EDITORIAL: Russia and its Rogues


Russia and its Rogues

No reader of this blog can have been surprised by Russia’s siding with the lunatic ruler of North Korea after he fired an ICBM over Japan in the direction of the United States a week ago.

Not only did Russia’s representative to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, oppose firm UN sanctions, stating “the key thing is to make sure that we do not confine ourselves to an emotional knee-jerk reaction because what we do need is a common strategy and not losing sight of the goal — and this is the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula,” but Russia found it necessary to suddenly announce sensational accusations of spying by the U.S. in Kyrgyzstan, alleging such efforts were aimed not merely at Russia but also at China, another key supporter of the North Korean madman.

It’s clear that Russia has no problem being closely identified with the North Korean cause; that rogue nation is just one of the nastie coterie of lunatics that Russia calls friends — Syria, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Hezbollah among them.  These are, in fact, the only nations that are willing to be seen in public with the Russians, a sad commentary on the extent to which Russia’s KGB regime has alienated Russia among the ranks of the civilized countries of the world.

And how would Russia respond if Poland or Ukraine or Czech Republic or Georgia started menacing Russia with the test-launching of ICBMs? How would Russia react if the United States then did all it could to undermine Russia’s efforts to seek a worldwide sanction against the offending country?  How is it possible for Russians to act with such shameless, idiotic hypocrisy in matters of this kind, and not realize how severely it undermines their national crediblity. It’s odd, to be sure, given that “The Boy who cried Wolf!” is a Russian fairytale.

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  1. For different bastards who hate my Russia. I advice to you to show the film of Ken Loach “The Wind Shakes the Barley” (this film won the Palm d`or at the Cannes Film Festival in 2006). Show it before issue your blabber about our problems. Yours western history is more bloody then our one. And Great British art director confirms my statement.

  2. Hey, Putin’s Useful Idiot, Stalin killed 30 to 60 million depending upon how far you go geographically and in time for the final tally.

    You’ve thrown out a very stupid comparison with the history of Irish independence.

    Even compared to Hitler nothing compares to the scale and debauchery of Russian mass murder.

    Deal with it.

  3. To the above russian who is surely an idiot. A lot of ugly things happen in the old times but we learned from our past.Your problem is you never do learn . Recent history of russia is full of blood not only of its own citizens but checkoslvakians, hungarians, ukranians, krimean tatars, hundreds of thousands of chechens and so on. Awful country and awful people-bidlo. The best of your people are still being eliminated. And because you never learn from your past your country is doomed.

  4. If the only response you can make is a tu quoque (“You did it too”) attack, then you are admitting exactly how barbarous you know your country really is.

  5. Russia is the only nation I know of whose population is in decline. That says it all. Ireland is a thriving paradise by comparison. Even Somalia.

    Gary Marshall

  6. To I’m Russian (moron).
    For all the problems they may have had in the past, today Ireland & the UK are very close friends and partners.
    Another thing, when their teams meet in sports, Irish & English fans sit and drink together, make jokes, and have a good time. I have seen this all over the world.
    Compare this to the hatred shown to Russians by their former slave states.

  7. Gary Marshall

    Russia natural people is declined, but it is not modern problem because it had happend in our history many times. Russia is the most attractive for immigration in all the world. Tens millions immigrants live in Russia now. So Russian population increase in spite of natural popultion declining. I have many friends from other countries from Usbekistan to China who became Russians. The most of them changed their religion (they refused from muslim or other religion and became Orthodox Christians) and they got Russians names. Russia is very attractive for all the world.
    But you have mistake when say that depopulation it is only Russian problem. For example Ukrainian and Georgia natural population decline considerable more fast. But in addition such countries have not any immigrants. Millions Georgians (30% population) and Ukrainians (approximately 15%) escaped from their country. The most of them live in Russia now. So Ukrainian and Georgian population became deserted now unlike Russia population which increase thanks to immigration.

  8. Andrew

    “For all the problems they may have had in the past, today Ireland & the UK are very close friends and partners”.
    Firstly I say about western bloody history. Perhaps many things are frgotten now. But so may be said about Russian history. I have many Ukrainian friends who love Russia. We also sit and drink together, make jokes, and have a good time. But you constantly remind you about Bandera etc. Before to do it I advise to you to watch the movie “The Wind That Shakes the Barley”!
    Secondly your history is not finished now. Irish Republican Army go on fight in Nothern Ireland.

  9. To “I’m Russian”, and your fellow propaganda pal commentors here: Your illogical mixing/comparing/contrasting of different national past histories, and trying to use the dark pages of these past, various, national histories, to….somehow….suggest that what bad deeds Russians have done in Russia, often to each other, and to their unfortunate neighbors….for a very very long time (& still today!….and exactly, TODAY! is THE main problem, not centuries ago!) …is excusable, because OTHERS have …done worse? , but this argument of your’s truly fits the old Russian saying: “This situation is like: I have berries in my garden……and an uncle in Kiev”. In other words, this is a ridiculous and irrelevant of a comparison. Your words are, apples and oranges. And what you say, does not excuse what is wrong in Russia, NOW! So, why try to hide your current national evils? Why not just admit them, and work to change them..?
    Further, no one! needs to view ANY… MOVIE!…no matter how well it is filmed or written, to learn the good or bad records/accounts of ANY country’s past history, so how silly of you to try to prove ANYTHING whatsoever, by….a movie! You state:
    “Russia is the most attractive (country) for immigration in all the world”……….BY WHOM!?..(perhaps, Klingons?)..just before they all drank the poisoned kool-aid, the Jim Jones sect in Guyana, were trying to emmigrate to the Soviet Union, ‘for religious freedom’…!!! the poor fools! In other words, who but DAMNED MORONIC MISLEAD FOOLS! would want to live in your neo-soviet KGB run impoverished hell-hole……IF they could go elsewheres in the world?….and if they KNEW BETTER!? Why do YOU stay there? (if you do ….truly….reside there!)
    Also you state: “(non-Russian) immigrants, have become Russians”, and, they ‘have become Orthodox Christians’ and, ‘got Russian names’. WHERE!? are these pathetic/misguided/deranged people? (are they Abkhasians? or South Ossetians?…or who! …) WHAT ethnicity/race/religion/country of birth….are they??? Are you by chance, referring to the mass influx of Chinese and other Asiatic peoples, into parts of the Russian far-east?…or….where? (these ‘new-Russians’ will most likely help to detach large areas of your Russia, from your Russia! WAKE UP!) And, from what sources do you get such bizarre information as what you have here claimed? Because for one horrible current racial problem in Russia today, ….and now being made far worse by this economic downturn, we already have much evidence and verified reports that non-slavic looking people …who simply LOOK not-100% Russian in their facial features, are often denied housing, permits to live in certain areas, denied jobs, & are often attacked and murdered and pressured to run for their lives. Are these, some of your….happy new immigrants? Where do you get such lies and exaggerations!???
    During the official Soviet period, I saw a large sign held aloft by a brave Russian protestor, which read: “I WOULD RATHER BE…DEAD…IN A CAPITALIST-HELL!, ….THAN….ALIVE…IN A SOCIALIST WORKERS’ PARADISE!”
    And the way your neo-soviet KGB run system is going today, these KGB gangsters are taking Russia back to those…glory-days, of that exact same ‘Socialist Workers Paradise’, …or perhaps far far worse..
    Reader Daniel

  10. psalomschik

    You wrote very much, but said nothing.
    You do not know our history absolutely. Russians is not a nation in strong sense. More truly Russia is civilisation, GREAT CIVILISATION. And 90 % Russians have different national origins, but their feel himself as Russians (it is true for me too). Also Russia is country of former immigrants who became Russians because their want it. E.g. I have Poland origins. Such kind of processes are current now. Especially it is true for Ukraina and Georgia population as I mentioned above.

    • I’m Russian.
      You are a bigoted brainless moron.
      I have watched “The wind that shakes the barley”
      I suggest you watch this film
      As usual most of what you say is BS.
      There are 500,000 Georgians living in Russia which is most certainly NOT 30% of Georgia’s population. There are 4.5 million people living in Georgia, and a diaspora of 1.5 million living overseas, 1 million in the USA, Europe, and Turkey, and 500,000 in Russia.
      Russia’s real population is dropping by 1,o00,000 a year, despite immigration (mostly illegal) from former soviet republics, and the average age of Russian women is creeping into the menopausal zone, forecasting a demographic disaster of truly biblical proportions.
      Bigoted Russian scum such as yourself will not be missed, and the world will be a better place when you and your nation have been consigned to the waste bin of history.

    • Oh, and psalomschik (reader Daniel) always has good things to say, if you have the brains (or soul) to listen/read.

      As for “90 % Russians have different national origins”, more BS

      Ethnic Groups:
      Russian 79.8%
      Tatar 3.8%
      Ukrainian 2%
      Bashkir 1.2%
      Chuvash 1.1%
      Other or unspecified 12.1%

      79.8% listed as ETHNIC RUSSIAN in the last bout of statistics.


      You really are useless.

  11. I also suggest you come meet me here in Tbilisi, and see how popular your views are.
    I have some Mingrelian mates, and some Imereti boys who would really like to explain to you how much they hate Russians.

    • Hi Andrew, hope things are going well and you guys continue to hold off the Rooshan Hordes. Would your friends the Mingrelian mates and Imereti boys want to give the Rooshan a little attitude adjustment?

      Agree with Penny, it’s best not to feed the Trolls. But it is difficult not to respond when you read something totally ignorant and asinine.

      • Hi Obamayomama,
        Hopefully we will hold them off a bit longer!
        Yes, they would seriously like to give “I’m Russian” an attitude adjustment.
        I also have a Polish mate who would like to talk to him about betraying his often stated “Poland origins”.

        You and Penny are both correct of course.
        Problem is that scum like “I’m Russian” always make my Irish blood boil!!

  12. As much as that period in history did not reflect well on the Brits, there were no mass graves found in Ireland nor were large segments of the population sent to internment camps to die in the elements. Leave it to a Putin Russian nationalist goon to cherry pick something that doesn’t even support their argument.

    These people will continue to show up and waste time here as long as we, and I’m as guilty, respond to them. They are not here to debate issues. They bring no credible facts. They are not seeking the truth. It’s purely disruptive antics.

    Trolls die when their oxygen is cut off.

    • Well said Penny.

    • Actually, the Brits did 2 very bad things in history to the Irish:
      -Practically a genocide by Cromwell’s fanatics
      -Terrible “potato famine” through neglect

      Not that the Russian Empire didn’t do as bad or actually worse, though (for example their Caucasian policies under General Yermolov).

      And also nothiong really bad in the last 100 years (unlike Russia’s Caucasian policies even right now, tonight) – actually, more people died in the Irish Civil War than in the Irish War of Independence before this…

  13. Andrew
    I repeat again and again: population of Georgia and Ukraina reduce as well as Russians, it`s fact which is admitted in all the world. But people come to Russia and escape from Georgia and Ukraina. However Russia is attractive for immigrants. So Georgia suffers from depopulation more then Russia. If you live in Georgia you must know it. In contrast to you I said only facts without any emotions.
    “Trolls die when their oxygen is cut off.”
    It`s very funny. And you call democrat himself. I`m troll so cut off me oxigen, or simply bomb or shot me. And make it for hundreds millions who do not agree with you. You have made it in Vietnam, Serbia, Irak and in many other place in the world.

  14. I’m Russian.

    The actual bith to deat rate for Georgia is quite positive 11 births to 9 deaths per 1000 people, but emigration for work does tend to cancel this out somewhat. Russia on the other hand has 12 births to 15 deaths per 1000 people.

    As usual you are wrong, and a moron.

    As for Vietnam,Serbia,Iraq.
    Lets see, for a list of Russian crimes including mass murder and genocide = Afghanistan, Georgia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Daghestan, Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Finland, Hungary, East Germany, Tajikistan, Azerbaijhan, Turkmenistan, Czecheslovakia, China, Bulgaria, South Korea, Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia (You were involved there too scumbag) not to mention the support of criminal regimes in Zimbabwe, North Korea, Syria, Iran, Sudan, Burma, Cuba, Nicaragua, and the list goes on.

    Russia is not a great civilisation, it was, is, and probably always will be a mafia state which revells in the shedding of the blood of others.

    • Soviet soldiers were actually directly involved in saving the North Korean regime from the UN forces – NK fighters (Soviet-made, of course) were flowen by Soviet aces.

      Result: millions of North Koreans murdered or starved to death after the stalemate and ceasefire.

  15. Andrew, well said. That moron,I’m russian” repeats word for word official propaganda spewing from the state TV. His brain is not wired to think independently. Nor I presume he wants to. It is easier to live this way-everything is done for you. Great civilization????!!! Laughing so hard, can’t stop. Dear Leader Putler, a few days ago said something to this effect: ” Everybody in the world is envious of us. I am telling you and I know what I am saying.” That’s what he said.And that’s what this moron”I’m Russian” repeats. Both morons.

  16. Hello I’m Russian,

    I do believe the Russian Government shut down a program intended to entice former Russians with heavy ties to the nation back home with all kinds of goodies. It was an expensive failure. Few Russians returned. But you tell me that so many people with no connection whatsoever to Russia consider it the promised land. Maybe some Zimbabweans might line up for a chance, that is until they heard of all those facist and racist mobs roaming the country seeking to maintain ethnic purity.

    Something is terribly wrong with your statements.

    The policy I think you are referring to is offering Russian passports to any person, no matter their country of residence or national affiliation. Desperately giving out Russian passports does not increase the population.

    If Russia continues to face these hardships, of which you so proudly boast, there will not be much left in about 30 years.

    Those that remain can always look back like the Turk on its past glories, though I have yet to find any glories in Russia’s immediate past.

    Some civilization. When Russia disappears from the combination of internal collapse and the division of its carcass by former Soviet states, the world will be a far better place.

    Gary Marshall

  17. Gary Marshall
    If Russian people disappear now, If Russia will desease soon at all, because you waste your time. The time is the most expensive matter in Russia. What about you? Are all of you jobless? I have not any possibility to waste so many time as you because I must work and feed my family.
    But you have spend a lot of time to accuse my country, which according to you will be dead soon itself.
    You spend your time because you really understand that Russia won`t be dead, that Russia is very powerfull and dinamic country. You realize that Russia is succesful country and dangerous rival of western country. So only is explanation of yours daily hysteric. If Russia will soon be dead so La Russophobe would be useless. But Russia will be alive and prosper.

  18. To Gary Marshall: AMEN! to your every word.
    To “I’m Russian”: Well, yes of course, in the long past complicated history of old Russia…and as it developed into a cohesive state, and as it incorporated numerous new tribes and new vast territories, especially in it’s eastward gradual expansion, there was indeed a great mixing of European-Russian (i.e. Nordic) blood/culture/religion….with….Tartar, and numerous other Asiatic tribes to the east. Also, of course, there were at various stages of Russian history, incorporations/inter-marrying of numerous western European peoples too. A lot of this, way back, was rather a natural process, to generalize a lot. But then, there have been FORCED mass-re-locations/deliberate genocides of various peoples, particularly by the communists. Today, what we see, is a feeble neo-soviet attempt to….by hook or crook, gain the loyalty and sympathies of….both blood-Russians AND non-Russians (especially the Asiatic ones), ….and of those that Putin wants to keep inside of his-Russia, as the so-called, ‘former satelites’, to ‘Russify’ them ALL (which definately includes ‘saving their souls’ by the ‘Orthodox’-Moscow Patriarchy, converting them into that pseudo-church’s version of: ‘Russian Orthodox Christians’, which KGB-enslaved national-religion is TODAY headed by (Czar) Vladimir Putin and friends). Also giving them the great benefit (?) of Russian Federation
    Passports….and even Russian-citizenship…..anything! to attempt to win their loyalty to the government in Moscow. But, in the meantime, there are many! Russian-blooded (to whatever percent of European-Russian blood flows in their veins) dwellers in the Russian-Far East….who want to seperate from Moscow!….and make their own country. So, any way one looks at it, this ‘Russification’ aimed at gaining/forcing the loyalty to Moscow, of the general population of all regions and ethnicities of Russia…..has been and still is, a failure. Regarding the fact that there have been, living in Russia, for many centuries…many Georgians….well that is simply because Georgia has long been a poor country, so it was for (past) economic reasons that so many Georgians have existed in Russia….which has been true for other nationalities too. Also, before the communist era, many common Georgians and Russians in general got along well. As to Ukrainians: people, ANY people ANYWHERE MUST live where they can make a living, and where there are better opportunities (or, where dear Stalin forces you to live at the point of a gun at your head!). And, as you know, the former old Imperial Russian Empire, DID incorporate numerous other western European peoples/countries (for right or wrong). But, now those peoples want to be free of the Russian-Bear, whether it be a Czar or a Comi-Czar! As to mixing of national blood/culture lines: that is the whole long long history of Europe….and Asia…and Africa….and…..many other places on this planet. And, by the way, recent polls of many ‘Russians’ living in the eastern part of Ukraine, suggest that a large number of them, do NOT want to be incorporated into the Russian Federation,…no matter what their personal ethnic-identity may be!
    To Western Christians, I say today: Happy Easter!
    To Jews: Happy Passover!
    To fellow Eastern Orthodox Christians, I greet you on next Sunday, as our ‘Easter’ (Pascha) is next Sunday: Christ Is Risen! Khristos
    Voskrese! Kristos Anesti! (etc. in all languages).
    Reader Daniel

    No one, should be enticed or forced to join ANY religion! The Orthodox Church, does not permit this nor teach it! This is against conscience, against freewill. Despotic Rulers, they….have done such things, that is, sadly true,….and this continues today in Russia. I am thankful for those dissident sincere Russian-Orthodox believers in Russia, who are in righteous opposition to this false-pseudo-church, this KGB run Moscow Patriarchy, which is only a tool for this current ‘Russification’, and not at all…legitimate religion…of any sort! The so-called, ‘missionary work’ of this Moscow Patriarchy, abroad, is pure espionage work, and aimed at enticing emigree Russians and their offspring…to become Moscow’s tools, fifth-columnists and pro-Moscow propagandists: in America especially. Beware my Orthodox brothers in America, who have given your loyalty to Moscow and not America (while you live IN AMERICA!), ….when the world-situation becomes…hot……you will be arrested and put into American enemy-internment camps, or deported on rusty/leaking old ships to your beloved-Russia. You cannot serve two masters! I invite you, to leave America, if you love Russia so much!…and take your KGB-‘clergy’ agents in black cassocks with you!

    • Thank Daniel,

      When I stand in Tsminda Davity (St. Davids Cathedral) next Saturday night & Sunday morning for the Pascha resurrection service, I will be with you and all other true believers in spirit.
      Christi ardzdga, cheshmari dat ardzdga (Christ is RISEN!, Truly he is RISEN!!)
      God bless you and keep up the good work!!

  19. Sure, Russia rocks. I have nothing against Russians, I just dislike innovatory steps of both SSSR’s and yours government. Who else did ever test nuclear weapon on its own citizens?


    I’m fine with you until your tank divisions once again roam through my country..

  20. Instead of babbling about Iraq, Serbia, etc., you “I’m-Russian” jerk, take a very close look at Federal Law No. 5-FZ dated 12.01.1995 “On Veterans”. The list of countries, cities, territories, etc. where citizens of your country took part ‘fighting for peace’ is most enlightening.
    Anybody else here can read Russian, I strongly recommend you check the link out as well. “Fighting for peace” the Russian way is truly like f*cking for virginity.

  21. Deith

    Americans also did such way in 1945-1945, moreover in 1945 they did test nuclear weapon on CIVIL citizens of Nagasaky and Hirosima. It was absolutelly useless in war size, but necessary as a test. America is one in all the world country which use nuclear weapon in war against CIVILIANS!

  22. Erikki“Fighting for peace” the Russian way is truly like f*cking for virginity.
    Are you paedophile Erikky?

  23. Americans dropped nuclear weapons on those they considered as ENEMIES, but SSSR used it in “tactical military maneuvers” aimed at “breakthrough of defense positions with tank and rifle divisions” against its OWN soldiers and people. At least 45 000 of soldiers and officers were involved in those maneuvers in 1954, but some sources claim even 60 000.

    By the way, Hiroshima and Nagasaki wasn’t useless. After those attacks Japan surrendered and it wasnt necessary for Americans to invade islands with their armies. Such invasion would cost them more lives than D-Day…

  24. Deith
    The war ended because USSR levy war on Japan. Japan surrendered after attack USSR in Manchuria, they realise that USSR army could to take islands witout any problems and so decided to yield themselves to USA.
    Mass murder CIVILIANS in Hirosima have not any sense!

  25. “I’m Russian” the minutes of the Japanese government clearly show that the war ended because of the atomic bombs. The Russian entry into the war had a psychological effect, but Japans will to resist was broken by a 2 year string of victories by the US and its allies, while Russia was simply acting the role of a carrion bird on the battlefield.

    BTW “I’m Russian” YOU show all the mental conditions of a paedophile, or most likely a pederast. Those who live in glass houses…..

    I suggest the reason you attack Erikki (you could at least spell his name right you gormless intellectual dwarf) is because the article he posted gives a VERY long list of Russian criminal actions.


    You really are a useless waste of space, but I must thank you for showing the world how repugnant Russians really are.

  26. Andrew
    ““I’m Russian” the minutes of the Japanese government clearly show that the war ended because of the atomic bombs”.
    It`s not true. Really atomic bombs had a psychological (terroristic, Ben-Ladan`s Dream) effect. But if it was true as you say, if you reached victory thanks to atomic bombs of safeless CIVILIAN citizens so why you think that USA better then Nazy or modern terrorists? Nazy planned to get a victory by using terrorism as ground method. If you say true so USA got victory over Japanise by using terrorism as ground method. There were any military objects in Nagasaky or Hirosima, only CIVILIANS! So according to you USA = NAZY = modern terrorizm!

  27. No, I’m Russian.
    Russia = Nazi = Modern Terrorism.
    The bpmbs were dropped to avoid the anticipated deaths of millions in a ground invasion of Japan.
    Not to mention the thousands dieing every day under brutal Japanese occupation in China, Indochina, Indonesia etc.

    “Preferable to invasion

    The American side anticipated losing many soldiers in the planned invasion of Japan, although the actual number of expected fatalities and wounded is subject to some debate. U.S. President Truman stated after the war that he had been advised that American casualties could range from 250,000 to one million men.[3] Other sources put the highest estimates at 30,000 to 50,000.[4] In a study done by the Joint Chiefs of Staff in April 1945, the figures of 7.45 casualties/1,000 man-days and 1.78 fatalities/1,000 man-days were developed. This implied that the two planned campaigns to conquer Japan would cost 1.6 million casualties, including 370,000 dead.[5] In addition, millions of Japanese military and civilian casualties were expected.[6] An Air Force Association history says, “Millions of women, old men, and boys and girls had been trained to resist by such means as attacking with bamboo spears and strapping explosives to their bodies and throwing themselves under advancing tanks,”[7] and also that “[t]he Japanese cabinet had approved a measure extending the draft to include men from ages fifteen to sixty and women from seventeen to forty-five (an additional 28 million people).[8]

    Supporters also point to an order given by the Japanese War Ministry on 1 August 1944, ordering the disposal and execution of all Allied prisoners of war, numbering over 100,000, if an invasion of the Japanese mainland took place.[9]

    [edit] Speedy end of war saved lives
    Supporters of the bombing also argue that waiting for the Japanese to surrender was not a cost-free option. “For China alone, depending upon what number one chooses for overall Chinese casualties, in each of the ninety-seven months between July 1937 and August 1945, somewhere between 100,000 and 200,000 persons perished, the vast majority of them noncombatants. For the other Asians alone, the average probably ranged in the tens of thousands per month, but the actual numbers were almost certainly greater in 1945, notably due to the mass death in a famine in Vietnam. Newman concluded that each month that the war continued in 1945 would have produced the deaths of ‘upwards of 250,000 people, mostly Asian but some Westerners.”[10][11]

    The end of the war also liberated millions of laborers working in harsh conditions under a forced mobilization. In the Dutch East Indies alone, there was a “forced mobilization of some 4 million — although some estimates are as high as 10 million — romusha (manual laborers)…About 270,000 romusha were sent to the Outer Islands and Japanese-held territories in Southeast Asia, where they joined other Asians in performing wartime construction projects. At the end of the war, only 52,000 were repatriated to Java.”[12]

    The firebombing of Tokyo alone had killed well over 100,000 people in Japan since February 1945, directly and indirectly. Intensive conventional bombing would have continued or increased prior to an invasion. The submarine blockade and the United States Army Air Forces’s mining operation, Operation Starvation, had effectively cut off Japan’s imports. A complementary operation against Japan’s railways was about to begin, isolating the cities of southern Honshū from the food grown elsewhere in the Home Islands. “Immediately after the defeat, some estimated that 10 million people were likely to starve to death,” noted historian Daikichi Irokawa.[13] Meanwhile, fighting continued in The Philippines, New Guinea and Borneo, and offensives were scheduled for September in southern China and Malaya. The Soviet invasion of Manchuria, had in the week before the surrender caused over 80,000 deaths.[14]

    Philippine justice Delfin Jaranilla, member of the Tokyo tribunal, wrote in his judgment:

    “If a means is justified by an end, the use of the atomic bomb was justified for it brought Japan to her knees and ended the horrible war. If the war had gone longer, without the use of the atomic bomb, how many thousands and thousands of helpless men, women and children would have needlessly died and suffer …?”[15] ”


    There were legitimate military targets in both cities.

    “Hiroshima was used as headquarters of the Fifth Division and the 2nd General Army, which commanded the defense of southern Japan with 40,000 military personnel in the city. Hiroshima was a communication center, an assembly area for troops, a storage point and had several military factories as well.

    Nagasaki was of great wartime importance because of its wide-ranging industrial activity, including the production of ordnance, ships, military equipment, and other war materials”

    As usual you are a misinformed cretin.

    Now Grozny on the other hand…

  28. More on the military significance of Heroshima & Nagasaki

    “Hiroshima during World War II
    At the time of its bombing, Hiroshima was a city of some industrial and military significance. A number of military camps were located nearby, including the headquarters of the Fifth Division and Field Marshal Shunroku Hata’s 2nd General Army Headquarters, which commanded the defense of all of southern Japan. Hiroshima was a minor supply and logistics base for the Japanese military. The city was a communications center, a storage point, and an assembly area for troops. It was one of several Japanese cities left deliberately untouched by American bombing, allowing a pristine environment to measure the damage caused by the atomic bomb.

    The center of the city contained several reinforced concrete buildings and lighter structures. Outside the center, the area was congested by a dense collection of small wooden workshops set among Japanese houses. A few larger industrial plants lay near the outskirts of the city. The houses were of wooden construction with tile roofs, and many of the industrial buildings also were of wood frame construction. The city as a whole was highly susceptible to fire damage.

    The population of Hiroshima had reached a peak of over 381,000 earlier in the war, but prior to the atomic bombing the population had steadily decreased because of a systematic evacuation ordered by the Japanese government. At the time of the attack the population was approximately 255,000. This figure is based on the registered population used by the Japanese in computing ration quantities, and the estimates of additional workers and troops who were brought into the city may be inaccurate.

    Nagasaki during World War II

    The city of Nagasaki had been one of the largest sea ports in southern Japan and was of great wartime importance because of its wide-ranging industrial activity, including the production of ordnance, ships, military equipment, and other war materials.

    In contrast to many modern aspects of Hiroshima, the bulk of the residences were of old-fashioned Japanese construction, consisting of wood or wood-frame buildings, with wood walls (with or without plaster), and tile roofs. Many of the smaller industries and business establishments were also housed in buildings of wood or other materials not designed to withstand explosions. Nagasaki had been permitted to grow for many years without conforming to any definite city zoning plan; residences were erected adjacent to factory buildings and to each other almost as closely as possible throughout the entire industrial valley.

    Nagasaki had never been subjected to large-scale bombing prior to the explosion of a nuclear weapon there. On August 1, 1945, however, a number of conventional high-explosive bombs were dropped on the city. A few hit in the shipyards and dock areas in the southwest portion of the city, several hit the Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works and six bombs landed at the Nagasaki Medical School and Hospital, with three direct hits on buildings there. While the damage from these bombs was relatively small, it created considerable concern in Nagasaki and many people—principally school children—were evacuated to rural areas for safety, thus reducing the population in the city at the time of the nuclear attack.


  29. You realize that Russia is succesful country and dangerous rival of western country.

    Yes, it sure is. So are Venezuela, North Korea, and Hamasland (aka Gaza). You are in a very good company!
    You are absolutely right, Unkneeling Russian. As always!

  30. I `m Russian: “Russia is the most attractive for immigration in all the world. Tens millions immigrants live in Russia now.”

    What a dork.

    Russia is No. 3 in list of the countries by people running away and asking for political asylum in other countries. The first two were Third World countries.

    People are running away from, not into your country.

  31. Scary you do not anything about Russia. The number of people who have been coming to our country for living in 1990-2009 considerably more then number of people who have left Russia. Our absolutely rating is second after USA, but it is only official information. Really number of immigrants considerably more.

  32. Andrew
    I read your works. But I have not got any time to write so long as you. I just repeat you killed a huge CIVILIAN people in H&N. You killed them without military necessarity. You killed more then Stalin did in Katin. You killed them to show to Japan (and USSR) your powerful. You killed them to make a terrible among them. You made terroristic act! You won`t able force the world to forget it.Your long letters are useless!

    • I’m Russian.
      Typical cop-out answer from a degenerate such as yourself.

      The number of dead from Hiroshima & Nagasaki is dwarfed by the Russian crimes comitted in Koenigsburg, Berlin, Budapest, Vienna, all cities suffered mass murder, rape (more than 2 million women including Soviet citizens released from German labor camps were raped in Berlin during the first few weeks of Russian occupation), the deliberate and planned extermination of the German population of Koenigsburg, the rapes and murders in Warsaw when it was “liberated” in 1944.
      You are a moron, plain and simple.


      “On April 9 — one month before the end of the war in Europe — the German military commander of Königsberg, General Otto Lasch, surrendered the remnants of his forces following a Red Army assault. At the time of the surrender, military and civilian dead in the city were estimated at 42,000, with the Red Army claiming over 90,000 prisoners. Lasch’s subterranean command bunker has been preserved as a museum, with the rest of the 19th century fortification complex being abandoned after use by the Soviet Army until the 1980s as a storage facility.

      About 120,000 survivors remained in the ruins of the devastated city. These survivors, mainly women, children and the elderly and a few others who returned immediately after the fighting ended, were held as virtual prisoners until 1949. The large majority of German citizens remaining in Königsberg after 1945 died of either disease, torture, mass rape, or starvation.[42] The remaining 20,000 German residents were expelled in 1949-50.[43]

      What remained of Königsberg City Centre in 1949
      [edit] Russian Kaliningrad
      Main article: Kaliningrad
      At the end of World War II in 1945, the city was annexed by the Soviet Union pending the final determination of territorial questions at the peace settlement (as part of the Russian SFSR) as agreed upon by the Allies at the Potsdam Conference:

      The Conference examined a proposal by the Soviet Government that pending the final determination of territorial questions at the peace settlement, the section of the western frontier of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics which is adjacent to the Baltic Sea should pass from a point on the eastern shore of the Bay of Danzig to the east, north of Braunsberg and Goldap, to the meeting point of the frontiers of Lithuania, the Polish Republic and East Prussia. The Conference has agreed in principle to the proposal of the Soviet Government concerning the ultimate transfer to the Soviet Union of the city of Koenigsberg and the area adjacent to it as described above, subject to expert examination of the actual frontier. The President of the United States and the British Prime Minister have declared that they will support the proposal of the Conference at the forthcoming peace settlement.[1]

      Old Königsberg remains amid modern KaliningradAfter Königsberg’s conquest by the Red Army, the city was briefly Russified as Kyonigsberg (Кёнигсберг). It was renamed Kaliningrad on July 4, 1946, after the death of the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Mikhail Kalinin, one of the original Bolsheviks. The German population was either deported to the Western Zones of occupied Germany, or deported into Siberian labor camps, where about half of them perished of hunger or diseases.[44]

      After the ethnic cleansing, the city’s former population was entirely replaced with Russian citizens. Life changed dramatically: the city had a new name (Kaliningrad), and German was replaced by Russian as the language of everyday life. Parts of the city were rebuilt, although the former Altstadt remained an urban fallow with few buildings that survived the destruction. The city went through industrialisation and modernisation. As one of the westernmost territories of the Soviet Union, the Kaliningrad Oblast became a strategically important area during the Cold War. The Soviet Baltic Fleet was headquartered in the city in the 1950s. Because of its strategic importance, Kaliningrad was closed to foreign visitors.”


      “Soviet war crimes refer to war crimes perpertrated by armed forces of the Soviet Union from 1919 to 1991. This includes war crimes by the ‘regular’ army — the Red Army (later called the Soviet Army), the NKVD, and the Internal Troops. In some cases these crimes were committed on express orders — as part of the Soviet Government’s policy of communist terrorism, in other instances they were committed by regular army troops as part of a Soviet culture of retribution against civilians of countries involved in previous conflict or resistance movements.

      Many of these incidents occurred in Eastern Europe before and during World War II, and involved mass murder of prisoners of war and widespread murder and rape of civilians in Soviet occupied territories. Although there are documented cases of these incidents, no international Criminal Court or Soviet or Russian tribunal has ever charged any member of the Soviet armed forces with war crimes.

      German propaganda photo with the caption “Closeup of the two women and the three children killed by Bolsheviks in Metgethen, East Prussia”Contents [hide]
      1 The Soviet State and terror
      2 The Red Army and the NKVD
      3 Estonia
      4 Latvia
      5 Lithuania
      6 Poland
      6.1 1919–1938
      6.2 1939–1941
      6.3 1944–1953
      7 Finland
      7.1 1939–1944
      8 Soviet Union
      8.1 Retreat by Soviet forces in 1941
      8.2 1943–1945
      8.3 1946–1947
      9 Germany
      9.1 1944–1945
      9.2 1945
      9.3 Consequences
      10 Hungary
      10.1 1944–1945
      10.2 Hungarian Revolution (1956)
      11 Yugoslavia
      12 Slovakia
      13 Bulgaria
      14 Czechoslovakia
      15 Georgia
      16 Manchuria
      17 Afghanistan
      18 Destruction of cities and looting
      19 Treatment of prisoners of war
      19.1 Treuenbrietzen massacre
      20 Discussion by historians
      21 Movies
      22 See also
      23 External links
      24 Notes and References
      25 References

      [edit] The Soviet State and terror
      Main article: Communist terrorism
      The Red Army was ideologically oriented and indoctrinated from its first founding[1] in 1918 to defend the new communist Soviet regime during the Russian Civil War. Leon Trotsky, creater of the Red Army, used propaganda, indoctrination and terror as a weapon to fight the White Army.[2]

      The first official announcement, published in Izvestiya, “Appeal to the Working Class” on September 3, 1918 called for the workers to “crush the hydra of counterrevolution with massive terror”. This was followed by the decree “On Red Terror”, issued September 5, 1918 by the Cheka. The use of terror was seen by the Soviet Government and by both Lenin and Stalin, as a legitimate weapon to use in the consolidation of communism — both internally and externally. For Soviet citizens, punishment by the state could include summary executions, torture, sending innocent people to Gulag, involunatry settlement, and stripping of citizen’s rights. Under the Soviet legal system, not only the accused — but all members of the family, including children, were punished simultaneously as “traitor of Motherland family members”. During Lenin’s and Stalins’ reign, these repressions were conducted by Cheka, OGPU and NKVD in several consecutive waves known as the Red Terror, Collectivisation, Great Purge, Doctor’s Plot, and others. The Red Terror, implemented by Dzerzhinsky on September 5, 1918, was vividly described by the Red Army journal Krasnaya Gazeta:

      Without mercy, without sparing, we will kill our enemies in scores of hundreds. Let them be thousands, let them drown themselves in their own blood. For the blood of Lenin and Uritsky … let there be floods of blood of the bourgeoisie – more blood, as much as possible…[3]

      The Soviet Union did not recognize Imperial Russia’s signing of the Hague Conventions (1899 and 1907) as binding and refused to agree to it until 1955.[4] This situation exacerbated the existing culture of terror and human rights abuse by Soviet armed forces.

      [edit] The Red Army and the NKVD
      As well as committing war crimes itself, the Red Army often gave support to the NKVD, which had as one of its functions the application of state terrorism. The main function of the NKVD was to protect the state security of the Soviet Union, but this was largely accomplished through massive political repression. As an internal security and prisons guard force, Internal Troops played immediate roles in political repressions and war crimes through all the Soviet history. Particularly, they were responsible for maintaining the regime in the GULAG labor camps and for conducting the mass deportations and forced resettlement of several ethnic groups.

      During World War II, units of the NKVD Internal Troops were engaged alongside Red Army forces in combat and NKVD units were used for rear area security, including stopping desertion. In territory that was liberated or occupied the NKVD carried out mass arrests, deportations, and executions. The targets included both collaborators with Germany and non-Communist resistance movements such as the Polish Armia Krajowa. The NKVD also executed tens of thousands of Polish political prisoners in 1939–1941.

      After the repulse of the German attack on the Soviet Union and Soviet troops entering Germany and Hungary in late 1944, there was significant eyewitness testimony of war crimes by Soviet armed forces — plunder, murder of civilians, and especially rape. In both Soviet and current Russian history books on the “Great Patriotic War” these war crimes are rarely mentioned.[5][6] However, evidence of such crimes was found and published by Western historians after Soviet archives were opened to the public following the end of the Cold War.

      Crimes by Soviet armed forces against civilians and prisoners of war in the territories it occupied between 1939 and 1941 — (Poland, the Baltic states, Romania, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovenia) — and the follow-up atrocities of 1944–1949 have been present in the historical consciousness of these countries ever since. Nevertheless, a systematic, publicly controlled discussion only began after the fall of the Soviet Union.[7]. This is also true of the territories occupied by Soviet forces in Manchuria and the Kuril Islands after the Soviet Union breached its neutrality pact with Japan in September 1945.[8]

      [edit] Estonia
      Main article: Soviet occupation of Estonia
      Estonia was formally annexed into the Soviet Union on August 6 and renamed the Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic.[9] In 1941 some 34,000 Estonians were forcibly drafted into the Red Army of which less than 30% of them survived the war. Political prisoners who could not be evacuated were executed by the NKVD.[10] More than 300.000 citizens of Estonia, almost a third of its then population, were affected by arrests, mass murder, deportation and other acts of repression.[11] As a result of Communist occupation, Estonia permanently lost at least 200,000 people or 20% of its population to repressions, exodus and war. On 12 January 1949 the Soviet Council of Ministers issued a decree “on the expulsion and deportation” from Baltic states of “all kulaks and their families, the families of bandits and nationalists”, and others.[12]

      Further information: Operation Priboi
      The various repressive activities of Soviet forces sparked a guerrilla war against the Soviet authorities in Estonia which was waged into the late 1970s by “forest brothers” (metsavennad) consisting mostly of Estonian veterans of both the German and Finnish armies as well as some civilians.[13] In addition to the human and material losses suffered due to war, thousands of civilians were killed and tens of thousands of people deported along with hundreds of political prisoners till the late 1980s. By 1989, russification and colonization had reduced the percentage of Estonians in the population to 61%.

      [edit] Latvia
      Main article: Soviet occupation of Latvia
      In 1939, Latvia fell victim to the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, leading to occupation and its incorporation into the Soviet Union on 5 August 1940.[14] Establishment of a brutal Communist regime, a puppet-state Latvian SSR, resulted in mass terror, the extinction of civil society and civil liberties, termination of the existing way of life and economic model and a strong pressure upon Latvian culture. In all, over 200,000 people suffered from Communist repressions in Latvia of which some 60% were deported to the Soviet death-camps in Siberia and Far-East. The Soviet terror regime forced more than 260,000 Latvians to flee from the country. Although explicit terror subsided after Stalin’s death, the regime persisted and brought Latvia to the verge of disaster with the systematic russification policy which reduced the share of ethnic Latvians in the population to 52% by 1989.[15]

      [edit] Lithuania
      Main article: Soviet occupation of Lithuania
      In 1939, Lithuania, as the other Baltic States, fell victim to the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact between Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany, leading to occupation and its incorporation into the Soviet Union on 15 June 1940.[16] The Communist occupation launched brutal measures to destroy civil society, civil liberties, the habitual way of life and economic order. Between 1940 to 1941 thousands of Lithuanians were arrested and hundreds of political prisoners were arbitrarily executed. More than 17,000 people were deported to Siberia in June. In 1944 and Lithuania fell back under Soviet occupation. During the suppression of the Lithuanian armed resistance, the Soviet authorities murdered thousands of resistance fighters and civilians accused of aiding them. Some 300,000 Lithuanians were deported or sentenced to prison camps on political grounds. It is estimated that Lithuania lost almost 780,000 citizens as a result of Communist occupation, of which around 440,000 were war refuges.[17]

      During the Lithuanian restoration of independence in 1990, the Soviet army killed 13 demonstrators in Vilnius.

      Further information: January Events

      [edit] Poland

      [edit] 1919–1938
      Main article: Polish operation of the NKVD
      The Peace of Riga which ended the Polish-Soviet War of 1919–21 left a sizeable Polish minority (almost 1 million people) under Soviet control, especially around Słuck and Żytomierz. This allowed the Soviets to carry out harsh reprisals against Poles — beginning with the confiscation of property (land, forests), religious persecution and eventually full scale deportation of Poles to Kazakhstan between 1931–1934. Under NKVD Order № 00485 the Soviet government launched the “Polish operation”, the second in a series of national operations of the NKVD, targeting “the liquidation of the Polish diversionist and espionage groups and POW units”. Between 1937–1938 (according to the archives of the NKVD, the Soviet Security Forces) 111,091 Poles, and people accused of ties with Poland, were sentenced to death and 28,744 were sentenced to labor camps — 139,835 in total.[18]

      [edit] 1939–1941
      Main articles: Soviet invasion of Poland, Katyn massacre, and Polish prisoners of war in the Soviet Union (after 1939)
      In September 1939, the Red Army invaded eastern Poland and occupied it in accordance with the secret protocols of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact. Later, the Soviets forcefully occupied the Baltic States and parts of Bessarabia as well.

      One of the mass graves at Katyn where the NKVD massacred thousands of Polish Officers.Soviet policy in all these areas was harsh towards the people under its control, showing strong elements of ethnic cleansing. NKVD task forces followed the Red Army to remove the conquered territories of “Soviet-hostile elements.” Polish historian Tomasz Strzembosz has noted parallels between the Nazi Einsatzgruppen and these Soviet units.[19] Many tried to escape from the Soviet NKVD; those who failed were taken into custody by the Red Army and afterwards deported to Siberia and vanished into the “Gulags”.[20]

      During the years 1939 through to 1941, nearly 1.5 million inhabitants of the Soviet-controlled areas of former eastern Poland were deported, of whom 63.1% were Poles or other nationalities and 7.4% were Jews. Only a small number of these deportees survived the war.[21] According to American professor Carroll Quigley, at least one third of the 320,000 Polish prisoners of war captured by the Red Army in 1939 were murdered.[22]

      [edit] 1944–1953
      In Poland, Nazi atrocities ended by late 1944, but they were replaced by Soviet oppression with the advance of Soviet forces. Soviet soldiers often engaged in plunder, rape and banditry against the Poles, causing the population to fear and hate the Soviet regime.[23][24][25][26]

      The role of the Red Army during the Warsaw Uprising remains controversial. Soldiers of Poland’s Home Army (Armia Krajowa) were persecuted, sometimes imprisoned and, in many cases, executed following staged trials. An example of this was the case of Witold Pilecki, the organizer of Auschwitz resistance. (See also Lack of outside support in the Warsaw Uprising.)

      Units of the Red Army carried out campaigns by the the NKVD against Polish partisans and civilians. During the Augustów chase 1945, more than 2000 Poles were captured, and about 600 of them were killed. For more about this subject, see Cursed soldiers.

      Polish sources claim that there are cases of mass rapes in Polish cities taken by Red Army, that in Kraków Soviet entry brought mass rapes on Polish women and girls, as well as plunder of all private property by Soviet soldiers. According to them, this behaviour reached such scale that even communists installed by Soviets were preparing a letter of protest to Joseph Stalin himself, while masses in churches were held in expectation of Soviet withdrawal.[27].

      [edit] Finland

      [edit] 1939–1944

      Finnish children killed by Soviet partisans at Seitajärvi in Finnish Lapland 1942.The Continuation War was fought between Finland and the Soviet Union between 1941 and 1944. During the war, Soviet partisan units conducted raids into Finnish territory and attacked civilian targets, such as villages. In November 2006, photographs showing atrocities were declassified by the Finnish authorities. These include images of slain women and children. [6][7][8]

      Further information: Finnish prisoners of war in the Soviet Union

      [edit] Soviet Union

      [edit] Retreat by Soviet forces in 1941
      Deportations, executions and torture, as well as hostage taking, and burning of villages took place when the Red Army retreated before the advancing Wehrmacht in 1941. In the Baltic States, Belarus, Ukraine, and Bessarabia, the NKVD and attached units of the Red Army massacred prisoners and political opponents, before fleeing from the advancing German army. A particularly infamous example was the massacre of Polish officers at Katyn.

      These actions increased the hatred by the local population of those who had collaborated with the Soviets, or who were suspected of being sympathetic toward the Soviet cause. The Jews, especially were unfairly blamed by the local population in this regard. As a result, the Nazi Einsatzgruppen, or special annihalation forces who came to German occupied areas could rely heavily on willing volunteers from the local population in the rounding up of Jews for the “Final Solution”.[28][29]

      [edit] 1943–1945
      After the turning point in the war of the Battle of Stalingrad, the Red Army steadly regained lost territory on the Eastern Front. This resulted in revenge actions against any accused of being collaborators during the German occupation. While in France this part of its history is well documented, debated and is the subject of many scientific reviews, very little is known about what happened in the path of the Red Army.

      [edit] 1946–1947
      Main articles: Operation Keelhaul and Betrayal of the Cossacks
      Many thousands of Russians, cossacks and other nationalities were executed by the NKVD after having been forcefully repatriated by British and American troops. Some of these fought alongside the Axis forces, although there is evidence that some of these, like the cossacks, included woman and children, and in some cases, were not previously Soviet citizens. These people were deemed by the Soviets to be traitors and Nazi collaborators, and in many cases were shot immediately on being handed over by the British and American troops under Operation Keelhaul.

      [edit] Germany

      [edit] 1944–1945
      Main articles: Flight and expulsion of Germans during and after WWII and German exodus from Eastern Europe
      According to historian Norman Naimark, the propaganda of Soviet troop newspapers and the orders of Soviet high command were jointly responsible for the excesses of the Red Army. Propaganda proclaimed that the Red Army had entered Germany as an avenger to punish all Germans.[30] Soviet author Ilya Ehrenburg wrote on January 31, 1945:

      The Germans have been punished in Oppeln, in Königsberg and in Breslau. They have been punished, but yet not enough! Some have been punished, but not yet all of them. …


      There are cases where the orders of Soviet generals encouraged their soldiers to commit war crimes. On January 12, 1945, Red Army General Cherniakhovsky told his troops: There shall be no mercy — for anyone, as there was no mercy for us… The land of the fascists must become a desert.[32]

      For the Germans, the organized evacuation of civilians before the advancing Red Army was delayed by the Nazi government, so as not to demoralize the troops, who were by now defending their own country. However, German civilians were well aware that the Red Army was conducting violence against non-combatants from reports by their friends and relatives who had served on the Eastern front. Furthermore, Nazi propaganda — originally meant to stiffen civil resistance by describing in graphic detail Red Army atrocities such as the Nemmersdorf massacre — often backfired and created panic.

      Whenever possible, as soon as Nazi officials left, civilians began to flee westward on their own initiative.

      Refugees in Eastern Germany 1945.Fleeing before the advancing Red Army, more than two million inhabitants of the German provinces of East Prussia, Silesia and Pomerania died, some from cold and starvation, during the expulsion and post-war ethnic cleansing, and some when they were killed during combat operations. The main death toll, however, occurred when the refugee columns were encountered by units of the Red Army. The civilians were overrun by tanks, shot or otherwise murdered. Women and young girls were raped and left to die (as is explored firsthand in Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Prussian Nights).[32][33][34] In addition, fighter bombers of the Soviet air force penetrated far behind the front lines and often attacked columns of refugees.[32][33]

      Those who did not flee suffered the Red Army’s occupying policies: murder, rape, robbery, and finally expulsion. For example, in Königsberg, the East Prussian capital city, approximately 100,000 German civilians still lived there in August 1945. By the time they were finally expelled from the city in 1948, only about 20,000 of the Germans were still alive (see also expulsion of Germans after World War II).

      The Red Army’s violence against the local German population during the occupation of eastern Germany often led to incidents like Demmin, a small city conquered by the Soviets in the spring of 1945. Despite its unconditional surrender and without any prior fighting near the city, nearly 900 civilians people committed suicide after Soviet commanders had declared Demmin “open” for looting, pillaging and rape — which lasted for three consecutive days.[32]

      Although mass executions of civilians by the Red Army were seldom publicly reported, there is a known incident in Treuenbrietzen, where at least 88 male inhabitants were rounded up and shot on May 1, 1945. The incident took place after a Soviet victory celebration at which numerous girls from Treuenbrietzen were raped and a Red Army lieutenant-colonel was shot by an unknown assailant. Some sources claim as many as 1,000 civilians may have been executed during the incident.[35][36]

      [edit] 1945
      Following the Red Army’s capture of Berlin in 1945, one of the largest incidents of mass rape took place. Soviet troops reportedly raped German women and girls as young as 8 years old. Estimates of the total number of victims range from tens of thousands to two million[37]. After the summer of 1945, Soviet soldiers caught raping civilians were usually punished to some degree, ranging from arrest to execution.[38] The rapes continued, however, until the winter of 1947-48, when Soviet occupation authorities finally confined Soviet troops to strictly guarded posts and camps,“[39] completely separating them from the residential population of the Soviet zone of Germany.

      [edit] Consequences
      In The Russians in Germany: A History of the Soviet Zone of Occupation, 1945-1949, Norman Naimark wrote that not only did each victim have to carry the trauma for the rest of their days, [but] it [also] inflicted a massive collective trauma on the former country of East Germany (the German Democratic Republic). Naimark concluded, “The social psychology of women and men in the Soviet zone of occupation was marked by the crime of rape from the first days of occupation, through the founding of the GDR in the fall of 1949, until, one could argue, the present.”[40]

      [edit] Hungary

      [edit] 1944–1945
      During the occupation of Budapest, (Hungary), it is estimated that 50,000 women and girls were raped.[41][42]

      Hungarian girls in general were taken to the Red Army quarters, where they were incarcerated, raped and sometimes murdered. These atrocities were committed even against embassy staff from neutral countries, when Soviet soldiers attacked the Swedish legation in Germany.[43]

      [edit] Hungarian Revolution (1956)
      Main article: Hungarian Revolution of 1956
      According to the United Nations Report of the Special Committee on the problem of Hungary (1957):

      Soviet tanks fired indiscriminately at every building from which they believed themselves to be under fire.[44]

      The UN commission received numerous reports of Soviet mortar and artillery fire into inhabited quarters in the Buda section of the city despite no return fire and of “haphazard shooting at defenseless passers-by.” According to many witnesses Soviet troops fired upon people queuing outside stores. Most of the victims were said to be women and children. Many cases of Soviet fire upon ambulances and red cross vehicles were reported.

      [edit] Yugoslavia
      Although the Red Army crossed only a very small part of Yugoslavia in 1944, its activities there caused great concern for the communist partisans, who feared that the rapes and plundering by their communist allies would weaken their standing with the population.[43] At least 121 cases of rape were documented later, 111 of which also involved murder.[43] A total of 1,204 cases of looting with assault were documented.[43] Stalin responded to a Yugoslav partisan leader’s complaints about the Red Army’s conduct by saying, “Can’t he understand it if a soldier who has crossed thousands of kilometers through blood and fire and death has fun with a woman or takes some trifle?”[43]

      [edit] Slovakia
      Slovak communist leader Vlado Clementis complained to Marshal I. S. Konev about the behaviour of Soviet troops in Slovakia.[43] Konev’s response was to claim it was done mainly on Red Army deserters.[43]

      [edit] Bulgaria
      Thanks to the better discipline in Marshal Tolbukhin’s army, a relative similarity in cultures, a century of friendly relations, and an open welcome of the Soviet troops, there was a relative absence of rapes in Bulgaria, especially when compared with the the occupation of Romania and Hungary.[43]

      [edit] Czechoslovakia
      Further information: Prague Spring

      [edit] Georgia
      Further information: April 9 tragedy
      in Tbilisi 1989 when an anti-Soviet demonstration was dispersed by the Soviet army, resulting in 20 deaths and hundreds of injuries.

      [edit] Manchuria
      A number of rapes committed by the Soviet soldiers were recorded. Where Soviet soldiers advanced, women and girls fled from their villages and towns, leaving only boys and men to be found by the Soviet soldiers.[citation needed]

      [edit] Afghanistan
      Further information: Soviet war in Afghanistan

      [edit] Destruction of cities and looting
      In general, Red Army officers declared all cities, villages and farms open to pillaging and looting in Romania, Hungary and Germany.[32] Although a written order does not exist, there are several documents which describe the Red Army’s behaviour. One of them is a report by the Swiss legation in Budapest, describing the Red Army’s entry into the city in 1945. It states:

      During the siege of Budapest and also during the following weeks, Russian troops looted the city freely. They entered practically every habitation, the very poorest as well as the richest. They took away everything they wanted, especially food, clothing and valuables. Every apartment, shop, bank, etc. was looted several times. Furniture and larger objects of art, etc. that could not be taken away were frequently simply destroyed. In many cases, after looting, the homes were also put on fire, causing a vast total loss. Bank safes were emptied without exception — even the British and American safes — and whatever was found was taken.[45]

      Walter Kilian, the first mayor of the Charlottenburg district in Berlin after the war, who was himself placed in office by the Soviets, reported extensive looting by Red Army soldiers in the area:

      Individuals, department stores, shops, apartments … all were robbed blind.[46]

      In the Soviet occupation zone, members of the SED reported to Stalin that looting and rapes by Soviet soldiers could result in a negative reaction by the German population towards the Soviet Union and towards the future of socialism in East Germany. Stalin reacted angrily: “I shall not tolerate anybody dragging the honour of the Red Army through the mud.”[47][48]

      Accordingly, all evidence — such as reports, pictures and other documents of looting, rapes, burning down of farms and villages by the Red Army — was deleted from all archives in the Soviet occupation zone, which later was to become the GDR.[47]

      On many occasions Soviet soldiers set fire to buildings, villages or parts of cities, shooting anybody trying to extinguish the flames. For example, on May 1, 1945, Soviet soldiers set fire to the city centre of Demmin and prevented the inhabitants from extinguishing the blaze. Of the historic buildings around the market place, only a steeple survived the inferno.[32] Most Red Army atrocities took place only in what was regarded as hostile territory (see also Przyszowice massacre). Soldiers of the Red Army together with members of the NKVD frequently looted transport trains in 1944 and 1945 in Poland.[20]

      [edit] Treatment of prisoners of war

      Soviet order, 1945[show]
      “Some army members have caused enormous material damage by their behavior, because they destroy valuable property in the cities and villages of East Prussia burning down buildings and whole villages which belong to the soviet state now.(..) Furthermore cases were determined where army members used weapons against the German civilian population, particularly against women and the elderly. Numerous cases were determined where prisoners of war were shot under circumstances, in which shooting was not necessary but came only from bad will.” The order goes on to specify measures against such occurrences, defining the occurrences as unjustified and inadmissible. Specifically, the order proposes to conduct “one-two” demonstrative punishments of Soviet soldiers accused in war crimes and to initiate struggle against intemperance in the Red Army.The Soviet Union did not recognise the entry of Imperial Russia to the Hague Conventions (1899 and 1907) as binding for itself and refused to sign it until 1955.[4] This allowed the barbaric treatment of POWs on both the Polish and the Soviet side during the Polish-Soviet War of 1919-21. Moreover, the Soviet Union did not sign the Genevan Prisoners of War convention of 1929 until 1955. Accordingly, the Red Army was able to mis-treat its prisoners of war, without any effective international pressure.

      During 1941, after emergency landings, German flight crews were often shot after their capture. Torture, mutilation, and murder were frequently carried out on German aircrews.[49][50] During the winter of 1941–1942 the Red Army captured approximately 10,000 German soldiers each month, but the death rate became so high that the absolute number of the prisoners decreased (or was bureaucratically reduced).[51] The murder of the prisoners was often arranged through instructions, reports and statements of Soviet commanders. Throughout the war, 300,000 German POWs in Soviet captivity died, a loss rate of 14.9%. By contrast, some 3.3 million Soviet POWs died in German captivity, a loss rate of 65%.[52] German prisoners were not released after the war but many were kept in captivity until as late as 1956 under terrible conditions as part of the “Gulag”.

      Soviet sources list the deaths of 474,967 of the 2,652,672 German Armed Forces POW taken in the War.[53] However, Dr. Rüdiger Overmans believes that It seems entirely plausible, while not provable, that an additional 1 million German military personnel listed as missing actually died in Soviet custody as POW.[54]

      [edit] Treuenbrietzen massacre
      The Treuenbrietzen massacre took place during the last days of April and the first days of May 1945, after a tough battle in which the Red Army took and lost control of the village on more than one occasion. The Red Army rounded up around 1000 (mostly male) civilians and executed them in the nearby forest. These executions were made as retaliation for the death of a high-ranking Soviet officer during the battle for control of the village.[55]

      [edit] Discussion by historians
      For decades, Western scholars have generally explained these atrocities in Germany and Hungary as revenge for German atrocities in the territory of the Soviet Union and for the mass killing of Soviet POWs (3,6 million dead of total a 5,2 million POWs) by the German army. This explanation is now disputed by military historians such as Antony Beevor, at least in regard to the mass rapes. Beevor claims that Red Army soldiers also raped Russian and Polish women liberated from concentration camps, and contends that this undermines the revenge explanation.[56] Beevor’s claims have encountered vast criticism from historians in Russia and the Russian government.[57] The Russian ambassador to the UK said “It is a disgrace to have anything to do with this clear case of slander against the people who saved the world from Nazism.”[58]

      O.A. Rzheshevsky, a professor and President of the Russian Association of World War II Historians, has charged that Beevor is merely resurrecting the discredited and racist views of Neo-Nazi historians, who depicted Soviet troops as subhuman “Asiatic hordes.” [59] Other prominent historians such as Richard Overy have criticised Russian “outrage” at the book and defended Beevor. Overy accused the Russians of refusing to acknowledge Soviet war crimes, “Partly this is because they felt that much of it was justified vengeance against an enemy who committed much worse, and partly it was because they were writing the victors’ history”[60]

      Polish sources claim that there are cases of mass rapes in Polish cities taken by Red Army, that in Kraków Soviet entry brought mass rapes on Polish women and girls, as well as plunder of all private property by Soviet soldiers. According to them, this behaviour reached such scale that even communists installed by Soviets were preparing a letter of protest to Joseph Stalin himself, while masses in churches were held in expectation of Soviet withdrawal.[27].”


      Russian crimes in WW2 dwarfed anything done by the atomic bombing of Japan.

      You are a spineless waste of oxygen.

      • “the rapes and murders in Warsaw when it was “liberated” in 1944”

        Actually there was no one left in the city in 1945 (only then the Red Army moved) – while the Soviets watched from the other river bank for months, the SS murdered or deported literally everyone in the city.

        But if the Soviets invaded Japan… it would be truly apocalyptic. Even more than the horrific Operation Downfall scenarios and I don’t even want to think much about it.

  33. Andrew
    “So thats why you habe a NEGATIVE population growth?”.
    With immigrants our number of people considerably grows now.

    I have any time to read so much Andrew. Could you repeat your Great Work shortly for me?

  34. Andrew, you are being gamed.

  35. Sure, American nukes in Hiroshima and Nagasika took THOUSANDS civilian lives. (Bombing of Dresden cost more) But still, they were civilians of state considered as ENEMY and use of nukes was justified by military goals and preceding casulties on American side, while USSR was able to slaughter MILLIONS of OWN citizens during Red Terror and Great Purge and just to eliminate internal opposition. I wonder, was your father NKVD investigator or gulag watcher? Im not sure, which one these is right?

    • Dresden had “only” about 30,000 confirmed German civilian fatalities.

      Operation Gomorra (Hamburg 1943) was probably worse – upwards of 50,000, but it’s forgotten for some reason.

  36. We should have followed Pattons advice and kept going. Used the A-bomb on Moscow.

  37. Deith
    “But still, they were civilians of state considered as ENEMY and use of nukes was justified by military goals …” If they were Civilians of ENEMY`s Country so their mass killing was justified? Let me ask you, what thing is distinguished you from NAZY? I think you are NAZY!

  38. Well “I’m Russian” you Russian scum murdered several hundered thousand civillians in east Prussia, the Baltic republics, Poland, and the remainder of eastern Europe during your “liberation”.
    Rape, murder, and ethnic cleansing were official Russian policy (Koenigsburg, eastern Poland, Baltic Republics, Finnish Karelia).
    Russia was WORSE than the Nazi’s.
    Russia = Terrorist scum.
    BTW, learn to spell you ape.

  39. It’s no surprise that East Germans referred to the Russian war memorial in East Berlin as “The Tomb of the Unknown Rapist”

  40. Andrew // April 13, 2009 at 4:04 pm | Reply

    “We should have followed Pattons advice and kept going. Used the A-bomb on Moscow”.
    So I show you true colour to LR readers! All of them see that you are bastard!
    Но, что-то мне совсем не страшно, почему бы это?
    But I`m not afraid you at all, why?

  41. Because you are stupid?
    I may be a bastard, but you are stupid, and probably the offspring of a puta.

  42. “I am Russian”, you really are a mental pigmy.
    You are incapable of presenting a coherently stated argument, you are incapable of research.
    Like the rest of your scumbag criminal nation, you are incapable of intelligent thought, and devoid of the slightest human compassion or virtue.
    Your nation has brought more suffering to the world than any other, and is the laughing stock of the world.

  43. Besides, killing the entire Soviet leadership in 1945 would have saved millions of lives, maybe we could have made Russians into useful members of humanity?
    Though I doubt it.

  44. Of course Andrew is better guy then I. It doesn`t matter that he justifies A bombs of Japan and regrets that there wasn`t A bombs of Russia. But Andrew is DEMOCRAT, WEST-DEMOCRAT, and people under A BOMB is only crap. VIVA DEMOCRATIA, VIVA ANDREW!!!

    P.S. Why so many country have intension to create own nuke? Are all of them “Bad Guys”. No they are just affraid that Guy like Andrew will became pr. of USA!

  45. Nice job Andrew, no one can follow that up.

  46. Oh bravo, another well formed (not) argument from “I’m Russian Ape”.

    Russia was and is far worse than the Nazi criminals.
    Face up to facts “I’m ape”, you justify the mass murder of millions of civillians by Russian forces, you justify the genocide by Russians against Chechens.

    As for Hiroshima & Nagasaki, even the Japanese concede that is saved millions of lives, and was the only way to end the war quickly.

    You are a pathetic communazi.

    • Hey there Andrew,
      That goose-stepping moron can’t compete with the truth. I can picture him, sitting in a little cubicle, armed with one binder of communazi propaganda to study, pants down to his ankles, playing with himself. It’s no wonder Russia is so screwed up if even 10% of their population is as brainwashed as the stooge troll ‘I am Russian’. I pity the poor bastards. I was going to pipe in there a couple of times, but you covered everything I could think of to say. Keep it up! Cheers!
      ps. I also have some of that Irish blood, O’Flynn.

      • O’Flynn, thats a good Irish name alrighty!!
        I have Parker, Murphy, and the Irish branch of the Webb family.

        You are entirly right about communazi boy, and about the brainwashing of his people.

        You keep up the good work to mate!

  47. Hezbollah is not a nation.

    • Don’t forget about our little pigmy friend in North Korea. Of course his regime is tailored after Stalin’s. Starving millions of his own people to death, just another day at the office for the stunted little commie, ‘The Dear Leader’. He wears raised heels and fluffs his hair so he’ll look taller. The marxist/communist ideology is what’s done so much damage to so many people around the world. It’s a completely idiotic ideology, but to the ‘BELIEVER’ it makes so much sense, and unfortunately completely ruins the remaining people, IMHO.

  48. To Andrew: Thank you profoundly for all of your historical facts. Unfortunately, few people these days, especially the younger generation, (in the free-west OR in present Russia) care much about the whole subject of….history, and mostly NOT about unpleasant history, such as what all you have here related to us. At least, we in the west DO have access to these facts, if we want to know them. The poor ignorant sovietized dupes in the Russian ‘Socialist Workers’ Paradise’, have never been educated in the real facts….of any of their own DIRTY pre-bolshevik or official soviet-Russian, rotten and vicious and bloody history, or NOW it’s neo-soviet actual & awful factual happenings/atrocities/etc.
    The great masses of the population in neo-soviet-Putin’s-Russia, know virtually ZERO truthful information about their own most shameful and disgusting monsterous crimes against humanity. When one views the information which you have put here for our view, it makes one sick and….feeling almost…hopeless about the whole human condition, how human beings (any! human beings!) CAN do such terrible things against other humans., no matter what the pretext. It also makes one question: Are RUSSIANS actually real HUMAN BEINGS?…or some outer-space MONSTERS??? Hitler’s Nazi Germany was indeed a horrible curse on the whole human race, but it lasted for such a short short time (thank God!). But, Marxist-Lenninism….now continuing under the communist secret police, the KGB-Putin gangsters, lasts on, and on, and on, causing trouble and threatening war and destruction upon the rest of the world, NONE-ENDING!. Russia….NEVER!…improves!. NEVER!!! Because of all those millions and millions of innocent human beings slaughtered by these Russian-communists,( a large percent of whom were also Russians) I dare say, that Heaven now is populated by more….Russians…and other nationalities victimized by Russians, than any other earthly nationality! And, Hell, must be conversely, packed to the rafters with those wicked Russian-souls, the murderers of the innocent! As of this date, the land and country and people and culture of the county called, ‘Russia’ is THE MOST EVIL NATION that has EVER existed on this earth. I believe, that it is hopeless. Russia today, is: (quoting Alexander Schmemann): “The only theological excuse for…the atom bomb”.
    Reader Daniel

    • Well said Reader Daniel, keep up the good work brother! I thank you for all your excellent work, God bless you and keep you!

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