Happy Birthday, La Russophobe!


As indicated by the chart above, which shows our web traffic here on WordPress, March 2009 was La Russophobe’s best month ever for visitation. For the first time in our history, we welcomed more than 90,000 visitors in a single month.  There are many Russia blogs which have existed for years and haven’t had that many visitors in their entire histories.

The chart also shows that our traffic has increased significantly each month over the course of the past half year, growing by a whopping 40% over this period.

We have been happily ensconced here on WordPress for the past eight months, as the chart also indicates where the traffic jumps dramatically. Before that, this blog was only our archive to guard against problems at our actual blog, housed on Google’s Blogger service which gave us nothing but headaches and limited technology.  We arrived here on WordPress just as Russia invaded Georgia, and our traffic spiked beyond the 50,000/month which was normal for us at that time up to 60,000.  It receded slightly along with the Georgia crisis, and then resumed the impressive growth pattern we have shown ever since this blog was founded. 

April marks our third birthday! Happy Birthday LR! You don’t look a day over two! 

In just three years we’ve gone from a blog visited by only a handful of people each day to one often visited by well over three thousand in a single day. On our best day, at the height of the war in Georgia, well over six thousand vistors came to check us out.  Some time in the next month or so, not long after turning three, we will receive our one millionth visit

We have far more comments from readers than any English-language Russia blog in the world, and only one or two other Russia politics blogs have traffic remotely close to ours (both of them are funded and partisian, while we are non-commercial and independent, the by far the most powerful Russia bloggers of that kind on the planet), and as many or more links from other bloggers as any other English-language Russia blog on Earth.  We’ve been cited by the New York Review of Books, the Washington Post, the Associated Press and the Moscow Times, and such blogging superstars as Little Green Footballs, Michelle Malkin and Instapundit. 

Our founder Kim Zigfeld has catapulted from writing all our content to supervising a large group of enthusiastic supporters and providing content to the blogging powerhouses at Pajamas Media and the American thinker.  Our translator Dave Essel provides a level of insight into the Russian press that is not close to being matched by any other Russia blog in the world, and we are honored to have published the work of dozens and dozens of reader/contributors, many of whom choose to remain anonymous for the obvious reason that taking on the Moscow Kremlin is a very dangerous thing to do.

Our greatest achievement to date was surely propelling dissident leader Oleg Kozlovsky onto the world media”s radar screen; because of our coverage, Oleg raised his profile high enough to win a coveted spot on the op-ed pages of the Washington Post and have a major human rights award handed to him by film superstar Signourney Weaver.  But it is our day-to-day stamina and perseverance, generating volumes of original content that document the horrifying rise of neo-Soviet dicatorship in Russia of which we are most proud.

And though we have come far, we have far to go.  We still urgently need YOUR help, to publicize our content by using referral engines like Digg and Stumbleupon (and many others) and to make the world more aware of the growing threat it faces from the KGB regime that rules Russia. We call upon all our readers to take inspiration from our past achievements and redouble their efforts on our behalf.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, La Russophobe!

  1. Cluebat from Exodar

    Gratz LR. Keep up the good work.

  2. Happy B-day LR, keep us with the great work!

  3. “Mnogaya Leta” (Many Years!) to all of you who run and staff La Russophobe. You are one of the few consistently truthful and dependable internet sites in English, which tells us, the exact-facts! So many in the west, and indeed many poor souls even inside of Putin’s-captive-“Russia”, don’t know just how bad matters are there, let alone the particulars of it all. With us westerners, it is because we…wish…to believe fairy-tales, to see current KGB-run Russia, as ‘our friend’. With many inside Russia, it is a combination of denial of reality/misplaced ‘national pride’/knowing only what state-controlled news media tell them, (i.e. ignorance of the facts) etc….or….from those who benefit from that corrupt & immoral system…they are affraid to loose their power and monies, if enough average Russians turn against them. So, keep up your truthful reporting, and don’t be discouraged by goofy Putin’s internet goon attackers. Remember too, eventhough you receive a number of positive commentors, there are many-MORE out here, who appreciate what you put out, but who don’t say so.
    Happy Birthday! and may God bless you all!
    Reader Daniel
    P.S. We who regularly read your blog, KNOW that you do not ‘hate Russia’ or wish the ‘destruction of Russia’…..or the other fabricated ridiculous KGB-inspired/originated propaganda accusations thrown at you. You, as most of us, wish only for Russia and for all of it’s inhabitants: to be truly free, just, peaceful, prosperous, HAPPY!….and no longer threatening the peace of the world…i.e. no longer ruled by neo-soviet hangover KGB-GANGSTERS! (as it now it).
    Hurray! for a future free and good Russia! God grant it!

  4. Hey, we got the same birthday.
    Keep fighting LR, all the way!

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