EDITORIAL: More of Putin’s Russia at its Very Worst


More of Putin’s Russia at its Very Worst

Sulim Yamadayev

Sulim Yamadayev

The world is being treated to yet another brutal, vivid illustration of Vladimir Putin’s Russia at its very most horrifying. Perhaps, this time, it will finally open its eyes and see Russia as it really is.

Even as the Russian blogosphere was humiliating itself by refusing to believe that Sulim Yamadayev, a staunch critic of the Kremlin’s puppet regime in Chechnya, had been assassinated in Dubai last week (LJ breathlessly claimed he was still alive), authorities in UAE were preparing an indictment charging that Yamadeyev’s killing had been directly ordered not just by the Chechen rogue regime itself but by its representative in the Russian Duma, one Adam S. Delimkhanov, one of Chechen strongman Ramzan Kadyrov’s closest adivsors.  Of course, as was the case with Andrei Lugovoi in the assassination of Alexander Litvinenko in London, Russia will refuse to do anything to support the investigation in Dubai even as it demands that the West extradite figures of interest to the Kremlin like Boris Berezovsky.

What’s more, Dubai police were reporting that four suspects in the killing, including three Russian nationals, had fled from UAE to Russia in order to escape arrest, while one Russian national had been arrested along with an Iranian and a Tajik.

No reader of this blog, not even a casual one, can be even slightly surprised by this news.  And, as we’ve previously stated, it’s actually difficult to decide which would be more horrifying — that the Kremlin itself directly ordered this murder (because it’s just that evil) or that it could not control those beneath it who did.

We have been warning the world for years now that this kind of thing was coming, that it needed to stand up and send a clear message to the KGB thugs who prowl the Kremlin’s parapets that this sort of thing would not be tolerated if it wanted to staunch the flow of blood. The world did nothing, and therefore invited this killing — and many more just like it — to occur.  How long will it be before actual American citizens are being cut down for daring to challenge the Kremlin’s authority?  Perhaps — remember Paul Joyal? — it has already started happening.

Moreover, Yamadayev himself had openly warned his murder was imminent, and the Kremlin’s motives and willingness to kill warn plain even without that warning.  By remaining silent and passive, the West merely sends the message that Russia may do as it pleases, and Russia will certainly oblige just as the USSR would have done.

Let’s be clear:  This prosecutor is not from some “russophobe” Western democracy, but from Dubai, an Arab state with no love for Western values. But they are as appalled as any Western state would be by this intrusion of Russian violence into their peaceful society, and they are not afraid of following the truth.  The Kremlin has gone too far, alienating virtually every country on the planet, and a day of reckoning is close at hand.

We urge the authorities in Dubai to follow every lead no matter how high in the Russian government it leads, and we urge the Western democracies to demand full justice in this matter. Today,  Dubai — tomorrow,  New York City.

29 responses to “EDITORIAL: More of Putin’s Russia at its Very Worst

  1. “a staunch critic of the Kremlin’s puppet regime in Chechnya” – no, just a rival of Ramzan to lead the Kremlin’s puppet regime in Chechnya.

    GRU Spetsnaz Colonel Sulim was a “Russian Hero”, which of course means he was a notorious war criminal. See for example:

    Sulim Yamadayev was not a good man. As Chechnya’s second-most powerful warlord, he and his men had a penchant for hanging the severed heads of his victims – many of whom had been tortured – above the streets of rebel-sympathising villages.

    or this:

    Four years ago I joined Sulim Yamadayev’s masked and heavily armed militia for a raid against rebels when, firing their AK-47 assault rifles, they attacked a farmer’s house and abducted a man they claimed had links to the rebels. His fate is unknown.

    Of course, besides the war crimes were also the ordinary crimes – numerous kidnappings for ransom, murders (like for example the murder or the murder of the Chechen singer Milana Balayeva and her mother in 2007) and other various crimes, as he was of course a gangster (not “also a gangster”, but “of course a gangster” – like all of them in the “Chechen government”).

  2. Well, I mixed up the last one. Apparently Balayevas were actually protected by the Yamadayevs and killed by the Kadyrovtsy.

    About this – and the failure of the so-called “staunch critics of the regime” to take the Ramzan’s place for themselves (a very opperette coup attempt) in the late 2007:

    Ramzan may be an uneducated thug, but he got his street smarts and also Putin likes him personally, so nothing came from this and Kadyrov won the confrontation with the Yamadayevs in early 2008 quite effortlessly and now is systematically exterminating them since then (the 2 remaining young brothers are only small fishes, but I guess they will be killed too so they won’t try to take revenge).

  3. Thanks for deleting the lag messages.

    Opinion of the Chechen emigres in the States about the hit in the Emirates:

    “Some Chechens who live in the USA as refugees told me that the Yamadaevs clan participated in secret GRU activities to destabilize Chechnya in the brief interwar period of 1997 – 1999, when President Maskhadov desperately struggled with Russia-backed organized crime. In particular, the Yamadaevs became notorious for organizing “bloody business” of kidnapping, with the purpose to discredit the Maskhadov government in the world opinion. Then, when the war resumed the Yamadaevs went openly with the Russian murderers against Chechen nation. They took part at the most bloody killings of the Chechens, in kidnappings, etc. Of course it’s hard to decide who is more bloody, Kadyrov or the Yamadaevs’ “batallion”, both are notorious terrorists who were actively helping their masters to fulfil their genocidal program.

    Nevertheless, probably Sulim Yamadaev made an attempt to get out of this mafia and to go public against Kadyrov similarly to Umar Israilov in Vienna. Or, simply he became “unnesesary” so they decided to eliminate him.

    Anyway, he was a terrorist and a provocateur who deserved death. Probably, such way of death: contract killing.”

    I remember Politkovskaya writing about his kidnapping business between the wars, and of course he was offficially accused of this by Kadyrov’s “prosecutors” when he was placed on a federal wanted list.

    Oh, and by the way: The successor of Sulim on the post of commander of Vostok Battalion was shot on a checkpoint in Chechnya last year. I don’t know if he survivad his wounds, but the Vostok is now “reformed” to become only a company and taken off from the direct GRU control.

  4. About Delimkhanov – he’s a cousin of Kadyrov. Before he became a prominent “pro-Russian Chechen”, he was a driver for literally crazy (insane) Chechen rebel commander Salman Raduyev. He’s not just “one of the closest adivsors” of Ramzan, he’s his right-hand man.

    His profile:

    “CONCLUSIONS: To this point, however, Delimkhanov has demonstrated himself to be unerringly loyal to Kadyrov. He has already proven himself willing to do Kadyrov’s bidding; be it eliminating one of the president’s rivals on a busy Moscow thoroughfare or hectoring an unsuspecting soccer referee, no task is too daunting, or too menial, for Delimkhanov. According to some reports, Kadyrov has designated Delimkhanov as his chosen successor in the event of his death. To all appearances, Ramzan is not suffering from the sort of existential angst that might occasion such a gesture of fatalistic magnanimity, but he obviously does hold Delimkhanov in high esteem. Should the time come to replace Kadyrov, however, this benediction might actually militate against Delimkhanov’s candidacy. Kadyrov’s truculence has annoyed many in Moscow, and certain decision-makers, in a hypothetical, post-Kadyrov scenario, might shy away from choosing Delimkhanov, perhaps apprehensive lest he turn out to be as wilful as his notoriously impertinent benefactor.”

  5. I agree with Robert – there was a war between Kadyrov and Yamadaevs, and Kadyrov absolutely won. It is silly to discuss this murder (and many before it) in criminal terms – it’s a war, and À la guerre comme à la guerre.

    It’s more interesting for me to look at Russia’s attitude towards those who threw their lot to Kremlin. Yamadaevs supported the federal government with all the zeal they were capable of – starting with Chechen war and as late as during the Georgian war. Yet one brother was killed in downtown Moscow, and another didn’t have any illusions about security in Russia. At the same time those who joined Kadyrov’s gang feel quite comfortable and secure in Grozny and Gudermes.

    It’s also a lesson to young trolls that show up here in great numbers. They brown-nose Kremlin today in hopes that Kremlin will defend them tomorrow. How naive, fellows! Just remember what you said about the troll that was trying to bribe Novaya Gazeta!

    • Sulim actually threw their lot with the Russian Army in general and the GRU in particular.

      Ramzan of course was picked-up by Putin personally, famously on this day in May of 2004 when he appeared at the Kremlin dressed in a blue tracking suit to meet Putin who was wearing a well-tailored suit – a neo-socrealist picture, “street thug meeting the don”:

      He was eventually appointed “president” by Putin.

      Ramzan with Sulim in better times:

      http://www.watchdog.cz/edit/uploaded/large/Kadyrov_Jamadajev.jpg (some nice berets on both of them)

      • More informal mafia meet-up:

        “Sorry Alu, you were loyal to the Kremlin all the time, even in the first war, but now you’ve got to go – Ramzan here is taking over (do it nicely and shut up and he’ll let you live)”:

  6. “…and a day of reckoning is close at hand” – waiting for some few thousand years!
    With LOVE from Siberia!


    Did you miss it when the Tsar was destroyed after 100,000 Russians were taken prisoner in World War I, resulting in catastrophic defeat?

    Were you sleeping when the USSR was destroyed after less than 100 years and murdering 20 million Russian citizens in the Gulag Archipelago?

    Were you in a vodka-induced coma when Yeltsin’s Russia collapsed after less than a decade, amid charges of “genocide”?

    Do you have the slightest idea that Russia loses 1 million or more from its population each year under Putin, work for $4/hour and that men don’t live to see age 60?

    Do you find all that a matter for “love” and jokes? If so, why do you hate Russia so much?

    Imbecile. As always, Russia’s “friends” are far more dangerous to her survival than her foes.

    • LR,

      Almost 100,000 Russian prisoners were taken only in the battle of Tannenberg in 1914. It’s more than 2 years before the February Revolution.

      Actually there were over 4 million Russian soldiers taken POW in WWI (almost 200,000 of them died in captivity).

      And in WWII even more Soviet soldiers were captured – but this time most of them died.

  7. Robert,

    Street thug is no longer! He has his own fiefdom where he is the godfather. In fact, Russia is not a sovereign over Kadyrov’s fiefdom. It is an ally that pays danegeld – both in currency, and in diplomatic coverage.

    Kadyrov is conducting his own foreign policy in Austria, Dubai, and Norway – and General Prosecutor office unequivocally states that Russian Constitution prohibits extradition of Russian citizens.

    And the climax of this Theatre of the Absurd: Lugovoi called Dubai Police accusations “baseless”. According to Lugovoi, Dubai police must present clear evidence, and not baseless politically motivated accusations.


  8. Yes, he’s no longer an illiterate thug with some boys in the town – he’s now The Man with the Golden Gun.

  9. The American and other Western media will never turn against Putin fully or expose the full extent of the Russian situation because Putin’s Russia is everything they look for in a nation: Anti-American, anti-capitalism, pro-socialism and central planning. Oh, and they support other media favorites like Iran in their attempts to kill Jews and oppose American “Hegemony”.

    Putin is their Obama of the Eastern world and can do no wrong.

  10. It’s a little early to say that “a day of reckoning is close at hand.” They seems to be doing whatever they want and getting away with it. Not usually what happens just before a reckoning.

    • The scandal comes at a difficult moment for Russia’s president, Dmitri A. Medvedev, who has vowed to make rule of law the foundation of his presidency. It also coincides with a much-discussed “reset” of relations between Russia and the United States, as Western leaders set aside, at least for the moment, criticism of human rights abuses in Russia.

      Sergei Markedonov, head of the interethnic relations department at the Institute of Political and Military Analysis in Moscow, said that he was not convinced that Mr. Kadyrov had ordered the murder, but that the case had already raised “a lot of unpleasant questions for Russia as a whole and for Medvedev.”

      “Why was Ruslan Yamadayev killed, and then Sulim Yamadayev?” Mr. Markedonov asked. “Why is there no opposition to Kadyrov? What is this regime that Moscow supports? And to what extent is Moscow able to influence it?”


      “Already, in our media,” Mr. Markedonov said, “they have started to call it `Litvinenko 2′ or `Lugovoi 2.’ ”


  11. The business as usual among the Heroes of Russia:

    Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov on Monday accused Chechen strongman Sulim Yamadayev, who was shot dead in Dubai on March 28, of trying to poison him and implicated him in the assassination of his father.
    In his first public comments on the accusations, Kadyrov told RIA-Novosti that he was “70 percent” certain that Yamadayev had played a role in the assassination of his father, Chechen President Akhmad Kadyrov, in a bomb blast in 2004. He said Yamadayev plotted to kill him on the day he was inaugurated as Chechnya’s president, Feb. 15, 2007, by poisoning a lake at his residence.
    Kadyrov also issued a strongly worded statement defending Delimkhanov and calling Yamadayev a “criminal” who “mercilessly spilled the blood of peaceful citizens, deeply religious Muslims, and systematically carried out the kidnapping of people with the goal of extorting large sums of money from them.”
    Tamim said in a statement that one of the suspects in custody told police that Delimkhanov’s guard provided him with the murder weapon, a gold-plated, Russian-made Makarov pistol discarded by the killer. He showed a photo of the gun at a news conference in Dubai.
    Kadyrov described Delimkhanov as “my close adviser, friend, brother and, moreover, my right-hand man. “Any statements directed toward him I understand as directed against myself,” Kadyrov said, adding that they would seek to hold accountable “those who disseminate such libelous fabrications.”


  12. Mega thanks! MEGA LOL! You’re very fond of playing with the facts! Its funny! Better place – “work for $4/hour and that men don’t live to see age 60” You’re have science reserches?


    You find it funny that Russians work for $4/hour and her men don’t live to 60 on average? That’s really sad, if you do. Why do you hate Russia so much?

    If you have “science reseaches” showing that Russia’s average male lifespan is longer than 60 years and its average wage is higher than $4/hour, please provice it. If not, please shut your stupid childish hypocritical mouth, you apelike imbecile.

  13. To Rodert
    We are with you different views on some things. Dut ou are good opponent! Respect!

  14. Sorry “Dut ou” – But your

  15. new-sky, as part of Putin’s trolling goon squad you flatter yourself that intellectually you are a worthy opponent to anyone but a complete idiot like yourself.

    Perhaps you’ve failed to notice how stupid your illiterate chick scratch compares to Robert’s reasoned comments with his researched links to anyone viewing your drivel.

    It’s time to stop being the idiot that shows up at a gunfight with a knife.

  16. Maybe I did not put it correctly! Sorry. I meant that I like good thinking, Robert. You will always be an interesting interlocutor for all! That’s it! How much anger?
    To penny: You’re such an aggressive, as a communist in Gesstapo! I have never voted for Putin!

  17. Explain my position on “work for $4/hour and that men don’t live to see age 60”. You tied the income and health. I asked your research. They you do not. I am as a person living in Russia, that I watch that alcoholics and twiddler live long and fetuses of the same. What irritates me. And people have worked all his life and respected in the community are dying. And these people were not poor.

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