EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putler is the New Stalin


Vladimir Putler is the New Stalin

Our issue today consists of a relentless barrage of evidence showing how Vladimir Putin has turned into a modern-day Stalin.  Our secondary editorial shows how Russia is siding with and protecting the world’s worst tyrants, and our news items document how the Putin regime is relentlessly cracking down on the last vestiges of civil society. Mind you, these two items both come from Russians.  Finally, we offer human rights champion Sergei Kovalyov’s open letter to Vladimir Putin, condemning the neo-Soviet crackdown in no uncertain terms.

To those who would answer by saying that Putin isn’t Stalin because he isn’t sending people to the gulag, we have a two-word answer:  Mikhail Khodorkovsky. To those who would defend Putin by claiming he hasn’t engaged in mass murder, we’d say: Oh, really? Did Politikovskaya and Litvinenko and Markelov slip on bars of soap?  To those who would ask for conclusive proof Putin ordered those killings, we’d suggest they think about this:  Lot’s of Russians deny that Stalin committed mass murders to this very day, and many seek now to glorify and rehabilitate him, even in textbooks for schoolchildren.

And more important, we say this:  There was time when Stalin ruled Russia without indulging in his worst excesses, too. The same is true of Hitler.  And when many said they should be confronted and stopped at that point, the argument was raised:  “Wait and see.” We waited, we saw. People died. In their tens of millions.

It is time for the world to arise from its slumber and confront neo-Soviet Russia before it is too late. The need for doing so is emblazoned across our issue today from beginning to end, and no thinking person can deny it.

Only a coward would fail to act now.

27 responses to “EDITORIAL: Vladimir Putler is the New Stalin

  1. dont’t worry about us.
    we are ok ))


    You said the same when you were the USSR. You weren’t then, you aren’t now.

  2. А я поддерживаю власть, она в сто раз справедливее Вас. И придерживаюсь народной мудрости “Добрыми намерениями дорога в ад выстлана”. А по сути оборона, так же как и отпор, кхмара, пора – только наймиты иностранных спецслужб. У нас оранжевый номер не пройдёт. Россияне традиционно недолюбливают власть, но ещё больше революционеров. Так что поддержка власти обеспечена. Я это знаю неплохо.

  3. The Putin goon squad is back in full force.

  4. To alter and i’m russian: You are idiots and deserve the KGB criminals that are in power. What you do not realize that you could be next to be sent to Gulag if your Dear Leader wishes so. Idiots.

    • More likely they’ll be guards in the next Gulag period in Russia or driving the bulldozers filling in the mass graves.

      Besides being victims of stupidity, they represent the typical morally challenged thugs that have brought evil to others in history.

      They need to be ignored.

    Penny ignore my and do not answer me about Stalin`s monument in Georgia because you can not say me anything more or less sensible about it. If you can not say anything you decide to keep silent. It`s very reasonable method. You may keep silent and may also shot or bomb another people as you do in Ireland, Irak, Serbia etc.

  6. Again, no less than 500,000 (that’s half a million) Russians voted Stalin the greatest RUSSIAN of all time. It is time you accepted that fact and stopped this whole “Stalin was Georgian” dodge.

    Actually, Russophobe Bobby put it best – Stalin was both Georgian and Russian. Of course, most Russophiles tend to consider the Stalin that won WWII exclusively Russian, and the bloodthirsty genocidal maniac exclusively Russian, but that’s another conversation entirely.

  7. 500000 it`s very small number for Russia.

  8. Actually “I’m Russian” there are lots of statues of Stalin, drive through any town in North Ossetia and you will see one, or the new Stalin statue in Sochi, or the new statues going up all over Russia.

    Try to stop being such an idiot.

  9. russia-former-soviet-dictator-josef-stalin-remains-an-iconic-figure-in-russia-north-ossetia

    “More than 50 years after his death, Soviet dictator leader Josef Stalin is making a comeback in Russia’s volatile North Caucasus. Drive through any small town in Russia’s North Ossetia republic, and you will see a statue of Stalin gaze at you. But these monuments are not just the remains of the country’s dark past. The busts and statues of Stalin are looked after by a growing number of admirers of the Soviet dictator. These supporters keep the monuments clean and visit them frequently bringing freshly cut flowers. After Stalin’s death in 1953 his successor Nikita Khrushchev denounced him, condemning his tyrannical rule which included state terror, mass deportations and political repression. Khrushchev demanded an end to Stalin’s self idolisation, calling for the removal of Stalin statues all over the Soviet Union. But recent opinion polls show that Stalin is undergoing a revival in Russia. He is often ranked in third place in popularity behind Tsar Peter the Great, and Russian revolution leader Vladimir Lenin, even edging out President Vladimir Putin. In North Ossetia, people regard Stalin highly and they see him as the saviour of Russia. Ossetians claim that Stalin, although Georgian, had Ossetian blood. Portraits and sculptures of the dictator are a common sight on Ossetian streets. “My husband brought the statue to our house, he simply respects him. He said he [Stalin] was a great man who won the war (World War Two),” said farmer Rima, as she fed her chickens next to a silver bust of Stalin. Her husband’s view is backed by members of the local war veterans’ association. They see Stalin as a great leader who led the Soviet Union to victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. The veterans wear their war medals with pride and regularly bring fresh flowers to a golden Stalin statue located in the centre of the small town of Beslan. But it is not only veterans in this impoverished mountain region who idolise Stalin. Living too far away from Moscow to benefit from Russia’s energy-fuelled economic boom, a younger generation believe life was better under Stalin’s rule. “There was food rationing during Stalin’s time, but at least people were not starving, they did not die of hunger. Today, we are not starving either, but we don’t have enough; all we have is four walls to stare at, and the pensions (we get), just a few kopeks, are not enough to live on,” said a woman living in the village of Dzhigvgis (Pron: Zhi-give-gees). In Vladikavkaz, the capital of North Ossetia, an organisation called the ‘Stalinists of North Ossetia’ is trying to win funding and support for a permanent museum to honour Stalin and glorify his memory. “At the beginning of September two exhibitions will be opened in the museum. The first will be called “Stalin and World War Two” and the second will be called “Stalin’s era and Ossetia”. If the parliament and the head of the republic will help us and give us a small room in the centre of the city, we plan to open a permanent museum so people can visit it whenever they want,” said chairman of the ‘Stalinists of North Ossetia’ organisation, Noday Zadiyev. The organisation distributes Stalin memorabilia such as pens, badges and calendars to supporters across Russia and other parts of the former Soviet Union.”

  10. More important there is a definite tribute to that monster in official text books on history, teaching children that that murderer was a very effective manager and the sacrifices that had been made, were unavoidable because of all the enemies surrounding USSR. Remind you of something? Poor Russia, everyone wants a piece of it…. The way you are going, Mother Russia, you are falling into pieces all by itself… Good riddance.

  11. The “Fragging” of Putzin’s Kremlin Rule is finding new places for Moscali to feel unwelcome. They are coming for him in all directions. The latest being Tajikistan.
    Rooshans not happy to loose their TV station,
    RTR Planeta, the Russian state broadcaster’s commercial arm. The Russian Embassy in Dushanbe expressed regret at the way Russia has been portrayed lately in the Tajik media. Press Secretary Kamil Magomedov, in an interview on April 8, noted that while Tajik journalists were entitled to their opinions, “what we are seeing in the recent publications goes beyond the boundaries of decency and human logic.” Funny for a Mascal Stooge to say.

    Magomedov reserved particular criticism for reports that claimed Russia helped stoke “genocide” during the Tajik civil war. “The ideas of genocide and instigation of the civil war in Tajikistan [by Russia] are absurd,” Magomedov said. “We all remember that many Russian soldiers and border guards died protecting the objects of infrastructure in Tajikistan during the civil war. Russia was the guarantor of peace in those years of hardship.”

    When someone says Genocide and Russia I believe it. Dushanbe looks progressively more on its own.

  12. George
    1) you are just ЧМО;
    2) our army had victory over dragproducers and terrorists of Taliban who escaped in Afganistan;
    3) the most of Tadjikistan`s people are thanksfull to Russia because our soldier stopped genocid an saved many of them;
    4) USA military and secret services in Afganistan support drug export and try to make a quarrel between Russia and Tadjikistan because Russian military forceses there prevent drug export.

  13. “I’m Russian”, so Moscali were not there to help distribute weapons and transport the drugs into Europe? The Genocide Tajiks are talking about was just a “business dispute”. Sort of corporate raiding by the Kremlin.
    The US are just jealous of your fine businesses and intrigue against those brave soldiers defending infrastructure. LOL

  14. Oh No! No Russian! ….EVER! did or does today, ANYTHING bad to……ANYBODY! Whoever says so, …..must be paid by the: Jew-Masons/CIA/Southern American Baptist Convention/YMCA/Wall-Street Bankers/Christian
    Science Reading Rooms, Inc./Feed the Children International……and those ungrateful Poles!….all traditional haters and destroyers of Mother Russia, past and present.
    With a ‘mother’ like that, who wouldn’t run from her!?
    Special Prayer: God save us all, including Russians themselves, from things that go bump in the night, and from….Mother Russia!
    Reader Daniel

  15. Nice!!!!

    Russian stereotypes are still alive and well:


    The Closer

  16. To “The Closer”: Yes, of course, ‘Russian stereotypes’….are indeed, alive and well, because…they are more often than not, still all too true! It is too bad that we now have another new-cold war, because Putin’s KGB is engineering it, to the great harm of the Russian people and the entire world. It is so unnecessary! Nice! (???)
    Reader Daniel

    • Excessive alcoholism, a culture of envy and corruption, a childlike dependence on authority, a thick skulled capriciousness that keeps repeating failed outcomes, xenophobia, rampant anti-Sematism….. name one that can be removed from the Russia checklist?

      Sometimes stereotypes which often have a basis in reality, especially cultural habits, are a bummer.

  17. alter // April 11, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    dont’t worry about us.
    we are ok ))

    I completely agree. What most civilized people would find devastating, Russians find just fine. As century old Russian saying goes, what Russian enjoys, German [foreigner] would die from

    Penny – they can’t be ignored. They need to be studied!

  18. Felix, you’re right, studying fascists in their larval form can yield valuable insights.

    I’m just cautioning that wasting too much time, and don’t bother trying to educate Putin’s little Nazis on this board, is not good.

    Andrew is never going to get the time back that he’s wasted on I’m Fascist.

  19. Penny, I must agree.
    Unfortunately I am honour bound to fight communazi’s like “I’m Russian”
    After all, my great Uncles went to WW1 “So that small nations might be free”

  20. Yes you must keep silent. It is very sencible because you have not any argument (except Andrew` swearing 1 km at length).

    • Sorry “I’m Russian retard” were you refering to yourself?
      Yes you should keep silent, as you have no arguments worth mentioning, only purile drivel.

      You are an excellent example of the larval stage of the Russian “communazi” ie. you are a maggot.

  21. Stalin was a Great-Russian chauvinist from Ossetian-Georgian descent. Vlad Putler grows up as Georgian boy-citizen often beaten by his Georgian stepfather. :))

  22. Dear ‘I’m Russian’,
    As a concerned and educated Ukrainian, I would like to point out to you that ‘Taras Bulba’ was a fictional character in a novel about UKRAINIAN cossacks fighting the Poles…there is never any mention of Russia or MOscow in the original novel. The newest ‘film’ of Taras Bulba was produced and paid for by Russian backers and therefore had to take a ‘Russian’ stance, thus Ukrainian cossacks were turned into Russian cossacks and instead of fighting for a free land for themselves out of Russian or POlish domination, it became a fight for ‘mother Russia’.
    I realize that you were brought up with the old Soviet mindset that all your neighbouring countries’ histories had to be incorporated into your own, however the world has changed my dear little ‘Russian’ (see how you like being called that!), and maybe, just maybe you should pick up a book or magazine that isn’t published by the state-run media and educate yourself about the differing histories of other countries around you.
    I could go on, but alas, I’m afraid you will have some sort of stupid remark to say about Ukraine and I wait with baited breathe to read them and reply back with actual facts and not just dribble!
    Love always,

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