April 3, 2009 — Contents


(1)  Another Original LR Translation:  Putin’s Dagestan Disaster

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Impossible Russia!

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Slavery in Putin’s Russia

(4)  EDITORIAL:  Russia goes into the Toilet

(5)  Russians show their Love for Country and Ruler

(6)  Putin’s Paranoia, Exposed

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4 responses to “April 3, 2009 — Contents

  1. Yulia Latynina has a powerful piece on the tranparent hypocrisy of Putin’s Prosecutor General’s Office:

    It turns out that the most pressing cases are extraditing former Yevroset chairman Yevgeny Chichvarkin, billionaire Boris Berezovsky, Chechen separatist Akhmed Zakayev, former Russneft owner Mikhail Gutseriyev and former Yukos co-owner Leonid Nevzlin. And then there is the criminal case against State Duma Deputy Andrei Lugovoi, who faces murder charges in Britain in connection with the 2006 poisoning death of Alexander Litvinenko in London.

    What do all of these cases have in common? They involve people who are accused of some criminal offense against Russia’s ruling class. One suspect didn’t listen to Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin, another didn’t kowtow to former Ingush President Murat Zyazikov and a third failed to pay the required tribute to some general or other. It seems the prosecutor general isn’t interested in any other types of crimes.

    But Mr. Karapetyan, why did we not hear a word from you about the investigation into the murder of Novaya Gazeta journalist Anna Politkovskaya? The investigation and court have established that Shamil Burayev, former head of Chechnya’s Achkhoy-Martanovsky district who was loyal to the Kremlin by his own admission, met with the murder’s alleged organizer, former Moscow police officer Sergei Khadzhikurbanov, on Sept. 22, 2006, the day the latter was released from prison. On Oct. 3, 2006, Burayev organized an important meeting for Khadzhikurbanov at the Napoleon Restaurant. On the day of the murder, Oct. 7, Burayev made long and frequent cell phone calls to Khadzhikurbanov. If Khadzhikurbanov did indeed organize the murder, then the loyal Burayev appears to be the point man for the person who ordered the murder in the first place.

    Can you tell us, Mr. Karpetyan, why charges have not been filed against Burayev? After all, it is not as if he is hiding somewhere incognito.


    67 year old human right’s activist Lev Ponomarev was severely beaten last night. State sponsored violence with impunity is excelerating in Russia.

  2. Has anything really changed in rooshan?

    Today, the oily orthodox mother roosha church, with all of its wizards dressed up in Halloween costumes, is the official church of the Rooshan Crime Federation.

    Protestants are persecuted, with all sorts of “registration” requirements, visits from the FSB – they are not even allowed to hand out toys at orphanages.

    When was the last time that the rooshan orthodox church did anything for its people?

    Here’s a report from the International Herald Tribune – you can look at the video here:


    Or you can see the slide show here:


  3. To be fair, the RuSSian Orthodox Church is not really representative of Orthodoxy as a whole.

    The Georgian Orthodox, Romanian Orthodox, Palestinian Orthodox, Egyptian Coptic, Turkish Orthodox, Greek Othodox & Ethiopian Coptic churches do a great deal of charity & community work.

    The Orthodox Church in Georgia frequently criticises both the opposition AND the Government for their failings, and tries to promote tolerance and dialogue, and took the lead in helping IDP’s during the august war.

    In Georgia you can see RC, Protestant, & Orthodox Churches in a small area in old Tbilisi, alongside a working Synagogue and Mosques.

    But as reader Daniel says, the Russian “Orthodox” Church fell off the path a long time ago and became a tool of state power rather than a congregation of the faithful.

  4. Still waiting for a serious update on the times, lives and deaths of the Yamadayevs (including Sulim, whom you called “yet another Chechen” in your ignorance).

    Take for example this:

    “Sulim Yamadayev was not a good man. As Chechnya’s second-most powerful warlord, he and his men had a penchant for hanging the severed heads of his victims – many of whom had been tortured – above the streets of rebel-sympathising villages. ”


    You should check out our new Twitter page, where you will find satisfaction.

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