EDITORIAL: Blasphemy at Beslan


Blasphemy at Beslan

Well, it’s another new low for the neo-Soviet Kremlin of Vladimir Putin.  Surprise, surprise.

Russian blogger Vladimir Varfolomeyev reports that after children who survived the Beslan terrorist attack were relocated to an elite school outside Moscow where they could recevive special attention and counseling at no cost, the Russian government is now treating this free education as “income” for tax purposes and sending out bills to the families of the children, to the tune of 35,000 rubles (over $1,000) per year, a staggering sum in a country where the average wage is below $4/hour.  The government says it will sue the families who don’t pay and extract the money by force.

Nice.  Soon, perhaps, the famlies will be charged massive fees to cover the cost of the “rescue” opeation which liquidated hundreds of the Village’s children, saving only a handful.

This is what we can expect much more of from a neo-Soviet regime that is rapidly running out of cash, just as its predecessor the USSR spectacularly did only a few years ago.  The KGB  clan that rules Russia has badly bungled its economy and saddled it with massive military expenditures it cannot afford, and now it is desperately seeking any source of revenue it can find. For this reason “prime minister” Putin freaked out when he learned that Ukraine was cutting its gas purchases, and for this reason his tax inspectors are unable to grasp the fact that it probably would be better to leave the Beslan families alone with their grief.

Only one result can follow from this type of barbaric incompetence:  total national collapse of the same type that brough down the USSR.

6 responses to “EDITORIAL: Blasphemy at Beslan

  1. This is just another in the long list of atrocities inflicted and insults thrown upon the people in Beslan by the Moscow regime.

    A sample article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/putins-legacy-is-a-massacre-say-the-mothers-of-beslan-787280.html

  2. The families of the children are being persecuted(yes, persecuted) for a couple of reasons. First, organization of Mothers Of Beslan is highly critical of The Putler’s handling of the Beslan crisis and is still insisting on “real” investigation of the slaughter of the children. And second, the school where children are getting help and education was founded by Michail Khodorkovsky with his money and is run by his parents. Putler is a thug and can’t help but take revenge on his hated enemy, MBK

  3. I’ve notice that none of Putin’s little fascist piglets have shown up to defend this.

    It’s interesting how selective they are.
    It’s not that they have any morality or conscience, they just know how far to push the envelope.


    “Fascist piglets” LOL that is a good one we must remember to steal that sometime!

  4. This information is really disgusting to me, and most upsetting. As far as I am aware of, in America, the relatively well-heeled ‘Russian Orthodox Church Abroad-Moscow Patriarchy’ is….still!…regularly collecting LARGE SUMS of monies from it’s numerous parishes here in America, ‘for Beslan children’s relief’!!! This church entity, is the majority membership of the formerly-free White Russian anti-commie exile Russian Church, which finally submitted to the Moscow KGB-run Moscow Patriarchy in 2007, under the lame excuse of: ‘the glorious re-union of the two parts of the Russian Church’ (!)….all engineered by Putin’s gang., and his KGB agent ‘Patriarch Alexius ii”. now dead.
    With this article’s revelations, I seriously wonder where all of this goodwill money from American- Russian parishes, is really going? Is even a penny of it going to those surviving poor and suffering Beslan children or their families? One must wonder.

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