April 6, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Speak up, Mr. McCain!

(2)  Latynina on La Cosa Russia

(3)  Even United Russia is Sickened by Putin’s Fraud

(4)  Kiselyov on Gogol

(5)  Another Russian Bloodbath in America

(6)  Blood Magic

NOTE:  Our last note touted a documentary exposing the barbarity of mass murder in neo-Soviet Russia.  Now, we direct your attention to a website called Gulag Letters where youc an read actual letters from the victims of that barbarism.

One response to “April 6, 2009 — Contents

  1. Paul Goble is essential for knowing what’s going on in Russia.

    More small organized outcries for Putin to be ousted:


    Color me skeptical, but, nothing is going to threaten the Kremlin until the grey mass of pensioned babushkas take it to the streets and duke it out with Putin’s fascist youth. Unlikely.


    Kremlin attempts to repatriate and cause mischief using the Russians living abroad. The paltry funding involved is underscores its unseriousness. More bluster, more half-baked schemes, all can you expect from a washed up society.


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