Sweden to Russia: Up Yours!

Robert Amsterdam has noticed a Swedish newswire report indicating that the Swedes have coldly rejected a shameless Russian propaganda ploy aimed at undercutting Western resolve as the neo-Soviet weaonization of energy heats up, Russia becoming increasingly desperate to hedge its energy weapons as its economy collapses:

Sweden has decided not to take part in a conference about the proposed Nord Stream gas pipeline under the Baltic Sea, much to the surprise of the members of the Russian Parliament, who are organised the meeting in St Petersburg next week. Head of the Russian Duma’s energy committee, Yuri Lipatov, says they are very upset that Sweden has decided not to take part in the meeting. Karin Pilsäter, head of the Swedish parliament’s industry committee says their decision to skip the meeting is based on the fact that the Swedish government’s position on the controversial gas pipeline will be based on environmental factors, not political ones.  But Anders Ygeman, head of the environment committee in the Swedish parliament says he doesn’t think it is in Sweden’s interests to have a Russian gas pipeline in its economic zone. He says he is willing to discuss the issue with his Russian colleagues, but not by going to Russia and flying around in helicopters.

Amsterdam comments: “The Russians have arranged a feel-good junket to the tropical paradise that is St. Petersburg for countries standing in the way of the Nord Stream pipeline, complete with wining and dining and caviaring and helicopter rides along part of the land portion of the pipeline route. At the last minute, the Swedes said “no thånks” and will not be attending this “conference”, which has come as a complete shock to the Russians.”

2 responses to “Sweden to Russia: Up Yours!

  1. A complete shock to the Russians. Funny. Usually it is the behavior of the Russians that comes as a complete shock to Europeans. Invading this nation, threatening that one, subverting the elections of neighbors. I would have thought that any European nation would be happy to have the kill switch to their economies in the capable and competent hands of the Venezuela of the North.

    • Well the sad fact is that most (Western) Europeans think that despite all the flak they give the US (and to a lesser extent the UK) that the old alliance will always bail them out regardless.
      Lazy good for nothing western Euro’s should be left to fend for themselves.
      The US should concentrate its efforts where they are valued and appreciated, in the former communist states of eastern Europe, and Ukraine & Georgia.

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