EDITORIAL: Kirill Pankratov, Shameless Neo-Soviet Liar


Kirill Pankratov, Shameless Neo-Soviet Liar

 The loathesome Kremlin shill Kirill Pankratov is well known to us here at La Russophobe.  The much-admired David McDuff of A Step at a Time nailed Pankratov’s skeevy hide to the wall some time ago, and one need only glace at Pankratov’s reptilian attack on Anna Politkokvskaya to appreciate what sort of maggot this really is.

So it was rather disappointing to see a column by Pankratov appear on the pages of the Moscow Times earlier this week, claiming that we have nothing to fear where Russia’s Internet is concerned, because it’s free and fair and indestructible — just what Vladimir Putin has been insisting all along.

Needless to say, Pankratov’s column was chock full of the most ridiculous lies that can be imagined.

First, Pankratov claims that Russians are ignorant because they are “too lazy” to click open the right websites, not because of Kremlin censorship. That’s simply nonsense.  Russia’s active Internet population is just 18 million, barely 12% of the total population.  Germany, with half Russia’s overall population, has twice the Internet population. With a prevailing wage below $4/hour and double-digit inflation, most ordinary Russians can’t afford regular Internet access. Add to that the Kremlin’s repeated willingness to prosecute bloggers and commenters (we’ve just editorialized the indictment of Oborona’s Dmitri Solovyev), and it’s easy to see why the vast majority of Russians eschew the Internet entirely. In bizarre fashion, Pankratov attempts to spin this fact by claiming, giving no source whatsoever, that 80% of “politically active” Russians have Internet access — a meaningless point when the author himself admits so many are not active.   And he seems to miss an even more obvious flaw in his “analysis” — isn’t it rather disturbing that one-fifth of Russia’s elite politically active citizens have no Internet access?  Isn’t it clear that this “politcally active” segment is insignificantly small, since there is no oppostion in the Duma created by it?  Who are these people? Zhirinovsky supporters and Communists?

Then, Pankratov claims that Russia’s being left off a list of Internet villians by Reporters without Borders proves it’s not so bad. More hogwash! Pankratov himself admits that RWB has been harshly critical of Russia’s campaign of murder against journalists, yet he seems to reject that criticism, picking and choosing only the statements he likes.  That’s how they did things in Soviet times in Russia, one would have thought the nation might have advanced beyond such gutter tactics by now.   RWB has referred to Russian ruler Vladimir Putin as a “predator of press freedom.”  Does Pankratov accept that characterization as accurate? Of course not. Given that newspapers do most of their business these days via the Internet, it would be hard indeed to accept it and not believe Russia’s Internet is under attack.

Finally, Pankratov willfully mischaracterizes the comments of Evgeny Morozov in the New York Times. Morozov did not, as Pankratov claims, assert “that Russian authorities strangle dissent simply by the fact that many people pay by downloaded megabytes.” Morozov wrote that the Kremlin is attempting to exploit Russian poverty by creating free websites that don’t charge fees for access, unlike the vast majority of Russia’s Internet. And those websites are all full of pro-Kremlin propaganda.

It’s certainly true that compared to Russia’s whitewashed Duma, national TV and major newspapers, its Internet is a bastion of freedom – just as was the institution of Samizdat during Soviet times. But it’s a bastion that’s under brutal, unrelenting attack from all sides and it needs protection. By claiming that’s not the case, Pankratov helps the Kremlin strangle it.  In fact, we challenge any reader to explain to us how Pankratov’s column would have been different if Vladimir Putin had written it himself.

And in fact, who can say for sure that he didn’t?

8 responses to “EDITORIAL: Kirill Pankratov, Shameless Neo-Soviet Liar

  1. //Russia’s active Internet population is just 18 million, barely 12% of the total population. //

    Let’s check taking sociology: http://bd.fom.ru/report/map/bntergum07/intergum0703/int_pressr70409.

    First para, translation:

    Daily internet audience among urban population of 12 yrs and older is 23%, weekly – 35%, monthly – 40%, semi-annual – 44%. This is a result of representative survey of urban population from 12 yrs and older, which happened in March 2009. Volume of subset was 4000 people.


    Moron. That is URBAN population, not the whole country. Not even you can stand to read the things you yourself write. What’s more, the notion that your Russian source is reliable is simply insane. The vast majority of the population does not live in cities, and EVEN IN CITIES 75% of the population does NOT use the Internet in any given day BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION. It says that EVEN IN CITIES 60% of the Russian population does NOT go online in any given six month period. Did you even read the source material we linked to? You certainly didn’t ready your own, illiterate APE.

    Freak. Take your lies and crawl back under your dark little rock.

  2. //EVEN IN CITIES 75% of the population does NOT use the Internet in any given week BY YOUR OWN ADMISSION.//

    Let’s calculate: 100 – 35 = 65 , not 75


    Read your own text, moron. “23% daily” means 77% DID NOT ACCESS THE INTERNET in a given day, 23% did.

    Let’s calculate: 100 – 23 = 77.

    Thanks for admitting that SIXTY FIVE PERCENT of URBAN Russians did not access the Internet in any given WEEK. Those are the elite, the most sophisticated and wealthy, and the vast majority don’t go near the Internet. And how about the statistics for the REST OF THE COUNTRY, the vast majority, who have outhouses instead of toilets? Care to provide them?

    Dimwit. You should shut your mouth, you make Russia look even worse than it actually is. You simply can’t say “I’m sorry, I was wrong” can you? That’s sad.

  3. Yes, this is one of the Kremlin’s weasels.

    I remember reading an article from this Grima Wormtongue not so long ago concerning Latvia’s Nazi past.

    A ranting polemic conveneiently, laden with stock Russian propoganda, that overlooked the fact of the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, where totalitarian Soviet Russia jumped in to bed with totalitarian Nazi Germany.

    It also conveniently forgot to mention the 100,000s of Balts, Poles and Ukranians who were butchered in the period of 1939-41 under Sovet Russian Occupation by Soviet Russian murderers, not to mention of course Soviet Russia’s extensive co-operation with Nazi Germany in this period.

    An abject liar of the highest order and of the lowest intellect.

  4. redRat - Veritas


    The most interesting fact about Latvia’s Nazi past is that there effectively wasn’t any.

    There never existed any Nazi organizations in Latvia and the right wing organization closest to what could be roughly approximated as Nazis (“Perkonkrusts”) had only a handful of members and was declared illegal. Latvia was one of the most comfortable places for Jews to live in the pre-WWII Europe. Nazi Germany was regarded as a threat to the country, equally or even more than the Bolshevik Russia.

    That is why Russia is so busy in its smear campaign against Latvian Legion soldiers who fought on German side against Red Army on Eastern Front, trying to falsely portray them as SS hangmen and modern Latvia as a Nazi state.

    The actual dark spot of the Latvian history of the period was a bunch of Nazi collaborators who actively participated in the Holocaust under Nazi command and later were involved in atrocities against civilians, like the infamous Arajs Commando executioners, killing a great number of innocent people.

    It is a serious shame by itself, but that is not enough for Russia, so they are busy to the extend beyond any reason and decency, smearing all over the contemporary history of the region to hide or to repaint inconvenient facts, mixing up meanings, distorting information (shameless tossing around of facts and figures as we see in smaller examples above here in this page ), or just simply inventing their own reality to create a bizarre xenophobic Myth of bloodthirsty Latvian pests who were rightly crushed by the almighty Red Army but, unfortunately, are rising their Nazi heads again, controlled by the evil USA and supported by the hypocritical EU, so some more crushing may be needed.

    This makes me look back at the old days of Breznev’s USSR as at the era of relative common sense and decency. And that, possibly, only illustrates how xenophobic, aggressive and incredibly insane Putin’s Russia has become, that in many respects it even makes USSR look good, which was no model country either.

  5. Hi Jeremy, read the link.

    That Kirill Pakrathov, really likes to “choke the chicken” doesn’t he!
    What a complete neo-soviet (or as I like to call them “CommuNazi”) tosser.

  6. natalia navarova

    Pankratov is shameless ion a very personallevel.
    I bet he willl deny that he has a daughter.

  7. natalia navarova

    Pankratov is shameless on a very personal level.
    I bet he willl deny that he has a daughter.

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