”.


    What scum.

    It will be interesting to see how Obama reacts.

  8. In America, we have far more to worry about, from our own new-wonder-President, than from Russian Putin and his KGB gang.
    French President Sarkozy remarked: “Perhaps President Obama will walk on the English Channel!”

  9. O, so this is where neo-cons spend their free time.

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