EDITORIAL: The Medvedev Family Fortune


The Medvedev Family Fortune

If you know, as being a well-informed and faithful LR reader you are likely to do, that Russian “president” Dima Medvdev’s wife was “once photographed wearing a Breguet Reine de Naples watch that sells for more than $20,000” and if you also know that Medvedev himself was once the boss of Gazprom, one of the world’s largest energy conglomerates, then it will probably surprise you to learn that, according to the Moscow Times, the combined bank accounts Medvedev and his wife are worth . . . wait for it . . . . less than $88,500 (all but $4,000 of it in hubby’s accounts) — and Medvedev’s total income last year was less than $124,000.  The MT observes:  “The presidency does not appear to have been too profitable for Medvedev, who has managed to add just 78,774 rubles ($2,357) to his savings since last year.”

But it will probably not surprise you to learn that Russian “prime minister” Vladimir Putin, when asked how much he had in his savings accounts . . . refused to say, even though it was Medvedev’s own decree that ordered these disclosures.  Putin did admit that he earned $14,000 more as prime minister than Medvedev did as president.

Now, would we be stepping beyond the bounds of reason and fair play, dear reader, if we were to suggest that both Medvedev and Putin are lying through their fangs?

The MT reports: 

In 2007, Putin declared earnings of 2,011,611 rubles ($60,000) and savings in Russian bank accounts totaling 3,700,299 rubles ($111,000), according to the Central Elections Commission. In 2004, those figures were 7,799,637 rubles ($233,000) and 3,816,438 rubles ($114,000), respectively. Putin this year declared a 77-square-meter apartment, one garage and one parking space. His wife Lyudmila earned no money in 2008, according to the declaration, which does mention their two daughters, who are students.

The MT states:    “The modest figures don’t seem to be consistent with the luxury brands worn by Medvedev and Putin. Russian journalists have spotted Medvedev wearing a Breguet watch and Putin wearing Breguet and Patek Philippe watches. The watches sell for tens of thousands of dollars.”

Indeed. Not consistent. To say the least.  To say the most, as we already have done, they’re lying.

And the people of Russia, though they work for slave wages and don’t rank in the top 100 world nations for male adult lifespan, seem not to care that they’re being lied to.  They continue to favor Putin with ridiculously high approval ratings in opinion polls no matter what outrageous fact about him is disclosed.

And hence, they get what they deserve. Suffering, and more of the same.

14 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Medvedev Family Fortune

  1. Meanwhile Yuri Trutnev claims to make more than all of them. He is either an idiot or too honest for his own good.

  2. Margaret kobylt

    I know not enough to have opinion. You have to be Russian or know them much more than I do to form any opinion.

  3. you need phycological help, too bad I am in nuclear medicine, could have help you as donation:) I don’t know what we did to you personaly, but I am greatful that in MN are mostly educated people that have brain, unlike you


    In Soviet times they also thought certain people needed “psychological help” didn’t they? But it turned out thsoe people were right and the government was wrong.

    If you click the “weaponinizing psychiatry” link in the category section of our sidebar, you will learn more about those who need such help in Putin’s Russia.

  4. Thank you, greatful mara for sharing with us your diagnosis. Do you mind telling us greatless who the patient is?

    Your esteemed mentor, Greatful Putin, was quite precise in his medical advise – when he sent a doctor to Mechel. Be as clear as Greatful Putin – and you will move markets down by billions as well!

  5. Abruptly. In Russia there is a saying: in another’s eye a mote you will find, and in the a log you will not notice. So-called светоч Clinton after scandal with Monikoj sold democracies for great sums are lawful to your banks and let out crowds of the Mafiosi. A result of these actions a global economic crisis, and for money received from these operations the family Clinton has returned to a big-times politics. Future will show that now Clinton family will make good for the camps.

    Круто. В России есть поговорка: в чужом глазу соринку найдешь, а в своем бревна не заметишь. Так называемый светоч демократии Клинтон после скандала с Моникой за большие суммы продавал законны вашим банкам и выпускал толпы мафиози.
    Итог этих действий глобальный экономический кризис, а за деньги полученные с этих операций семейство Клинтон вернулось в большую политику. Будущие покажет, что теперь семейка Клинтонов сделает хорошего для своей станы.

  6. Есть в России традиция – коллегам складываться деньгами, и дарить
    хорошие подарки друг другу. Может посчитаем сколько нас, коллег?
    Что вы в статье придуриваетесь, или по-вашему, наш президент с ржавым

    будильником ходить должен?

    Ба… знакомые все лица!
    Привет Felix!

    There is in Russia a tradition – to colleagues to develop money, and to

    give good gifts each other. Can we shall count how many us, colleagues?
    What you in article feign ignorance, or your way, our president with a

    rusty alarm clock should go?

    Bа… Familiar all persons!
    Greetings Felix!

    Peregruzka&Coca Cola WELCOME !

  7. Я восхищен мужеством людей!

    I am admired with courage of people!

    Peregruzka&Coca Cola WELCOME !

  8. Andrew – i was thinking the same thing… Charitably, I thought it was humility, but Unkneeling Russians are not known for being too humble. So, I have to go with sadomasochism; Russian history has many examples of self-flagellation! May I also suggest the nicknames of Tsushima,
    Admiral Nakhimov, and of course, Chernobyl tops it all

    Disclaimer: While K-19 is glad to see familiar person in me, I have no idea who he is and have no interest in getting to know him. K-19 only interests me as a study subject for eternal question “Do Russians deserve the government that they have?”

    • And maybe Alma, Inkermann, Balaclava, Port Arthur, Yalu River, Mukden, and also Gulag, which ranks up there with Chernobyl!

  9. Oh yes – and his tag line (Peregruzka&Coca Cola WELCOME !) is hilarious. Peregruzka can be also translated as overdose. Reminds of a joke that I heard in Berkeley: Why Diet Coke is so popular? You can get thin and high at the same time.

  10. Не отмазывайся Felix!

    Из специального рапорта:

    …Так же хочу отметить удовлетворительную работу наших агентов и провокаторов из среды американских обывателей…

    From the special report:
    …As I want to note satisfactory work of our agents and provokers from the environment of the American inhabitants…

    И я о том-же …Сoca Cola, а передозировка похоже случилась у вашего премьер министра, или как её там.

    EN: And I about the same… Сoca Cola, and overdose has similar happened at yours prime-minister of minister, or as her there.

    Может быть не стоит здесь тревожить Порт Артур, Пёрл Харбор?

    EN:Can be it is not necessary to disturb here Port Arthur, Pearl Hаrbоr?

    Peregruzka&Coca Cola WELCOME !

  11. Интервью с последним командиром легендарной атомной подлодки «К-19»

    … нобелевский лауреат Михаил Горбачев выдвинул экипаж советской атомной подлодки «К-19» на соискание Нобелевской премии мира за 2006 год. Как вы относитесь к этому?
    — Положительно. Думаю, это станет знаменательным прецедентом — впервые в истории человечества военные моряки-подводники выдвигаются на присуждение премии за спасение мира от угрозы ядерной войны. Ведь случившаяся в июле 1961 г. авария на «К-19» грозила третьей мировой войной. Ценою жизней наших товарищей, найдя решение для ликвидации аварии, экипаж «К-19» спас тогда мир от ядерной катастрофы…

    …Похоже, в США с большим уважением отнеслись к подвигу советских моряков, чем в России, свидетельством чему является американский фильм «К-19: оставляющая вдов»…
    — Вы правы. В годы перестройки «демократическое» руководство России относилось к морякам-подводникам не лучше, а, пожалуй, еще хуже, чем в хрущевское время. По крайней мере вреда нанесли больше. Вот вы упомянули американский фильм «К-19: оставляющая вдов». Там много правды, за что мы должны быть благодарны и режиссеру Бигеллоу, и Харрисону Форду, прекрасно сыгравшему роль Затеева. А вот к деталям, касающимся повседневной работы и быта подводников, есть немало претензий. Например, само название «Оставляющая вдов»… Вдов оставить ребята не могли: все были молодые, неженаты…


    EN: Interview to last commander of a legendary nuclear submarine “K-19”

    … Nobel winner Michael Gorbachev has put forward crew of the Soviet nuclear submarine “K-19” on competition of the Nobel Prize of the world for 2006. How you concern to this?
    – Positively. I think, it becomes significant precedent – for the first time in a history of mankind military seamen – submariners are put forward on award of the premium for rescue of the world from threat of nuclear war. In fact the failure which has happened in July, 1961 on “K-19” threatened with the third world war. The price lives of our comrades, найдя the decision for liquidation of failure, the crew “K-19” has rescued then the world from nuclear catastrophe…

    … Similar, in the USA with the big respect have considered a feat of the Soviet seamen, than in Russia, the certificate to that is the American film « K-19: leaving widows » …
    – You are right. Within reorganization the “democratic” management(manual) of Russia concerned to seamen – submariners not
    better, and, perhaps, even worse, than in Hrushev time. At least harm have put more. Here you have mentioned the American film « K-19: leaving widows ». There it is a lot of truth, for what we should be grateful and to director Bigellou, and Harrison Ford, perfectly played
    role Zateev. And here to the details concerning daily work and a life of submariners, there are many claims. For example, the name « Leaving
    widows » … Widows leave guys could not: everyone were young, are unmarried…


    Peregruzka&Coca Cola WELCOME !

  12. Хорошая статья, кстати автору хочу предложить установить от яндекс.денег полезную фишку на сайт “Дай рубль”. Я бы дал, так сказать на поддержание. ;)

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