Blood Magic

Pravda reports:

The police of Russia’s Irkutsk region have finished the investigation of a series of brutal crimes committed by teenagers from a gang known as Blood Magic. The teen monsters tortured and slaughtered helpless people and kept their body parts as trophies.  Blood Magic became one of the most dangerous and brutal gangs in the entire history of criminalistics of Irkutsk, the local police said.

A 22-year-old man, named as Konstantin Shumkov, was the leader of the group. The gang presumably consisted of teenagers aged 14-15; all of them came from troubled families. The teens would take drugs and alcohol before they would start looking for victims. Shumkov told the police that they were killing people out of curiosity. “It was interesting for me to see how a human being dies, how it happens. It was just for me, for my knowledge,” the defendant said. The teens mainly picked homeless individuals as their victims. They would maul them with steel rods or rocks and burn them alive. The teens killed five homeless people in January-June 2008. “I was doing everything that I wanted to do, I did not look back at any moral rules,” Shumkov proudly said. The young man acknowledged that he considered himself a maniac.

The perpetrators stabbed a homeless man and dismembered his body in May 2008. They took his body parts, scattered them on the territory of a local school and put his head on the steel fence. When questioned, the teens said that they had done that for fun. They originally intended to leave the human remains near a local police station, but then thought that it would be too impudent. Three victims of Blood Magic survived, although they remained disabled individuals as a result of brutal tortures. The gang leader cut two fingers from one of the male victims and kept the fingers for memory. He also kept an eye of one of his victims preserved in alcohol. The gang members believed that they were allowed to do anything. They are suspected of a series of rapes and joy-riding. They committed all of those crimes with an intention to simply entertain themselves.

Psychologists said that Konstantin Shumkov had a predisposition to cruelty and sadism. Strangely enough, Shumkov wanted to be a teacher at elementary school. He was excluded from the Irkutsk Pedagogical Institute and started working as a DJ in a local bar.

He started his ‘career of a maniac’ with torturing and killing animals. He now faces a lifetime in prison.

7 responses to “Blood Magic

  1. Pravda is now a proper source of information?

  2. To Doubting-Thomas, ‘Robert’: In the bad-old soviet days, the common saying among Russians was: “There’s no truth in Truth (Pravda), and no news, in News (Isvestia)!”. But, sometimes, even official news media HAVE to tell a little truth. At any rate, how could they possibly hide, at least from the local population of that area, such horrendous bloody-thirsty murderers as these youth, common-criminals? (Which similar crimes, are in many other parts of the country these days!) What crimes the regime commits, are terrible too, but they are mostly done…in secret, ‘for the good of the state’.
    So, …why be so surprised that, occasionally, some REAL & even bad, truthful news comes from Truth (Pravda)? Somehow, it must serve the state’s interest to reveal it, that is a for-sure.
    And, no doubt!, these vicious drug-crazed immoral murderers, were either CIA operatives, or “Jew-Masons”, or …..connected to anything or anyone, despised by/not controlled by… the Kremlin. I…suspect, that they are
    American-Baptist agents, paid by the YMCA!!!
    Usually doubting, myself, about any official news from neo-soviet-Putin’s KGB ruled Russia,………..
    Reader Daniel

  3. Anyway, the official news source online is now RIAN.

  4. Pravda is the best-financed tabloid there is in Russia today. Obviously, crime spree with such awesome moniker (“Blood Magic”) and image of Jesus Christ on meteorite is exactly the topics of interest for Pravda.

    Both may or may not be true – it really doesn’t matter!

  5. If only the Russian authorities were as diligent at investigating the murders of journalists and activists.

    Don’t tell Putin about these malignant minds. He might attempt to make use of them.

    Gary Marshall

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